August 19

GJCB Cutback processing-Sapsharks


Cutback is the step of calculating a partner's share.
E.g. if the initial cost is a $100 charge and the partner's share is 40%, then cutback is the step that calculates that the partner's share is 40$.

This is a critical step in Joint Venture accounting. All billable costs go through cutback.

There should be no billable postings made after cutback has run.
Run cutback using the menu path below or by using the tcode GJCB.

Cutback picks up the billable postings from JVSO1 from the 4A ledger i.e. the gross costs and posts the Net costs to ledger 4B.

Enter the company code, venture and period for which you are running cutback.
Keep the test run checked.
The intermediate cutback box controls if the JV period is allowed to be open. If you keep the intermediate cutback run box checked, it doesn't check if the JV period is closed.
If this box is unchecked, cutback will not post if the JV period is still open.
The reason for this is that if you run cutback while the JV periods are still open, someone could be making more billable postings which won't be cutback to the partners.

The output screen will show you if there are any errors.
Click on the print spool to view the errors or to view the details of this cutback.

Click on execute in the screen below.

There will be a few spools. One has the details.

the spool will show the amount that is going to be cutback, the partner numbers etc.

If everything looks good, remove the test run and click on execute.

If there is an error, it will show up as below.

and if there are no errors, it will show up as below.

Click on the print spool to view the details of the cutback.

Click on the spool list.

check the details. It will show you the document numbers that it posted. 

View those documents in Fb03.

The document below shows that an open item of $300 was created for the customer. 

You can view this in FBL5N as well.

Run the tcode GJ97 to view the FI and the JV document side by side. 

This tcode gives you a great way of looking at both the documents side by side. 

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