Learn Niche SAP Skills to  increase your pay 

Learn Faster and specialize in skills that not many people know 

Get the FICO config book

This FICO configuration book shows you step by step with screen shots and explanations on how to configure FICO. This is great for beginners and experienced SAP consultants. 

      Must read guides

The market is extremely competitive for SAP consultants. Do this and get an edge over the others. click to read more...

Joint Venture accounting is a unique skill set that not many people know. Get in high demand by learning JVA......click to read more

The Game changer is here. Mastering SAP HANA is a must, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Click below to read a simple explanation of what has changed in S/4 HANA.

Learn what is SAP and what is ERP and why fortune 500 companies use it and what your role as a SAP consultant is.

An easy to read FICO configuration guide if you are getting started or for your reference if you are experienced. Click here...

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