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  • ACSET for cost centers in depreciation run
  • Allowed posting periods
  • ARO: Reversals do not check allowed posting period intervals
  • Authorization default values for transaction OB52
  • BAPI: Posting to closed period
  • BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE not returning F5286 in test mode
  • BUC: Posting in closed periods
  • Accounting legislation 2001
  • Cancellation of CRM billing document cannot be released to accounting because of closed period in FI
  • Change logs are incomplete
  • Change logs are missing
  • Change logs cannot be found in T-code OB52
  • Change logs cannot be found | Open and Close Posting Periods
  • Check of special periods for a shortened fiscal year
  • Checking the parallel new general ledger
  • Checks are missing
  • Clearing document is posted to a closed period
  • Cloco - RFPERIOD_OPEN report
  • Closing FI-GL before FI-AA
  • CO_TRANS: General sets during input and productive parallel processing in same controlling area for different objects
  • Cockpit for the introduction of a parallel reporting: Various corrections
  • Company code specific editing of posting periods via program RFOB5200
  • CORR: Determining FI acctng date in installmnt premium batch
  • Correction for miscalculation in rule FICLPEP_03C2_*
  • CS_DEMO: Error message F5 286
  • CTE_FIN SP7: Posting Date Recalculation - Shifted Fiscal Year
  • Current settings cannot be maintained
  • Customiz. dialog: Incorr. interpreted selection condition
  • Customizing: Current settings
  • DBM/ORDER/: Billing cancel error because of FI period lock
  • DBTABLOG-HOSTNAME "R3trans ############" instead of "R3trans
  • Ausführliche Doku zur Berechtigungsgruppe fehlt
  • Disbursement: Posting disbursements to special periods
  • Document splitting: Master data for zero-balance clearing account
  • Documentation for data element WNPER_KK (special period) is not unique
  • Documents posted after closing the period in OB52          
  • Duplicate hot keys in menus
  • Requests: Error >0200 - posting period closed
  • Error F5 567 at the period end closing in Material Ledger
  • Error FAGL_LEDGER_CUST023 after activating Business Function PSM_GEN_BUDPER_1
  • FPDR: Error message 460(>4) if posting period is closed for individual accounts
  • Error message AA310 in T-Code: RECEEP
  • Error message FAGL_LEDGER_CUST 023, classic G/L
  • Error message FAGL_POST_SERVICE 024 when posting
  • OB52: Error message FC 450 - 'For account type 'V', do not specify account numbers'
  • Error message TK430 in program RFOB5200 or T-code OB52B
  • Error "Posting only possible in periods xxx in company code xxx" on material issue - SAP Inventory Manager
  • EURO: fiscal year change
  • Euro: Tr.OB52 Error msg FC446 incorrectly displayed
  • F5 234 Fiscal year variant is incorrect
  • F-90 Error F5201 "Posting period xxx 2019 is not open"
  • F110 - authorization object F_BKPF_BUP is not checked for account types
  • F5201 - AFAB error poting period is not open – ECC          
  • F5567 with transfer posting via KB11N at fiscal year change
  • Facing error F5201 when posting to Special Ledger in BAPI
  • FAGL_EHP4_T001B_COFI : F1 help for authorization group
  • FB02/OB32: Field can be changed despite period being closed
  • MMRV and return postings to the previous period
  • FB60: F5 286 not justified during posting
  • FBCJ: Check of cash account for open period
  • FBCJ: Message F5 286 issued without justification
  • FBCJ: Posting of cash journal documents in special period
  • FBCJ: Posting to closed period is possible
  • FBCJ: Problems in SP46 (46C) or SP16 (in 470)
  • FBV0: document cannot be posted despite setting in OBD1
  • FC 452 is not raised
  • FGL:CR for CR9 (UI validations)
  • FI-AA Closing Procedure in sFIN and S4 Environment
  • FI: Error in French translation of message F5 201
  • CORR: Financial period check when calculating unearned premiums
  • Fiori App F0718: Posting period is not open
  • FKKORD1: Message KI806 during request entry in special period          
  • FP05: Payment clarification falis "Posting period &1 &2 for G/L account &3 &4 is closed"
  • FP07: Reset Cleared Items for closed period
  • FPCJ/FPCD: As from 605 reversal date on screen is ignored
  • FPG1: Error F5568 after reversal with FPG8
  • FPYE1 wrong special period during transfer in FPG1          220
  • How to set period for Reconciliation account in T-code OB52
  • ICR returns error message FB_ICRC149 "Period is locked for all companies"
  • In ENJOY transactions document can be posted even if Posting Period is closed before pressing the "Post" button
  • Incomplete or incorrect authorization defaults
  • Interest rate maintenance for fair value report
  • IS-OIL Application Test 4.6B
  • KI806 Der Vorgang - CO-Durchbuchung aus FiBu wurde gesperrt         
  • ORR: Unberechtigte Fehlermeldung bei der Buchungsperiodenprüfung - Teil II
  • KORR: Unberechtigte Fehlermeldung bei der Buchungsperiodenprüfung
  • Lock posting periods for G/L account intervals
  • Maintainance in OB52 based on company codes
  • Release Information Note: Manage Posting Period Variants and Manage Posting Periods for S/4 HANA Cloud 1705
  • Manage Posting Period Variants and Manage Posting Periods for SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1708
  • Manage Posting Periods app (F2293) contains unexpected entries in Normal and/or Adjustment periods
  • Manage Posting Periods Authorization          
  • Message K5033 during reconciliation posting          
  • MIGO/MB01: Incorrect account type with check of FI posting period
  • MIRO Advance payment: Closed FI posting period
  • MIRO: certain checks missing for cross-CoCode clearing lines
  • MIRO: F5286 despite open posting period
  • Missing check for closed posting period
  • Missing translation of 'Authorization Group (AuGr)'          
  • MMRV and return postings to the previous period
  • MR22 for non-leading ledger leads to false positive error F5 201          
  • MRBP: Posting date determination and error F5286
  • N8170 Buchungsperiode 12 geschlossen
  • New function in the cockpit for the introduction of a parallel reporting: Repeat runs
  • No current settings
  • No F5A 094 occurs in FB01 for F_BKPF_BUP
  • No open book period possible after euro changeover
  • No open period results in error FC452 or FC446: "Posting period not allowed to be opened".
