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ABZE- Acquisition from in house production-Sapsharks

ABZE-Acquisition from in house production This transaction is used to add value to the asset. The asset shell has to be created first using As01 Use the menu path Accounting >> Financial Accounting

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ABT1N-Intercompany asset transfer

ABT1N- Intercompany asset transfer Use this tcode to carry out inter-company asset transfers (between company codes). For the individual companies, an inter-company transfer represents a retirement for

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ABSO-Miscellaneous transactions

Overview- use this tcode to post miscellaneous transctions to the asset. Use the menu path Accounting -> Financial Accounting-> Fixed Assets->Posting->Miscellaneous or access it through the

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ABNE-Subsequent Revenue

ABNE– Subsequent revenue Use this tcode to post revenue to an asset that has been completely retired. It is sometimes necessary to post revenue or costs for an asset retirement that has already

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ABGL – credit memo in year of invoice

Overview- Use ABGL to enter a credit memo. The credit memo reduces the cost of the asset capitalized . This Credit memos may be posted to the asset for any mistakes or errors in the values from your settlement. Note-

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ABGF- Credit memo in year after invoice

Overview-Use ABGF to to reduce cost to a directly acquired asset placed into service in a previous year. Note-If you need to post a credit memo on an asset acquired in the same fiscal year, use transaction

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ABAON- Asset Sale without customer

ABAON is used when you are retiring an asset and also entering a revenue. This is used when there is no customer involved. If you want to just scrap the asset i.e. it doesn’t generate any revenue,

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ABAVN- Asset-retirement

Trigger-use this tcode when you are scrapping the asset i.e. retiring the asset wihout any revenue. Use the menu path- Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> Fixed Assets -> Posting -> Retirement

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ABAA-Unplanned depreciation

ABAA-Unplanned depreciation-This tcode is used when you want to post depreciation more than what the standard depreciation key has posted. This might be needed in unforseen circumstances. For e.g. you

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AS06- Delete an asset- Use this guide of you want to delete an asset. This can be required if you set it up the asset in the wrong asset class or no longer need it. Note- You can only delete those assets

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