Learn  SAP Production Revenue Accounting(PRA)

 Master PRA if you are end user or an in SAP PRA IT.

Video Course: 40+ lessons that teaches you PRA quickly

PRA is a great niche field to be in as very few people know it!

  • 1
    With over 40  lessons, you will learn they key area of PRA
    This is not one of your overview courses where they teach you the overview of PRA, but you get into the details of various modules of PRA
  • 2
    Understand the Oil and Gas business
    The Oil and Gas business is something that needs to be understood well in order to lead meetings and propose solutions for the business using PRA. Learn how SAP PRA is helping the business. Understand what the configuration steps are doing to the business.
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    After the end of each section, get tested with a quiz that tests whether you have understand all the topics covered and provides you with explanations so that all the material sinks in.
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    Don't get stuck
    Just reach out when you need any help.

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    Stay up to date with the latest changes in PRA

    The Course gets updated with additional lessons with S/4 HANA or if we come across anything new that needs to be updated. You get lifetime access for being an early adopter.

All The PRA Modules that you get with this  SAP PRA training Course

6 Video Courses that will will help you get [the main benefit of the course]

PRA and Oil and Gas- Big picture

# of lessons-2

Understand the big picture of JVA and Oil gas so it is easy for you to understand the rest of the course.


# of lessons-9

Learn how to create wells, well completion dates, measurement points, producing entities 

and other master data needed

Balance sheet manipulation and other month end processes

# of lessons-4

Create measurement points, delivery network, delivery network downstream node and other setup needed

Daily transactions and PPNS

# of lessons-5

Setup a delivery network allocation profile, Measurement Allocation Profile, do a well test, enter daily volumes, setup production allocation, Well completion downtime and process PPNS

Production Reporting

# of lessons-10

Generate production reports by setting up the configuration for them. Understand how reports fetch data for production. See what are the settings required for running these reports 


# of lessons-9

Dive into Ownership of PRA. Set up PRA ventures, Base DOI, Business associate, vendors and customers. Setup ownership Xref and a transfer request.

Contract Pricing and Allocation

# of lessons-5

Understand and process contract pricing and allocations

Revenue Accounting etc.

# of lessons-4

Go through the Revenue accounting module by running valuations and pay the owners

Why should you learn PRA?

Do you find it harder to get a job after every project?

Your skills are getting better, your experience is increasing, but  why is it harder to get a job with a good rate?

In order to maintain a good rate, you have to get on a plane every Monday and come back on Thursday.

Every few months you wonder if you will get laid off or if your project will get extended?

The feeling of not knowing if your project will continue is horrible!

You start wondering if you should choose money or sacrifice the money and spend more time with your family

But it sucks to reduce your pay despite improving your SAP skills

You talk to your coworkers in the break room and they have the same questions, is the market hot? is our project going to extend? will the project go to another company?

What got you here will not take you there

Do you remember Kodak, Yahoo and Nike?

They were the coolest companies not too long ago

What happened to them?

They failed to adapt

Now, I am not saying that the market is switching to PRA, but I am saying that you need to be flexible and can't be a one trick pony. 

Just being good at FICO was in demand 10 years ago, but you need to learn something else that not everyone is learning.

Get into the Oil and Gas industry before others flood this market as well.

The Riches are in the niches. 

Increase your billing rate by specializing in skills that others don't have.

Awesome  stuff you get with this
SAP PRA training Course

40+ Video lessons that cover everything from configuration, common issues, business scenarios and more.

Understand the business process and oil and gas terms

Quizzes at the end of a section to really test your understanding of what is taught.


1. Overview

1_PRA intro

2_PRA_crude oil and how it is formed

3_PRA_Upstream midstream downstream

4_PRA_Producing entitiies- field reservoir platform

Let's check our understanding

2. Production

5_create wells

6_create a well in SAP

7_well completion and wc dated

8_Config for producing entities

How well do you understand production

3. Measurement points and well completions

9_Measurement point

10_Delivery Network

11_Delivery Network Downstream node

12_Material Xref- second well

4. Daily transactions Allocations and PPNS


14_well test and mp daily volumes

15_Production Allocation

16_WC downtime and recap of allocation


18_config for Measurement points

Production Allocation quiz

5. Production reporting

18.1_Production reporting config

19_Production reporting_generate a report

20_Production reporting_finalize a report

6. Ownership


22_Create a PRA venture and Base DOI

23_Business associate, vendor and customer

24_Maintain DOI owners and Xref

25_Ownership config and recap

31_Ownership transfer request


Ownership Quiz

7. Contracts Pricing and Contract Allocation

26_Contracts and contract allocations

27_CA alllocation spool

8. Revenue Accounting


29_Run Valuation

30_Pay the owners

Revenue Quiz

9. Gas wells etc

33_Gas well process

34_gas allocation

35_gas spf statements

36_Marketing group assignments

10. Recap


Daily transactions quiz

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is for End users and SAP IT people. Anyone working in the FICO or Oil and Gas industry will find it easier to understand, but it is not a prerequisite. 

Who is this for

  • End users or SAP consultants who want to get into the SAP PRA field.
  • Anyone who is willing to work hard. There will be lots of new concepts that require practice. 
  • Project managers or any other management person who wants to understand SAP PRA  better. 
  • Technical folks who work in PRA and want to understand it better

Who is this not for

  • Anyone who thinks that by completing this course, they will immediately get a job
  • Anyone who wants to watch these videos and not practice these concepts
  • A person who has no accounting knowledge or SAP knowledge and is not willing to spend additional time learning key concepts
  • Anyone who doesn't want to get into PRA

100% Guarantee that you will Learn SAP PRA 

Sapsharks guarantees that you will understand the PRA process and master it if you practice the lessons that are taught. There is no other course on the market that comes even close to delivering the amount of PRA info that this course has.

You also get these cool bonuses along with your videos

As an early adopter, you get all these bonuses for free.

Access to ask questions in the group 

Ever get stuck for hours, days or even weeks figuring out an issue. Just reach out and ask others your questions in the discussions section.

(Only for the pro and private group)

Free JVA configuration document

This step by step configuration document makes it very easy for you to refer to any JVA steps. JVA is very closely integrated with PRA

Free Business process guides

Step by step documents that show you how to process PRA transactions. Refer to these when you are training the users or when you need a refresher( will be provided in the future)

Get access to your PRA training 


I stumbled upon this while searching for SAP PRA training to improve on my skills and it helped me step by step from scratch, I didn’t need any additional help.

I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for training that is different from a YouTube video- it has more practical examples which were easy to follow through

I liked the certificate of completion that I get once finishing a course

Syed Azeem

This classes are organized, thorough and really helped me understand SAP PRA at a level of detail I don't think I could find anywhere else. The class was well paced, had real-life examples and the instructor communicates very clearly.

I highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn SAP PRA/ Joint Venture Accounting / Vendor Open Management and many other courses

Instructor sometimes deliberately makes errors to show us what errors to expect and how to fix them . This is as close as you can get to real life SAP Implementation

Devotha Radcliffe

I bought and attending different online training, but this one is the best. The instructor is engaging and using real examples. He knows about what he is talking. Each topic is explained very clear without using a long video.

I recommend this training for everyone interested in SAP PRA, and it is suitable for both junior and seniors (end-users and consultants). And for those who are preparing for SAP Certifications. I bought three different classes after attending one class and being very satisfied.

This course is the best...short videos for each topic and explained very well.Weekly reminder about your status.

Keep doing great work !


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