  • No posting from the EWM due to closed posting period in FI
  • Authorization group at document header level only          
  • Creates data for variant that does not exist
  • Popup ohne Button "Alle pflegen"
  • Does not work for customer/vendor accounts
  • Error message FC360 ("Period interval 3 permitted for account type "+" only")        
  • FC 452 is not triggered - SAP Note 2781753 does not fully solve the problem
  • Modifiable unwanted Production
  • Prompt for Customizing request | unwanted           
  • TK430 Client XXX has status 'not modifiable' in test system
  • TK430 Client xxx has status 'not modifiable' | Production
  • Open Posting Periods app (F0806) removes value in "Authorization group" field (BRGRU)
  • Opening posting periods after Euro changeover
  • Opening posting periods after migration
  • Opening previous years after migration for non-leading ldgr
  • Parallel opening and closing of posting periods
  • Payment document posted to closed period
  • Period lock does not work for costing-based CO-PA           
  • Posting in special period
  • Posting in special periods
  • Posting period not considered with cross-company code
  • Posting Period Variant pop-up screen in transaction OB52.
  • WT: Posting possible although period closed for account
  • Posting possible although posting period closed
  • OB52/FB01: Posting possible in closed period
  • Posting to 3rd posting period interval for postings from CO-PA
  • Posting via Accounting Interface occurs in closed posting period           
  • PRCTR: Error FI 026 when opening or closing periods
  • Prevent Billing Date in a Closed FI Period
  • Release Information: Changes in SAP Fiori Content for Finance in SAP S/4HANA 1709
  • Request with special period: Error message >0460
  • Requested issue on Posting and Clearing answered by SAP Community WIKI
  • RFEWA110/150/CAP have the status 'ERR'
  • RFEWACAP -> Error message MQ809 for acct type: 'C'
  • RFOB5200 changes locked data
  • RFOB5200: "Close period" function and the authorization group          
  • RFOB5200 does not take S_TABU_NAM and S_TABU_LIN into account          
  • RFOB5200 issues warning as error
  • RFOB5200: Maintaining T001B in the background
  • RFOB5200 without complete intervals
  • RU 428/SE 105: FI posting period is already closed
  • SAPF124: List output incorr. for "Date from most recent doc"
  • Saves no values
  • SD-FI: Error message F5286 - Posting in special periods
  • Self-billing procedure: Posting period determination wrong
  • Self-billing procedure: Posting period
  • Short dump PERFORM_NOT_FOUND in program SAPL0F00
  • SKF postings allowed in closed period
  • SM30 | Not Authorized to use t-code SCU3
  • Interest rate maintenance for fair value report
  • Storno Verzinsung: Meldung IF121 für Sachkonto unberechtigt
  • No posting from the EWM due to closed posting period in FI
  • TM FSD Cancellation fails in FI for specific account in previous period
  • TM FSD Cancellation for previous period fails in FI
  • "To Period (Interval 2)" instead of 3
  • Transaction CO Through-postings from FI has been locked
  • Transaction code for RFOB5200
  • Transaction FAGL_FC_TRANS: reset doesn't generate postings
  • FB60: F5 286 unjustified for complex posting          
  • Transaction posting has been done successfully, but error message F5201 in T-code: ASKBN
  • Transfer postings of documents from closed periods possible
  • Treasury confirmation doesn't check posting period is open
  • Tx OB52 throws error message GU 167
  • Unable to post sales contract to Lease Accounting Engine
  • Update the billing date in billing document which lies within a closed FI period
  • When cancelling a confirmation the posting date is closed


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