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Have you been working in SAP for a while and are constantly worrying about rates/salaries going down or your job getting outsourced or perhaps you have heard about SAP and want to break into SAP.

Whether you need to start your career in SAP or take your SAP career to next step and make an extra 20-40k even if you think your salary is currently great( yes, it's possible), you have come to the right place.

But maybe you...

Already tried taking other courses, but didn't get a job after that.

Already tried taking other courses, but didn't get a job after that.

Have no idea where to start with SAP.

Already tried taking other courses, but didn't get a job after that.

Are an experienced SAP consultant, but would love to be on longer projects.

Are annoyed that you constantly have to compete with other folks and can't seem to be getting paid enough.

Hate the travel that comes with the big paying jobs.

No matter where you are in your SAP career, you would want to progress in your career and Earn More Money!

You want to be able to save money for your kids future

You want to stop worrying about your job getting outsourced

You want to be able to afford a few luxuries

Settle down in life. If you could just earn a little more.

It is possible.
You can do it

Hi Welcome to SAPSHARKS

How did I get into SAP ?

I started my SAP career when I was 21 years old! 

I moved to U.S and I was scared. How do I pay my bills...Which field should I get into. All of a sudden life was tough and I had no idea what to do.

But then my life changed

I took a SAP training course, practiced really hard and all of a  sudden, I got a job that paid me 6 figures!

I had just moved to India, so for me the 6 figures were constantly multiplied by 40( 1 dollar was 40 rupees back then) and it was a lot of  money! I saw that other people who were much smarter than me were happy to be making 60k a year despite going to a great  college and  working for man years.

I wondered why SAP consultants were paid so much!

My pay just kept going up and up with every project.When I would talk to friends in other fields, I realized I was making way more than any of  them, even the doctors! who studied for so long.

Companies that use SAP have tons of money, so you get paid a lot

When I asked my friends which company they worked for, it would be some small company which no had ever heard of, but most of the jobs that I was seeing were from big brands that everyone heard of. 

80% of fortune 500 companies use SAP, so paying you a 100-150$/hr is no big deal for them.

I just had to know which areas they were most in need of. I focused on skills that not many people were aware of. They didn't even know what  those acronyms meant. 

You work on JVA? you mean JAVA??

There were a very few people that were teaching these niche SAP skills, but they sucked. They just thought teaching a few screens would transform people into SAP geniuses.  

What about the business scenarios, industry concepts, understanding how configuration affects the business, what are the day to day transaction codes that will be used, what are the issues that arise. Which other teams do I work with? how does my job affect them? 

I knew that there were so many things that have to go together for someone to be on the top in the SAP world.    

This is why I formed SAPSHARKS where I focus on teaching everything that is required to master your field, to be able to demand top dollar. I focus on teaching niche skills that not many people know of which will ensure that you are always in demand and your salary/rate are always on the increase.  

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