August 19

GJ4A open and close JV periods-Sapsharks


Just like how we have posting periods for FI, we also have posting periods for Joint Venture Accounting that control which periods you can post to.

It is very important to know which postings create Billable postings and when the JV periods should be closed.

Before cutback is run, most companies close their billable periods so that no other billable postings are created in that period as those would never be billed out.

Below is the error that you would see if you try to post a billable entry after the posting periods are closed.

Access through the menu path below or directly through the transaction code GJ4A.

GJ4A-MCC- Open and close Joint Venture periods for Multiple company codes

Note- GJ4A only lets you open and close the periods for one company code at a time, GJ4A_MCC allows you to open it for multiple company codes at a time.

Enter the company code for which you want to open the JV periods

The rest of the options are pretty straight forward.

Enter the From year, From period and the to period/to year.

E.g if you want to allow postings from period 1 to 7 in 2018, you would enter it like below.

Generally, like the FI posting periods, only 1 is open at a time, except with month end when 2 periods might be open at the same time.

GJ4A open and close JV posting periods

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