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Table NameShort Description
OIUAR_BAL_CATAccounts Receivable Balance Categorization
OIUAR_BAL_TRFRAccounts Receivable Balance Transfer
OIUAR_COMMENTAccounts Receivable Comments
OIUAR_REC_BALAccounts Receivable Balance
OIUAR_REC_BAL_HAccounts Receivable Balance History
OIUAR_RESPIDAccounts Receivable Responsibility ID
OIUAR_S_CMT_UPLOADStructure for AR Comments Upload
OIUAR_S_RESPIDStructure for Accounts Receivable Responsibility ID
OIUAR_S_WOCONFIGStructure for Accounts Receivable Writeoff Configuration
OIUAR_WO_CONFIGAccounts Receivable Writeoff Configuration
OIUBL01_ADJBalancing Adjustments
OIUBL01_ADJHBalancing Adjustments History
OIUBL01_COMMENTProduct balancing comments
OIUBL01_CONFIGBalancing Configuration
OIUBL01_DOHOwnership History Flags
OIUBL01_PBAProduct Balancing Agreement
OIUBL01_PBASTProduction Balancing Agreement (PBA) Status
OIUBL01_PBAXREFPBA to Well Completion/Measurement Point Cross-ref
OIUBL01_PBA_GRPBalancing - PBA Group
OIUBL01_PBA_GRPTBalancing - PBA Group Text
OIUBL01_PRD_GRPBallancing Product Group
OIUBL01_PRD_GRPDBallancing Product Group Detail - Product code Xref
OIUBL01_PRD_GRPTBallancing Product Group
OIUBL01_RPTPABalancing Permanent Report Adjustments
OIUBL01_RPTPDBalancing Permanent Report Detail
OIUBL01_RPTPHBalancing Permanent Report Header
OIUBL01_SFORMSValid PDF/Smartforms for Balancing Statements
OIUBL01_SFORMSTXValid Smartforms for Balancing Statements
OIUBL_IMBMPMeasurement Point Imbalance
OIUBL_IMBWCWell Completion Imbalance
OIUBL_PBAMPCross reference for measurement point and PBA
OIUBL_PBAWCCross Reference for Well Completion and PBA
OIUCA_CTMPPRA: Transporter Contract Measurement Point XRef
OIUCA_CTWCPRA: Transporter Contract Well Completion XRef
OIUCA_ENT_VTCA Allocation Entitlement Volume Types
OIUCA_MATSUMMaterial Summary for Gas Plant Component Allocation
OIUCA_MAT_VOL_STRUCTCA batch material volume structure
OIUCA_OSPTermination Point Component Options for Selective Process.
OIUCA_PRPDStores the percent returned to lease detail data
OIUCA_PRPHStores the Percent Returned to Producer Header Data
OIUCA_PSPPlant Component Options for Selective Processing
OIUCA_RES_OWN_ERROROZBZ311 owner level error return structure
OIUCA_RES_RLF_OWNERCA batch FPF residue allocation owner level structure
OIUCA_SPFCMSPF NGL Component Allocation Basis
OIUCA_SPF_CMESPF Wet Gas Equivalent
OIUCA_SSCPSliding scale component data for each level maintained
OIUCA_SSDIMPossible dimensions for sliding scale methods
OIUCA_SSDIMMATSliding Scale Methods - Dimension / Materials
OIUCA_SSDIM_TXTexts for sliding scale dimensions
OIUCA_SSMETHSliding scale method codes
OIUCA_SSMETH_LVLSliding scale method code and associated dimensions
OIUCA_SSMETH_TXTexts for sliding scale method code
OIUCA_SSPDSliding Scale Detail
OIUCA_SSPHSliding Scale Percent Header
OIUCA_SSPMSliding scale pct material data for each level maintained
OIUCA_TERM_PTCA Batch termination point structure
OIUCA_TIKPCNetwork Take-In-Kind Percent by Material
OIUCA_TIKPC_TNetwork Take-In-Kind Percent by Material Temp Table
OIUCA_TP_MATNRTerm Pts and Materials that have inventory and production
OIUCA_TP_SP_XREFTermination Point to Sales Point Cross Reference Structure
OIUCF1E&P append for Formula
OIUCI_DETAILIncoming Check's Detail Line information
OIUCI_DOCSIncoming Checks - Generated/Booked Documents
OIUCI_DOC_CIREJContains VL/RD rejects to be reported to Check Input
OIUCI_FIELDATTRCheck fields attributes
OIUCI_HEADERIncoming Check Header information
OIUCI_JEIncoming Check Journalized. Temporary hold
OIUCI_MESGContains warning, error message pertaining to a Line item(s)
OIUCI_NOTESNotes for Suspended Line item of Incoming Check
OIUCI_PDXPurchaser DOI Cross Reference
OIUCI_PDXLOCKIncoming Check Usage of Property/DOI xref master data
OIUCI_PTLOCKIncoming Check Usage of Property/Product translation data
OIUCI_RULESLOCKIncoming Check Usage of Process Rules
OIUCI_SPC_DISTPurchaser DOI Cross Reference
OIUCM_ACTG_OFSTAccounting Offset
OIUCM_ADDR_GROUPValid Address Groups
OIUCM_ADDR_TYPEAddress Type Control Table
OIUCM_ADDR_TYPETAddress Type Description
OIUCM_BAStructure for BA transaction
OIUCM_BADRBusiness Associate Additional Addresses (Addr Grp = OIU1)
OIUCM_BA_LINKBusiness Associate -> SAP Master Link
OIUCM_BA_TYPEBusiness Associate Types
OIUCM_BA_TYPE_TXBusiness Associate Type Description
OIUCM_CMPNTCommon table for cross-referencing product codes and compo
OIUCM_COMB_PD_CDCombined Product Code
OIUCM_COMB_PD_TXCombined Product Code Text
OIUCM_CSCCycle Segment Configuration
OIUCM_CUST_KTOKDValid Customer Account Groups for Business Associates
OIUCM_LV_CATEGlist viewer - category table
OIUCM_LV_CATEGTjob viewer - table for category description
OIUCM_LV_DDTEXTList viewer - table for the dd description
OIUCM_LV_DETAILlist viewer - jil detail table
OIUCM_LV_GROUPTList Viewer Group Definition
OIUCM_LV_JILSlist viewer - jil table
OIUCM_LV_JILTJIL information - Header for File Viewer and Job Scheduler
OIUCM_LV_MAINGRPlist viewer - group table
OIUCM_LV_SUBGRPlist viewer - subgroup table
OIUCM_LV_SUBGRPTList viewer- description of the subgroup
OIUCM_OLSE_VTDSTSource and Corresponding Destination Volume Types
OIUCM_PID_CONFIGOverride PID Configuration
OIUCM_PID_TXNTransactions With Override PID Enabled
OIUCM_PU_OVRDPurchaser Override
OIUCM_SERVER_GRPServer Group Assignment
OIUCM_SN_NR_CONFNumber Range Interval Assignments To PRA Tables
OIUCM_SN_NR_TText Descriptions for OIU_CM_SN_NR tables
OIUCM_T8JOPRA Partner Table from JV
OIUCM_T8JVE&&P Joint Venture Master Data
OIUCM_T8JVPRA Joint Venture Master Data
OIUCM_T8JVTE&P Joint Venture Bezeichnung
OIUCM_T8JVTPRA Joint Venture Description
OIUCM_TAB_MAINTCPRA Generic Table Maintenance - Non Key Field Control Tab
OIUCM_TAB_MAINTMPRA Generic Table Maintenance - Module Control
OIUCM_TAB_MAINTSPRA Generic Table Maintenance - Non Key Field Control Tab
OIUCM_VEND_KTOKKValid Vendor Account Groups for Business Associates
OIUCP_CMCD_TBStructure for Contract Marketing Cost Detail
OIUCW_BANKBank Details
OIUCW_BA_WH_EXMPBusiness Associates exempt from State Withholding
OIUCW_CHECKLOTCheck Lot Details for Payments
OIUCW_EN_WH_EXMPEntity level Exemption for State Withholding
OIUCW_EXTDExtended Details from Payment Run
OIUCW_LOTCONTROLCheck Lot Control Master
OIUCW_LOTDESCCheck Lot Control - Description
OIUCW_NRIT_WHStates with Withholding requirement
OIUCW_OWNER_SEQOwner/Sequence List for Payment Runs
OIUCW_PAYMENTPayment Details from Payment Run
OIUCW_PROP_DOIProperty/DOI List for Payment Run
OIUCW_REJECTSPayments Not Made in the Run
OIUCW_RUN_PARMSUser Input Parameters for the Payment Run
OIUDP_T_VWULData Protection and privacy - Vendor Where-Used List
OIUE1_BATCH_TYPELSSL Summary - Batch Types Which Require Higher Level Lock
OIUE1_LSSL_SUMLegal Suspense Summary
OIUE2_ARESCRADDRProc 2.0 - AR Escrow - Addresses
OIUE2_ARESCR_CKRProc 2.0 - AR Escrow - Check Run Info
OIUE2_ARESCR_DTLProc 2.0 - AR Escrow - Owner Details
OIUE2_ARESCR_GCXProc 2.0 - AR Escrow - Process Group / Company XRef
OIUE2_ARESCR_PDTProc 2.0 - AR Escrow - Report Property Details
OIUE2_ARESCR_SUMProc 2.0 - AR Escrow - Report Summary
OIUE2_ARESCR_SUSProc 2.0 - AR Escrow - Included Suspense Reason Codes
OIUE2_CFGProc 2.0 - Process Config
OIUE2_CFGTProc 2.0 - Process Config Texts
OIUE2_COUNC_XREFState and Comptroller County code cross refrence
OIUE2_CW_REJECTSProc 2.0 - Check Write Rejects
OIUE2_ESCH_ADDRProc 2.0 - Escheat - Addresses
OIUE2_ESCH_ADDR_TCProc 2.0 - UI struc to display Escheat Comp Cd & Addr Xref
OIUE2_ESCH_BAProc 2.0 - Escheat - BA
OIUE2_ESCH_CFGProc 2.0 - Escheat - Minimum Age Configuration
OIUE2_ESCH_DTLProc 2.0 - Escheat - Owner Details
OIUE2_ESCH_DTLHProc 2.0 - Escheat - Owner Detail History
OIUE2_ESCH_GRPSXProc 2.0 - Escheat - Process Group / State XRef
OIUE2_ESCH_HOLDProc 2.0 - Escheat - ASCII - Holder Record
OIUE2_ESCH_MDDProc 2.0 - Escheat - Mass Due Diligence Print Info
OIUE2_ESCH_PGCCXProc 2.0 - Escheat Process Group Company Code XREF
OIUE2_ESCH_RPDTHProc 2.0 - Escheat - Report Detail - Holder
OIUE2_ESCH_RPDTPProc 2.0 - Escheat - Report Detail - Property
OIUE2_ESCH_RPDTSProc 2.0 - Escheat - Report Detail - Summary
OIUE2_ESCH_SFProc 2.0 - Escheat - State Smart Form Config
OIUE2_ESCH_STATEProc 2.0 - Escheat - State Configuration
OIUE2_ESCH_SUMProc 2.0 - Escheat - Owner Summary
OIUE2_ESCH_SUMHProc 2.0 - Escheat - Owner Summary History
OIUE2_ESCH_SUSProc 2.0 - Escheat - Excluded Suspense Reason Codes
OIUE2_ESCROWADDRProc 2.0 - WY Escrow - Addresses
OIUE2_ESCROW_CRProc 2.0 - WY Escrow - Check Run Info
OIUE2_ESCROW_DTLProc 2.0 - WY Escrow - Owner Details
OIUE2_ESCROW_SUSProc 2.0 - WY Escrow - Excluded Suspense Reason Codes
OIUE2_ESCR_GRPCXProc 2.0 - WY Escrow - Process Group / Company XRef
OIUE2_JEINTFProc 2.0 - JE Interface Table
OIUE2_PROCProc 2.0 - Processes
OIUE2_PROCTProc 2.0 - Process Texts
OIUE2_PROC_ENABProc 2.0 - Process Enabled?
