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A SAP FICO Consultant (One Of The Best Paid Careers) Even In Difficult Times

The ultimate 9 step SAP FICO training that takes anyone from not knowing anything about SAP to extremely proficient.

Here's why SAP is a great Career choice

Companies like General Motors, Boeing, Saudi Aramco, Toyota, Pepsi, Coke, all of these companies are using SAP. Even giants like Google, Wal-Mart, and Apple.

  Some of the companies that use SAP

 Out of the top 1000 companies in the world, 80 percent of them are using SAP. That means that if you're working in SAP, you're most likely working for a company that has a lot of money.

SAP is used in a hundred and eighty countries out there, and I had to Google to find out how many countries there are in the world. And there are about one hundred and ninety-five countries in the world, and 180 of them use SAP.

That means that SAP is used pretty much throughout the world

Its current brand value is fifty-seven point two billion dollars. So let's put the fifty-seven point two billion dollars into perspective.

If you compare it with some of the bigger brands right now, which you might recognize. Whose brand value do you think is bigger? Starbucks or SAP, Disney or SAP, Pepsi or SAP, if you said SAP, you guessed right, SAP is bigger than these very popular brands.

is bigger then

It is the biggest software company in Europe. According to Forbes, its revenue keeps increasing every year, which means that more and more companies are switching to SAP, which means more careers in SAP are being created. There's a joke that goes on in the SAP world that SAP stands for solves all your problems, and it means big bucks. Well, it might not solve all of your life's problems, but it definitely pays the big bucks as these companies have a lot of money, and they need experts to run their business.

Important things to know about SAP companies

  • They pay really well: Since they have a lot of money and SAP is very important to run their business, these companies pay really well
  • Projects last longer: SAP projects require millions of dollars and there are a lot of people working on these projects which make them last a long time. High pays + Long projects work heavily in your favor. 
  • Fewer layoffs: The smaller companies go bankrunpt during a recession, but the biggeer companies are much more stable and there is less stress about you losing your job.
  • Better work life balance: SAP companies usually higher more people than needed. There are many people on an SAP team which means that you don't have to stay till 11pm at work everyday to fix any issues. 

80% of the Top 1000 companies in the world use SAP

By working in SAP, you are immediately working in the top 80% companies in the world which increases your chances of getting a high pay




Do not use SAP

How much do SAP consultants make...?

SAP consultants are amongst the highest paid  in the world. has the average salary at $104,016 has the average salary at $83,457

Salaries of Various SAP career paths

Average Salaries across the US

OK, I get that SAP Pays well, but
What is SAP?
 Click play on the video below

SAP is a software that big companies use to run their business.

Think of it as a smart excel.

It's a pretty simple software to learn.

You might be managing your home budget on excel. If you have a small business to you might be using Excel.

As your business grows, you're going to switch to a bigger software, something like Quickbook's. It's a software that small companies use to run their business.

And then as the business grows, they switch to a bigger software like SAP that helps them run their business much better.

But not everyone who tries to learn SAP succeeds. I have 100's of people try to make the promised big bucks with SAP, but they failed, but I don't blame them. They didn't have all the right knowledge to succeed.

New version of SAP

SAP has recently launched its newest version, which is really huge. Even experts who might have been working in SAP for 20 years, don't know it as their companies might not have implemented it yet.

Companies must upgrade to it. This is very important. These implementations of the newest version of SAP sometimes take years to finish. And this isn't like a small upgrade from maybe an iPhone five to six, where it's pretty much the same phone with some small changes.

is like

But it's more like when the moto Razor that was a flip phone was the coolest phone out there. And then came the iPhone, the first smartphone. That was a big change.

 That's how big these changes with SAP's latest version. SAP has made the biggest improvement for the past twenty years in this version. Because of that, a great opportunity has presented itself where companies now need to implement the latest version of SAP. So apart from being a great software with all these big companies using it, another plus point is that the latest version of SAP has come out, which creates more jobs.

Why SAP is a great career choice

still not on the latest version

Lots of opportunities due to


Average salaries





Forbes has said that 80 percent of its customers are still using the old version of SAP and expect it to shift to the newer one in the near future. There is a tremendous potential for anyone learning SAP as more jobs open up. 

Real life example of How SAP can change your life!

I am going to show you how to make a great career in SAP, but first I wanted to show you how it changed mine so this is not some story that I heard, but I have personally experienced how my life has changed due to it.

At this moment, I am making $150/hr with SAP consulting. I am able to afford fancy vacations which I never thought were possible. Even travel abroad regularly. Before SAP even taking a local trip every year was impossible.

I don't have to constantly look at my credit card and wonder where I can reduce my expenses from.

Being able to buy my kids what they want( without spoiling them) is something that I really cherish and I owe this to the SAP field.

