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Transaction CodeTransaction text
O3UBL01_REPORTSBalancing User Reports
O3UBL01_WORKPLACEBalancing Workplace
O3UCA_DOIXREFDOI to MP/WC Cross Reference
O3UCA_GPSSGas Plant Sliding Scale
O3UCA_MKGRPLList processing for Marketing Groups
O3UCA_OSPOwner Selective Processing Options
O3UCA_PRLPercent Return to Producer
O3UCA_PSPPlant Selective Processing Options
O3UCA_TRNCTMP/WC Transporter Contract XRef
O3UCA_UPLOAD_ROATo upload ROA data using spreadsheet
O3UCI_ARVARReceivable and Price Variance
O3UCI_MASSProcessing Checks in Mass
O3UCI_PDXPurchaser to Property/DOI Xref
O3UCI_PPDPRA Payment Posting Desktop
O3UCI_PRDXCDEX Comapny Product Cross Reference
O3UCI_REMXCDEX Remitter Cross Reference
O3UCI_SUSPSuspended Line Items messages
O3UCM_BAIntegrated Business Associate
O3UCM_CONTRACTPRA Contract Maintenance
O3UCM_T8JVPRA Joint Venture Master Data
O3UCM_TAB_MAINTGeneric Table Maintenance
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_003Reclassification of Production Codes
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_004Material and Product Code Proc XRef
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_005Material Sum - Gas Plant Comp Alloc
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_006SPF NGL Component Allocation Basis
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_007SPF Wet Gas Equivalent
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_008Sliding Scale Methods - Dim / Materl
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_009PRA Partner Table from JV
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_010Volumetric SKF
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_011Setup Code and Generic Values Dated
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_012Reg Rpt: MP/State Assigned ID XRef
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_013State Agency & PRA Material XRef
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_017Roy Rpt: Code Maintenance
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_018Parameters for TX Migration
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_019Zero Rejects for Wyoming Royalty
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_020MMS-2014 Date Effective Edits
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_021Agency/PRA Product Code XRef
O3UCM_TAB_MAINT_023Colorodo Form 7 Formation Code
O3UCP_CO2_RMV0CO2 Removal Fee Processing
O3UCP_MKT_CST0Contract Marketing Costs
O3UCP_TAR_RMB0Tax and Royalty Reimbursement
O3UCW_BANKBank Details for Payment Processing
O3UCW_BA_EXEMPTIONBA exempt from State Withholding
O3UCW_EXCEPTIONException list from Payment run
O3UCW_PAYMENT_RUNPRA Payment Processing
O3UCW_TAXOwner Taxes Withheld Report
O3UDP_VWULPRA Vendor Where-used List for EOP
O3UE2_ARESC_AOGC_ADDArkansas Escrow AOGC Address
O3UE2_ARESC_AOGC_RPTArkansas Escrow AOGC Annual Report
O3UE2_ARESC_BANK_ADDArkansas Escrow Bank Address
O3UE2_ARESC_CUST_DTLArkansas Escrow Custodian Details
O3UE2_ARESC_HISTORYArkansas Escrow Owner History
O3UE2_ARESC_HOLD_ADDArkansas Escrow Holder Address
O3UE2_ARESC_SFIArkansas Escrow Susp Funds Enquiry
O3UE2_ESCHEAT_ADDREscheat Due Dilgence Address Maint
O3UE2_ESCHEAT_HOLDEREscheat Holder Record Maintenance
O3UE2_ESCH_BAEscheat BA Info Maintenance
O3UE2_ESCH_DISP_HISTDisplay Owner Escheat History
O3UE2_ESCH_HST_CLNUn-Escheat Owner
O3UE2_ESCROW_HISTORYWyoming Escrow Owner History
O3UE2_PORTAL_004Process 2.0 Portal
O3UE2_SFISuspended Funds Inquiry
O3UE2_WORKPLACEProcess 2.0 Workplace
O3UE2_WORKPLACE_001Wyoming Escrow Workplace
O3UE2_WORKPLACE_002Escheat Workplace
O3UE2_WORKPLACE_003Arkansas Escrow Workplace
O3UE2_WY_ESCROW_ADDRWyoming Escrow Address Maintenance
O3UGR_ASUMaintain Auto-Suspension Data
O3UGR_ASUEMaintain Auto-Suspension Exceptions
O3UGR_DISP_OOSWODisplay Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
O3UGR_DISP_ROYHSTUp-to-Date Reported Roy.Transactions
O3UGR_DISP_RPTVARGeneric Royalty Variance Report
O3UGR_DIS_ROYTXNDisplay Royalty Transactions
O3UGR_ENTITYMaintain Agency Entity
O3UGR_MASTERMaintain Master Data
O3UGR_MIGRATIONGen Rep History Migration
O3UGR_OOS_WOOut-of-Statute Write-Off Maintenance
O3UGR_OWNXRFMaintain Owner / Report XRef
O3UGR_SOLMaintain Statute-of-Limitations Data
O3UGR_SOLEMaintain SOL Exceptions
O3UGR_UPD_ROYHSTUpdate Generic Royalty History
O3UGR_UPD_ROYTXNMaintain Generic User Royalty Trans
O3UGT_EDITORUpstream Graphics Editor
O3UGT_ICON_DOWNLOADDownload Upstream Graphics Bitmaps
O3UGT_ICON_MAINTBitmap/Flashform Maintenance
O3UGT_ICON_UPLOADUpload Upstream Graphics Bitmaps
O3UHS_CM1Common Table Entries - Create
O3UHS_CM2Common Table Entries - Change
O3UHS_CM3Common Table Entries - Display
O3UHS_CM4Common Table Entries - Delete
O3UH_10991099 Report
O3UH_ACCEPTED_JEPosted Journal Entries Reports
O3UH_ACCT_CLOSEAccounting Period Close
O3UH_AD_VALAd Valorem
O3UH_ARJEA/R Journal Entry Generation
O3UH_ARWOCA/R Write Off Cents Report
O3UH_AR_UPAccounts Receivable Update
O3UH_CCCheck Clearing
O3UH_CR_NACreate Negative Amounts
O3UH_ESEscheat Processing
O3UH_FLASH_DOWNLOADDownload Reporting Flashforms
O3UH_FLASH_UPLOADUpload Reporting Flashforms
O3UH_FTFunds Transfer
O3UH_LOAD_JEINTFLoad JEINTF rec for Batch type 40&41
O3UH_NA_INNegative Amount Invoice
O3UH_NA_PUNegative Amount Purge
O3UH_NP_SUNegative Payment Suspense Report
O3UH_REJECTED_JERejected Journal Entries Report
O3UH_REPEXReport Execution
O3UH_RVRevenue Report Viewer
O3UH_TCTreasury Check
O3UH_TP_WOTaxes Payable Write Off
O3UH_VC_CPVoid/Cleared Check Purge
O3UH_VMCProcess Void/Manual Checks
O3UI7Create Repository Formula
O3UI8Change Repository Formula
O3UI9Display Repository Formula
O3UOW_CHECKIN_JOBSView Check In and Check Out Jobs
O3UOW_COTChain of Title
O3UOW_DOCChange Owner List Processing
O3UOW_OR0Owner Transfer/Maintenance
O3UOW_OTXOwner Transfer Execution Report
O3UOW_OW9DOI Tract by Owner List Processing
O3UOW_PPProduction Payment
O3UOW_SUMM_BALOutstanding summary balance
O3UOW_UT9DOI Tract by Tract List Processing
O3UOW_UTP0Unit to Tract Participation
O3UOW_UV9Unit Venture List Processing