OIUE2_PROC_GRPProc 2.0 - Process Groups
OIUE2_PROC_GRPTProc 2.0 - Process Group Texts
OIUE2_PROC_STEPProc 2.0 - Process Steps
OIUE2_PROC_STEPTProc 2.0 - Process Step Texts
OIUE2_PROC_TYPEProc 2.0 - Process Types
OIUE2_PROC_TYPETProc 2.0 - Process Type Texts
OIUE2_RUN_DTLProc 2.0 - Run Detail
OIUE2_RUN_HDRProc 2.0 - Run Header
OIUE2_RUN_JEProc 2.0 - Process Run JE Batch Info
OIUE2_RV_CHDProc 2.0 - Check Details
OIUE2_RV_CRProc 2.0 - Check Register
OIUE2_STEPX_STProc 2.0 - Step Prerequisite Status
OIUE2_TYPE_TABProc 2.0 - Process Type Tabs
OIUE2_TYPE_TABTProc 2.0 - Process Type Tab Texts
OIUF3Include-Struktur für Notierungsgruppe, Positionen
OIUF3Include structure for quotation group items
OIUF6Group items
OIUF6_DEFAULTGroup items
OIUFRE&P-Struktur für Detailanalyse/Detail für Gruppen
OIUFRE&P structure for second level analysis / detail for groups
OIUGRY_ENTITYGen Rep - Agency Entity (PPN)
OIUGRY_MASTER_DTGen Rep - Master Detail (PPN)
OIUGR_ASUE_DTGen Roy 2.0 – Auto Suspend Exception Detail
OIUGR_ASUE_HDGen Roy 2.0 – Auto Suspend Exception Header
OIUGR_ASU_DTGen Roy 2.0 – Auto Suspend Detail
OIUGR_ASU_HDGen Roy 2.0 – Auto Suspend Header
OIUGR_ENTITYGen Rep - Agency Entity
OIUGR_ENTITY_CONGen Rep - Agency Entity Link Config
OIUGR_MASTER_CONGen Rep - Master Link Config
OIUGR_MASTER_DTGen Rep - Master Detail
OIUGR_MASTER_HDGen Rep - Master Header
OIUGR_MIG_CTRLGen Rep - Migration Control
OIUGR_MIG_SA_DTGen Rep - Migration Loaded Sales Dates
OIUGR_OOSHSTGen Roy 2.0 - Out-of-Statute History
OIUGR_OOSHST_DDGen Roy 2.0 - Out-of-Statute History Deductions
OIUGR_OOSHST_MKGen Roy 2.0 - Out-of-Statute History Marketing
OIUGR_OOSHST_TXGen Roy 2.0 - Out-of-Statute History Taxes
OIUGR_OOSTXNGen Roy 2.0 - Out-of-Statute Transactions
OIUGR_OOSTXN_DDGen Roy 2.0 - Out-of-Statute Transactions Deductions
OIUGR_OOSTXN_MKGen Roy 2.0 - Out-of-Statute Transactions Marketing
OIUGR_OOSTXN_TXGen Roy 2.0 - Out-of-Statute Transactions Taxes
OIUGR_OOSWOGen Roy 2.0 - Out Of Statute Write Off
OIUGR_OWNXRFGen Rep - Owner XRef
OIUGR_PDCGen Rep - Agency Product Code
OIUGR_PDCTGen Rep - Agency Product Code Description
OIUGR_PDCXRFGen Rep - PRA Product Code / Agency Product Code Xref
OIUGR_PRDTGen Rep - PRA Detail Transaction
OIUGR_PRDTAGen Rep - Royalty Transaction (Allocated)
OIUGR_PRDTA_DDGen Rep - PRA Detail Transaction Deductions (Allocated)
OIUGR_PRDTA_MKGen Rep - PRA Detail Transaction Marketing (Allocated)
OIUGR_PRDTA_TXGen Rep - PRA Detail Transaction Taxes (Allocated)
OIUGR_PRDT_CAGen Rep - PRA Detail CA Data
OIUGR_PRDT_DDGen Rep - PRA Detail Transaction Deductions
OIUGR_PRDT_MKGen Rep - PRA Detail Transaction Marketing
OIUGR_PRDT_PRGen Rep - PRA Details PR Data
OIUGR_PRDT_TXGen Rep - PRA Detail Transaction Taxes
OIUGR_PRDT_WCGen Rep - PRA Detail Derived Wells
OIUGR_PROC_IDGen Rep - Reporting Processes
OIUGR_REJ_CDGen Rep - Reject Codes
OIUGR_REJ_CDTGen Rep - Reject Code Descriptions
OIUGR_REVSTGGen Rep - Royalty Reversal Transaction Staging
OIUGR_REVTXNGen Rep - Royalty Reversal Transaction
OIUGR_ROYHSTGen Rep - Royalty Transaction History
OIUGR_ROYHSTAGen Rep - Royalty Transaction History (Allocated)
OIUGR_ROYHSTA_DDGen Rep - Royalty Transaction History Deductions (Allocated)
OIUGR_ROYHSTA_MKGen Rep - Royalty Transaction History Marketing (Allocated)
OIUGR_ROYHSTA_TXGen Rep - Royalty Transaction History Taxes (Allocated)
OIUGR_ROYHST_CAGen Rep - Royalty History CA Data
OIUGR_ROYHST_DDGen Rep - Royalty Transaction History Deductions
OIUGR_ROYHST_MKGen Rep - Royalty Transaction History Marketing
OIUGR_ROYHST_PRGen Rep - Royalty History PR Data
OIUGR_ROYHST_TXGen Rep - Royalty Transaction History Taxes
OIUGR_ROYHST_WCGen Rep - Royalty History Derived Wells
OIUGR_ROYSTGGen Rep - Royalty Transaction (Staging)
OIUGR_ROYSTG_CAGen Rep - Royalty Transaction CA Data (Staging)
OIUGR_ROYSTG_DDGen Rep - Royalty Transaction Deductions Staging
OIUGR_ROYSTG_MKGen Rep - Royalty Transaction Marketing Staging
OIUGR_ROYSTG_PRGen Rep - Royalty Transaction PR Data (Staging)
OIUGR_ROYSTG_TXGen Rep - Royalty Transaction Taxes Staging
OIUGR_ROYSTG_WCGen Rep - Royalty Transaction Derived Wells (Staging)
OIUGR_ROYTXNGen Rep - Royalty Transaction
OIUGR_ROYTXNAGen Rep - Royalty Transaction (Allocated)
OIUGR_ROYTXNA_DDGen Rep - Royalty Transaction Deductions (Allocated)
OIUGR_ROYTXNA_MKGen Rep - Royalty Transaction Marketing (Allocated)
OIUGR_ROYTXNA_TXGen Rep - Royalty Transaction Taxes (Allocated)
OIUGR_ROYTXN_CAGen Rep - Royalty Transaction CA Data
OIUGR_ROYTXN_DDGen Rep - Royalty Transaction Deductions
OIUGR_ROYTXN_MKGen Rep - Royalty Transaction Marketing
OIUGR_ROYTXN_PRGen Rep - Royalty Transaction PR Data
OIUGR_ROYTXN_TXGen Rep - Royalty Transaction Taxes
OIUGR_ROYTXN_WCGen Rep - Royalty Transaction Derived Wells
OIUGR_RPDTGen Rep - Report Detail Transaction
OIUGR_SOLGen Roy 2.0 – Statute of Limitation
OIUGR_SOLEDTGen Roy 2.0 – Statute of Limitation Exception Detail
OIUGR_SOLEHDGen Roy 2.0 – Statute of Limitation Header Exception
OIUGT_BASECONFIGUpstream Graphics Base Configuration
OIUGT_ICONUpstream Graphics Icons and Reporting Flash Forms
OIUGT_INDXSystemtabelle INDX
OIUGT_INDXUpstream Graphics INDX Table
OIUGT_LAYOUTUpstream Graphics Graphics Variants
OIUGT_LAYOUTTUpstream Graphics Graphics Variant Descriptions
OIUGT_LOGUpstream Graphics Graphics Log
OIUGT_LOG_DETAILUpstream Graphics Graphics Log Details
OIUGT_NODE_CTGUpstream Graphics Node Category
OIUGT_NODE_CTGTUpstream Graphics Node Category Description
OIUGT_NODE_XREFUpstream Graphics Node Type Cross Reference
OIUGT_NODE_XREFTUpstream Graphics Node Type Cross Reference
OIUGT_PR_EPGDN functions used by Upstream Graphics
OIUGT_PR_EPGTDN functions used by Upstream Graphics
OIUGT_PR_TCODESTransactions used by Upstream Graphics
OIUGT_TYPEUpstream Graphics Graphical View
OIUGT_TYPECONFIGUpstream Graphics Graphical View Configuration Portion
OIUGT_TYPETUpstream Graphics Graphical View Description
OIUGT_TYPE_POPUPUpstream Graphics Graphical View Object Sensitive Popup
OIUGT_VALID_TYPEUpstream Graphics Valid Node Type Per Node Category
OIUHS_GRPGroup table
OIUHS_JE_ACC_IDPRA: Journal Entry Posting Rules per Account Type
OIUHS_JE_ACC_TYPPRA: Journal Entry Posting Rules per Account Type
OIUHS_JE_ACRPRA: Journal Entry Account Categories
OIUHS_JE_DBIPRA: Destination Code for Posting Rules
OIUHS_JE_DPKJE Rules - Destination Code/Posting-key
OIUHS_SAP_SORTPRA: Control Table for SAP Sort
OIUHS_TABTable group control
OIUHS_TAB_NAMESTable names for PRA to RF
OIUH_ACT_TAKENAction Taken Code (TBLRD023)
OIUH_ACT_TAKEN_TAction Taken Code (TBLRD023)
OIUH_AFCMTTTBYTYPEStru for dummy fun mod
OIUH_AFRVTAPSLBYQBEAccounts Payable Subledger Query
OIUH_AFRVTCHD2BYQBERD14 - Owner Interest Calculation
OIUH_AFRVTDOBYQBEOWNEROwner ID Lookup Structure for 6 fields
OIUH_AFRVTGTAXBYQBEJE13 Structure for Gross Tax Amounts
OIUH_AFRVTOTAXBYQBEStructure for Owner Tax
OIUH_AFRVTSTSLBYQBEStructure For Statistical Subledger Query
OIUH_AFRVTSTXRFOTBYQBEWhitholding Tax for State and Foreign
OIUH_AR_BALAR Balance categories (TBLRD044)
OIUH_AR_BAL_TXAR Balance categories - TBLRD044 - text
OIUH_CDEX_INTYPMapping Owner Interest type with CDEX Interest type
OIUH_CDEX_PRODMapping Product code with CDEX Product Code
OIUH_CHK_FLDCheck Layout field code -TBLCI014
OIUH_CHK_FLD_TXCheck Layout field code -TBLCI014 - text
OIUH_CI03Screen Structure for OIUH_CI03
OIUH_CI05Screen Structure for OIUH_CI05
OIUH_CM_BAOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_CM_BABOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_CM_BATYPBusiness Associate Type Table
OIUH_CM_COUNTYGenerated Table for View
OIUH_CM_CTTYPOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_CM_CYCounties Per State
OIUH_CM_ECOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_CM_EMOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_CM_INSTLRevenue Installation Parameters
OIUH_CM_OR1Organization Level 1 Table
OIUH_CM_OR1_CCMapping of Organization level to Company Code
OIUH_CM_OR2Organization Level 2 Table
OIUH_CM_OR3Organizational Level 3 Table
OIUH_CM_OR4Organizational Level 4 Table
OIUH_CM_PDCDOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_CM_QBEOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_CM_SRBDOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_CM_SRBTOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_CM_SRDAOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_CM_SRDOOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_CM_STATEState Codes Table
OIUH_CM_TTOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_DD_CONFIGDD names per program with Open Mode (I/O) for QSAM files
OIUH_DO08DO08 screen structure
OIUH_ERRORSOil & Gaz Error Processing
OIUH_FIELD_INDICATORS_STRStructure for the TP Interface parameter FIELD_INDICATORS
OIUH_FILESTRUlist of files
OIUH_JE07Genaral Ledger Query
OIUH_JE10Transaction Amount
OIUH_JE14Statistical Subledger Query
OIUH_JE18Transaction Amount
OIUH_JE19OIUH_JE19-Sap & Oil Gas
OIUH_JEPOST_CTLJE Posting Process Control table
OIUH_LEGEND_TXLegend Code Description - TBLRV064
OIUH_LOADED_JERecords loaded to JE by transation o3uh_loadje
OIUH_NM_PDCD_XRFNew Mexico Product Code Cross Reference (TBLTR091)
OIUH_PMESSAGE_STRStructure for the TP Interface parameter PMESSAGE
OIUH_PR_DNOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_DNNDOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_MMSBAOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_MPMeasurement Point
OIUH_PR_MPVDOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_PFOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_RRSTOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_RRTXOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_RRWYOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_RWCOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_SANDOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_SETERR_ENTRYConverted C program to ABAP for Message
OIUH_PR_TX2BAOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_TXBBAOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_WCOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_WCAPOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PR_WLOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_PTR_REP_LOGProduction, Tax and Royalty Reporting Execution Log
OIUH_RD02RD02 Structure
OIUH_RD03SAP Oil & Gas
OIUH_RD06Witholding Tax for State and Foreign
OIUH_RD07Screen Structure for RD07
OIUH_RD09RD09 Structure
OIUH_RD10Structure for Manual Royalty Check
OIUH_RD14RD14 - Owner Interest Calculations
OIUH_REP_HISTReporting History old Razorfish
OIUH_REP_PAR_SETReporting - Parameter Set per Report
OIUH_RR01Screen structure for OIUH_RR01
OIUH_RV_ACAccount Control
OIUH_RV_ACRAccount Category Requirements
OIUH_RV_APSLJournal Entry Accounts Payable Subledger Table
OIUH_RV_APSL_HOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_RV_ARCMTAccount Receivable Comments Table
OIUH_RV_ARINTFPRA Journal Entries to A/R interface table
OIUH_RV_ARSLJournal Entry Accounts Receivable Subledger Table
OIUH_RV_ARSL_HOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_RV_ATDHObsolete (4.72) -keep for 1 minor release-WY Ad Valorem Tax
OIUH_RV_ATDHQObsolete (4.72) -keep for 1 minor release-WY Ad Valorem Tax
OIUH_RV_AWOApproved Write Offs Table
OIUH_RV_BCBatch Control
OIUH_RV_BCMTBalance Comment Table
OIUH_RV_BGUCBearer Group Use Control
OIUH_RV_BTBalance Transfer Table
OIUH_RV_CCObsolete (4.72) - keep for 1 minor release - Check Control
OIUH_RV_CCHObsolete (4.72)-keep for 1 minor release- Cdex Check History
OIUH_RV_CCRObsolete (4.72)-keep for 1 minor release- Check Copy Reverse
OIUH_RV_CDObsolete (4.72) - keep for 1 minor release-Check Detail Line
OIUH_RV_CDTRANTransaction Code Cross Reference With Deduction Type Code
OIUH_RV_CHDCheck Detail
OIUH_RV_CHDDCheck Deduction Detail
OIUH_RV_CLCheck Layout
OIUH_RV_CLFCheck Layout Format
OIUH_RV_CLTContract -- Long Term
OIUH_RV_CMCCContract Marketing Cost Control
OIUH_RV_CMCDContract Marketing Cost Detail
OIUH_RV_CNLCdex New Lease
OIUH_RV_COAChart of Accounts
OIUH_RV_COADVColorado Ad Valorem
OIUH_RV_CPRCheck Process Rule
OIUH_RV_CPRHCheck Process Rule Header
OIUH_RV_CRCheck Register
OIUH_RV_CW_BATCHCheckwrite Parms for the batch execution process
OIUH_RV_CYCAccounting Cycle Control Table
OIUH_RV_DIDivision Of Interest Base
OIUH_RV_DOACCDOI Owner Override Acct Codes
OIUH_RV_DOEXOwner State Tax Exemption
OIUH_RV_DOGRIDivision Order Calculated GRI Percentage Table
OIUH_RV_DOHDOI Owner History
OIUH_RV_DOIWCDOI / WC Cross Reference
OIUH_RV_DPACCDOI Override Acct Codes
OIUH_RV_DPPCDOI Product Processed Control
OIUH_RV_DPPNDivision Order Prior Period Notification
OIUH_RV_DPUCDOI Product Use Control
OIUH_RV_DTWKDeduction/Tax Work Table
OIUH_RV_ESCBAEscheated Business Associates
OIUH_RV_EXSLJournal Entry Expense Subledger Table
OIUH_RV_EXSL_HOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_RV_EXTDRDI - Check Detail Subset
OIUH_RV_FOTForeign Owner Tax Rates
OIUH_RV_GCTAGross Check Tax Amounts
OIUH_RV_GLJournal Entry General Ledger Table
OIUH_RV_GLCCCross Reference GL to Cost Center
OIUH_RV_GL_HOil and Gas GL History Table
OIUH_RV_GRPGroup Number And Description
OIUH_RV_GTAXJournal Entry Gross Tax Amounts Table
OIUH_RV_GTAX_HOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_RV_GVLSTGross Volume State Table
OIUH_RV_ICSLJournal Entry Intercompany Subledger Table
OIUH_RV_ICSL_HOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_RV_INSLJournal Entry Income Subledger Table
OIUH_RV_INSL_HOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_RV_IVSInvoice Selection
OIUH_RV_JEJournal Entry
OIUH_RV_JEDRIVERInterface for JE posting Driver
OIUH_RV_JEINTF_STStructure for PRA Journal Entries
OIUH_RV_LMDEDLouisiana Marketing Deduction
OIUH_RV_LSSLJournal Entry Legal Suspense Subledger Table
OIUH_RV_LSSL_HOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_RV_LWDEDLouisiana Marketing Deduction
OIUH_RV_MDOIMP/DOI Cross Reference
OIUH_RV_MGDDMarketing Group / DOI Owner Xref Detail
OIUH_RV_MGDHMarketing Group/DOI Owner Xref Header
OIUH_RV_MKEXMarketing Cost Exemption Table
OIUH_RV_MRCManual Royalty Check
OIUH_RV_MSSLJournal Entry Miscellaneous Subledger Table
OIUH_RV_MSSL_HOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_RV_MTADProducers Mkting Tax Exemption Allowance Detail
OIUH_RV_MTAHProducers Mkting Tax Exemption Allowance Header
OIUH_RV_MVTManual Void Check Transactions
OIUH_RV_NDHNorth Dakota Oil Tax History Header
OIUH_RV_NDPRDNorth Dakota Tax History Oil Detail For Producers
OIUH_RV_NDPURNorth Dakota Tax History Oil Detail For Purchasers
OIUH_RV_NPSHNegative Payable/Suspense Header Table
OIUH_RV_OCTAOwner Check Tax Amounts
OIUH_RV_ODEDJournal Entry Other Deductions Table
OIUH_RV_ODED_HOil and Gas ODED History Table
OIUH_RV_OICOwner Interest Calculations
OIUH_RV_ONABOwners Negative Account Balance
OIUH_RV_OPSLJournal Entry Owner Payable Subledger Table
OIUH_RV_OPSL_HOil and Gas OPSL History Table
OIUH_RV_OSTAOwners State Tax Adjustments
OIUH_RV_OTAXJournal Entry Owner Tax Amounts Table
OIUH_RV_OTAX_HOil and Gas OTAX History Table
OIUH_RV_PACProperty Affiliated Company
OIUH_RV_PDXObsolete (4.72)-keep for 1 minor release-Purchaser DOI Xref
OIUH_RV_PLXPurchaser Layout Cross Reference
OIUH_RV_PRProperty Table
OIUH_RV_PRXPurchaser Remitter Cross Reference
OIUH_RV_PTPurchaser Translation
OIUH_RV_PUCProperty Unit Use Control
OIUH_RV_PWOPending Write Offs Table
OIUH_RV_RBReceivable Balances Table
OIUH_RV_RBCReceivable Balance Categories Table
OIUH_RV_RBREArbar Reject Table
OIUH_RV_RDTRoyalty Detail For Texas
OIUH_RV_RDTLRoyalty Details
OIUH_RV_RDTSWTexas Royalty Detail Sweet And Sour Table
OIUH_RV_RJEJournal Entry
OIUH_RV_ROYHNew Mexico Royalty History
OIUH_RV_RPMMS Royalty Pending
OIUH_RV_RPADRoyalty Processing Allowance Detail
OIUH_RV_RPAHRoyalty Processing Allowance Header
OIUH_RV_RPGHRoyalty Production Gas History
OIUH_RV_RPOHRoyalty Production Oil History
OIUH_RV_RTCHRD DOI Transfer Change Header
OIUH_RV_RTDRD DOI Transferee Detail
OIUH_RV_RTDEReceivable Transactions Detail Table
OIUH_RV_RVHRpoyalty Reporting Value History
OIUH_RV_SCDObsolete (4.72)-keep for 1 minor release - Suspended Check
OIUH_RV_SEVSeverance Tax Transaction
OIUH_RV_SEVCISeverance Tax Transactions Miscellaneous (Check Input)
OIUH_RV_SEVMPSeverance Tax Transactions By Measurement Point
OIUH_RV_SEVWCSeverance Tax Transactions By Well, WC
OIUH_RV_SIDState Interest Defaults
OIUH_RV_SSContract Spot Sale
OIUH_RV_STIKOSeverance Take In Kind Owner
OIUH_RV_STRSeverence Tax Rates
OIUH_RV_STSSeverence Tax Subsidiary
OIUH_RV_STSLJournal Entry Statistical Subledger Table
OIUH_RV_STSL_HOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_RV_STXRState Tax Rates
OIUH_RV_SVTDSeverence Tax State Reporting Number
OIUH_RV_SVTDHObsolete (4.72)-keep for 1 minor release-Sev Tax State Rep#
OIUH_RV_TAXHANew Mexico Tax History For Affiliated Txns
OIUH_RV_TAXHNNew Mexico Tax History For Non-Affiliated Txns
OIUH_RV_TCDTax Calc Data
OIUH_RV_TCLDTax Class Data
OIUH_RV_TDTax Detail
OIUH_RV_TD_NMNM perf change
OIUH_RV_TEPTax Extract Profile
OIUH_RV_TPPDTax PPA Company Master Detail Table
OIUH_RV_TPPMTax PPA Company Master Table
OIUH_RV_TPSLJournal Entry Taxes Payable Subledger Table
OIUH_RV_TPSL_HOil and Gas appl table
OIUH_RV_TRTract Information
OIUH_RV_TRGRIDivision Order Calculated GRI Units Table
OIUH_RV_TRPTax And Royalty Profile
OIUH_RV_VCHDVoid Check Detail
OIUH_RV_VCHDDVoid Check Deductions Detail
OIUH_RV_VCRCaluation Cross Reference Header
OIUH_RV_WHHDTable for withholding report
OIUH_RV_WOJEWrite Off JE Table
OIUH_RV_WYTDWyoming Tax Detail Table
OIUH_RV_WYTHWyoming Tax Header Table
OIUH_RV_ZBRZero Balance Receivables Table
OIUH_SORT_PARAMOil & Gaz - Program Parameters by Jil Steps
OIUH_SYS_CONSOLEOIUH - System console display
OIUH_TEMP_GLJournal Entry General Ledger Table
OIUH_TEMP_OPSLJournal Entry Owner Payable Subledger Table
OIUH_TR01Screen structure for OIUH_TR01
OIUH_TR03SAP Oil & Gas
OIUH_TR04SAP Oil & Gas
OIUH_X_EP2RZRazorfish To PRA Cross Reference
OIUKOMGAppend-Struktur für E&P
OIUKOMGAppend Structure for E&P
OIUKOMKAppend-Struktur für E&P
OIUKOMKAppend structure for E&P
OIUKOMPAppend-Struktur für E&P
OIUKOMPAppend Structure fro E&P
OIUKOMT1PRA append fields for KOMT1
OIUME_CHANGE_DOCChande document ALV fields
OIUME_MEAS_DOCChande document ALV fields
OIUOW01_SCHA_FSchedule 'A' reporting fields
OIUOW01_SCHA_F_TSchedule 'A' reporting fields descr.