Now, I am not saying this to brag, but I wanted to share with you on how SAP has changed my life and I will be showing you the ways of how it can change yours as well.

How life was before SAP?

I moved from India with 35 Rupees in my pocket. I had no idea what I would do in the U.S, how I would make a living here and support my family.

It was a lot of pressure on me. I had no idea where to begin.

I started off working in a call center and I was really happy that I could pay my bills.

I was living paycheck to paycheck( after really squeezing my budget)

I had to check all the things we were going to purchase before we went to the checkout line at Walmart and ask myself this question- Can I afford this? Is everything on here really required? Will I be able to pay my rent if I buy all this?

The job at the call center was horrible. We had to hit these monthly targets and when we didn't, the big boss would give us a yelling.

This was like a yelling that I would get in India when I was in 6th grade and hadn't done my homework.

I felt really humiliated to have been yelled at as an adult

But... I had to swallow my pride and keep trying to make sales at the call center.

I hated every moment of my job. From the moment I got up and drove my $600 car (from which it was really hard to even see the road in winter) to coming home in the evening, every minute was stressful.

I knew I had to do something else. I couldn't continue at something that I didn't like and wasn't make me any money.

How I got into SAP and what you can learn from it

I was lucky to have an uncle who was already working in SAP. He asked me to start working in the SAP field.

I wasn't sure what that even meant

He told me that SAP was a software that most fortune 500 companies used and it paid the big bucks.

He told me it was like an advanced excel and learning SAP was easy.

While I was working at the call center, I started learning SAP

One day, as I had been learning SAP, my boss called me to his office. The HR lady was also in his office and they told me that my time here was done and I was fired.

I was escorted to the elevator. As I walked passed the cubicles of my coworkers, I was actually quite happy.

I knew that I had built a skillset that was going to make me a lot of money. I was excited to know that I had to get a job in SAP now.

I started applying for jobs and after around two months, I got a job, and I was so excited I couldn't believe how much they were paying me.

I said, is this real? And I even took a picture after I withdrew money from the ATM. I was really, really happy.

I was like, wow, how much are they paying me? How am I getting paid so much?

It really changed my life from earning around seven hundred dollars a week, which would barely get my family by and me.

I was earning around 3000 dollars a week. I used to earn that much by working the entire month in the past. So from three thousand dollars a week, I was earning around twelve thousand five hundred a month and remember I was just a twenty one year old kid at that time. So within a year, I went from literally earning nothing in India to barely surviving in the US with three thousand a month to earning more than twelve thousand dollars a month.

So SAP had really transformed my life, you might be thinking, was it very complicated? No, not really. It did require a lot of hard work, but SAP wasn't that hard. It's just like a smart excel, pretty easy to pick up.

Life now in SAP

As I started working in SAP, things got really good for me. I was able to buy a car, buy gifts for my parents and I didn't have to worry about money.

I even started teaching SAP 6 months after getting a job in SAP. I spent months reading on forums and finally got the confidence that I was really good at SAP.

Why Most SAP consultants fail

At work I would get assigned new projects and it was very challenging. What I had learned during my training was very different from the real world.

I had to stay back at work very late learning something new and it was always very stressful.

I noticed that I wasn't the only one. Even my coworkers who were a lot more experienced than me would struggle.

I realized that all the training institutes only emphasized on configuration and didn't really teach a lot of the other things that mattered.

They only know know a few areas of FICO

Most of the team members I worked with only knew the basics of the configuration. They only seemed to know a few areas and not in great depth. 

When the tickets would come in at work, they could be in any area and everyone would then to try to learn then which was hard as the tickets had to be closed in certain time frame.

Don't know how to run meetings

The real world is very different from what most trainings teach. You don't get an error message and you just have to google it and figure out the answer.
You need to know how to communicate with the business and take their requirements and convert it into SAP.

Don't know how to troubleshoot custom errors

At work, around half the processes are custom. What this means is that even if you have a friend who is an expert in SAP, he/she can't help you as the issue you are dealing with is specific to your business only.
It's extremely important that you know how to troubleshoot the custom errors.

Don't know how to impress Recruiters

The Recruiters are the people you need to impress the most. If you can't impress them, then you have no chance of getting a job. Most consultants are just horrible at this very important skill.

They don't know how to interview

It's shocking how bad most people are at interviewing. They only focus on configuration and other optics and forget the other important skills of how to impress in an interview. Being good at interviewing isn't about memorizing a bunch of tcodes. There is a process to it.

Don't know how to work with other SAP teams

Most of the times you have to work with the ABAP team, PI team, Basis team and other SAP teams. This is a critical step of being an SAP consultant. Most consultants struggle at this. 

Don't know how to last longer at their project

There are so many factors that go into how long you remain with a client. If you get this right, your contract duration at each client can double, but most people get rolled off very quickly as they don't know the skills to last longer at each client. 

