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Master  SAP Joint Venture Accounting(JVA)  Without spending years trying to learn it Even If
you don't have any experience in the Oil and Gas Industry or SAP.

Video Course: 80+ lessons that show you everything you need to master JVA

The most complete JVA course that you will find anywhere!

  • 1
    With over 80  lessons, you will learn everything there is to learn about JVA
    This is not one of your overview courses where they teach you the overview of JVA as part of an IS-OIL course.This course covers everything that you need to master JVA, not just learn it.
  • 2
    Understand the Oil and Gas business
    The Oil and Gas business is something that needs to be understood well in order to lead meetings and propose solutions for the business using JVA. Learn how SAP JVA is helping the business. Understand what the configuration steps are doing to the business.
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    After the end of each section, get tested with a quiz that tests whether you have understand all the topics covered and provides you with explanations so that all the material sinks in.
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    Don't get stuck
    Just reach out when you need any help.

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    Stay up to date with the latest changes in JVA

    The Course gets updated with additional lessons with S/4 HANA or if we come across anything new that needs to be updated. You get lifetime access for being an early adopter.

All The JVA Modules that you get with this  SAP JVA training Course

6 Video Courses that will will help you get [the main benefit of the course]

JVA and Oil and Gas- Big picture

# of lessons-2

Understand the big picture of JVA and Oil gas so it is easy for you to understand the rest of the course.

JVA core configuration

# of lessons-9

Learn how to configure Global Data Corporate Data, Equity types, billing Indicators, Recovery indicators and More.

Balance sheet manipulation and other month end processes

# of lessons-2

Learn VBA switching and GJBA configuration and exections. 

Assessments distributions etc

# of lessons-5

Become an expert in the Assessments, distributions and manipulations process.


# of lessons-10

Understand the single most important part of JVA. Go through real life examples, understand how other configuration is tied to this and learn how to troubleshoot issues.

Equity Adjustments

# of lessons-9

Learn with examples of how to change the Equity share before and after cutback. Learn how to trouble shoot issues with Equity adjustment. 

Suspense and Unsuspense

# of lessons-5

Joint Ventures are suspended for various reasons and there are many ways to do so, learn how to suspend and un-suspend ventures in this section


# of lessons-4

Go through all the overhead scenarios i.e. Payroll burden, stat key figure overheads, fixed percentages, Stepped rate overheads and escalation overheads. 

Direct partner posting and Farm in and Out

# of lessons-2

Direct partner postings are required during certain times. Study the process and learn how to apply it.  Farm in and out will also be taught.

JV billing

# of lessons-11

To master JVA, you have to master JV billing. This module walks you through all the steps of JVA billing, so you come out of this course knowing like a pro.

UXD and RXD postings

# of lessons-3

Month end closing is critial for JVA as we want to ensure that the right amounts are billed to the partners. Learn what UXD and RXD do and how to set this up.

Reporting and closing.

# of lessons-9

You will understand which reports to use and when after the end of this module. The sequence of steps are shown so you know the right order in which to run each step.

Why should you learn JVA?

Do you find it harder to get a job after every project?

Your skills are getting better, your experience is increasing, but  why is it harder to get a job with a good rate?

In order to maintain a good rate, you have to get on a plane every Monday and come back on Thursday.

Every few months you wonder if you will get laid off or if your project will get extended?

The feeling of not knowing if your project will continue is horrible!

You start wondering if you should choose money or sacrifice the money and spend more time with your family

But it sucks to reduce your pay despite improving your SAP skills

You talk to your coworkers in the break room and they have the same questions, is the market hot? is our project going to extend? will the project go to another company?

What got you here will not take you there

Do you remember Kodak, Yahoo and Nike?

They were the coolest companies not too long ago

What happened to them?

They failed to adapt

Now, I am not saying that the market is switching to JVA, but I am saying that you need to be flexible and can't be a one trick pony. 

Just being good at FICO was in demand 10 years ago, but you need to learn something else that not everyone is learning.

Get into the Oil and Gas industry before others flood this market as well.

The Riches are in the niches. 

Increase your billing rate by specializing in skills that others don't have.

Awesome  stuff you get with this
SAP JVA training Course

70+ Video lessons that cover everything from configuration, common issues, business scenarios and more.

Power points and documents that make it easy for you to process most tcodes in JVA.

Quizzes at the end of a section to really test your understanding of what is taught.