O3UPC_AVGRPAvailability Groupijng
O3UPC_SPADJSales Point Adjustment
O3UPR_DNST9Display DN Status
O3UPR_MPALFDisplay MP Allocation Factor
O3UPR_RWCRegulatory Reallocated WC
O3UPR_SKFSKF Submission
O3UPR_WCALFDisplay Well/WC Allocation Factor
O3UPR_WCDPSWC Daily Pressures
O3UP_ADMIN_WORKBENCHPDM Administrators' Workbench
O3UREP_MASTERRegulatory Reporting Master Data
O3UREP_MMS_2014MMS-2014 Workplace
O3UREP_MMS_2014_FORMMMS 2014 Printable Form
O3UREP_MMS_EDITRegulatory Reporting Report MMS Edit
O3UREP_MMS_MRTHISTMMS Level Historic Royalty Trans Rep
O3UREP_MMS_MRTPENDMMS Level Pending Royalty Trans Rep
O3UREP_MMS_RECOUPMMS Indian Recoupable Report
O3UREP_MMS_REJECTSMMS Extraction Rejects Report
O3UREP_MMS_RTHISTHistoric Extract Report
O3UREP_OPERATORRegulatory Reporting Setup
O3UREP_ROY_BASEDATARoyalty base data maintenance
O3UREP_ROY_MASTERMaster Maint. for Royalty Reporting
O3UREP_ROY_MDQMaster Data Query
O3URV_ALT_CT_OW_XREFAlternative Owner Xref
O3URV_COMBCombined Run Report
O3URV_COMB_NEWNew Combined Run report
O3URV_DOCValuation Document Worklist
O3URV_RDSUMRD summary generation
O3URV_SRPTValuation Selection Report
O3URV_SS0Settlement Statement
O3URV_SST0Settlement Stmnt/DOI Cross-Reference
O3UT2_FDN9Display FDN records
O3UT2_IM0Interface Monitor
O3UT5_ASUMaintain Auto-Suspension Data
O3UT5_ASUEMaintain Auto-Suspension Exceptions
O3UT5_DIS_RPT_VAROklahoma Tax Variance Report
O3UT5_DIS_TAXHSTUp-to-Date Reported Transactions
O3UT5_DIS_TAXTXNOklahoma Tax Transactions
O3UT5_KUNXRFOklahoma Taxpayer Number Maintenance
O3UT5_MASTEROklahoma Master Data Maintenance
O3UT5_PUN_INFOMaintain PUN Info
O3UT5_SOLEMaintain SOL Exceptions
O3UT5_UPD_OOSWOOK Out-of-Statute Write-Off Maint
O3UT5_UPD_TAXHSTUpdate Oklahoma Tax History
O3UT5_UPD_TAXTXNOklahoma User Tax Transactions
O3UVL_GSP0Gas Statement Profile
O3UVL_GST9Gas Statement Report List Processing
O3UVL_MTAMarketing Cost Tax Allowance
O3UVL_OSP0Oil Statement Profile
O3UVL_OST9Oil Statement Report List Processing
O3UVL_RPA0Royalty Processing Allowance
O3UVL_RTIRun Tickets
O3UVL_STR0State Tax Rates
O3UVL_TCD0Tax Calculation Data - Doc Concept
O3UVL_TCL0Tax Classification
O3UVL_TCL9Tax Classification List Processing
O3UVL_TPA0Tax Processing Allowance
O3UVL_TTX0Tier Tax Maintenance
O3UX1_MIGR_FINALFinalize tax reporting migration
O3UX1_MIGR_TRNMigrate tax transaction data
O3UX1_TAXREP_MAINTax Reporting Main
O3UX1_TAXREP_MSTRTax reporting master maintenance
O3UX1_TAX_ADJTax adjusments transaction
O3UX2_MSTR_QUERYmaster data query
O3UX3_DISP_TX_EDTERRTexas Additional Edit Errors
O3UX3_DISP_TX_OOSWOList of Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
O3UX3_DISP_TX_RPVARTexas Tax Variance Report
O3UX3_MIGRATIONTax Reporting - Migration Workbench
O3UX3_MIGRATION_001Texas Migration Workbench
O3UX3_MIG_LOAD_VLDOCTax 2.0 - Load VL Docs for Migration
O3UX3_PORTALGeneric Portal
O3UX3_PORTAL_001Tax Reporting Portal
O3UX3_RPT_PROFMaintain Reporting Profiles
O3UX3_TX_ASUMaintain Auto-Suspension Data
O3UX3_TX_ASUEMaintain Auto-Suspension Exception
O3UX3_TX_BATXIDMaintain Business Associate Tax IDs
O3UX3_TX_LEASEMaintain Texas Lease Data
O3UX3_TX_LEASE_MSTRMaintain Texas Lease Master Data
O3UX3_TX_MASTERMaintain Texas Master Data
O3UX3_TX_OOS_WOOut-of-Statute Write-Off Maintenance
O3UX3_TX_SOLMaintain Statute-of-Limitations Data
O3UX3_TX_SOLEMaintain SOL Exceptions
O3UX3_TX_TAXHSTUp-to-Date Reported Transactions
O3UX3_TX_TAXTXNTexas Tax Transactions
O3UX3_UPD_TX_TAXHSTTexas Tax History
O3UX3_UPD_TX_TAXTXNMaintain Texas User Tax Transaction
O3UX3_WORKPLACEReport 2.0 Workplace
O3UX4_OUT_BALTPSL/TP out of balance report
O3UX4_PORTAL_002Taxes Payable Reconciliation Portal
O3UX4_RESP_IDMaintain Taxes Payable Resp. ID
O3UX4_TPMIG_VERIFYTransaction to verify TP Migration
O3UX4_TP_MIGRATETransaction for TP Recon Migration
O3UX4_WORKPLACETP Summary Workplace
O3UX4_WO_SETUPTaxes Payable Write Off Setup
O3UX5_DISP_OK_RPVAROklahoma Tax Variance Report
O3UX5_DISP_OK_TAXHSTUp-to-Date Reported Transactions
O3UX5_DISP_OK_TAXTXNOklahoma Tax Transactions
O3UX5_DISP_OOSWOList of Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
O3UX5_MIGRATION_002Oklahoma Migration Workbench
O3UX5_OK_ASUMaintain Auto-Suspension Data
O3UX5_OK_BATXIDOklahoma BA Tax ID Maintenance
O3UX5_OK_MASTEROklahoma Master Data Maintenance
O3UX5_OK_PUN_EDITTax 2.0 OK - PUN Edit Report
O3UX5_OK_SOLMaintain Statute-of-Limitations Data
O3UX5_OK_SOLEMaintain SOL Exceptions
O3UX5_OK_TAX_RTTax 2.0 - OKGP Tax Rate Maintenance
O3UX5_OK_ZVOLMaintain Oklahoma Zero Vol Reporting
O3UX5_UPD_OK_OOS_WOOut-of-Statute Write-Off Maintenance
O3UX5_UPD_OK_TAXHSTUpdate Oklahoma Tax History
O3UX5_UPD_OK_TAXTXNMaintain User Tax Transactions
O3UX6_DISP_OOSWOList of WY Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
O3UX6_DISP_WYCTAXHSTUp-to-Date Reported Conserv Trans
O3UX6_DISP_WYCTAXTXNWyoming Conservation Tax Trans
O3UX6_DISP_WYC_RPVARWY Conservation Tax Variance Rpt
O3UX6_DISP_WYSTAXHSTUp-to-Date Reported Severance Trans
O3UX6_DISP_WYSTAXTXNWyoming Severance Tax Transactions
O3UX6_DISP_WYS_RPVARWyoming Severance Tax Variance Rpt
O3UX6_MIGRATION_003Wyoming Migration Workbench
O3UX6_UPD_WYC_OOS_WOWY Con Out-of-Statute Write-Off
O3UX6_UPD_WYS_OOS_WOWY Sev Out-of-Statute Write-Off
O3UX6_UPD_WY_CTAXHSTUpdate Wyoming Conserv Tax History
O3UX6_UPD_WY_CTAXTXNMaintain WY Conserv User Tax Trans
O3UX6_UPD_WY_STAXHSTUpdate Wyoming Severance Tax History
O3UX6_UPD_WY_STAXTXNMaintain WY Severance User Tax Trans
O3UX6_WY_ASUTax 2.0 - Wyoming AutoSuspend Master
O3UX6_WY_ASUETax 2.0 - Wyoming AutoSuspend Except
O3UX6_WY_BAOPIDTax 2.0 - Wyoming BA Operator ID
O3UX6_WY_CTAX_RTTax 2.0 - WYC Tax Rate Maintenance
O3UX6_WY_LCDOVRTax 2.0 - Wyoming LCD Override
O3UX6_WY_MASTERTax 2.0 - Wyoming Master Data
O3UX6_WY_SOLTax 2.0 - Wyoming Statute of Limit
O3UX6_WY_SOLETax 2.0 - Wyoming SOL Exceptions
O3UX6_WY_STAX_RTTax 2.0 - WYS Tax Rate Maintenance
O3UX6_WY_ZVOLTax 2.0 - Wyoming Zero Volume Master
O3UX7_WORKPLACETax 2.0 - WYGP Workplace
O3UX7_WY_MKTOVRTax 2.0 - WYGP Mkt XRef Override
O3UX7_WY_MPALLOCTax 2.0 - WYGP MP Allocation