OK... so how should I become an SAP consultant?

I managed to learn all the SAP skills needed to be an amazing consultant and I was usually the highest paid consultant in most of the companies I worked at.

Learning these skills took me a lot of time

I had to practice and read documents till I was very tired at night and fell asleep.

I knew there had to be a better and faster way to learn SAP

I started documenting everything I was learning and simplifying the concepts that people needed to know.

I started creating a journey of what is needed for someone to be a successful SAP consultant.

Introducing- The SAP Full Stack certification  program

Build a successful SAP career with our tried and tested method- Learn A to Z of SAP FICO/S4 HANA and all the skills needed to succeed in 2021

Finally! Everything you need to learn to build a successful career in SAP. After 15 years of trying and testing various methods, a complete program that takes anyone from now knowing anything about SAP to building a successful career in it. 

I've created the SAP full-stack certification program that takes you step by step through the process of becoming a SAP consultant. It shows you exactly what you need, getting you specialized in SAP, getting the right mentorship and having recruiters find you.

The full-stack program is the most powerful program that gives you the four steps that you need to excel at SAP. It teaches you specialized knowledge of SAP, gives you access to a group of mentors, teaches you how to make recruiters find you, and helps you understand how SAP can solve business issues.

I've spent 14 years in building this. I've been training big corporations for years. You know, these corporations have been paying me big bucks for this and I've seen which work, which ones don't work. And you guys get the benefit of that. Here's what you're going to learn in the SAP full stack certification program, master, the various modules of SAP finance in the general ledger, you'll learn the core modules of SAP finance. Then you learn how a company pays its vendors, then learn how to resolve various issues, learn how companies deal with its customers, learn about reporting interfaces and so much more.

This is everything, step by step that you need to know.

Here's what you will learn 

SAP 101

You will learn the core concepts of SAP so you understand what SAP does and how to navigate through SAP.
After completing this, you will build up the confidence to move on to the next step of learning the FICO essentials

SAP FICO Essentials 

You will become the CEO of a company and understand how SAP solves their problems.

This is the core difference in the SAP full stack program vs the others. Knowing how SAP applies to a business is a critical skill.

You won't get bombarded with information and learn the essentials for now.

if something isn't used by most companies that won't be taught right now and it will be taught in the next level.

Each lesson will be a 4-10 minute video so you can learn at a steady pace without getting bored and looking through your phone as the same time as the video.

FICO advanced topics

After learning the FICO basics and building up the confidence, you will be ready to learn anything in SAP.

Breaking the mental barrier that SAP is too hard to learn and only geniuses can learn this is a very important step of your SAP journey

Most people make the mistake of trying to learn the advanced topics too quickly and then struggle to understand them while others never learn these topics and struggle at work as they only know the basics

These advanced topics and FICO fundamentals aren't some fluffy theories, but these are exactly the things that I have encountered at work.

All the scenarios are real life scenarios and you will be learning hands on.

In each step, you will understand the big picture of how this affects the business and then you will learn how to configure the system, walk through the end user scenarios, go through the common errors and how to fix them.

The most important concept that you will learn is how to think about solving issues and understand how SAP works.

I see most people just know how to google error messages at work and never learn how to think about solving SAP issues and how to solve them.

This is what you will learn and it will set you apart from the rest.

Everything you need to know about S/4 HANA( newest version of SAP)

SAP has recently launched it's newest version. This is hugeeee

This is the biggest updated SAP has made in 20 years. There's a lot of confusion about S/4 HANA.

This isn't like going from iphone 6 to 6s, but it is like going from a flip phone to the iphone

Even a lot of the folks who have been in SAP for years don't know this as this is new technology

There's a lot of confusion about S/4 HANA

if I am new to SAP should I learn S/4 HANA or SAP ECC?

What are the changes in S/4 HANA?

What are the different versions of S/4 HANA

I am here to answer all your questions and ensure that you learn S/4 HANA

you will first learn the overview of S/4 HANA to understand what is different about it and then dive deep into the screens, configuring the system, posting transactions and even going through FIORI which is the web version of SAP.

Get noticed by Recruiters 

No matter how good your skills are, you will struggle to get a job if your resume never makes it to the hiring manager

Even if you build a great skillset, learn SAP FICO, S/4 HANA

But what if no one knows that the recruiters have to find you?

When Steve Jobs and Wosniac were launching the Mac, they used their personal money and ran an ad at the Super Bowl to launch the Mac so that people could know about it.

If the Mac was great, but no one knew about it, would it sell itself? Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest soccer players in history.

He was amazing, but no one knew about him. He was playing in this little league in Portugal and no one knew about him. A talent scout from Manchester United spotted him, and he has gone on to become one of all time greats.