OIUOW01_SCHA_RSchedule 'A' reports
OIUOW01_SCHA_VALSchedule 'A' report values
OIUOW_CATT_RUNIDOwnership catt run id table
OIUOW_DLDDOI Legal Description Table
OIUOW_DOACCDOI Owner Override Account Codes
OIUOW_DOACC_WKDOI Owner Override Account Codes Worktable
OIUOW_DOC_TYPEOwnership Request Document Types
OIUOW_DOC_TYPE_TDocument Type Texts
OIUOW_DODO_WKOwner Print Information Worktable
OIUOW_DOEX_WKOwner State Tax Exemption Worktable
OIUOW_DOH_WKOwnership History Workable
OIUOW_DORHDO Owner Request History
OIUOW_DTCHDOI Transfer Change Header
OIUOW_DTCSDOI Transfer Change Select
OIUOW_DTDDOI Transfer Change Detail
OIUOW_ESTDTEscheated Transfer Date
OIUOW_ESTDT_WKEscheated Transfer Date Worktable
OIUOW_INTODInterface Owner Detail
OIUOW_INTOD_WKInterface Owner Detail Worktable
OIUOW_INTOHInterface Owner Header
OIUOW_INTOH_WKInterface Owner Header Worktable
OIUOW_LGL_FLDLegal Description Fields
OIUOW_LGL_FLD_ATLegal Description Field Attributes
OIUOW_LGL_FLD_TXLegal Description Fields Text
OIUOW_LGL_TYPLegal Description Types
OIUOW_LGL_TYP_TXLegal Description Types Text
OIUOW_LTYP_FLXRFLegal Description Type Field Xref
OIUOW_MKEX_WKMarketing Cost Exemption Worktable
OIUOW_ORP_TWBORP test workbench comparison history
OIUOW_ORP_TWB_KEYStructured key for workbench test history
OIUOW_OSSOwner Sliding Scale
OIUOW_OSS_WKOwner Sliding Scale Worktable
OIUOW_POWOwners on Pending Requests
OIUOW_PPOwnership Production Payment
OIUOW_PUC_WKProperty Unit Use Control - work table
OIUOW_RETDTRoyalty Escrow Transfer Date
OIUOW_RETDT_WKRoyalty Escrow Transfer Date
OIUOW_RQST_DFLTSOwnership request processing defaults
OIUOW_RTCHRD DOI Transfer Change Header
OIUOW_RTCH_WKRD DOI Transfer Change Header Worktable
OIUOW_RTDRD DOI Transferee Detail
OIUOW_RTD_WKRD DOI Transferee Detail Worktable
OIUOW_SSHSliding Scale Header
OIUOW_SSH_WKSliding Scale Header Worktable
OIUOW_S_DOC_KEY_REFOwner Request Document Key Reference
OIUOW_TRSFEROwnership Transfer Codes TBLRV013
OIUOW_TRSFER_TXOwnership Transfer Codes TBLRV013
OIUOW_TR_WKTract Information - work table
OIUOW_TWB_EVALTest workbench evaluation
OIUOW_UNIT_JVUnit Venture Information
OIUOW_UNIT_JV_WKUnit Venture Information Work table
OIUOW_VLDVenture Legal Description
OIUPC_AVGDMPStores the measurement point capacity points
OIUPC_AVGDWCStores the well completion capacity points
OIUPC_AVGHMPMeasurement point availability points
OIUPC_AVGHWCStores the well completion availability points
OIUPC_AVGRPAvailability Group Header
OIUPC_SPADJSales Point Adjustments
OIUPC_SPCHGSales Point Adjustment Changes
OIUPC_SPHSTSales Point Adjustment History
OIUPH_RV_RJEJournal Entry (PDM Shadow)
OIUPR_API_RFCRFC transmission status
OIUPR_CACCChemical Analysis Compatibility Component Xref
OIUPR_REGRegulatory Reallocation Report
OIUPR_REG_TXRegulatory Reallocation Report Text
OIUPR_SKFD_DRCDrilling Days SKF Major Workover Downtime Reason TBLGR028
OIUPR_SKFD_STSDrilling Days SKF Major workover Status - TBLGR027
OIUPR_SKFW_MWWell Count SKF Downtime Minor Workover - TBLGR030
OIUPR_SKFW_RRWell Count SKF Downtime Reg Reasons - TBLGR029
OIUPR_SKFW_STWell Count SKF Plug, Sold, Abandoned ST - TBLGR025
OIUPR_SKFXSKF Type To CO SKF Configuration Xref
OIUPR_SSDSupply Source Detail
OIUPR_SSHSupply Source Header
OIUPR_WCDPSWell Completion Daily Pressures
OIUP_APP_AREAPDM - Application Area
OIUP_APP_AREA_TXPDM - Application Area Description
OIUP_AREA_CUSTPDM - Application Area Specific Customer Customizing
OIUP_CFG_LEVELPDM - Customer Config for Level of Retention
OIUP_DBCONPDM - Valid DB Connections
OIUP_DBCON_TXPDM - Valid DB Connection Descriptions
OIUP_EXE_ASSIGNPDM - Group Assignment for Workbench Execution
OIUP_EXE_GRPPDM: Table Groups (Workbench Execution)
OIUP_EXE_GRP_TPDM: Table Groups Description (Workbench Execution)
OIUP_ME_MEDOCMeasurement document header (PDM Shadow)
OIUP_ME_MEDOC_ITMeasurement document item (PDM Shadow)
OIUP_MONTH_LISTPDM - List of Possible Months
OIUP_PDM_ADMINAdministrative Data For PDM Enabled And Configured Tables
OIUP_PDM_CONFIGPDM Customer Configuration
OIUP_PDM_ENAB_TXPDM - Table Descriptions
OIUP_PDM_MONTHSPDM: Set number of storage months by Box/Table
OIUP_PDM_ONPDM - Customer Configuration To Enable Specific PDM Tables
OIUP_PDM_STATSPDM: Statistical details per table on PDM split jobs
OIUP_PR_MPVLPRA: Measurement Point Volumetric Data (PDM Shadow)
OIUP_PR_WCDVLHWC Disposition Volumes Header (PDM Shadow)
OIUP_PR_WCTSTWell Test (PDM Shadow)
OIUP_REPLACEMENTPDM - Replacement Includes
OIUP_RET_ASSIGNPDM - Group Assignment for Retention Period
OIUP_RET_GRPPDM: Table Groups (Retention Period)
OIUP_RET_GRP_TPDM: Table Groups Description (Retention Period)
OIUP_RFCDESTPDM - Valid RFC Destinations
OIUP_RFCDEST_TXPDM - Valid RFC Destinations
OIUP_SB_ACTMPActual Owner Level CA results at MP's (PDM Shadow)
OIUP_SB_ACTWCActual Owner Level CA results at WC's (PDM Shadow)
OIUP_SB_ENTMPMP level owner entitlements (PDM Shadow)
OIUP_SB_ENTWCWC level owner entitlements (PDM Shadow)
OIUP_SB_RNAWCResidue and NGL actual at a WC level (PDM Shadow)
OIUP_SB_RNEWCResidue and NGL entitlements at a WC level (PDM Shadow)
OIUP_SYNCED_TABSPDM - Synchronized Tables - Which Are GUARANTEED To Be Equal
OIUQ3Formelbibliothek - Formelgruppen-Position
OIUQ3Formula Repository - Formula Group Item
OIUQ6Positionen in Notierungsgruppen
OIUQ6Quotation group items
OIUQ9Formel-Konditionsdaten - Formelgruppen-Positionen
OIUQ9Formula Condition Data - Formula group items
OIUQ9_KEYF&A - Key for Formula Group Item
OIUQ9_WRKF&A - Work Struct. for Formula Group Item
OIUREPP_PRPAYXRFMMS-2014 - Property / Payor XRef PPA
OIUREPP_WCPAYXRFMMS-2014 - Well Completion / Payor XRef PPA
OIUREP_2014_CONFMMS-2014: Configurable Items
OIUREP_2014_INFOMMS-2014 - Report Executions Start information
OIUREP_2014_REPMMS-2014 - Supplemental Reports From Report Executions
OIUREP_2014_RUNSMMS-2014 - Report Executions
OIUREP_ACTIVATEReg./Tax and Royalty Reporting - report activation
OIUREP_ADD_DATARegulatory Reporting Config for Additional Master Data
OIUREP_ADJCD_XRFMMS-2014 - Reversal Rsn to Adjustment Reason Code XREF
OIUREP_ADJ_DTLAMMS OGOR A Adjustment Detail Record
OIUREP_ADJ_DTLBMMS OGOR B Adjustment Detail Record
OIUREP_ADJ_DTLCMMS OGOR C Adjustment Detail Record
OIUREP_ADJ_HDRAdjustment Header for MMS OGOR
OIUREP_ADJ_PASRMMS PASR Adjustment Detail Record
OIUREP_ADJ_PASRHMMS PASR Adjustment Header Record
OIUREP_AGENCIESRegulatory Reporting Agencies
OIUREP_AGENCYTXRegulatory Reporting Agencies
OIUREP_AGY_LSEAgency assigned Leases
OIUREP_AGY_LSETXText Table for Agency assigned Leases
OIUREP_AGY_PCDTXAgency defined Product Code Text
OIUREP_AGY_PDCDAgency defined Product Code
OIUREP_AGY_VLTPAgency defined Volume Types
OIUREP_AGY_VTPTXText table for Agency defined Volume Type
OIUREP_AMND_STATReport Execution statistics for amended months
OIUREP_ARCROYHISArchived Reported Royalty and Volume Data
OIUREP_ARCVOLHISArchived Reported Volume Data by Reporting Entities
OIUREP_BA_MASTERRegulatory reporting: BA table to drive Partner reporting
OIUREP_CCO_DTEDTColorodo Form 7 Edit Effective Date Table
OIUREP_CMNT_LOGReg Reporting: Status Log of comments mass upload
OIUREP_CM_JILActivate JIL control table
OIUREP_CODE_CMLBRegulatory Reporting Common Table List Box Setup
OIUREP_CODE_COMACommon table to convert SAP codes to Ag. codes Apl.Table
OIUREP_CODE_COMNCommon table for converting SAP codes to Agency codes
OIUREP_CODE_FLDSFields available for customizing
OIUREP_CODE_FLDTDescriptions for Code Fields
OIUREP_CODE_RDNGReg Reporting Rounding Configuration
OIUREP_CODE_RPTCReport Columns available for customizing
OIUREP_CODE_RULEReg Reporting Rules for Column Data
OIUREP_CODE_VALSCode Values available for customizing Reg Reporting
OIUREP_CODE_XREFReg Reporting Product/Volume Type to Report Code Cross Ref
OIUREP_COMN_KEYSReg.Reporting - Field description for COMN table keys
OIUREP_DD_STRUCTMaster DD file structures
OIUREP_DN_XREFRegulatory Reporting X-ref for Delivery Networks
OIUREP_EMPBACKUPExemptions for skipped tax records
OIUREP_ENTTY_LOGLog table for master data entity changes
OIUREP_EXEC_COMBPossible Combinations of Royalty Executions
OIUREP_EXEC_STATReport Execution Statistics
OIUREP_EXT_COMPExternal Company by State Agency
OIUREP_EXT_COMTXText Table for External Company Code
OIUREP_FEDINDIANMMS-2014 - Federal or Indian Leases
OIUREP_FIELDNAMEReporting - Fieldname Structure
OIUREP_FIELDSRegulatory Report Master Data set up
OIUREP_FIELDSTXRegulatory Report Master Data set up
OIUREP_FIN_LEVELRegulatory Reporting Operator and Contact Xref
OIUREP_GEN_DATAReg. Reporting - Generic Transactional data
OIUREP_HISTCNTRLRegulatory Reporting History Control table
OIUREP_INDIAN_TRMMS-2014 - Indian Tribes
OIUREP_KEY_XREFDRegulatory Reporting SAP Key Cross Reference Detail
OIUREP_KEY_XREFHRegulatory Reporting SAP Key Cross Reference Header
OIUREP_LGL_RPTSLegal Reports for Tax and Royalty Reporting
OIUREP_LGL_RPTTXText Table for Legal Reports (Tax and Royalty)
OIUREP_MASTERRegulatory Reporting Master Data
OIUREP_MASTER_CPCommingled Well completion Permit number override
OIUREP_MASTER_MPRe.Reporting - MP related Reg ID
OIUREP_MASTER_OVRegID Split table (e.g. MMS Override Group split)
OIUREP_MASTER_STMaintain Errors during Manual Upload in Master MP reg ID
OIUREP_MKTBACKUPMarketing cost for skipped tax records
OIUREP_MMS_ACTNMMS Well Status Reason Code/Action Code Combos (OGOR-A)
OIUREP_MMS_DTEDTMMS-2014 Edit Effective Date Table
OIUREP_MMS_REASMMS Well Status / Reason Code Combinations (OGOR-A)
OIUREP_MMS_REJSMMS-2014 - Extraction Rejects
OIUREP_MP_XREFRegulatory Reporting X-ref - MP to State Assigned ID
OIUREP_MRT_CREDMMS-2014: Credits Against Monthly Report
OIUREP_MRT_HISTMMS-2014 MMS Royalty Transaction Processed History
OIUREP_MRT_PENDMMS-2014 MMS Royalty Transaction Processed - Pending
OIUREP_OWNER_LOGLog for master Data Owner Changes
OIUREP_PAYORMMS-2014 - Payor / Company Code XRef
OIUREP_PDCD_XREFCross Reference Between State Agency and PRA Material
OIUREP_PD_MPPMMS Prod. Code/Entity Type enabling for Major Portion Price
OIUREP_PRDCDXREFMMS: Possible Material No/MMS Prod Cd Combinations
OIUREP_PRFL_LOGLog for master data profile changes
OIUREP_PROWNERSMMS-2014 - Property w/ Multiple Owners?