O3UX8_DISP_NM_OOSWOList of NM Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
O3UX8_DISP_NM_RPTVARNew Mexico Tax Variance Report
O3UX8_DISP_NM_TAXDTLDisplay New Mexico Tax Trans Decimal
O3UX8_DISP_NM_TAXHSTUp-to-Date Reported New Mexico Trans
O3UX8_DISP_NM_TAXTXNDisplay New Mexico Tax Transactions
O3UX8_LOAD_HISTORYNew Mexico State History Upload
O3UX8_LOAD_SUFF_RATETax 2.0 NM - Upload suffix tax rates
O3UX8_MIGRATIONNew Mexico Migration Workbench
O3UX8_NM_AFFOVRMaintain New Mexico Aff Cd Override
O3UX8_NM_ASUMaintain New Mexico Auto-Suspend
O3UX8_NM_ASUEMaintain NM Auto Suspend Exception
O3UX8_NM_COMBINE_XMLUtility for Combined Current O&G XML
O3UX8_NM_ITC_MSTTax 2.0 NM: Maintain ITC master data
O3UX8_NM_JC_MSTMaintain New Mexico Jicarilla Credit
O3UX8_NM_MASTERMaintain New Mexico Master
O3UX8_NM_OTH_OWNMaintain New Mexico Oth Exmpt Owners
O3UX8_NM_RPDT_MIGTax 2.0 NM Report Details Migration
O3UX8_NM_RPSM_MIGTax 2.0 NM Report Summary Migration
O3UX8_NM_SOLMaintain New Mexico Statute-of-Limit
O3UX8_NM_SOLEMaintain New Mexico SOL Exceptions
O3UX8_NM_SUFFDECMaintain New Mexico Suffix Decimal
O3UX8_NM_SUFFXRFMaintain New Mexico Suffix Cross-ref
O3UX8_UPD_NM_OOS_WONew Mexico Out-of-Statute Write-Off
O3UX8_UPD_NM_TAXHSTUpdate New Mexico Tax History
O3UX8_UPD_NM_TAXTXNMaintain New Mexico User Tax Trans
O3UX8_VERIFY_ST_HSTNM Verify State Vs Migrated data
O3UY3_DISP_BAL_RPTTexas GLO/TAMU Balancing Report
O3UY3_DISP_TX_OOSWOList of Texas GLO OOS Write-Offs
O3UY3_DISP_TX_ROYHSTUp-to-Date Reported Texas GLO Trans
O3UY3_DISP_TX_RPTVARTX GLO/TAMU Royalty Variance Report
O3UY3_TX_ASUMaintain Texas GLO/TAMU ASU Master
O3UY3_TX_ASUEMaintain Texas GLO/TAMU ASUE Master
O3UY3_TX_CTRLMaintain Texas GLO/TAMU Rpt Ctrl Mst
O3UY3_TX_LEASEMaintain Texas GLO/TAMU Lease Master
O3UY3_TX_MASTERMaintain Texas GLO/TAMU Master Data
O3UY3_TX_OWNOVRMaintain TX GLO/TAMU Own Lvl Rpt Ovr
O3UY3_TX_PDCXRFMaintain Production Disposition XRef
O3UY3_TX_RDCXRFMaintain Royalty Disposition XRef
O3UY3_TX_RRCMaintain Texas GLO/TAMU RRC Master
O3UY3_TX_SOLMaintain Texas GLO/TAMU SOL Master
O3UY3_TX_SOLEMaintain TX GLO/TAMU SOL Exception
O3UY3_TX_UNITMaintain Texas GLO/TAMU Unit Master
O3UY3_UPD_TX_OOS_WOTX GLO/TAMU Out-of-Statute Write-Off
O3UY3_UPD_TX_ROYHSTUpdate TX GLO/TAMU Royalty History
O3UY3_UPD_TX_ROYTXNMaintain Texas GLO User Roy Trans
O3UY6_DISP_BAL_RPTWyoming Royalty Balancing Report
O3UY6_DISP_PAY_RECONWyoming OPSL Balancing Report
O3UY6_DISP_WY_OOSWOList of WY Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
O3UY6_DISP_WY_ROYHSTUp-to-Date Reported Wyoming Trans
O3UY6_DISP_WY_ROYTXNDisplay Wyoming Royalty Transactions
O3UY6_DISP_WY_RPTVARWyoming Royalty Variance Report
O3UY6_MIGRATION_005WY Oil Royalty Migration Workbench
O3UY6_MIGRATION_006WY Gas Royalty Migration Workbench
O3UY6_UPD_WY_OOS_WOWyoming Out-of-Statute Write-Off
O3UY6_UPD_WY_ROYHSTUpdate Wyoming Royalty History
O3UY6_UPD_WY_ROYTXNMaintain Wyoming User Roy Trans
O3UY6_WY_ASUMaintain Wyoming Auto Suspend Master
O3UY6_WY_ASUEMaintain Wyoming Auto Suspend Except
O3UY6_WY_CAPOVRMaintain Wyoming CA Percent Override
O3UY6_WY_CBMOVRMaintain WY Coal Bed Methane Overrid
O3UY6_WY_LEASEMaintain Wyoming Lease Master
O3UY6_WY_MASTERMaintain Wyoming Master Data
O3UY6_WY_PRICEMaintain Wyoming Reporting Price
O3UY6_WY_SOLMaintain Wyoming Statute of Limit
O3UY6_WY_SOLEMaintain Wyoming SOL Exceptions
O3UY6_WY_ZVOLWyoming Royalty Zero Volume Master
O3UYA_CO_DISP_ROYHSTUp-to-Date CO Roy Reported Data
O3UYA_CO_DISP_RPTVARColorado Royalty Variance Report
O3UYA_CO_DIS_ROYTXNDisplay Colorado Royalty Transaction
O3UYA_CO_ENTITYMaintain Colorado Entity Data
O3UYA_CO_MASTERMaintain Colorado Master Data
O3UYA_CO_MIGRATIONGeneric CO Master Migration
O3UYA_CO_UPD_ROYHSTUpdate Colorado Royalty History
O3UYA_CO_ZVOLRoy 2.0 - CO Zero Vol Rpt Master
O3UYA_CO_ZVOL_UPLOADRoy 2.0 - CO Zero Vol Upload
O3UYC_BA_RPTIDRoyalty 2.0 - BA & Rpt ID XReference
O3UYC_PORTAL_003Royalty 2.0 Portal
O3U_APIGAPI Gravity Scale Adjustments
O3U_AWOAutomatic Write off processing
O3U_BACreate Business Associate
O3U_BA1Create Business Associate
O3U_BA2Change Business Associate
O3U_BA3Display Business Associate
O3U_BG1Create Bearer Group
O3U_BG2Change Bearer Group
O3U_BG3Display Bearer Group
O3U_BG6Delete Bearer Group
O3U_BG9Burden Group: List Processing
O3U_BLTMPLCT Vol by MP Build Template
O3U_CA011Create Marketing Group Assignment
O3U_CA012Change Marketing Group Assignment
O3U_CA013Display Marketing Group Assignment
O3U_CA016Delete Marketing Group Assignment
O3U_CA021Create Allocation Cross Reference
O3U_CA022Change Allocation Cross Reference
O3U_CA023Display Allocation Cross Reference
O3U_CA026Delete Allocation Cross Reference
O3U_CA029Allocation Cross Reference List Proc
O3U_CA031Create CA Manual Entry
O3U_CA032Change CA Manual Entry
O3U_CA033Display CA Manual Entry
O3U_CA036Delete CA Manual Entry
O3U_CA039CA Manual Entry List Proc
O3U_CA042Change DN Volume Allocation
O3U_CA043Display DN Volume Allocation
O3U_CA052Change Contract Volume by MP
O3U_CA053Display Contract Volume by MP
O3U_CA059Contract Volume by MP List Processin
O3U_CA061Revised Owner Availability List
O3U_CA062Revised Owner Availability - Change
O3U_CA063Revised Owner Availabilty - Display
O3U_CA069Revised Owner Availability List Proc
O3U_CA071Create SPF Statement Volumes
O3U_CA072Change SPF Statement Volumes
O3U_CA073Display SPF Statement Volumes
O3U_CA076Delete SPF Statement Volumes
O3U_CA079List Processing for SPF
O3U_CA09Allocated Volumes Inquiry
O3U_CA10Entitled Volumes Inquiry
O3U_CA11Contract Volumes by WC Inquiry
O3U_CHA1Create Chemical Analysis
O3U_CHA2Change Chemical Analysis
O3U_CHA3Display Chemical Analysis
O3U_CHA6Delete Chemical Analysis
O3U_CHA9Chemical Analysis List
O3U_CPAM1Create Custom Plant Allocation Mth
O3U_CPAM2Change Custom Plant Allocation Mth
O3U_CPAM3Display Custom Plant Allocation Mth
O3U_CPAM6Delete Custom Plant Allocation Mth
O3U_CTYP1Create Component Typification
O3U_CTYP2Change Component Typification
O3U_CTYP3Display Component Typification
O3U_CTYP6Delete Component Typification