1. Overview of JVA

1_Overview of JVA
2_Overview of JVA 2

2. Configuration Recovery indicators, billing indicators, corporate data and more

3_Create an operator_402 ficu
4_GV Global data
5_JV number range and class
6_Recovery Indicators
7_Equity types and corporate data
8_Billing Indicators
9_JOA and JV
13_Cost object posting and fsv
Recap-JV Overview -Z

3. Cutback

15_Field status variant for JV
16_Posting rules and cutback-Z
17_GJCB cutback
18_JV tables-Z
19_cutback error
20_cutback_number range
21_cutback more-Z
22_cutback mapping
Check your understanding of cutback -Z

4. Equity Adjustment

23_Multiple equity groups
24_Equity Adjustment
25_Equity adjustment fix
27_GJ19 prior period equity
29_GJ19 issue fix
30_Equity adjustment-Z
Let's review Equity change -Z
26_Equity Adjustment fix_2

5. Suspending a Venture

31_Suspense processing
34_Unsuspend one partner-Z
34_Suspense recap
Let's check our understanding of suspense processing -Z

6. Overheads

37_Recovery indicator for verheead
37_Recovery indicator for verheead

7. Stepped rate Overhead

38_Actual Stepped rate overhead-Z
39_Steped rate_2-Z
38_Actual Stepped rate overhead-error
39_Steped rate_2

8. Stat key Overhead

42_Stat drilling-Z
42_Stat drilling

9. Payroll Burden

43-Payroll BDN2

10. Escalation Overhead

44-Escalation OH
How well do you know Overhead postings?-Z

11. Balance sheet splitting, manipulation rules and other period end processes

45-VBA switching
46A-GJBA balance sheet splitting

12. JV Assessments, Manipulation rules and Distributions

46-Assesments JVA
47-Manipulation rules
48-Distributions jva
Recap of last two courses-Z

13. Direct Partner posting and Farm in and Out

50-Direct partner posting
51-FARM in and out

14. JV Billing( JIB JIBE CODE, Hard copy and Soft Copy Billing and more)

52-JV billing overview
53-Jv billing 2- tables
54-JV Billing 3 and 4 Billing format and structure
54-Billing 8 Jib Jibe codes
55-JV billing 5 and 6-Z
56-Billing 7
57-Billing 9-Hardcopy-Z
58-Billing Threshold (1)
60-Non operated billing
Billing recap-Z

15. Carried Interest

61-Carried interest 1 2 3
63-Carried interest 4,5,6,7-Z

16. UXD and RXD

Let's review what we learned -Z

17. Reporting and Closing

67-JADE Audit
68-More repoprting-Z
68-More repoprting
69-JV close
Let's review-Z

Stop spending hours solving issues

Use these step by step guides to refresh your memory after your training is done. Any delays during month end close can get escalated quickly. 

Sometimes you know a topic, but you have to test things out in Q before you can try it out in production. 

Having step by step guides reduces your time and ensures that you are spending your time on the right stuff.

                 Train your team with these documents

How much time is spent in training new members of your team? Sometimes they are sitting around doing nothing because you are busy. These videos and documents can save you a lot of time as they will learn even when you are busy. 

                 All these documents are yours to keep                         along with the videos

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is for End users and SAP IT people. Anyone working in the FICO or Oil and Gas industry will find it easier to understand, but it is not a prerequisite. 

Who is this for

  • End users or SAP consultants who want to get into the SAP JVA field.
  • Anyone who is willing to work hard. There will be lots of new concepts that require practice. 
  • Project managers or any other management person who wants to understand SAP JVA better. 
  • Technical folks who work in JVA and want to understand it better

Who is this not for

  • Anyone who thinks that by completing this course, they will immediately get a job
  • Anyone who wants to watch these videos and not practice these concepts
  • A person who has no accounting knowledge or SAP knowledge and is not willing to spend additional time learning key concepts
  • Anyone who doesn't want to get into JVA

100% Guarantee that you will Learn SAP JVA 

Sapsharks guarantees that you will understand the JVA process and master it if you practice the lessons that are taught. There is no other course on the market that comes even close to delivering the amount of JVA info that this course has.

If you don't understand anything that is taught, just reach out to us and we will answer your questions.

You also get these cool bonuses along with your videos

As an early adopter, you get all these bonuses for free.

Access to ask questions in the group 

Ever get stuck for hours, days or even weeks figuring out an issue. Just reach out and ask others your questions in the discussions section.

(Only for the pro and private group)

Free JVA configuration document

This step by step configuration document makes it very easy for you to refer to any step in the future or at a time when you can't watch the videos. 

Free Business process guides

Step by step documents that show you how to process JVA transactions. Refer to these when you are training the users or when you need a refresher. 

Get access to 70+ videos, power-points, configuration document, business documents and more 

Start today!

Get your early adopter price! Prices will go up in the future


Limited access with no support

4 payments of $350

  • Access to all the videos
  • 2 months course access
  • No interaction with the instructor or other students 

For people who need the extra push

4 payments of $800

  • Everything in the Pro package 
  • 3 1/hr group sessions with me
  • Resume design 
  • Priority support with questions
  • 2 months SAP access

Great course! Excellent presentations. I can take what I learned and start applying it directly to new project There is no question that Zaid has deep understanding in JVA ,as he was able to explain the cources in layman language , I could understand the basic concept who are not from Technical background

I would recommend the training to others , because , as i mentioned cource is explained in the layman language , and was able to understand the difficult concepts of JVA .

Sanket Jayant




Md Anwar Hossain

Just what I needed.

I was put on the SAP JVA team and I had no idea about it. I looked around and found SAPSHARKS training. I am so glad that I did! I spent the next two weeks watching the videos, going through the provided material and asking questions and when our project started, I felt like an expert in this field. 

Alex Brooks

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Video 2- More info about JVA

Video 3- configuration of billing indicators

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