OIUREP_PRPAYXREFMMS-2014 - Property / Payor XRef
OIUREP_PR_REGMaster data for rounding setup
OIUREP_RECOUPMMS-2014 - Recoupable Balance
OIUREP_REG_HISTReporting history (System table INDX)
OIUREP_REG_OPERRegulatory Reporting Operator and Contact Xref EFF Dated
OIUREP_REG_OPERARegulatory Reporting Operator and Contact Xref
OIUREP_REG_OUTRegulatory Reporting Output Control
OIUREP_REPORTSSupported Regulatory reports
OIUREP_REPORTSTXSupported Regulatory reports
OIUREP_REPORT_DATE_RANGEPRA Regulatory Reporting Date Range - FROM and TO dates
OIUREP_ROYHISTReported Royalty and Volume Data by Reporting Entities
OIUREP_ROY_AGYReporting Agencies for Tax and Royalty
OIUREP_ROY_AGYTXRegulatory Reporting Agencies
OIUREP_ROY_DATAReported Royalty and Volume Data by Reporting Entities
OIUREP_ROY_FLDTXText Table for Report Fields
OIUREP_ROY_LOGChanges to master data for reporting
OIUREP_ROY_PRFLRoyalty Reporting Profiles
OIUREP_ROY_PRFLDField Values in the Royalty Reporting Profiles
OIUREP_RPT_ENTTYEntities for Royalty Reporting
OIUREP_RPT_OWNEROwners for royalty reporting
OIUREP_RRSTRegulatory Reporting Status Table
OIUREP_RRST_DETRegulatory Reporting Status Table
OIUREP_RRST_NEWNEW Regulatory Reporting Status Table (with Version Number)
OIUREP_RTPENDMMS-2014 - Royalty Transaction Pending
OIUREP_RT_HISTMMS-2014 - Royalty Transaction (Pending) History
OIUREP_RUNGRPKEYReg.Reporting - Report Submission groups
OIUREP_RUN_GROUPReg.Reporting - Report Submission grouping
OIUREP_RUN_REPNMReg.Reporting - Report run/submission names
OIUREP_RWCWCs that have been changed since previous report run
OIUREP_SALESTYMMS-2014: Sales Type Control Table
OIUREP_SALESTY_TMMS-2014: Sales Type Control Table Description
OIUREP_STAT_SPLTRegulatory Reporting: Well Status Split table
OIUREP_STRUCRegulatory Reporting Structures
OIUREP_STRUCTXRegulatory Reporting Structures
OIUREP_SUPL_REPMMS-2014 - Supplemental Reports
OIUREP_SUPL_REPTMMS-2014 - Supplemental Reports Description
OIUREP_TAB_INDAgency related fields for master data maintainence
OIUREP_TAXBACKUPBackup tax table for old tax reporting SOL
OIUREP_TAX_SOLOld tax reporting SOL configuration table
OIUREP_TEXT_STDDRegulatory Reporting Standard Texts Detail
OIUREP_TEXT_STDHRegulatory Reporting Valid Standard Texts Header
OIUREP_TEXT_XREFRegulatory Reporting Texts for Diff Reporting Levels
OIUREP_TIKBACKUPBackup tik table for old tax reporting SOL
OIUREP_TRAN_ERRTransaction code to error code xref for edits/vals
OIUREP_TRAN_FLDSMMS-2014 - Transaction Code Field Requirement XREF
OIUREP_UOMRegulatory Report Unit of Measures
OIUREP_VALTABCReporting general value table - Customizing
OIUREP_VALTABCTXReporting general value table - Customizing
OIUREP_VALTABMReporting general value table - Customizing
OIUREP_VLTP_XREFCross reference between Agency defined & PRA volume types
OIUREP_VL_VOLGross Volume and Value after VL/RD
OIUREP_VOLHISTReported Volume Data by Reporting Entities
OIUREP_VOL_DATAReported Volume Data by Reporting Entities
OIUREP_WCOWNERSMMS-2014 - Well Completion w/ Multiple Owners
OIUREP_WCPAYXREFMMS-2014 - Well Completion / Payor XRef
OIUREP_XTRCT_ROYExtract Royaty Data for the current reporting period
OIUREP_ZERO_REJSRejection Criteria for Zero volume records
OIURV01_RD_REPRD Generic Report
OIURV02_ADA_DTAlternative Dual Accounting Multipliers Header
OIURV02_ADA_HDAlternative Dual Accounting Multipliers Header
OIURV03_CONFIGMP to Well Completion Split Out Config
OIURV03_DTL_BKValuation Transactions Level 1 - Vltxns
OIURV03_DTL_ZEValuation Transactions Level 1 - Zero Volume
OIURV03_FRMHDRValuation Transaction Level 3 - Formula
OIURV03_FRMTAXValuation Transactions Level 3 - Formula Tax Detail
OIURV03_MPWC_XRFMP to Well Completion Split Out XRef
OIURV03_TAXDTLValuation Tax Master Detail
OIURV03_TAXEMPValuation Tax Exempt Detail
OIURV03_TAXHDRValuation Tax Header
OIURV03_TAXMKTValuation Tax Marketing Detail
OIURV03_VOLDTLValuation Transaction Level 2 -Volume
OIURV_CRH_HSTCombined Run Header History
OIURV_CRH_MKTGCombined Run Header Marketing Cost
OIURV_CRH_TAXCombined Run Header Tax
OIURV_DOC_BCNRevenue Document Concept - Batch Control Number
OIURV_DOC_COTVL Document Chain Of Title
OIURV_DOC_CRADOil and Gas appl table
OIURV_DOC_CRHOil and Gas appl table
OIURV_DOC_CRMKTOil and Gas appl table
OIURV_DOC_CRODOil and Gas appl table
OIURV_DOC_CRTAXOil and Gas appl table
OIURV_DOC_CT_ODONRR MPP: Alternate Contract ID Owner XRef
OIURV_DOC_DTL_BKValuation Transactions Level 1 - Vltxns
OIURV_DOC_DTL_RVValuation Reversal Notificaton
OIURV_DOC_DTL_ZEValuation Transactions Level 1 - Zero Volume
OIURV_DOC_FRMHDRValuation Transaction Level 3 - Formula
OIURV_DOC_FRMLAUValuation Formula Alternate Use
OIURV_DOC_FRMMKTValuation Transactions Level 3 - Marketing Detail
OIURV_DOC_FRMTAXValuation Transactions Level 3 - Formula Tax Detail
OIURV_DOC_HDRValuation Document Header
OIURV_DOC_JEINTFRevenue Document Concept - JEINTF temp table
OIURV_DOC_RDSUMRD summary(VL interface records to RD)
OIURV_DOC_RUNTKTValuation Transaction - Run Ticket
OIURV_DOC_TAXDTLValuation Tax Master Detail
OIURV_DOC_TAXEMPValuation Tax Exempt Detail
OIURV_DOC_TAXHDRValuation Tax Header
OIURV_DOC_TAXMKTValuation Tax Marketing Detail
OIURV_DOC_VOLDTLValuation Transaction Level 2 -Volume
OIURV_DOC_VOLUNTValuation Document Concept - Volume Unit
OIURV_DO_DPSEVTDOI Accounting Severance Tax Types Table
OIURV_DUAL_COMPDual Accounting Compare
OIURV_DUAL_JEBRDual Accounting JE Backout / Rebook
OIURV_GASSTMTHGas Statement Header
OIURV_PROC_LIMITAllowed concurrent and free dialog processes for VL/RD
OIURV_SSTDSettlement statement detail
OIURV_SSTD_MKTSettlement statement detail
OIURV_SSTD_TAXSettlement statement detail
OIURV_STSSeverance tax statistics
OIURV_STS_EMPSeverance Tax Statistics - Exempt
OIURV_STS_MKTSeverance Tax Statistics - Marketing
OIURV_TAXCONFDState tax configuration detail
OIURV_TAXCONFHState tax configuration header
OIURV_TAXTYPESState applicable Tax Types are maintained
OIURV_TCDTax calculation data
OIURV_TCD_EMPTax calculation data
OIURV_TCD_MKTTax calculation data
OIUT2_ACTIVEObsolete: Active objects for integration
OIUT2_BA_TYPE_JVObsolete: Business Associate Types for JV Integration
OIUT2_BO_APIObsolete: Business Object service functions
OIUT2_CLUSTERObsolete: Systemtabelle INDX
OIUT2_CLUSTER_IDData Cluster key structure
OIUT2_COMMANDSObsolete: Commands
OIUT2_INTDObsolete: Ownership Interface Detail
OIUT2_INTERFACEObsolete: Interface settings
OIUT2_INTHObsolete: Ownership Interface Header
OIUT2_INT_FDNObsolete: Funds Delete Notification Control
OIUT2_INT_MESSGObsolete: Ownership Interface Messages (Application/Tech.)