O3U_DI1Base DOI Maintenance Create
O3U_DI2Base DOI Maintenance Change
O3U_DI3Base DOI Maintenance Display
O3U_DI6Base DOI Maintenance Delete
O3U_DI9Base DOI List Processing
O3U_DMG1Create DN Measurement Group
O3U_DMG2Change DN Measurement Group
O3U_DMG3Display DN Measurement Group
O3U_DMG6Delete DN Measurement Group
O3U_DN1Create Delivery Network
O3U_DN11Create Delivery Network-call from UG
O3U_DN2Update Delivery Network
O3U_DN3Display Delivery Network
O3U_DND1Create Delivery Network Dated
O3U_DND11Create DN Dated - call from UG
O3U_DND2Change Delivery Network Dated
O3U_DND3Dialog Delivery Network Dated
O3U_DND6Delete Delivery Network Dated
O3U_DNH1Delivery network group create
O3U_DNH2Delivery network group change
O3U_DNH3Delivery network group show
O3U_DNND1Create Delivery Netwok Link
O3U_DNND2Change Delivery Netwok Link
O3U_DNND3Display Delivery Netwok Link
O3U_DNND6Delete Delivery Netwok Link
O3U_DO2DOI Owner Maintenance Change
O3U_DO3DOI Owner Maintenance Display
O3U_DOL1List process for DOI Interest
O3U_DOL2Owner Interest List processing
O3U_DP1DOI Accounting - Doc Concept
O3U_DP2DOI Accounting Change - Doc Concept
O3U_DP3DOI Accounting Display - Doc Concept
O3U_DP6DOI Accounting Delete - Doc Concept
O3U_DP9DOI Accounting List Processing
O3U_FLD1Field Identification Create
O3U_FLD2Field Identification Change
O3U_FLD3Field Identification Display
O3U_FLD6Field Identification Delete
O3U_FRML1Create Formula Id Maintenance
O3U_FRML2Change Formula Id Maintenance
O3U_FRML3Display Formula Id Maintenance
O3U_FRML6Delete Formula Id Maintenance
O3U_GAS1Create API Gravity Adjustment Scale
O3U_GAS2Change API Gravity Adjustment Scale
O3U_GAS3Display API Gravity Adjustment Scale
O3U_GAS6Delete API Gravity Adjustment Scale
O3U_JV1Create Joint Venture
O3U_JV2Change Joint Venture
O3U_JV3Display Joint Venture
O3U_JV9JV List Processing
O3U_LWGOR1Create Lease Wide GOR
O3U_LWGOR2Change Lease Wide GOR
O3U_LWGOR3Display Lease Wide GOR
O3U_LWGOR6Delete Lease Wide GOR
O3U_MAINMain Menu
O3U_MCCTMaintain container categories
O3U_MDE1Mass Data Entry MP Volumes
O3U_MEASUREMENTMeasurement system (temporary me
O3U_MECFMaintain calculation functions
O3U_MECLMaintain measurement classes
O3U_MEDOCCList measurement document changes
O3U_MEDOCLList measurement documents
O3U_MEMCMaintain measurement calculations
O3U_MEMTMaintain measurement types
O3U_MEMTNRMeas.doc. number range assignment
O3U_MENUProduction Application Menu
O3U_MERTMaintain reading types
O3U_MESCMeasurement sources
O3U_MEUMGMaintain unit of meaure groups
O3U_MKT1Create Internal Marketing Rates
O3U_MKT2Change Internal Marketing Rates
O3U_MKT3Display Internal Marketing Rates
O3U_MKT6Delete Internal Marketing Rates
O3U_MP1Create Measurement Point
O3U_MP11Create MP - call from UG
O3U_MP2Change Measurement Point
O3U_MP21Change MP - call from UG
O3U_MP3Display Measurement Point
O3U_MPAP1Create MP Allocation Profile
O3U_MPAP2Change MP Allocation Profile
O3U_MPAP3Display MP Allocation Profile
O3U_MPAP6Delete MP Allocation Profile
O3U_MPAP9List Processing MP Alloc Profile
O3U_MPD1Measurement Point Dated Create
O3U_MPD11MP Dated Create - call from UG
O3U_MPD2Measurement Point Dated Change
O3U_MPD21MP Dated Change - call from UG
O3U_MPD3Measurement Point Dated Browse
O3U_MPD6Measurement Point Dated Delete
O3U_MPFUS1Create MP Fuel Usage
O3U_MPFUS2Change MP Fuel Usage
O3U_MPFUS3Display MP Fuel Usage
O3U_MPFUS6Delete MP Fuel Usage
O3U_MPH1Measurement point group create
O3U_MPH2Measurement point group change
O3U_MPH3Measurement point group show
O3U_MPVL1Create Measurement Point Volumes
O3U_MPVL2Change Measurement Point Volumes
O3U_MPVL3Display Measurement Point Volumes
O3U_MPVL6Delete Measurement Point Volumes
O3U_MPVL9Measurement Point Volumes List
O3U_MSP1Create MP Meter Specifications
O3U_MSP2Change MP Meter Specifications
O3U_MSP3Display MP Meter Specifications
O3U_MSP6Delete MP Meter Specifications
O3U_MWG1Create WC & MP Measurments
O3U_MWG2Change WC & MP Measurments
O3U_MWG3Display WC & MP Measurments
O3U_MWG6Delete WC & MP Measurments
O3U_MWG9MP/WC Measurements
O3U_MWHV1Create MP/WC Default HV Cross Ref.
O3U_MWHV2Change MP/WC Default HV Cross Ref.
O3U_MWHV3Display MP/WC Default HV Cross Ref.
O3U_MWHV6Delete MP/WC Default HV Cross Ref.
O3U_MWT1MP/WC to Transporter Xref - Create
O3U_MWT2MP/WC to Transporter Xref - Change
O3U_MWT3MP/WC to Transporter Xref - Display
O3U_MWT6MP/WC to Transporter Xref - Delete
O3U_MWT9MP/WC to Transporter Xref List
O3U_OMPMRAM.Pt. Meas.Reading assignment
O3U_OMPMTDM.Pt. meas.type derivation
O3U_PAM1Create Plant Allocation Methods
O3U_PAM2Change Plant Allocation Methods
O3U_PAM3Display Plant Allocation Methods
O3U_PAM6Delete Plant Allocation Methods
O3U_PC011Create Capacity
O3U_PC012Change Capacity
O3U_PC013Display Capacity
O3U_PC016Delete Capacity
O3U_PC019Capacity List Processing
O3U_PC022Availability - Change
O3U_PC023Availability - Display
O3U_PC029Availability List Processing
O3U_PC032Multiple Sales Sourcing - Change
O3U_PC033Multiple Sales Sourcing - Display
O3U_PC039Multiple Sales Sourcing List Process
O3U_PC042Change Transporter Rankings
O3U_PC043Display Transporter Ranking
O3U_PC051Create Daily Availability
O3U_PC052Daily Availability - Change
O3U_PC053Daily Availability - Display
O3U_PC059Daily Availability List Processing
O3U_PC06Availability Exceptions Report
O3U_PC06ACall Validation Routine
O3U_PC07Submit Nomination Changes
O3U_PC08Review Nomination Changes
O3U_PC09Availability by Owner
O3U_PC10CA Interface
O3U_PF1Platform Maintenance Create
O3U_PF2Platform Maintenance Change
O3U_PF3Platform Maintenance Display
O3U_PF6Platform Maintenance Delete
O3U_PP2Price maintenance
O3U_PP3Price maintenance
O3U_PPN02Valuation PPN Selection
O3U_PPNM01Manual PPN: Create
O3U_PPNM02Manual PPN: Change
O3U_PPNM03Manual PPN: Display
O3U_REBUILD_HIERRebuild Standard Hierarchies
O3U_RES1Create Reservoir
O3U_RES2Change Reservoir
O3U_RES3Display Reservoir
O3U_RES6Delete Reservoir
O3U_RETMPLCT Vol by MP Refresh Template
O3U_RHTransaction to rebuild Hierarchies
O3U_RMAT1Create WC/MP Reproduced Materials