OIUT2_INT_TRACEObsolete: Ownership Interface Technical Trace
OIUT2_LOG_VIEWERObsolete: Error Viewer Application Tree Configuration
OIUT2_LOG_VIEWEXObsolete: Error Viewer Application Tree Configuration
OIUT2_OBJECTSObsolete: Possible objects for integration
OIUT2_OBJECTS_TObsolete: Object texts
OIUT2_OWTEMPLATEObsolete: Ownership Cluster Template
OIUT2_PARMSObsolete: Parameters for object services
OIUT2_PARMS_TObsolete: Parameters for object services
OIUT2_PARM_VALSObsolete: Parameters for object services
OIUT2_XMLxml table
OIUT3_CLUSTERSObsolete: Ownership Cluster Template
OIUT3_OBJ_KEYSObsolete: Ownership Cluster Template
OIUT3_OBJ_MAPObsolete: internal structure to comm. structure mapping
OIUT3_OBJ_MAP_TYObsolete: internal structure to comm. structure mapping
OIUT5Y_KUNXRFTax 2.0 OK - Customer XRef (PPN)
OIUT5Y_MSTPUNTax 2.0 OK - Master PUN (PPN)
OIUT5_ASUE_DTTax 2.0 OK - Auto-Suspend Exception Detail
OIUT5_ASUE_HDTax 2.0 OK - Auto-Suspend Exception Header
OIUT5_ASU_DTTax 2.0 OK - Auto-Suspend Detail
OIUT5_ASU_HDTax 2.0 OK - Auto-Suspend Header
OIUT5_EXCDTax 2.0 OKGP - Exempt Codes
OIUT5_EXCD_TXTax 2.0 OKGP - Exempt Code Descriptions
OIUT5_EXEXRFTax 2.0 OKGP - Exempt Code Xref
OIUT5_KUNXRFTax 2.0 OK - Customer XRef
OIUT5_MASTERTax 2.0 OK - Master Data
OIUT5_MSTPUNTax 2.0 OK - Master Data PUN Allocation
OIUT5_OOSHSTTax 2.0 OK - Out-of-Statute Tax Transactions History
OIUT5_OOSHSTPTax 2.0 OK - Out-of-Statute Tax Transaction Hist (PUN Level)
OIUT5_OOSTXNTax 2.0 OK - Out-of-Statute Tax Transactions
OIUT5_OOSTXNPTax 2.0 OK - Out-of-Statute Tax Transactions (PUN Level)
OIUT5_PRDTTax 2.0 OK - PRA Detail Transaction
OIUT5_PRDTPTax 2.0 OK - PRA Detail Transaction (PUN Level)
OIUT5_RPDTTax 2.0 OK - Report Details
OIUT5_SOLE_DTTax 2.0 OK - Statute-of-Limitation Exception Details
OIUT5_TAXHSTTax 2.0 OK - Tax Transaction History
OIUT5_TAXHSTPTax 2.0 OK - Tax Transaction History (PUN Level)
OIUT5_TAXSTGTax 2.0 OK - Tax Transactions (Staging)
OIUT5_TAXTXNTax 2.0 OK - Tax Transactions
OIUT5_TAXTXNPTax 2.0 OK - Tax Transactions (PUN Level)
OIUVBAKE&P extension
OIUVBAPE&P: Erweiterung zu Positionen
OIUVBRKIS Oil E&P-Fakturierungsschnittstelle: Zus. Kopffelder
OIUVBRPIS Oil E&P-Fakturierungsschnittstelle
OIUVL_CM_STATPRA statement configuration
OIUVL_CUR_SELValuation currect selection
OIUVL_DMCDVenture/DOI marketing cost detail
OIUVL_GASDTL_CURGas statement Detail
OIUVL_GASDTL_HSTGas statement Detail
OIUVL_GASRPTDGas statement report detail
OIUVL_GASRPTHGas statement report header
OIUVL_GASTAX_CURGas Statement Tax Marketing
OIUVL_GASTAX_HSTGas Statement Tax Marketing
OIUVL_GSPGas Statement Profile
OIUVL_MTADMarketing Cost Tax Exemption - Detail
OIUVL_MTAHMarketing Cost Tax Exemption - Header
OIUVL_OILRPTDOil statement report detail
OIUVL_OILRPTHOil statement report header
OIUVL_OILSTMTHOil Statement Header
OIUVL_OILTAX_CUROil Run Statement Tax Marketing
OIUVL_OILTAX_HSTOil Run Statement Tax Marketing
OIUVL_OILTKT_HSTOil Ticket Current
OIUVL_OSPOil Statement Profile
OIUVL_PLTDWeighted average plant reimbursement header
OIUVL_PLTRWeighted average plant reimbursement header
OIUVL_PPN_REJSELPPN - Reject Selection
OIUVL_RPADRoyalty Processing Allowance Detail
OIUVL_RPAHRoyalty Processing Allowance Header
OIUVL_RPTValuation reporting header
OIUVL_RPTDValuation report detail
OIUVL_SCAUDITSettlement statement batch
OIUVL_SEVSeverance tax
OIUVL_SEVCISeverance tax check input
OIUVL_SEVMPSeverance tax measurement point
OIUVL_SEVWCSeverance tax well completion
OIUVL_SSTHSettlement statement header
OIUVL_STIKOSeverance tax take in kind
OIUVL_STSSeverance tax statistics
OIUVL_STTRState Tax Rates
OIUVL_TCJVTax Class - Venture DOI's
OIUVL_TCMPTax Class Measurement Points
OIUVL_TCWCTax Class - Well Completion
OIUVL_TPADTax Processing Allowance Detail
OIUVL_TPAHTax Processing Allowance
OIUVL_TTRDTax Tier Rate - Data
OIUVL_TTRPDTax Tier Rate by Project - Data
OIUVL_TTVLTYTier tax volume type
OIUX1_ADJ_MKTCTax adjustments marketing costs for reporting
OIUX1_ADJ_TAXDCTax adjustments detail for reporting
OIUX1_ADJ_TAXHCTax adjustments header for reporting
OIUX1_ADJ_TYPAdjustment types for reporting
OIUX1_ADJ_XMPCTax adjustment exemptions for reporting
OIUX1_AGY_DEFNAgency definition
OIUX1_AGY_TCDTXAgency tax code text table
OIUX1_AGY_TXCDAgency defined Tax Codes
OIUX1_ARCH_MKTHReporting history for marketing costs for reporting
OIUX1_ARCH_TAXHTax transaction header for reporting
OIUX1_ARCH_VOLHReported Volume Data by PUID
OIUX1_ARCH_XMPHReporting history for tax exemptions
OIUX1_EXEC_COMBExecution Combinations for Tax Reporting
OIUX1_EXEC_STATExecution Statistics for Tax Reporting
OIUX1_FLD_CATField Catalogue for Tax Reporting
OIUX1_FLD_VALBBase table for field level data
OIUX1_FLD_VALLLog for field level data
OIUX1_LA_EXCLHistory table for LA Exclusion
OIUX1_LNK_REPUBPUID and reporting entities link
OIUX1_MAS_REBReporting entities base table
OIUX1_MIGR_CNTRLReporting migration control table
OIUX1_MIGR_CTLTXText table for Migration Control (PRA)
OIUX1_PDCD_XREFCross Reference Between State Agency and PRA Material
OIUX1_PRD_UIDBBase table for Production Units/Leases
OIUX1_PRD_UNITTXText table for Production Units/Leases
OIUX1_PROC_CNTRLReporting process control table
OIUX1_PROD_UNITProduction Units/Leases
OIUX1_PUID_MKTHReporting history for marketing costs for reporting
OIUX1_PUID_TAXHTax transaction header for reporting
OIUX1_PUID_VOLHReported Volume Data by PUID
OIUX1_PUID_XMPHReporting history for tax exemptions
OIUX1_RPT_IDBLegal report time dependent base table
OIUX1_RPT_LOGTax reporting log table for rpt
OIUX1_RPT_MKTHReporting history for marketing costs for reporting
OIUX1_RPT_MSTRLLog for master data changes
OIUX1_RPT_SGBReport Submission Group base table
OIUX1_RPT_SGRPReport Submission Group
OIUX1_RPT_SGRPTXText table for Report Submission Group
OIUX1_RPT_TAXHTax transaction header for reporting
OIUX1_RPT_VOLHReported Volume Data by Reporting Entities
OIUX1_RPT_XMPHReporting history for tax exemptions
OIUX1_TAX_SUSPRecords for suspension
OIUX1_TRN_MKTCTax transaction marketing costs for reporting
OIUX1_TRN_MKTLTax transaction marketing costs for reporting
OIUX1_TRN_TAXDCTax transaction detail for reporting
OIUX1_TRN_TAXDLTax transaction detail for reporting
OIUX1_TRN_TAXHCTax transaction header for reporting
OIUX1_TRN_TAXHLTax transaction header for reporting
OIUX1_TRN_XMPCTax transaction exemptions for reporting
OIUX1_TRN_XMPLTax transaction exemptions for reporting
OIUX1_TXCD_XREFCross reference between state tax codes and PRA entities
OIUX1_VKEY_XREFTable for variable key in Tax Reporting
OIUX2_BA_LOGCross ref. betwn PRA prod/purchaser no. and its tax payer
OIUX2_DOWNLOADTax Reporting download table
OIUX2_EXEC_STATDExecution Statistics for Tax Reporting
OIUX2_LNK_LOGTax Reporting log table for the link
OIUX2_PUIDLOGTax Reporting PUID log
OIUX2_PUID_MKTHReporting history for marketing costs for reporting
OIUX2_PUID_TAXHTax transaction header for reporting
OIUX2_PUID_VOLHReported Volume Data by PUID
OIUX2_PUID_XMPHReporting history for tax exemptions
OIUX2_RE_LOGTax Reporting log table for the Log
OIUX2_RSG_LOGTax reporting log table for rpt
OIUX3Y_TX_BATXIDTax Reporting - Texas BA Tax ID PPN
OIUX3Y_TX_MASTERTax Reporting - Texas Master Data PPN
OIUX3Y_TX_MSTOVRTax Reporting - Texas Master Data Overrides
OIUX3_CONFTax Reporting - Config
OIUX3_CONF_PPTax Reporting - Config Parallel Processing
OIUX3_ITEM_STProcess 2.0 - Migration Item Prerequisite Status
OIUX3_JEINTFTax Reporting - JE Interface Table
OIUX3_MIG_CTRLTax Reporting - Migration Control
OIUX3_MIG_GRPProcess 2.0 - Migration Group
OIUX3_MIG_GRPRXTax Reporting - Migration Group Report XRef
OIUX3_MIG_GRPTTax Reporting - Migration Group Text
OIUX3_MIG_ITEMProcess 2.0 - Migration Item
OIUX3_MIG_ITEMTTax Reporting - Migration Item Text
OIUX3_MIG_SA_DTTax Reporting - Migration Loaded Sales Dates
OIUX3_MIG_VLDOCTax Reporting - Migration Loaded VL Docs
OIUX3_PDCDTax Reporting - 3 Character Product Code
OIUX3_PDCD_TXTax Reporting - 3 Character Product Code Text
OIUX3_PORTGRP1Tax Reporting - Node Group 1 Control Table
OIUX3_PORTGRP1TTax Reporting - Node Group 1 Text Table
OIUX3_PORTGRP2Tax Reporting - Node Group 2 Control Table
OIUX3_PORTGRP2TTax Reporting - Node Group 2 Text Table
OIUX3_PORT_TREETax Reporting - Generic Portal Tree Control Table
OIUX3_RPTTax Reporting - Reports
OIUX3_RPT_COMPTax Reporting - Reporting Company
OIUX3_RPT_COMPTTax Reporting - Reporting Company Text
OIUX3_RPT_COMPXTax Reporting - Reporting Company XRef
OIUX3_RPT_CONFTax Reporting - Report Specific Configuration
OIUX3_RPT_CONFDTax Reporting - Report Specific Configuration (Dated)
OIUX3_RPT_GRPTax Reporting - Report Group
OIUX3_RPT_GRPPXTax Reporting - Report Group Product Code XRef
OIUX3_RPT_GRPTTax Reporting - Report Group Text
OIUX3_RPT_PROFTax Reporting - Reporting Profile
OIUX3_RPT_STEPTax Reporting - Reporting Step
OIUX3_RPT_STEPTTax Reporting - Reporting Step Text
OIUX3_RPT_STEPXTax Reporting - Reporting/Step XRef
OIUX3_RPT_TXTax Reporting - Reports
OIUX3_RUN_DTLTax Reporting - Run Detail
OIUX3_RUN_HDRTax Reporting - Run Header
OIUX3_RUN_JETax Reporting - Report Run JE Batch Info
OIUX3_STEPX_STTax Reporting - Step Prerequisite Status
OIUX3_TX_ASUE_DTTax 2.0 TX - Auto Suspend Exception Detail
OIUX3_TX_ASUE_HDTax 2.0 TX - Auto Suspend Exception Header
OIUX3_TX_ASU_DTTax Reporting - Auto Suspend Detail
OIUX3_TX_ASU_HDTax Reporting - Auto Suspend Header
OIUX3_TX_BATXIDTax Reporting - Texas BA Tax ID
OIUX3_TX_CNTXRFTax Reporting - Texas County XRef
OIUX3_TX_COMXRFTax Reporting - Texas Commodity XRef
OIUX3_TX_EDITS2OBSOLETE - Tax 2.0 - Texas Report Field Edits #2
OIUX3_TX_EDITS2TOBSOLETE - Tax 2.0 - Texas Report Field Edits #2
OIUX3_TX_EXEMPTTax Reporting - Texas Exemption Type
OIUX3_TX_LEASETax Reporting - Texas Lease
OIUX3_TX_LEASE_DTax Reporting - Texas Lease Description
OIUX3_TX_LEASE_MTax Reporting - Texas Lease Master
OIUX3_TX_MASTERTax Reporting - Texas Master Data
OIUX3_TX_MSTOVRTax Reporting - Texas Master Data Overrides
OIUX3_TX_OOSHSTTax Reporting - Texas Out Of Statute Transaction History
OIUX3_TX_OOSTXNTax Reporting - Texas Out Of Statute Transactions
OIUX3_TX_OOSWOTax Reporting - Texas Out Of Statute Write Off
OIUX3_TX_PRDTBTax Reporting - Texas PRA Detail Txns-Tier Tax Below
OIUX3_TX_PRDTITax Reporting - Texas PRA Detail Txns-Tier Tax Incremental
OIUX3_TX_PRDTNTax Reporting - Texas PRA Detail Txns - No Tier Tax
OIUX3_TX_REJTax Reporting - Texas Reject Codes
OIUX3_TX_REJTTax Reporting - Texas Reject Code Text
OIUX3_TX_REVSTGTax Reporting - Texas Tax Transaction Reversal Staging
OIUX3_TX_REVTXNTax Reporting - Texas Tax Transaction Reversals
OIUX3_TX_RPGDTTax Reporting - Texas Gas Report Details
OIUX3_TX_RPGDTETax Reporting - Texas Gas Report Details Errors
OIUX3_TX_RPGSMTax Reporting - Texas Gas Report Summary
OIUX3_TX_RPGSMETax Reporting - Texas Gas Report Summary Errors
OIUX3_TX_RPODTTax Reporting - Texas Oil Report Details
OIUX3_TX_RPODTETax Reporting - Texas Oil Report Details Errors
OIUX3_TX_RPOSMTax Reporting - Texas Oil Report Summary
OIUX3_TX_RPOSMETax Reporting - Texas Oil Report Summary Errors
OIUX3_TX_RP_EDT1OBSOLETE - Tax 2.0 - Texas Report Field Attribute Edits
OIUX3_TX_RP_EDT2OBSOLETE - Tax 2.0 - Texas Report Field Edits #2
OIUX3_TX_SOLTax Reporting - Statute of Limitation
OIUX3_TX_SOLEDTTax Reporting - Statute of Limitation Exception Detail
OIUX3_TX_SOLEHDTax Reporting - Statute of Limitation Exception Header
OIUX3_TX_TAXHSTTax Reporting - Texas Tax History Transactions
OIUX3_TX_TAXSTGTax Reporting - Texas Tax Transaction Staging
OIUX3_TX_TAXTXNTax Reporting - Texas Tax Transactions
OIUX3_TX_TXCLEXTax Reporting - Texas Tax Class Exemption Type XRef
OIUX4_BALANCETaxes Payable Balance
OIUX4_BALANCE_HTaxes Payable Balance History
OIUX4_BAL_CTGTaxes Payable Balance Categories
OIUX4_BAL_CTGTXTP Balance Categories - Text tabe
OIUX4_BAL_CTGZNTaxes Payable Balance Categorization
OIUX4_COMMENTSTaxes Payable Comments
OIUX4_RESP_IDTaxes Payable Responsibility ID
OIUX4_WO_SETUPTaxes Payable Writeoff Configuration
OIUX5Y_OK_BATXIDTax 2.0 - Oklahoma BA Tax ID PPN
OIUX5Y_OK_MASTERTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Master Data PPN
OIUX5Y_OK_MSTCNTTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Master Data Counties
OIUX5_OK_ASU_DTTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Auto Suspend Detail
OIUX5_OK_ASU_HDTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Auto Suspend Header
OIUX5_OK_BATXIDTax 2.0 - Oklahoma BA Tax ID
OIUX5_OK_CONFIGTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Exempt Decimal Configuration
OIUX5_OK_CONFLTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Exempt Decimal Conflict
OIUX5_OK_EXEXRFTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Exempt Code Xref
OIUX5_OK_MASTERTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Master Data
OIUX5_OK_MSTCNTTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Master Data Multiple Counties
OIUX5_OK_OOSHSTTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Out Of Statute Transactions History
OIUX5_OK_OOSTXNTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Out Of Statute Transactions
OIUX5_OK_PDCXRFTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Product Code Xref
OIUX5_OK_PRDTTax 2.0 - Oklahoma PRA Detail Tax Transactions
OIUX5_OK_PRDTCTax 2.0 - Oklahoma PRA Detail Tax Transactions Multi Count
OIUX5_OK_REJTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Reject Codes
OIUX5_OK_REJTTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Reject Code Text
OIUX5_OK_REVSTGTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Tax Reversals Staging
OIUX5_OK_REVTXNTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Tax Reversals
OIUX5_OK_RPDTTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Gross Prod Report Detail
OIUX5_OK_RPSMTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Gross Prod Report Summary
OIUX5_OK_SOLTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Statute of Limitation
OIUX5_OK_SOLEDTTax 2.0 - Statute of Limitation Exception Detail
OIUX5_OK_SOLEHDTax 2.0 - Statute of Limitation Exception Header
OIUX5_OK_TAXHSTTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Tax Transactions History
OIUX5_OK_TAXHSTCTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Tax Transactions History Multi-Counties
OIUX5_OK_TAXSTGTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Tax Transactions Staging
OIUX5_OK_TAXTXNTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Tax Transactions
OIUX5_OK_TAXTXNCTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Tax Transactions Multiple Counties
OIUX5_OK_TAX_RTTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Tax Rates
OIUX5_OK_ZVOLTax 2.0 - Oklahoma Zero Volume Reporting Master
OIUX5_OOSWOTax 2.0 - Out Of Statute Write Off
OIUX6Y_WY_BAOPIDTax 2.0 - Wyoming BA Operator ID PPN
OIUX6Y_WY_MASTERTax 2.0 - Wyoming Master Data PPN
OIUX6Y_WY_MSTPLTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Plant Master Data PPN
OIUX6_WY_ASUE_DTTax 2.0 WY - Auto Suspend Exception Detail
OIUX6_WY_ASUE_HDTax 2.0 WY - Auto Suspend Exception Header
OIUX6_WY_ASU_DTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Auto Suspend Detail
OIUX6_WY_ASU_HDTax 2.0 - Wyoming Auto Suspend Header
OIUX6_WY_BAOPIDTax 2.0 - Wyoming BA Operator ID
OIUX6_WY_CAPRDTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation CA PRA Detail Transactions
OIUX6_WY_CASTGTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation CA Transactions Staging
OIUX6_WY_CATXNTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation CA Transactions
OIUX6_WY_COOSHSTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Out Of Statute Conservation Trans Hist
OIUX6_WY_COOSTXNTax 2.0 - Wyoming Out Of Statute Conservation Transactions
OIUX6_WY_CPRDTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation Tax PRA Detail Transactions
OIUX6_WY_CREVSTGTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation Tax Reversals Staging
OIUX6_WY_CREVTXNTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation Tax Reversals
OIUX6_WY_CRPDTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation Tax Report Detail
OIUX6_WY_CRPDTDTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation Tax Report Detail Detail
OIUX6_WY_CTAXHSTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation Tax Transactions History
OIUX6_WY_CTAXSTGTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation Tax Transactions Staging
OIUX6_WY_CTAXTXNTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation Tax Transactions
OIUX6_WY_CTAX_RTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation Tax Rates
OIUX6_WY_CTXRATETax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation Tax Rate
OIUX6_WY_FORM2Tax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation Summarized FORM 2 Data
OIUX6_WY_FRM2CFGTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation FORM 2 Check Configuration
OIUX6_WY_GTAXSTGTax 2.0 - Wyoming Gross Prod Tax Transactions Staging
OIUX6_WY_GTAXTXNTax 2.0 - Wyoming Gross Prod Tax Transactions
OIUX6_WY_LCDOVRTax 2.0 - Wyoming Lease Condensate Override
OIUX6_WY_MASTERTax 2.0 - Wyoming Master Data
OIUX6_WY_MSTPLTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Plant Master Data
OIUX6_WY_OOSWOTax 2.0 - Wyoming Out Of Statute Write Off
OIUX6_WY_RATE_CDTax 2.0 - Wyoming Rate Codes
OIUX6_WY_REJTax 2.0 - Wyoming Reject Codes
OIUX6_WY_REJTTax Reporting - Texas Reject Code Text
OIUX6_WY_RRSTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Conservation Processed FORM 2 Reports
OIUX6_WY_SOGXRFTax 2.0 - Wyoming Tax Oil/Gas Indicator XRef
OIUX6_WY_SOLTax 2.0 - Wyoming Statute of Limitation
OIUX6_WY_SOLEDTTax Reporting - Statute of Limitation Exception Detail
OIUX6_WY_SOLEHDTax 2.0 - Wyoming Statute of Limitation Exception Header
OIUX6_WY_SOOSHSTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Out Of Statute Severance Trans History
OIUX6_WY_SOOSTXNTax 2.0 - Wyoming Out Of Statute Severance Transactions
OIUX6_WY_SPRDTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Severance Tax PRA Detail Transactions
OIUX6_WY_SREVSTGTax 2.0 - Wyoming Severance Tax Reversals Staging
OIUX6_WY_SREVTXNTax 2.0 - Wyoming Severance Tax Reversals
OIUX6_WY_SRPDTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Severance Tax Report Detail
OIUX6_WY_SRPDTDTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Severance Tax Report Detail Detail
OIUX6_WY_SRPDT_HTax 2.0 - Wyoming Severance Tax Report Detail
OIUX6_WY_STAXHSTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Severance Tax Transactions History
OIUX6_WY_STAXSTGTax 2.0 - Wyoming Severance Tax Transactions Staging
OIUX6_WY_STAXTXNTax 2.0 - Wyoming Severance Tax Transactions
OIUX6_WY_STAX_RTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Severance Rate Codes
OIUX6_WY_TXCLRCTax 2.0 - Wyoming Tax Class Rate Code XRef
OIUX6_WY_ZVOLTax 2.0 - Wyoming Zero Volume Reporting Master
OIUX7_CONFIGTax 2.0 - WYGP Config
OIUX7_RUN_DTLTax 2.0 - WYGP Run Detail
OIUX7_RUN_HDRTax 2.0 - WYGP Run Header
OIUX7_WY_4101Tax 2.0 - WYGP 4101
OIUX7_WY_4101HSTTax 2.0 - WYGP 4101 Up To Date History
OIUX7_WY_4101_OPTax 2.0 WYGP - 4101 Op/Non-Op Switch Info
OIUX7_WY_4111Tax 2.0 - WYGP 4111
OIUX7_WY_4111HSTTax 2.0 - WYGP 4111 Up To Date History
OIUX7_WY_4121Tax 2.0 - WYGP 4121
OIUX7_WY_4121HSTTax 2.0 - WYGP 4121 Up To Date History
OIUX7_WY_4201Tax 2.0 - WYGP 4201
OIUX7_WY_4201HSTTax 2.0 - WYGP 4201 Up To Date History
OIUX7_WY_4211Tax 2.0 - WYGP 4211
OIUX7_WY_4211HSTTax 2.0 - WYGP 4211 Up To Date History
OIUX7_WY_4221Tax 2.0 - WYGP 4221
OIUX7_WY_4221HSTTax 2.0 - WYGP 4221 Up To Date History
OIUX7_WY_4231Tax 2.0 - WYGP 4231
OIUX7_WY_4231HSTTax 2.0 - WYGP 4231 Up To Date History
OIUX7_WY_DN_CONTax 2.0 - WYGP DN Consistency
OIUX7_WY_GSALHSTTax 2.0 - WYGP Sales History
OIUX7_WY_GTAXTax 2.0 - Wyoming Gross Prod Tax Transactions
OIUX7_WY_GTAXHSTTax 2.0 - Wyoming Gross Prod Tax Transactions History
OIUX7_WY_GVOLTax 2.0 - WYGP Volume
OIUX7_WY_GVOLHSTTax 2.0 - WYGP Volume History
OIUX7_WY_GVOLTXNTax 2.0 - WYGP Volumes
OIUX7_WY_MKTTax 2.0 - WYGP Marketing Types
OIUX7_WY_MKTOVRTax 2.0 - WYGP Marketing Type Xref Override
OIUX7_WY_MKTXRFTax 2.0 - WYGP Marketing Type Xref
OIUX7_WY_MKT_TXTax 2.0 - WYGP Marketing Type Descriptions
OIUX7_WY_MPALLOCTax 2.0 - WYGP MP Allocation
OIUX7_WY_PDVLXRFTax 2.0 - WYGP Product Code/Volume Type/Product Type Xref
OIUX7_WY_REJTax 2.0 - WYGP Reject Codes
OIUX7_WY_REJTTax 2.0 - WYGP Reject Code Text
OIUX7_WY_VLXRFTax 2.0 - WYGP Volume Type Xref
OIUX8Y_NM_MASTERTax 2.0 - NM - Master Data PPN
OIUX8_NM_AFFOVRTax 2.0 - NM - Affiliation Code Override
OIUX8_NM_ASUE_DTTax 2.0 NM - Auto Suspend Exception Detail
OIUX8_NM_ASUE_HDTax 2.0 NM - Auto Suspend Exception Header
OIUX8_NM_ASU_DTTax 2.0 - NM - Auto Suspend Detail
OIUX8_NM_ASU_HDTax 2.0 - NM - Auto Suspend Header
OIUX8_NM_CTAFOVRTax 2.0 - NM - Contract Type Level Affiliation Cd Override
OIUX8_NM_DC_MEMOTax 2.0 - New Mexico Debit and Credit Memo
OIUX8_NM_ITC_MSTTax 2.0 - New Mexico ITC Master data
OIUX8_NM_JC_MSTTax 2.0 - NM - Jicarilla Credit Master
OIUX8_NM_JC_RATETax 2.0 - NM - Jicarilla Credit Rate
OIUX8_NM_MASTERTax 2.0 - NM - Master Data
OIUX8_NM_MKTXRFTax 2.0 - NM - Marketing Type Xref
OIUX8_NM_NP_ENBLNM Tax 2.0 - New PUN Enabled
OIUX8_NM_OOSHSTTax 2.0 - NM - Out-Of-Statute Transaction History
OIUX8_NM_OOSTXNTax 2.0 - NM - Out-Of-Statute Transactions
OIUX8_NM_OOSWOTax 2.0 - New Mexico Out Of Statute Write Off
OIUX8_NM_OTH_OWNTax 2.0 - New Mexico Others Exempt type Owners
OIUX8_NM_PDCXRFTax 2.0 - NM - Product Code Xref
OIUX8_NM_PRDTTax 2.0 - NM - PRA Detail Transactions
OIUX8_NM_REJTax 2.0 - NM - Reject Codes
OIUX8_NM_REJTTax 2.0 - NM - Reject Code Text
OIUX8_NM_REVSTGTax 2.0 - NM - Tax Reversals (Staging)
OIUX8_NM_REVTXNTax 2.0 - NM - Tax Reversals
OIUX8_NM_RPDTTax 2.0 - NM - Report Detail
OIUX8_NM_RPDT_HTax 2.0 - NM Tax Report Detail - State History
OIUX8_NM_RPDT_NNM Tax 2.0 - Report Details Table
OIUX8_NM_RPSMTax 2.0 - NM - Report Summary
OIUX8_NM_RPSM_NNM Tax 2.0 - Report Summary Table
OIUX8_NM_SOLTax 2.0 - NM - Statute of Limitation
OIUX8_NM_SOLEDTTax 2.0 - NM - Statute of Limitation Exception Detail
OIUX8_NM_SOLEHDTax 2.0 - NM - Statute of Limitation Exception Header
OIUX8_NM_STRXRFTax 2.0 - NM - Special Tax Rate Xref
OIUX8_NM_SUFFDECTax 2.0 - New Mexico Suffix Decimal
OIUX8_NM_SUFFXRFTax 2.0 - New Mexico Suffix and tax rate x-ref
OIUX8_NM_TAXDTLTax 2.0 - New Mexico Tax Details
OIUX8_NM_TAXHSTTax 2.0 - NM - Tax Transaction History
OIUX8_NM_TAXSTGTax 2.0 - NM - Tax Transactions (Staging)
OIUX8_NM_TAXTXNTax 2.0 - NM - Tax Transactions
OIUXC_PPTax 2.0 - Parallel Processing Control
OIUXC_RPT_PPTax 2.0 - Report Specific Parallel Processing Config
OIUXI_BA_TYPE_JVBusiness Associate Types for JV Integration
OIUXI_INTERFACEXI Interface settings
OIUXI_INTHOwnership Interface Header
OIUXI_INT_FDNFunds Delete Notification Control
OIUXI_INT_MESSGOwnership Interface Messages (Application/Technical)
OIUXI_PARMSParameters for object services
OIUXI_PARM_VALSParameters for object services
OIUXI_PPNHXI: Prior Period Notification Header
OIUY1_CAT_CDGeneric Category Code in New Royalty
OIUY1_CAT_CDTXDescriptions for the categories
OIUY1_CAT_CD_VALDescriptions for the codes
OIUY1_DOWNLOADThe intermediate table for download
OIUY1_EXEC_STATDExecution Statistics for Royalty Reporting
OIUY1_GEN_CD_VALMaintain Code with Effective Dated
OIUY1_REP_HISTReported data history
OIUY1_TXDOWNLOADThe intermediate table for Texas download
OIUY3Y_TX_MASTERRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Master Data PPN
OIUY3Y_TX_RRCRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - RRC Master PPN
OIUY3_MIG_DNRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/A&M - Migration - DNs
OIUY3_TX_ASUE_DTRoy 2.0 TX - Auto Suspend Exception Detail
OIUY3_TX_ASUE_HDRoy 2.0 TX - Auto Suspend Exception Header
OIUY3_TX_ASU_DTRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Auto Suspend Detail
OIUY3_TX_ASU_HDRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Auto Suspend Header
OIUY3_TX_BAXRFRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAU - BA Xref
OIUY3_TX_CTRLRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU Reporting Control Record Master
OIUY3_TX_GLO1_THRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - GLO1 Threshold
OIUY3_TX_GLO2_THRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - GLO2 Threshold
OIUY3_TX_INTSTGRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Royalty Trans Interface Staging
OIUY3_TX_INTTXNRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Royalty Transaction Interface
OIUY3_TX_LEASERoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Lease Master
OIUY3_TX_MASTERRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Master Data
OIUY3_TX_OOSHSTRoyalty 2.0 - TX - Out of Statute Royalty Transaction Hist
OIUY3_TX_OOSTXNRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Out of Statute Royalty Transactions
OIUY3_TX_OOSWORoyalty 2.0 - Texas GLO Out Of Statute Write Off
OIUY3_TX_OPSLRoy 2.0 TX - OPSL Summary Data for a Run
OIUY3_TX_OWNOVRRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU Owner Level Reporting Override
OIUY3_TX_PDCXRFRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Production Disposition XRef
OIUY3_TX_PRDTRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Royalty PRA Details
OIUY3_TX_PRDTARoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Royalty PRA Details (Allocated)
OIUY3_TX_RDCXRFRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Royalty Disposition XRef
OIUY3_TX_RDXR_CTRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Royalty Disposition XRef at CT
OIUY3_TX_REJRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Reject Codes
OIUY3_TX_REJTRoyalty 2.0 - Texas GLO - Reject Code Text
OIUY3_TX_REVSTGRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Royalty Reversals (Staging)
OIUY3_TX_REVTXNRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Royalty Reversals
OIUY3_TX_ROYHSTRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Royalty Transaction History
OIUY3_TX_ROYHSTARoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Royalty Trans History (Allocated)
OIUY3_TX_ROYSTGRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Royalty Transactions (Staging)
OIUY3_TX_ROYTXNRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Royalty Transactions
OIUY3_TX_ROYTXNARoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Royalty Transactions (Allocated)