O3U_RMAT2Change WC/MP Reproduced Materials
O3U_RMAT3Display WC/MP Reproduced Materials
O3U_RMAT6Delete WC/MP Reproduced Materials
O3U_ROLLMPCapacity Roll - Measurement Point
O3U_ROLLWCCapacity Roll - Well Completion
O3U_RQSTVA/CA Allocation Request
O3U_RVT02Set deletion flag for Val. rejects
O3U_SCM2Maintain Gravity Scale Defintion
O3U_SCM3Display Gravity Scale Defintion
O3U_SS1Create Supply Source
O3U_SS2Change Supply Source
O3U_SS3Display Supply Source
O3U_SS6Delete Supply Source
O3U_TCM1DN/WC Create Theo Calc Meth
O3U_TCM2DN/WC Change Theo Calc Meth
O3U_TCM3DN/WC Display Theo Calc Meth
O3U_TCM6DN/WC Delete Thoo Calc Meth
O3U_TCM9DN/WC Theo Calc Meth List Proc
O3U_TOV1Create Allocation Basis for MP/WC
O3U_TOV2Change Allocation Basis for MP/WC
O3U_TOV3Display Allocation Basis for MP/WC
O3U_TOV6Delete Allocation Basis for MP/WC
O3U_TOV9MP/WC Theo Override List Processing
O3U_VAFR1Create VA Formula Rules
O3U_VAFR2Change VA Formula Rules
O3U_VAFR3Display VA Formula Rules
O3U_VAFR6Delete VA Formula Rules
O3U_VCR1Create Valuation Cross Reference
O3U_VCR2Change Valuation Cross Reference
O3U_VCR3Display Valuation Cross Reference
O3U_VCR6Delete Valuation Cross Reference
O3U_VCR9VCR List Processing
O3U_VLFR1Create Valuation Formula
O3U_VLFR2Change Valuation Formula
O3U_VLFR3Display Valuation Formula
O3U_VLFR6Delete Valuation Formula
O3U_VLFR9Valuation Formula list processing
O3U_VPPN9Production PPN Dialog
O3U_WC1Create Well Completion
O3U_WC11Create Well Completion- call from UG
O3U_WC2Change Well Completion
O3U_WC21Change Well Completion- call from UG
O3U_WC3Display Well Completion
O3U_WCCO1WC contamination Override Create
O3U_WCCO2WC contamination Override Change
O3U_WCCO3WC contamination Override Display
O3U_WCCO6WC contamination Override Delete
O3U_WCD1Create Well Completion Dated
O3U_WCD11Create WC Dated - call from UG
O3U_WCD2Change Well Completion Dated
O3U_WCD21Change Well Completion Dated
O3U_WCD3Display Well Completion Dated
O3U_WCD6Delete Well Completion Dated
O3U_WCDC1Create WC Downhole Commingled
O3U_WCDC2Change WC Downhole Commingled
O3U_WCDC3Display WC Downhole Commingled
O3U_WCDC6Delete WC Downhole Commingled
O3U_WCDT1Create WC Downtime
O3U_WCDT2Change WC Downtime
O3U_WCDT3Display WC Downtime
O3U_WCDT6Delete WC Downtime
O3U_WCDT9Well Completion Downtime report
O3U_WCDVL1create wc volumes
O3U_WCDVL2Change wc volumes
O3U_WCDVL3Display wc volumes
O3U_WCDVL6Delete wc volumes
O3U_WCDVL9Well Completion Volumes List
O3U_WL1Well Identification Create
O3U_WL11Well Id Create - call from UG
O3U_WL2Well Identification Change
O3U_WL3Well Identification Display
O3U_WL6Well Identification Display
O3U_WLH1Well completion group create
O3U_WLH2Well completion group create
O3U_WLH3Well completion group create
O3U_WLTS1Create Well Test
O3U_WLTS2Well Test Change
O3U_WLTS3Well Test display
O3U_WLTS6Well Test delete
O3U_WLTS9Well Test Report
OIUE&P Production Application Menu
OIUAR_RESPIDAccounts Receivable Resp ID
OIUAR_WOCONFIGAccounts Receivable Writeoff Config
OIUAR_WORKPLACEAccounts Receivable Workplace
OIUBField Sel. Equipment Usage List
OIUCEquipment List - CS
OIUCI_CRCheck Input Copy/Reverse
OIUDP_AUDIT_DELETEDPP: PRA Vendor Audit data delete
OIUDP_VRUEnd of Purpose Utility Report
OIUFFunctional Location List - CS
OIUGService Order List
OIUH_CI03Check Layout
OIUH_CI04Remitter/Layout Cross Reference
OIUH_CI05Check Input - Process Rules - CI05
OIUH_CI06Product/Property Translations
OIUH_DO08DOI Owner Accounting Entry code
OIUH_JE01Account Maintenance
OIUH_JE02Account Entry Control
OIUH_JE04Journal Entry Batch Control
OIUH_JE05Manual Journal Entry
OIUH_JE07General Ledger Query
OIUH_JE10Miscellaneous Subledger Query
OIUH_JE11Intercompany Subledger Query
OIUH_JE12Owner Payable Subledger Query
OIUH_JE13Legal Suspense Subledger Query
OIUH_JE14Statistical Subledger Query
OIUH_JE15Income Subledger Query
OIUH_JE16Expense Subledger Query
OIUH_JE17Tax Payable Subledger Query
OIUH_JE18Accounts Payable Subledger Query
OIUH_JE19Accounts Receivable Subledger Query
OIUH_RD02A/R Reconciliation
OIUH_RD03Owner Check
OIUH_RD04Owner 1099 Information
OIUH_RD05Owner Check Detail
OIUH_RD06Withholding Tax Rate
OIUH_RD07Ad Valorem Tax Recovery
OIUH_RD08Negative Payable/Suspence
OIUH_RD09A/R Write-off Approval
OIUH_RD10Manual Royalty Check (RD10)
OIUH_RD14Owner Interest Calculation
OIUH_SRDAResponsibility Id
OIUH_TR01Tax and Royalty Profile
OIUH_TR02Severance Tax Master File
OIUH_TR04Severance Tax Transaction
OIUH_TR06Colorado Ad Valorem
OIUH_VL10Purchaser/Remitter Cross Reference
OIUIOrder List - CS
OIUKOrder list (multi-lev.) - goods mvmt
OIULOrder list (multi-lev.)-relationship
OIUNOrder list (multi-lev.) costs/rev.
OIUN_OPMulti level, Operations, Cost/Rev
OIUOFunc.loc.list (multi-lev)-meas.point
OIUORR.P. List (Multilev.)- Ref. Meas.Pt
OIUOW01_SCH_ADOI Schedule A Report
OIUPFunc.loc.list (multi-lev)-meas.doc.
OIUQEqui.list(multi-lev)-measuring point
OIUREqui.list(multi-lev)-measuring doc.
OIUT2_PURGEPurge Interface records
OIUX1Eqmt List (Multilevel) - Maint.Item
OIUX2Eqmt List (Multilevel) - Maint.Date
OIUX3Eqmt List (Multilevel) -Maint.Pckg.
OIUX4Eqmt List (Multilevel) - Operation
OIUX5Func.Loc.List(Multilvl) -Maint. Item
OIUX6Func.Loc.List(Multilvl) -Maint. Date
OIUX7Func.Loc.List(Multilvl) -Maint. Pckg
OIUX8Func.Loc.List (Multilvl) - Operation
OIUXAMultilevel Lists - Linear Data
OIUXBMultilevel Lists - LinearCharactData
OIUXCStructure Lists - Linear Data
OIUXGMultilvl F.Loc. Netw. List: Network
OIUXHMultilvl F.Loc.Netw.List: Netw.Attr.
OIUXIMultilvl F.Loc. Netw. List: Obj.Link
OIUXJMultilvl F.Loc.Netw.List: Funct.Loc.
OIUXKMultilvl F.Loc.Netw.List: Notificat.
OIUXLMultilevel F.Loc. Netw. List: Order
OIUXMMultilvl F.Loc.Netw.List: Meas.Point
OIUXNMultilvl F.Loc.Netw. List: Meas.Doc.
OIUXOMultilevel Equi. Netw. List: Network
OIUXPMultilvl Equi.Netw. List: Netw.Attr.
OIUXQMultilevel Equi.Netw. List: Obj.Link
OIUXRMultilvl Equi. Netw. List: Equipment
OIUXSMultilvl Equi.Netw. List: Notificat.
OIUXTMultilevel Equi. Netw. List: Order
OIUXUMultilvl Equi.Netw. List: Meas.Point
OIUXVMultilvl Equi. Netw. List: Meas.Doc.
/PRA/99000012Maintain CA Global Settings
/PRA/99000013Rounding Configuration
/PRA/99000047IMG Activity
/PRA/99000064Maintain Attribute Set
/PRA/99000067Responsibility id BADI implementatio
/PRA/99000068Maintain Function Area for Resp Id
/PRA/99000136IMG Activity
/PRA/99000012Maintain CA Global Settings
/PRA/99000013Rounding Configuration
/PRA/99000047IMG Activity
/PRA/99000064Maintain Attribute Set
/PRA/99000067Responsibility id BADI implementatio
/PRA/99000068Maintain Function Area for Resp Id
/PRA/99000136IMG Activity
/PRA/ACCTDOC_CC_RVSReverse Intercompany Document
/PRA/ACCTDOC_LNK_RPTAccounting document Link report
/PRA/ACCTDOC_LOG_RPTAccounting document application log
/PRA/ACCTDOC_MANUALManual Accounting Document
/PRA/ACCT_ANLYSIS_RPAccounting Document Analysis Report
/PRA/ACCT_ANLYS_DELAccounting Temp Data Deletion
/PRA/ACCT_AWTOAutomatic Write-Off Processing
/PRA/ACCT_CRTREJAccounting Document Correct Rejects
/PRA/ACCT_CYC_CLOSEAccounting Cycle close period report
/PRA/ACCT_DATA_CLNUPAccounting Document Data Clean Up
/PRA/ACCT_DFLT_CFGMigration configuration
/PRA/ACCT_ENTRYPRA Account Entry Control UI
/PRA/ADV_DOCTax Recovery/Reimbursement Worklist
/PRA/ADV_TRANTax Recovery/Reimbursement Workplace
/PRA/AR_ACCTP_BALAR Accounting Period Balance
/PRA/AR_UPLOAD_CMMTUpload AR Comments & Categories
/PRA/AR_WOCONFIGAccounts Receivable Writeoff Config
/PRA/AR_WORKPLACEAccounts Receivable Workplace
/PRA/BADI_IMPImport BAdI in SAP Easy Access
/PRA/CA_GA_COMPONENTCombined Component
/PRA/CA_GA_LPList Processing for DN Data
/PRA/CA_GA_PORTALCA Gas Analysis Portal
/PRA/CA_GA_WP2Chemical Analysis Data
/PRA/CA_GA_WP3Delivery Network Data
/PRA/CA_MAN_UPLOADMass Uploads Report for CA Manual
/PRA/CA_SPF_UPLOADMass Upload for SPF Statement Volume
/PRA/CA_SPO_UPLOADMass Upload for CT Quantity By Sales
/PRA/CDEX_PRODXREFCDEX Comapny Product Cross Reference
/PRA/CI_ACCT_CFGMigration configuration
/PRA/CI_ARVARReceivable and Price Variance
/PRA/CI_CDEXCDEX Workplace (New)
/PRA/CI_CDEXREM_XCDEX Remitter Cross Reference (New)
/PRA/CI_COPY_REVERSECheck Input Copy/Reverse
/PRA/CI_MASSProcessing Checks in Mass
/PRA/CI_PDXRemitter DOI Cross Reference
/PRA/CI_PD_PRC_CFGMigration configuration
/PRA/CI_PPDPRA Payment Posting Desktop
/PRA/CI_PROCESSRULESCheck Input - Process Rules
/PRA/CI_PUR_REM_XREFPurchaser remitter cross refrence
/PRA/CI_REC_DEC_CFGMigration configuration
/PRA/CI_REM_LAYOUT_XRemitter/Layout Cross Reference
/PRA/CI_SUSPSuspended Line Item Messages
/PRA/CI_TRANSLATIONSProduct/Property Translations
/PRA/COAPRA Chart Of Accounts UI
/PRA/COMB_RUNCombined Run Report
/PRA/DISP_KS_OOSWOList of Out-of-Statute Write-offs
/PRA/DISP_KS_RPVARKansas Tax Variance Report
/PRA/DISP_OWN_ESCHVedor's Escheat Information
/PRA/DISP_WH_TYPEOwner Withholding Amounts
/PRA/DN_WORKPLACE_CContractual Allocation DN Workplace
/PRA/DN_WORKPLACE_PProduction DN Workplace
/PRA/DN_WORKPLACE_VValuation DN Workplace
/PRA/DOC_COMPARECompare RD results of 2 VL Documents
/PRA/DVOLOPT_BKData Volume Optimization - Booking
/PRA/DVOLOPT_REVData Volume Optimization - Reversal
/PRA/ESCH_DISP_HISTDisplay Owner Escheat History
/PRA/ESCH_HST_CLNUn-Escheat Owner
/PRA/ESCH_RECONEscheat - Summary and Detail Recon
/PRA/ESCH_WORKPLACEEscheat Workplace
/PRA/ESCR_HISTORYWyoming Escrow Owner History
/PRA/ESCR_WORKPLACEWyoming Escrow Workplace
/PRA/ESC_SFISuspended Funds Inquiry
/PRA/FF_CTR_VOLMaintain CA Additional Gas Used/Lost
/PRA/FF_CTR_VOL_UPLDONRR Field Fuel: Vol. Upload
/PRA/FF_CTXRFMaintain Override Contracts
/PRA/FF_MAINT_RVWDSMaintain Reserve Words
/PRA/FF_RESULTSADisplay Allocation Results - Actual
/PRA/FF_RESULTSEDisplay Allocation Results Entitled
/PRA/FF_UCA_MAINTField Fuel UCA Rate Maintenance
/PRA/FF_UCA_UPLDONRR Post Roadmap: UCA Upload
/PRA/FP_ADMIN_WPONRR-2014 Admin Workplace
/PRA/FP_AGREEMaintain Agreement
/PRA/FP_ARCMaintain Adj Reason Code Override
/PRA/FP_ASUMaintain Auto-Suspend
/PRA/FP_ASUEMaintain Auto-Suspend Exception
/PRA/FP_CTXRFMaintain Contract/Sales Type XRef
/PRA/FP_DISP_COM_RECCompliance Reconciliation Report
/PRA/FP_DISP_FED_BALFederal/Indian Balance Inquiry
/PRA/FP_DISP_INDXPRCDisplay Monthly Index Zone Prices
/PRA/FP_DISP_INT_CALMaintain Interest Calculations
/PRA/FP_DISP_RCP_HDMaintain Recoupable Balances
/PRA/FP_DIS_HST_CMPHistory Compare Workplace
/PRA/FP_EDTOVRMaintain Edit Code Override
/PRA/FP_ESTONRR-2014 Estimates Workplace
/PRA/FP_FIN_REC_POPFinancial Reconciliation Populate
/PRA/FP_FIN_REC_RPTFinancial Reconciliation Report
/PRA/FP_INDX_PRCMaintain Monthly Index Zone Prices
/PRA/FP_INDX_TOLMaintain Indian Indx Prc Tolerances
/PRA/FP_INT_RTMaintain Interest Rates
/PRA/FP_LEASEMaintain Lease
/PRA/FP_MANUAL_2014Manual 2014 Workplace
/PRA/FP_MASTERMaintain Master
/PRA/FP_MIGRATIONONRR-2014 Migration Workbench
/PRA/FP_OOS_WOOut-of-Statute Write-Off
/PRA/FP_OOS_WO2Out-of-Statute Write-Off
/PRA/FP_OOS_WO_RPTDisplay Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
/PRA/FP_OOS_WO_RPT2Display Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
/PRA/FP_OWN_GRPMaintain Owner Groups
/PRA/FP_PDCXRFDisplay PRA/ONRR Product Code XRef
/PRA/FP_PORTALONRR-2014 2.0 Portal
/PRA/FP_PRC_LMTPrice Limit for Product Code
/PRA/FP_PRDTADisplay PRA Details
/PRA/FP_PRDTEDisplay PRA Detail Rejects
/PRA/FP_RECON_RPTONRR 2014 Recon Report
/PRA/FP_RNT_CRDMaintain Advance Rental Credits
/PRA/FP_RPDTDisplay Report Details
/PRA/FP_RPDTEDisplay Report Detail Rejects
/PRA/FP_S6RTOVRMaintain Section 6 rate override
/PRA/FP_SBGRFCMONONRR-2014 Queue Monitor
/PRA/FP_SOLMaintain Statute of Limitations
/PRA/FP_SOLEMaintain SOL Exceptions
/PRA/FP_SRCMaintain Suspense Reason Codes
/PRA/FP_TRAN_PROTransportation Processing
/PRA/FP_UPDATE_PRICEUpload Monthly Index Zone Prices
/PRA/FP_UPD_ESTUpload Initial Estimates
/PRA/FP_UPD_HST_CMPLoad History Compare
/PRA/FP_UPD_INT_ESTUpload Initial Interest Estimates
/PRA/FP_UPD_RPDT_HSTReport Detail History Maintenance
/PRA/FP_UPL_LSE_AGRUpload Lease and Agreement X-refs
/PRA/FP_UPL_RECOUPUpload Initial Recoupments
/PRA/FP_VAR_RPT_MOONRR-2014 Variance by Report Month
/PRA/FP_VAR_SAL_MOONRR-2014 Variance by Sales Month
/PRA/FT_OWNER_BALOwner Balance Enquiry
/PRA/GT_ASUMaintain Auto Suspension Master
/PRA/GT_ASUEMaintain ASU Exception Master
/PRA/GT_DISP_OOSWOList Out-of-Statute Write-Off
/PRA/GT_DISP_RPTVARTax Variance Report
/PRA/GT_DISP_TAXHSTUp-to-Date Reported Transactions
/PRA/GT_DISP_TAXTXNDisplay Tax Transaction
/PRA/GT_ENTITYMaintain Agency Entity Master
/PRA/GT_MASTERMaintain Master Data
/PRA/GT_MIG_TAXHSTTax 2.0 Gen - History Migration
/PRA/GT_OOS_WOOut-of-Statute Write-Off Maintenance
/PRA/GT_SOLMaintain SOL Master
/PRA/GT_SOLEMaintain SOL Exception Master
/PRA/GT_TAXIDMaintain Other Party TaxID Xref