OIUY3_TX_RPDTMRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Report Detail - Masters
OIUY3_TX_RPDTPRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU- Report Detail - Production
OIUY3_TX_RPDTSRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU- Report Detail - Summary
OIUY3_TX_RPGDTRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Gas Report
OIUY3_TX_RPODTRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Oil Report
OIUY3_TX_RPSMRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - Report Summary
OIUY3_TX_RRCRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU - RRC Master
OIUY3_TX_SOLRoyalty 2.0 - Texas GLO Statute of Limitation
OIUY3_TX_SOLEDTRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU SOL Exception Detail
OIUY3_TX_SOLEHDRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO/TAMU SOL Exception Header
OIUY3_TX_UNITRoyalty 2.0 - TX GLO - Unit Master
OIUY6Y_WY_MASTERRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Master Data PPN
OIUY6_MIG_DNRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Migration - DNs
OIUY6_WY_ASUE_DTRoy 2.0 WY - Auto Suspend Exception Detail
OIUY6_WY_ASUE_HDRoy 2.0 WY - Auto Suspend Exception Header
OIUY6_WY_ASU_DTRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Auto Suspend Detail
OIUY6_WY_ASU_HDRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Auto Suspend Header
OIUY6_WY_CAPOVRRoy 2.0 - Wyoming - CA Percent Override
OIUY6_WY_CBMOVRRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Coal Bed Methane Override
OIUY6_WY_INTSTGRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Royalty Transaction Interface (Staging)
OIUY6_WY_INTTXNRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Royalty Transaction Interface
OIUY6_WY_LEASERoyalty 2.0 - WY - Lease Data
OIUY6_WY_MASTERRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Master Data
OIUY6_WY_MKTXRFRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Marketing Type Xref
OIUY6_WY_OOSHSTRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Out of Statute Royalty Transaction Hist
OIUY6_WY_OOSTXNRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Out of Statute Royalty Transactions
OIUY6_WY_OOSWORoyalty 2.0 - Wyoming Out Of Statute Write Off
OIUY6_WY_OPSLRoy 2.0 WY - OPSL Summary Data for a Run
OIUY6_WY_PDCXRFRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Product Code Xref
OIUY6_WY_PRDTRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Royalty PRA Details
OIUY6_WY_PRDTARoyalty 2.0 - WY - Royalty PRA Details (Allocated)
OIUY6_WY_PRICERoyalty 2.0 - WY - Report Pricing
OIUY6_WY_REJRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Reject Codes
OIUY6_WY_REJTRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Reject Code Text
OIUY6_WY_REVSTGRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Royalty Reversals (Staging)
OIUY6_WY_REVTXNRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Royalty Reversals
OIUY6_WY_ROYHSTRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Royalty Transaction History
OIUY6_WY_ROYHSTARoyalty 2.0 - WY - Royalty Transaction History (Allocated)
OIUY6_WY_ROYSTGRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Royalty Transactions (Staging)
OIUY6_WY_ROYTXNRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Royalty Transactions
OIUY6_WY_ROYTXNARoyalty 2.0 - WY - Royalty Transactions (Allocated)
OIUY6_WY_RPDTCRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Lease/Unit Report Detail - CA
OIUY6_WY_RPDTDRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Report Details
OIUY6_WY_RPDTLRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Report Details Lease
OIUY6_WY_RPDTMRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Lease/Unit Report Detail - Masters
OIUY6_WY_RPDTPRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Lease/Unit Report Detail - Production
OIUY6_WY_RPDTSRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Lease/Unit Report Detail - PR/CA Summar
OIUY6_WY_RPDTURoyalty 2.0 - WY - Report Details Unit
OIUY6_WY_SOLRoyalty 2.0 - Wyoming Statute of Limitation
OIUY6_WY_SOLEDTRoyalty 2.0 - WY Statute of Limitation Exception Detail
OIUY6_WY_SOLEHDRoyalty 2.0 - WY Statute of Limitation Exception Header
OIUY6_WY_ZVOLRoyalty 2.0 - WY - Zero Volume Master
OIUYA_COY_ENTITYColorado Generic Rep - Agency Entity (PPN)
OIUYA_COY_MASTERRoy 2.0 CO – Master Data PPN
OIUYA_CO_ENTITYRoy 2.0 CO – Entity/Lease details
OIUYA_CO_FORM7Roy 2.0 CO - Form 7 Data
OIUYA_CO_MASTERRoy 2.0 CO – Master Data details
OIUYA_CO_PRDTARoy 2.0 CO – PRA Details
OIUYA_CO_ROYHSTARoy 2.0 CO – Royalty History
OIUYA_CO_ROYTXNARoy 2.0 CO – Royalty Transactions
OIUYA_CO_RPDTRoy 2.0 CO – Report Details
OIUYA_CO_RRSTRoy 2.0 CO - Processed FORM 7 Reports
OIUYA_CO_ZVOLRoy 2.0 CO - Zero Volume Reporting Master
OIUYC_BA_RPTIDRoyalty 2.0 - Report ID Owner Cross Reference
OIUYC_DOC_JEINTFJE structure with PRA entity details
OIUYC_OVR_MASTEROverride master - Pass Exception data to Royalty loaders
OIU_ACCT_PERD_DT_RANGERange for Accounting Period Ranges
OIU_ANALYTICS_OPERATOROperator for a Joint Venture
OIU_BUKRS_RANGERange for Company Code
OIU_CC_RANGERange for Cost Center
OIU_CM_BATCHPROFunction process for volume allocation
OIU_CM_BRNCDBrand Codes (TBLCS025)
OIU_CM_BRNCD_TXBrand Code Text (TBLCS025)
OIU_CM_COMPC_TXPRA Company Code table
OIU_CM_CPDCCombined Product Code/Major Product Code (TBLRV031)
OIU_CM_CPDC_TXCombined Product Code/Major Product Code Text (TBLRV031)
OIU_CM_CTCATContract Category
OIU_CM_CTCAT_TXContract Category
OIU_CM_CTTYPContract Type (TBLCS007)
OIU_CM_CTTYPGRPContract Type Group
OIU_CM_CTTYP_TXContract Type Text
OIU_CM_DOISTPRA DOI Status Code table
OIU_CM_DOIST_TXDOI Status Description
OIU_CM_EDITConfiguration Edits
OIU_CM_EDIT_TXConfiguration Edits Description
OIU_CM_EIA_CDEnergy Information Agency Code Table - TBLCS037
OIU_CM_EIA_CD_TXEnergy Information Agency Code Table - TBLCS037 - TEXT
OIU_CM_ENTCDEntity Codes
OIU_CM_ENTCD_TXEntity Type Codes - Text
OIU_CM_FUPROFunction process for volume allocation
OIU_CM_HIER_ENTPRA Hierarchy Node Entity
OIU_CM_HIER_EXPPRA Entity group expand table
OIU_CM_INTCATInterest Category
OIU_CM_INTCAT_TXInterest Category
OIU_CM_INTTYPGRPInterest Type Group Table
OIU_CM_LOCK_OBJLock objects with business key
OIU_CM_LXPGLCountry and Primary Geo. Location Xref
OIU_CM_LXPGL_TXDescription of Primary Geographical Locations
OIU_CM_LXSGLCross Reference Between Country and Secondary Geo. Locatio
OIU_CM_LXSGL_TXDescription of Secondary Geographical Locations
OIU_CM_MAT_PRCDMaterial and Product Code (processing) Xref
OIU_CM_MKCTMarketing Cost Type Codes -TBLRV039
OIU_CM_MKCT_TXMarketing Cost Type Codes - TBLRV039 - Text
OIU_CM_MKTMarketing types table
OIU_CM_MKT_TXMarketing type description table
OIU_CM_MPCATKlasse der Erfassungspunktart
OIU_CM_MPCATMeasurement Point Type Category
OIU_CM_MPCAT_TXMeasurement Point Type Category
OIU_CM_MPTYPGRPMeasurement Point Type Group
OIU_CM_PARAMCommon PRA Parameter
OIU_CM_PAYOUTPayout Codes (code_payout_code)
OIU_CM_PAYOUT_TXPayout Codes Description (code_payout_code)
OIU_CM_PDCDProduct Codes - Tblcm003
OIU_CM_PDCD_TXProduct Codes - Tblcm003 - Text
OIU_CM_PINTTYParticipant Interest Type (TBLRV006 & TBLRV035)
OIU_CM_PINTTY_TXParticipant Interest Type Description (TBLR006 & TBLR035)
OIU_CM_PPARSNPrior Period Adjustments - TBLCM028
OIU_CM_PPARSN_TXPrior Period Adjustment Reason Codes - TBLCM028 - TEXT
OIU_CM_PRESLocation to Pressure Base Xref
OIU_CM_PSTARPosting Area Codes (TBLCS015)
OIU_CM_PSTAR_TXPosting Area Text (TBLCS015)
OIU_CM_PYMTPayment Code - TBLCS023
OIU_CM_PYMT_TXPayment Code Text
OIU_CM_RCLSReclassification of Production Codes
OIU_CM_REJCDReject Reason Code Table - TBLRV027
OIU_CM_REJCD_TXReject Code Text - TBLRV027
OIU_CM_RVWDValuation Reserve Word (TBLRV006)
OIU_CM_RVWD_TXValuation Reserve Word Description (TBLRV006)
OIU_CM_SCHDCDSchool district code
OIU_CM_SCHDCD_TXSchool district code description
OIU_CM_SEVTGRPSeverance Type Group Table
OIU_CM_SEVTTYSeverance Tax Types - TBLRV014
OIU_CM_SEVTTY_TXSeverance Tax Type Code Text Table (TBLRV014)
OIU_CM_SN_NRNumber ranges by table names
OIU_CM_SUSPSuspense Reason Codes (TBLRV007)
OIU_CM_SUSP_TXSuspense Reason Code Descriptions (TBLRV007)
OIU_CM_TAXCLSTax Class - Table
OIU_CM_TAXCLS_TXTax Class - Text
OIU_CM_TFCTax Free Code (TBLRV018)
OIU_CM_TFC_TXTax Free Code Description (TBLRV018)
OIU_CM_TXN_CTLTransaction control table
OIU_CM_UOMPRA Units of measure
OIU_CM_VLCATVolume Category
OIU_CM_VLCAT_TXVolume Category
OIU_CM_VLRPTValuation Reporting - Table
OIU_CM_VLRPT_TXValuation Reporting - Text
OIU_CM_VLTYPGRPVolume Category Type Group
OIU_CM_VNAMSTPRA Venture Status Code table - (TBLRV047)
OIU_CM_VNAMST_TXPRA Venture Status Description - (TBLRV047)
OIU_COMMONFields for Common Functions & General Screen Fields
OIU_CREATIONCreator and date/time created
OIU_CT_LVL_ENTLContract level entitlements for primary products
OIU_CT_SEC_ENTLContract level entitlements for secondary products
OIU_CW_SUM_PAYSummarized Payable Table for Check Write
OIU_DN_STRUCTUREDelivery network structure
OIU_DO_BGUCBearer Group Use Control
OIU_DO_BGUC_WKBearer Group Use Control
OIU_DO_BRBearer Table
OIU_DO_BR_WKBearer Table
OIU_DO_DIBase Venture/DOI Relationship
OIU_DO_DIDODivision of Interest Information for Division Order Print
OIU_DO_DODivision of Interest Ownership
OIU_DO_DODOOwner Print Information table
OIU_DO_DOEXOwner State Tax Exemption
OIU_DO_DOGRIDivision Order Gross Revenue Interest
OIU_DO_DOHOwnership History
OIU_DO_DO_WKDivision of Interest Ownership Worktable
OIU_DO_DPDOI Accounting Information
OIU_DO_DPICDOI Product Interest Control
OIU_DO_DPIC_WKDOI Product Interest Control
OIU_DO_DPSEVTDOI Accounting Severance Tax Types Table
OIU_DO_DPUCDOI Product Use Control
OIU_DO_DPUC_WKDOI Product Use Control
OIU_DO_JVPRA venture extension
OIU_DO_MKEXMarketing Cost Exemption Table
OIU_DO_MUVLMaintain Unit Venture Volumes
OIU_DO_PUCProperty Unit Use Control
OIU_DO_TRTract Information
OIU_DO_TRGRITract Gross Revenue Interest
OIU_ENPIS Oil E&P invoicing interface include structure
OIU_EPOICF3Include-Struktur für E&P und OICF3
OIU_EPOICF3Include structure for E&P and OICF3
OIU_EP_BLFB1Struktur für die Erweiterung von BLFB1
OIU_EP_BLFB1Structure for BLFB1 Extension
OIU_EP_KNB1E&P-Erweiterung zu KNB1
OIU_EP_KNB1E&P Extension for KNB1
OIU_EP_LFA1E&P-Erweiterung für LFA1
OIU_EP_LFA1E&P Extension for LFA1
OIU_EP_LFB1E&P Extension for LFB1
OIU_GRVDEFTabelle mit Vorschlagswerten für API-Wichtestaffel
OIU_GRVDEFGravity scale default table
OIU_IND_TER_CALCIndustry Terminology Vrs calculation rule mapping
OIU_KNB1_EPE&P Extension for KNB1
OIU_KOMFKGNIS oil E&P invoicing additional fields for VBRP/VBRK
OIU_KOMKIS Oil E&P-Fakturierungsschnittstelle: Zus. Kopffelder
OIU_KOMKIS Oil E&P invoicing interface additional header fields
OIU_LFA1_EPE&P Extension for LFA1
OIU_LFB1_EPE&P Extension for LFB1
OIU_MASS_UP_CONFConfiguration table for mass upload
OIU_ME_CLASSMeasurement Class
OIU_ME_CLASS_TXMeasurement Class Text
OIU_ME_CNTNRGeneral measurement container
OIU_ME_FPARMMeasurement calculation function parameters
OIU_ME_FPARM_TXMeasurement calculation function parameters
OIU_ME_FUNCMeasurement calculation functions
OIU_ME_MCCATMeasurement container category
OIU_ME_MCCAT_TXMeasurement container category
OIU_ME_MEDOCMeasurement document header
OIU_ME_MEDOC_ITMeasurement document item
OIU_ME_MEOBJMeasurement object
OIU_ME_MEOBJ_DTMeasurement object detail
OIU_ME_MEOBJ_USMeasurement object usage
OIU_ME_MREADMeasurement Type Reading
OIU_ME_MREAD_DVMeasurement Reading Derivation
OIU_ME_MREAD_GPPRA Measurement reading groups
OIU_ME_MREAD_GTPRA Measurement reading group descriptions
OIU_ME_MREAD_TXMeasurement Type Reading Text
OIU_ME_MTYPEMeasurement Type
OIU_ME_MTYPE_ASMeasurement Type Assignment
OIU_ME_MTYPE_CDMeasurement Type Calculation Detail
OIU_ME_MTYPE_CLMeasurement Type Calculations
OIU_ME_MTYPE_FTMeasurement Type Field Transport
OIU_ME_MTYPE_TXMeasurement Type Text
OIU_ME_READINGMeasurement reading
OIU_ME_RTYPEReading Type
OIU_ME_RTYPE_CHReading Type Characteristics
OIU_ME_RTYPE_TXReading Type Text
OIU_ME_SOURCEMeasurement Source
OIU_ME_SOURCE_TXMeasurement Source Text
OIU_ME_UOM_GRPRA Measurement: Unit of Measurement Groups
OIU_ME_UOM_GR_ASPRA Measurement: Unit of Measurement Group Assignment
OIU_ME_UOM_GR_TXPRA Measurement: Unit of Measurement Group Texts
OIU_MKTG_DTLMarketing Detail structure
OIU_MKTG_DTL_GGross Marketing Detail structure
OIU_MPTYP_STRUCTUREMeasurement point type
OIU_OICF2Include für E&P
OIU_OICF2Include for E&P
OIU_OICF2_AAPPEND-Struktur für E&P
OIU_OICF2_AAppend for E&P
OIU_OICF3E&P-Anhang zu OICF3
OIU_OICF3E&P append for OICF3
OIU_OICFRE&P-APPEND-Struktur für Detailauswertung
OIU_OICFRE&P append fro second level analysis
OIU_OIUFRAPPEND E&P structure for second level analysis (DECO)
OIU_OR_LVL_1_NO_RANGERange for Company Code (char 3 ) ranges
OIU_PM_MAPCustomizing table for PRA / PM Integration mapping
OIU_PM_XREFCross reference for PRA / PM entities
OIU_PRI_GEO_LOC_RANGERange for Primary Geographical Location ( State Codes)
OIU_PR_CHACCmtchac - Chemical Analysis Compatibility Code Table
OIU_PR_CHACDChemical Analysis Component Details
OIU_PR_CHAC_TXCmtchac - Chemical Analysis Compatibility Code Tbl - Text
OIU_PR_CHAGPDChemical Analysis Gas Properties Details
OIU_PR_CHAHChemical Analysis Header
OIU_PR_CHALPDChemical Analysis Liquid Properties Detail
OIU_PR_CHAMTDChemical Analysis Measurement Type Determination
OIU_PR_CHATDComponent Typification Detail
OIU_PR_CHATHComponent Typification Header
OIU_PR_CHRTChart Type Common Table - Tblpr070
OIU_PR_CHRT_TXChart Type Common Table - Tblpr070 - Text
OIU_PR_CMPNDChemical Compounds
OIU_PR_CMPND_TXChemical Compound Descriptions
OIU_PR_CTPAMDContract to Gas Plant Allocation Method Xref Detail
OIU_PR_CTPAMHContract to Gas Plant Allocation Method Xref Header
OIU_PR_CUSPAMDCustom Plant Allocation Method Detail
OIU_PR_CUSPAMHCustom Plant Allocation Methods Header
OIU_PR_CXREFComponent Crossreference
OIU_PR_DNDelivery Network
OIU_PR_DNAPDNetwork Allocation Profile Detail
OIU_PR_DNAPHNetwork Allocation Profile Header
OIU_PR_DNSTDDelivery Network Status Detail
OIU_PR_DNSTHDelivery Network Status Header
OIU_PR_DNTCMDelivery Network Theoretical Calculation Method
OIU_PR_DNVDDelivery Network Variable Data
OIU_PR_DN_GRP_TXPRA: Delivery Network Group
OIU_PR_DN_LINKDelivery Network Links
OIU_PR_DN_MGIDDelivery Network Measurement Group ID
OIU_PR_DN_UOMGUnit of Measure Group
OIU_PR_FL_GRPPRA: Field Group Codes
OIU_PR_FL_GRP_TXPRA: Field Group Text
OIU_PR_FNCFGProduction Configurable Functions
OIU_PR_FRMDFormula Rules Maintenance Detail
OIU_PR_FRMDWFormular Rules DW
OIU_PR_FRMHFormula Rules Maintenance Header
OIU_PR_GP_CMPNTGas Plant Components / QCI Parameter Names
OIU_PR_HC_CMPNTHydrocarbon Components / QCI Parameter Names
OIU_PR_HPPNDVolumetric Historical PPN Detail
OIU_PR_HPPNHVolumetric Historical PPN Header
OIU_PR_LIFEST_TXLife Stage - TBLPR004 - Text
OIU_PR_LWGORLease Wide Gas/Oil Ratio
OIU_PR_MPPRA Measurement Points
OIU_PR_MPALBPRA: Measurement Point Allocation Base
OIU_PR_MPALFMP Allocation Factor
OIU_PR_MPAPDMeasure Point Allocation Profile Detail
OIU_PR_MPAPHMeasure Point Allocation Profile Header
OIU_PR_MPFUSDMeasurement Point Liquid Throughput
OIU_PR_MPFUSHMeasure Point Fuel Use Specification
OIU_PR_MPHVMeasurement Point Heating Value
OIU_PR_MPMSPMeasure Point Meter specifications
OIU_PR_MPMTDMeasurement point meas. type derivation
OIU_PR_MPRMATMeasurement Point Reproduced Materials
OIU_PR_MPTRNHPRA: Measurement Point Transporter Xref
OIU_PR_MPTYPErfassungspunktarten - Tblpr002
OIU_PR_MPTYPMeasurement Point Types - Tblpr002
OIU_PR_MPTYP_TXMeasurement Point Types - Tblpr002 - text
OIU_PR_MPVDPRA: Measurement Point Variable Data
OIU_PR_MPVLPRA: Measurement Point Volumetric Data
OIU_PR_MPVL_MRMeas. point volume assignment to meas. readings
OIU_PR_MPVOLOutput Interface for MP volumes
OIU_PR_MP_CHEM_ANALYSISOutput interface for MP chemical analysis
OIU_PR_MP_MASTEROutput interface for Measurement Point master data
OIU_PR_MP_MEASMeasurement Point Measurement
OIU_PR_MTRCLS_TXMeter Class - TBLPR061 - Text
OIU_PR_MV_CFGVollume Allocation Metered Volume Configuration
OIU_PR_NGCANatural Gas Compound Alias
OIU_PR_NGCA_TXNatural Gas Compound Aliases Text
OIU_PR_NODE_DNNode on a delivery Network
OIU_PR_NODE_MPDelivery Network Node: Measurement Point
OIU_PR_NODE_WCDelivery Network Node: Well Completion
OIU_PR_NPSTSNon-Producing Well Status - TBLPR082
OIU_PR_PAMGas Plant Allocation Methods - TBLCS031
OIU_PR_PAM_TXGas Plant Allocation Methods - TBLCS031 - Text
OIU_PR_PFPRA: Platform
OIU_PR_PFLOCPlatform location
OIU_PR_PFLOC_TXPlatform location
OIU_PR_PF_GRPPRA: Platform Group Codes
OIU_PR_PF_GRP_TXPRA: Platform Group Text
OIU_PR_PMCDWell Category/Producing Method Codes Table - Tblcm013
OIU_PR_PMCD_TXWell Category/Producing Method Codes Table - Tblcm013 - text
OIU_PR_PPCHCPlant Product Cmpnt/Hydrocarbon Cmpnt Xref-TBLPR069,TBLOZ0
OIU_PR_PPCHC_TXPlant Product Cmpnt/Hydrocarbon Cmpnt Xref-TBLPR069,TBLOZ0
OIU_PR_PPNDProduction Prior Period Notification Delivery Ntwk Det. T
OIU_PR_PPNHPrior Period Notification Header
OIU_PR_RESZNPRA: Reservoir Zone Identification
OIU_PR_RRWCRegulatory Reporting Reallocated Well Completions
OIU_PR_RS_GRPPRA: Reservoir Group Codes
OIU_PR_RS_GRP_TXPRA: Reservoir Group Text
OIU_PR_STRMTMultiple Stream Types - Tblpr090
OIU_PR_STRMT_TXMultiple Stream Types - Tblpr090 - Text
OIU_PR_TRMTHTransportation Method - Tblpr020
OIU_PR_TRMTH_TXTransportation Method - Tblpr020 - text
OIU_PR_TWCDVHTemporary Well Completion Volumes
OIU_PR_VCRWIStructure for AGRI & GRI percentage
OIU_PR_VLICDVolume Indicator Types - Tblpr017
OIU_PR_VLICD_TXVolume Indicator Types - Tblpr017 - Text
OIU_PR_VLTCXVolume Type Xref To Volume Category
OIU_PR_VLTYPVolume Type Table - Tblcm010
OIU_PR_VLTYP_TXVolume Type Table - Tblcm010 - Text
OIU_PR_VTRCLSVolume Type Gas Lift Gas Reclassification
OIU_PR_WCPRA: Well Completion
OIU_PR_WCACDPRA: Weighted Average Chemical Analysis Component Detail
OIU_PR_WCALBPRA: Well Completion Allocation Base
OIU_PR_WCALFWC Allocation Factor
OIU_PR_WCDHDDownhole Comingled Well Completion Cross Reference
OIU_PR_WCDHHDownhole Commingled Well Completion
OIU_PR_WCDTPRA: Well Completion Downtime
OIU_PR_WCDTRPRA: Well Completion Downtime Reason
OIU_PR_WCDVLHWell Completion Disposition Volumes Header
OIU_PR_WCDVLH_STStructure for Well Completion Disposition Volumes Header
OIU_PR_WCHAHPRA: Weighted Average Chemical Analysis Header
OIU_PR_WCHVWell Completion Heading Value
OIU_PR_WCOLDPRA: Well Completion Offset Lease
OIU_PR_WCOLHPRA: Well Completion Offset Lease
OIU_PR_WCRMATWell Completion Reproduced Materials
OIU_PR_WCSSDWell Completion Supply Source Detail
OIU_PR_WCSSHWell Completion Supply Source Dated Header
OIU_PR_WCTCMPRA: Well Completion Theoretical Calculation Method
OIU_PR_WCTRNHPRA: Well Completion Transporter Xref
OIU_PR_WCVDWell Completion Variable Data
OIU_PR_WC_MEASWell Completion Measurement
OIU_PR_WC_STSWell completion status
OIU_PR_WC_STS_TXWell completion status
OIU_PR_WLCLSWell Class Table - Tblpr014
OIU_PR_WLCLS_TXWell Class Table - Tblpr014 - Text
OIU_PR_WLDEVWell Deviation
OIU_PR_WLDEV_TXWell Deviation
OIU_PR_WL_GRPPRA: Well Group Codes
OIU_PR_WL_GRP_TXPRA: Well Group Text
OIU_PR_WSWCXWell Class/Well Status Xref - Tblpr056
OIU_PR_WTMTDWell Test Measurement Type Derivation
OIU_PR_WVMTDWell Completion Volumes Measurement Type Determination
OIU_QCI_OPTConfiguration table for QCI Optimization
OIU_QCI_UOMPQCI parameter of units
OIU_QUANAdditional quantities for PRA transactions in valuation
OIU_QUOGRPDefinition von Notierungsgruppen
OIU_QUOGRPQuotation group definition
OIU_QUOGRPTBeschreibung einer Notierungsgruppe
OIU_QUOGRPTQuotation group description
OIU_RV13AE&P display structure
OIU_RV_CGPTContract General Price Terms
OIU_RV_CLTExterne Ladeliste und verschiedene Liefernummern
OIU_RV_CLTE&P Contract Table Long Term
OIU_RV_CMCCContract Marketing Cost Control Header
OIU_RV_CMCDContract Marketing Cost Detail
OIU_RV_CMKTCheck Detail Marketing Deductions
OIU_RV_CNDKYCondition PPN field cross reference
OIU_RV_CPTDContract Product Tax Reimbursement Detail
OIU_RV_CPTRContract Product Tax Reimbursement Header
OIU_RV_CTGenerated Table for View
OIU_RV_CTTYPGRPContract type group table maintained by SAP
OIU_RV_CTXPRA Contract Type Cross Reference
OIU_RV_CT_HExterne Ladeliste und verschiedene Liefernummern
OIU_RV_CT_HE&P Contract Table Header
OIU_RV_DISPstructure fro display gravity maintenance
OIU_RV_DMCHProperty/DOI Marketing Cost Header
OIU_RV_FRMLValuation Formula Id
OIU_RV_FRMLAUValuation Formula Alternate Use
OIU_RV_FRMLDValuation Formula Detail
OIU_RV_GRAVIDGravity ID definition
OIU_RV_GRAVIDTGravity table text
OIU_RV_GRDEFGravity table defintion
OIU_RV_GRSCHgravity scale header table
OIU_RV_GRSCIgravity scale item table
OIU_RV_GRVDGravity Scale Adjustment Detail
OIU_RV_GRVHGravity Scale Adjustment Header
OIU_RV_LOAD_OILValuation Load Oil Transactions
OIU_RV_MKTGJournal Entry Marketing Detail
OIU_RV_MKTG_HJournal Entry Marketing Detail
OIU_RV_MKTRANTransaction Code Cross Reference With MarketingType Code
OIU_RV_MRMarketing Rate
OIU_RV_MRTMarketing Rate Transactions
OIU_RV_MR_MPMarketing Rate Header for MP
OIU_RV_MR_WCMarketing Rate Header for WC
OIU_RV_MULT_DNMultiple DN for same well
OIU_RV_NPCValuation Network Processing Control - Table
OIU_RV_OICQPInformationstabelle für Preisnotierungen
OIU_RV_OICQPQuotation Price Information Table
OIU_RV_PBDPrice Bulletin Posting Table
OIU_RV_PDXSSSettlement Statements/Purchaser - DOI Cross Reference
OIU_RV_PPCNDPosting / condition cross reference table
OIU_RV_PPNSDFields for SD/PPN cross reference
OIU_RV_RVTRejected Valuation Transactions
OIU_RV_RVWDValuation Reserve Word Control Table
OIU_RV_VCRValuation Cross Reference
OIU_RV_VCRNIValuation Cross Reference Non-Working Interest (Settlement
OIU_RV_VCRWIValuation Cross Reference Working Interest
OIU_RV_VCRWI_NEWValuation Cross Reference Working Interest - New
OIU_RV_VLDPValuation Division Order Prior Period Process
OIU_RV_VLRPTValuation Reporting
OIU_RV_VLRPTHValuation Report Detail Header
OIU_RV_VLRVSValuation Reversal Notificaton
OIU_RV_VLTXNSValuation Transactions
OIU_RV_VLXASValuation Cross Reference Association
OIU_RV_VLXAS_NEWValuation Cross Reference Association - New
OIU_RV_VPPNValuation Prior Period Notification
OIU_RV_VPPNMManually Created Valuation Prior Period Notifications
OIU_RV_VPPNUValuation Prior Period Notification
OIU_RV_VXDSValuation Cross Reference Date Stamp
OIU_RV_VXDS_KEYSchlüsselfelder von OIU_RV_VXDS
OIU_SALES_DATE_RANGERange for Sales Date
OIU_SB_ACRDAllocation Cross Reference Detail
OIU_SB_ACRHheader table for the Allocation Cross Reference
OIU_SB_ACTMPActual Owner Level Contractual Allocations results at MP's
OIU_SB_ACTMP_TActual Owner Level Contractual Allocations results at MP's
OIU_SB_ACTWCActual Owner Level Contractual Allocations results at WC's
OIU_SB_ACTWC_TActual Owner Level Contractual Allocations results at WC's
OIU_SB_AVDAvailability Detail
OIU_SB_AVEXexception/error for availability point
OIU_SB_AVFLUXAvailability Point Fluctuations
OIU_SB_AVHAvailability Header
OIU_SB_AVMPAvailability to Measurement Point Cross Reference
OIU_SB_AVWCAvailability Well Completion
OIU_SB_AVXREFAvailability to Capacity Point Cross Reference
OIU_SB_BLRSNBalancing Direct Input Transaction Reason Codes
OIU_SB_BLRSN_TXBalancing Direct Input Transaction Reason Codes Texts
OIU_SB_CAMPGDContract Volumes by Measurement Point - Gas Detail
OIU_SB_CAMPHContract volumes by measurement point header
OIU_SB_CAMPODContract Volumes by Measurement Point - Oil Detail
OIU_SB_CAPCapacity Header
OIU_SB_CAPMPCapacity Measurement Point
OIU_SB_CAPWCCapacity Well Completion
OIU_SB_CTRMPVolumes for sale
OIU_SB_CTRMP_TVolumes for sale
OIU_SB_CTROBObserved Conditions
OIU_SB_CTRWCVolumes for sale
OIU_SB_CTRWC_TVolumes for sale
OIU_SB_DLYAVDaily Availability
OIU_SB_DOIMPCross-reference for MP and DOI
OIU_SB_DOIWCDOI/WC Cross Reference
OIU_SB_ENTMPMP level owner entitlements
OIU_SB_ENTMP_TMP level owner entitlements
OIU_SB_ENTWCWC level owner entitlements
OIU_SB_ENTWC_TWC level owner entitlements
OIU_SB_FLUXGas Control Monthly Volume Fluctuations Table
OIU_SB_MGDDMarketing Group Determination Detail
OIU_SB_MGDHMarketing Group Determination Header
OIU_SB_MGKWMarketing Group Keep Whole
OIU_SB_MGOPMPMarketing Group Owner Percent MP
OIU_SB_MGOPMP_TMarketing Group Owner Percent MP
OIU_SB_MGOPWCMarketing Group Owner Percent WC
OIU_SB_MGOPWC_TMarketing Group Owner Percent WC
OIU_SB_NIMBMarketing representative imbalance volumes
OIU_SB_NMCHGOriginal Daily Availability Volumes
OIU_SB_NMHSTDaily Availability Revisions
OIU_SB_NSRSNNot Selling Reason
OIU_SB_NSRSN_TXNot Selling Reason Codes Text
OIU_SB_OADOwner Availability Detail
OIU_SB_OAHOwner Availability Header
OIU_SB_OAHMPOwner Availability Header: Measurement Points
OIU_SB_OAHWCOwner Availability Header: Well Completions
OIU_SB_ONERUNOne Run per Month
OIU_SB_OZOPDOutside operated residual contract detail
OIU_SB_OZOPHOutside operated residual contract header
OIU_SB_PBAProduct balancing agreement
OIU_SB_PBMKUPmakeup percentages in the product balancing agreement
OIU_SB_RANKGas Balancing Ranking Table
OIU_SB_RNAMPResidue and NGL actual at a MP level
OIU_SB_RNAMP_TTemporary Residue and NGL actual at a MP level
OIU_SB_RNAWCResidue and NGL actual at a WC level
OIU_SB_RNAWC_TTemporary Residue and NGL actual at a WC level
OIU_SB_RNEMPResidue and NGL entitlements at a MP level
OIU_SB_RNEMP_TTemporary Residue and NGL entitlements at a MP level
OIU_SB_RNEWCResidue and NGL entitlements at a WC level
OIU_SB_RNEWC_TTemporary Residue and NGL entitlements at a WC level
OIU_SB_SPEMPSpecial owner entitlements at MP level
OIU_SB_SPEMP_TSpecial owner entitlements at MP level
OIU_SB_SPEWCSpecial owner entitlements at WC level
OIU_SB_SPEWC_TSpecial owner entitlements at WC level
OIU_SB_SRCAllocation Percentage
OIU_SEVTGRPGenerated Table for View
OIU_SUGRS3Text Table with 256 Characters per Line
OIU_S_PPI_RT_GRIStructure for PPI and Record Title GRI comparison
OIU_S_QCI_BUFFERStructure for QCI Buffer
OIU_TIME_VAKE_DBStructure necessary for update function
OIU_TVAKE&P Extension
OIU_TVAKE&P Extension
OIU_VNAME_RANGERange for Venture Name
OIU_VT_RANGERange for Volume Types
OIU_WC_RANGERange for Well
OIU_WELL_RANGERange for Well