/PRA/GT_UPD_TAXHSTUpdate Generic Tax History
/PRA/GT_UPD_TAXTXNUser Tax Transactions
/PRA/JEPURGE_OFFJE Offset Purge for Fedl/Indian OPSL
/PRA/KS_ASUMaintain Auto-Suspension Data
/PRA/KS_ASU1Kansas Auto Suspend
/PRA/KS_ASUEMaintain Auto-Suspension Exception
/PRA/KS_LEASEMaintain Kansas Lease Data
/PRA/KS_LEASE_UP_DWNTax 2.0 : Kansas Lease Up/Dwn
/PRA/KS_MASTERMaintain Kansas Master Data
/PRA/KS_MASTER_UPDWNTax 2.0 : Kansas Master Up/Dwn
/PRA/KS_MIGRATIONKansas Tax Migration Workbench
/PRA/KS_OOS_WOOut-of-Statute Write-Off Maintenance
/PRA/KS_SOLMaintain Statute-of-Limitations Data
/PRA/KS_SOLEMaintain SOL Exceptions
/PRA/KS_SOLE1Kansas Statute of limitation excepti
/PRA/KS_TAXHSTUp-to-Date Reported Transactions
/PRA/KS_TAXHT_UPDATEUpdate Kansas Tax History
/PRA/KS_TAXRTTax 2.0 : Kansas Tax Rate Maintenanc
/PRA/KS_TAXTXNKansasTax Transactions Display
/PRA/KS_TAXTXN_UPLDTax 2.0 Kansas Tax trans Upload
/PRA/KS_TXCL_XFRTax Class Xref
/PRA/LOCK_MAINTPRA RAD Post Block Maintenance
/PRA/LS_QUEUE_MONLegal Suspense Queue Monitor
/PRA/LS_RECON_RPTPayment Processing Recon Report
/PRA/MASS_MIG_VL_DOCMass Migration of VL Documents
/PRA/MASS_PDXTransaction code for Mass PDX upload
/PRA/MIGRATIONProcess 2.0 - Migration Workbench
/PRA/MIG_ACCTMig Company and accounts
/PRA/MIG_ARAR Migration Input
/PRA/MIG_BABA Migration
/PRA/MIG_BADI_RADPopulate New Fields in RAD
/PRA/MIG_CFGMigration configuration
/PRA/MIG_ESCH_CCEscheat - Migration of Company data
/PRA/MIG_FP_BTMigrate ONRR Batches to RAD
/PRA/MIG_JE_RADJE Migration Input
/PRA/MIG_JE_RAD_STSJE to RAD migration status
/PRA/MIG_JE_TO_RADJournal Entry to Revenue Accounting
/PRA/MIG_PP_LS_FPMigrate check je to rad
/PRA/MIG_PP_SPT_FDWHMigrate Fed WH Owner Interest Type
/PRA/MIG_R3_PRDTRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO PRDT Migration
/PRA/MIG_R3_ROYHSTRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO Hist Migration
/PRA/MIG_R3_ROYSTGRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO STG Migration
/PRA/MIG_R3_ROYTXNRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO TXN Migration
/PRA/MIG_R6_PRDTRoyalty 2.0 - WY PRDT Migration
/PRA/MIG_R6_ROYHSTRoyalty 2.0 - WY History Migration
/PRA/MIG_R6_ROYSTGRoyalty 2.0 - WY STG Migration
/PRA/MIG_R6_ROYTXNRoyalty 2.0 - WY TXN Migration
/PRA/MIG_RDRevenue Distribution document migrat
/PRA/MIG_RECON_JERADJE to RAD Document Level Recon Rpt
/PRA/MIG_TPTP Migration Input
/PRA/ND_ASUNorth Dakota Auto Suspend Data
/PRA/ND_ASUEMaintain Auto-Suspend Exception
/PRA/ND_CUSTAXIDTax 2.0 Customer Taxpayer Id
/PRA/ND_DISP_OOSWOTax 2.0 North Dakota Out Of Statute
/PRA/ND_DISP_VARTax 2.0 : ND Tax Variance Report
/PRA/ND_MASTERNorth Dakota Master data
/PRA/ND_MASTER_UPDWNTax 2.0 ND MAster Upload & Download
/PRA/ND_MIGRATIONND Tax Migration Workbench
/PRA/ND_OOS_WRITE_OFTax 2.0 ND Out Of Statute Write Off
/PRA/ND_SOLMaintain Statute-of-Limitations Data
/PRA/ND_TAXHSTTax 2.0 ND Up-To-Date Rp Transaction
/PRA/ND_TAXHT_UPDATEUpdate North Dakota Tax History
/PRA/ND_TAXTXN_DISPLTax 2.0 North Dakota Tax Transaction
/PRA/ND_VEN_POOL_XRFTax 2.0 : ND venture pool code xref
/PRA/NIMB_WORKPLACENetwork Imbalance Workplace
/PRA/OFSOwner Fact Sheet
/PRA/OM_DOCUMENTMarketing Free Maintenance
/PRA/OM_EXECUTEMarketing Free Maint. execute
/PRA/OUTBOUND_CDEXOutbound CDEX Processing
/PRA/PN_DNL_PCTLDN Launcher Process Control Settings
/PRA/PN_DNL_QCTLDN Launcher Queue Control Settings
/PRA/PN_MANUALManual PPN Event Creation
/PRA/PPN_WORKPLACE_CContractual Allocation PPN Workplace
/PRA/PPN_WORKPLACE_MMigration PPN Workplace
/PRA/PPN_WORKPLACE_PProduction PPN Workplace
/PRA/PPN_WORKPLACE_VValuation PPN Workplace
/PRA/PP_ADMIN_WPPayment Processing Admin Workplace
/PRA/PP_ANALYSISPayment Posting Analysis Report
/PRA/PP_BANK_TAPEBank tape output file Creation
/PRA/PP_CHECK_CLEARCheck clear using the Bank sent File
/PRA/PP_DISB_DECDisbursement Decimal - Check Detail
/PRA/PP_DISP_CHK_DTLCheck Detail Inquiry
/PRA/PP_DISP_OWN_BALOwner Balance Inquiry
/PRA/PP_MIN_PAYMaintain Minimum Pay (Regions)
/PRA/PP_MKT_OVRMaintain Marketing Type Override
/PRA/PP_NRC_VDMaintain Recoupment Groups
/PRA/PP_OUTPUT_FILEOutput file creation
/PRA/PP_OUT_FILEOutput File Creation: DMEE
/PRA/PP_PORTALPayment Processing 2.0 Portal
/PRA/PP_QUEUE_MONPayment Processing Queue Monitor
/PRA/PP_RECON_RPTPayment Processing Recon Report
/PRA/PP_REFUND_WH_TXRefund Withholding Tax
/PRA/PP_RUN_ANALYSISTrial Check Run Analysis
/PRA/PP_SBGRFCMONPayment Processing Queue Monitor
/PRA/PP_TAX_OVRMaintain Tax Type Override
/PRA/PP_VAR_SETMaintain Variance Parameter Sets
/PRA/PP_WH_RTMaintain Withholding Rates
/PRA/PP_WORKPLACEPayment Processing Workplace
/PRA/PRA_FI_BALANCEPRA and FI balance transaction
/PRA/PROC_SELMaintain Process Selection
/PRA/QUEUE_MONPayment Processing Queue Monitor
/PRA/R3_DISP_BAL_RPTTexas GLO/TAMU Balancing Report
/PRA/R3_DISP_OOSWOList of TX Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
/PRA/R3_DISP_ROYHSTDisplay TX GLO/TAMU Royalty Trans
/PRA/R3_DISP_ROYTXNDisplay TX GLO/TAMU Royalty Trans
/PRA/R3_MASTERRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU Master Dat
/PRA/R3_OWNOVRMaintain TX GLO/TAMU Own Lvl Rpt Ovr
/PRA/R3_OWNXRFRoyalty 2.0 - Texas GLO/TAMU - BA XR
/PRA/R3_PAY_RECONTexas GLO/TAMU Payables Recon
/PRA/R3_RRCRoyalty 2.0 - Texas GLO/TAMU RRC Mas
/PRA/R3_UPD_OOS_WOTexas Out Of Statute Write Offs
/PRA/R3_UPD_ROYHSTUpdate TX GLO/TAMU Royalty History
/PRA/R3_UPD_ROYTXNMaintain Texas GLO User Roy Trans
/PRA/R6_DISP_BAL_RPTWyoming Royalty Balancing Report
/PRA/R6_DISP_OOSWOList of WY Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
/PRA/R6_DISP_ROYHSTUp-to-Date Reported Wyoming Trans
/PRA/R6_DISP_ROYTXNDisplay Wyoming Royalty Transactions
/PRA/R6_MASTERRoyalty 2.0 - Wyoming Master
/PRA/R6_PAY_RECONWyoming Royalty Payables Recon
/PRA/R6_UPD_OOS_WOWyoming Out-of-Statute Write-Off
/PRA/R6_UPD_ROYHSTUpdate Wyoming Royalty History
/PRA/R6_UPD_ROYTXNMaintain Wyoming User Roy Trans
/PRA/RAD_REC_EXCEPRAD Recon Exception Report
/PRA/RD_CRUN_COMPAREcombined run compare
/PRA/RD_RPT_BGRD Bearer Group Report
/PRA/RD_RPT_COTRD Chain-of-Title Report
/PRA/RD_RPT_DEFRD DeferredAmts & Differences Report
/PRA/RKS_P2_OOSWOProcess 2.0 KS Out-Of_Statue WO
/PRA/RKS_P2_OOS_WOProcess 2.0 KS Out-Of_Statue WO Main
/PRA/RND_P2_OOSWOProcess 2.0 ND Out-Of_Statue WO
/PRA/RND_P2_OOS_WOND Out-of-Statute Write-Off
/PRA/RP_DISP_PROFDisplay Reporting Profile
/PRA/RP_PORTALTax & Royalty Reporting Portal
/PRA/RP_PROFMaintain Report Profiles
/PRA/RP_ROYOWNRoyalty 2.0 - BA & Rpt ID XReference
/PRA/RP_WORKPLACETax & Royalty Reporting Workplace
/PRA/RSPTransaction for Responsibility Area
/PRA/RSPFHFunc. Area - Hier. ID XREF
/PRA/RSPHRTransaction for Hierarchy Maint.
/PRA/RSPLPResponsibility Area List Processing
/PRA/RSPUGTransaction for User Group Maintence
/PRA/RSP_UPLD_ATTMass Upload Attribute Structure
/PRA/RSP_UPLD_ATT2Mass Upload Attribute Structure
/PRA/RSP_UPLD_DNMass Upload DN Structure
/PRA/RSP_UPLD_HIERMass Upload Hierarchy Structure
/PRA/RSP_UPLD_LEASEMass Upload Lease Structure
/PRA/RSP_UPLD_MPMass Upload MP Structure
/PRA/RSP_UPLD_TPMass Upload TP Structure
/PRA/RSP_UPLD_USERMass Upload User Structure
/PRA/RSP_UPLD_VDMPMass Upload VDMP Structure
/PRA/RT3_P2_OOSWOProcess 2.0 TX Out-Of_Statue WO
/PRA/RT5_P2_OOSWOProcess 2.0 OK Out-Of_Statue WO
/PRA/RT6_P2_OOSWOProcess 2.0 WY Out-Of_Statue WO
/PRA/RT8_P2_OOSWOProcess 2.0 NM Out-Of_Statue WO
/PRA/RT9_P2_OOSWOProcess 2.0 LA Out-Of_Statue WO
/PRA/RTA_P2_IOOSWOProcess 2.0 CO (21PD) Write-Off
/PRA/RTA_P2_IOOS_WOCO (21PD) Out-of-Statute Write-Off
/PRA/RTA_P2_OOSWOProcess 2.0 CO Out-Of_Statue WO
/PRA/RTA_P2_OOS_WOCO Out-of-Statute Write-Off
/PRA/R_PN_JE_DTL_RPTValuation Document JE Detail Report
/PRA/R_PN_VL_POST_STVL Posting Statistics
/PRA/R_PN_VOL_PPNVolumetric Prior Period Notification
/PRA/R_VL_SD_STITCHSD Date Continuity Merge Utility
/PRA/R_WH_REP_THMaintain Min Threshold for Reporting
/PRA/SS0Settlement Statement
/PRA/T3_OOS_WOProcess 2.0 Out-of-Statute Write-Off
/PRA/T3_TAXIDProcess 2.0 Texas Tax Id Xref
/PRA/T515_OOS_WOOut-of-Statute Write-Off Maintenance
/PRA/T5_OOS_WOOut-of-Statute Write-Off Maintenance
/PRA/T5_TAXIDProcess 2.0 OK Tax Id Xref
/PRA/T6_OPIDProcess 2.0 WY Tax Id Xref
/PRA/T6_WYC_OOS_WOWY Consv Out-of-Statute Write-Off
/PRA/T6_WYS_OOS_WOWY Sev Out-of-Statute Write-Off
/PRA/T7_MIG_4X11HSTWYGP 2.0 - Migrate 4x11hst t-code
/PRA/T8_OOS_WONew Mexico Out-of-Statute Write-Off
/PRA/T9_ASUMaintain Louisiana Auto-Suspend
/PRA/T9_ASUEMaintain LA Auto-Suspend Exception
/PRA/T9_DIS_OGP_COMPOGP Compare Report
/PRA/T9_DIS_OOSWODisplay LA Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
/PRA/T9_DIS_RPGDTEDisplay Louisiana Gas Report Details
/PRA/T9_DIS_RPODTDDisplay Louisiana Oil Report Details
/PRA/T9_DIS_RPT_VARLouisiana Tax Variance Report
/PRA/T9_DIS_TAXHSTDisplay LA Up-to-Date Reported Trans
/PRA/T9_DIS_TAXTXNLouisiana Tax Transactions
/PRA/T9_ISMASTERMaintain Incentive Master
/PRA/T9_LEASEMaintain Louisiana Lease
/PRA/T9_MASTERMaintain Louisiana Master
/PRA/T9_MIGRATIONTax 2.0 LA - Migration Workbench
/PRA/T9_OOSWOLA Out-of-Statute Write-Off Maint
/PRA/T9_P2_OOSWOLA Out-of-Statute Write-Off Maint
/PRA/T9_PTCXRFEdit LA Producer / Transporter XRef
/PRA/T9_SOLMaintain LA Statute-of-Limitation
/PRA/T9_SOLEMaintain Louisiana SOL Exception
/PRA/T9_UPD_TAXHSTLouisiana Tax History Transactions
/PRA/T9_UPD_TAXTXNLouisiana User Tax Transactions
/PRA/TAOTax Allocation Override
/PRA/TA_ASUMaintain Colorado Auto-Suspend
/PRA/TA_ASUEMaintain CO Auto-Suspend Exception
/PRA/TA_DIS_IOOSWOShow 21PD Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
/PRA/TA_DIS_ITAXHSTDisplay CO Up-to-Date Reported Trans
/PRA/TA_DIS_ITAXTXNColorado Tax Transactions
/PRA/TA_DIS_OOSWODisplay CO Out-of-Statute Write-Offs
/PRA/TA_DIS_RPT_VARColorado Tax Variance Report
/PRA/TA_DIS_TAXTXNColorado Tax Transactions
/PRA/TA_IASUMaintain CO 21PD Auto-Suspend
/PRA/TA_IASUEMaintain CO 21PD Auto-Susp Exception
/PRA/TA_IMIGRATIONTax 2.0 CO Sev - Migration Workbench
/PRA/TA_IOOSWOCO 21PD Out-of-Statute W/O Maint
/PRA/TA_ISOLMaintain CO 21PD Statute-of-Limit.
/PRA/TA_ISOLEMaintain CO 21PD Statute-of-Limit Ex
/PRA/TA_LEVYMaintain Colorado Levy Rate
/PRA/TA_MIGRATIONTax 2.0 CO - Migration Workbench
/PRA/TA_OOSWOCO Out-of-Statute Write-Off Maint
/PRA/TA_OPERXREFMaintain CO Oper. to OGCC Payor Xref
/PRA/TA_SOLMaintain CO Statute-of-Limitation
/PRA/TA_SOLEMaintain Colorado SOL Exception
/PRA/TA_UPD_ITAXHSTCO 21PD Tax History Transactions
/PRA/TA_UPD_ITAXTXNColorado 21PD User Tax Transactions
/PRA/TA_UPD_TAXHSTColorado Tax History Transactions
/PRA/TEMP_DIS_SHCDisplay Special Handling Codes
/PRA/TEMP_PP_OWNMaintain Owner Info
/PRA/TP_CNTRL_RPTTP Control Report
/PRA/TP_SUMMRYTaxes Payable Summary
/PRA/TP_WO_SETUPTaxes Payable Write Off Setup
/PRA/VL_DA_LOGDual Accounting Audit log
/PRA/VL_FRML_CALCFormula Calculation
/PRA/VL_SD_TEMPLATESettlement Diversity Template Mgr
/PRA/VL_SD_WORKPL_MMigration SD Workplace
/PRA/WH_ADMINAnnual Reporting Admin Workplace
/PRA/WH_BL_ENQWithholding Inquiry
/PRA/WH_EN_TYP_REPMaintain Reportable Entity Types
/PRA/WH_MANUAL_DATAManual Data Entry
/PRA/WH_OWN_GRPOwner Group
/PRA/WH_PORTALAnnual Reporting Portal
/PRA/WH_PROC_SELAnnual Reporting Process Selection
/PRA/WH_RECON_RPTReconciliation Report
/PRA/WH_SBGRFCMONReporting Processing Queue Monitor
/PRA/WH_STR_WELLStripper Well Inquiry
/PRA/WH_WORKPLACEAnnual Reporting Workplace
/PRA/WORKPLACEProcess 2.1 Workplace