If they don't, then what's the point of having a lot of SAP knowledge that you can show to anyone?

You have to know how to attract recruiters

So step number four, recruiters have to find you. You will learn how to create an SAP resume that gets you hired. 

Get hired

 You will get access to our special interview preparation platform. This unique training platform is as close as you can get to an actual interview. You will learn how to answer questions, how to prepare and most importantly, how to impress in your interview and get the job

Bonuses available for 7 days only


You missed out!

Along with the amazing courses, you also get

Bonus#1 - FICO configuration book

Configure FICO using this step by step document along with the videos

Total Value: $99

Apart from having a step by step classes with all the videos, you also get a SAP configuration book. So what? What does that mean? It has screenshots of everything. You will save time by knowing where to go and what to click on, you can revisit any topic, any at any time, and you could just refer to this book. This is also included as part of the program

Bonus#2 - End user guide

Perform the daily business transactions by using this guide. These are the tcodes that business performs on a daily basis

Total Value: $99

This guide will show all the steps that the business needs to perform on a day to day basis. You can use this to troubleshoot issues and also to train the business.  You get all the transaction codes in this, including screenshots.
 Companies actually pay consultants one hundred dollars an hour and they work on this for months so that a company has something to refer to. So you could take this, just remove some text and that's it. It's there for you or you can just use this as reference. If the business says I'm getting an error, you could use this to replicate the issue and so on.

Bonus#3 - ABAP debugging course

Troubleshoot issues by knowing how to Debug(rare skill that only 5% of functional consultants know)

Total Value: $199

Learn how to  troubleshoot any error message in SAP. This is what sets average consultants apart from the platinum level consultants. This is an entire course by itself which you will get as part of the Sapsahrks Full stack program

Bonus#4 - 2 months system access

Practice SAP on a stable system. Refer to other company codes created in the system for learning.

Total Value: $199

Apart from everything mentioned above, you also need a stable system to practice SAP. So that is also included as part of this program. You don't have to go out there, find your own system to practice, which might not be good. You're getting two months access for that program as well. That's included part of this SAPSHARKS certification program apart from that. 

Bonus#5 - FICO Blueprint document

Create a blueprint for your next client the right way using this as a reference. 

Total Value: $99

The blueprinting phase is an essential part of the SAP implementation. Use this document to easily create yours for your next job.

Bonus#6 - AI powered resume swipe file

Get your Resume selected by using a sample created by AI

Total Value: $99

Create your resume by using one of ours which has landed us many jobs in the past. The resume was scanned using AI to ensure that the right keywords are on it. 

Bonus#7 - Interview training platform

Learn the important skill of giving an exceptional interview by preparing on our unique interview preparation platform

Total Value: $297

Be job ready by practicing before your next interview

Bonus#8 - SAP certifications

Apply to your next job or show off to your boss that you are now certified in SAP

Total Value: $99

An SAP certification is the 5 start review you need to impress the recruiters and to convince employers that you are proficient in SAP.

Bonus#9 - SAP Mentorship platform

Why get stuck, when you can ask the experts

Total Value: $297

Getting access to experts is one of the most important benefits for anyone new to SAP or experienced folks trying to take it to the next level. 

Everything you will get with the SAP Sharks

full stack certification program

  • SAP 101 Course
  • SAP FICO Essentials Course
  • SAP FICO Advanced Course
  • SAP S/4 HANA Course
  • ABAP debugging Course
  • SAP 2 months System Access
  • FICO Blueprint
  • FICO Sample Resumes
  • FICO Configuration document
  • FICO End User documents
  • SAP FICO certification
  • SAP interview platform
  • SAP Mentorship

($297 Value)

($1097 Value)

($997 Value)

($997 Value)

($199 Value)

($199 Value)

($99 Value)

($99 Value)

($99 Value)

($99 Value)

($99 Value)

($297 Value)

($297 Value)

Total Value: $4875

Get these all today for

$398 ONLY!

How much would this cost if you tried to do this by yourself?

If you tried doing this by yourself and went to SAP to try to learn this. 

Here's how much it would cost

S/4 HANA-$1636

SAP Business processes-$4090

SAP FICO-$1636

SAP 101-$2454

Total if you went with SAP even though not even half the things would be taught.

Total if you went with SAP: $9816

They Say

Maria F


"Zaid is very thorough in his area of expertise and has a passion for teaching which is rear to find.
For sure, I recommend this training for both coming new as well as experienced SAP professionals looking to switch or enhance their know how"

Maria F

Ashok K Gandhi

Product Manager

"Training is excellent, it is explain the concept, configuration step by step with example. I like it.

Explained very well, i appreciated it."

Ashok K Gandhi
Alina Sadiq


The course covers both configuration and detailed end-user processes for SAP FICO module. This course provides In-depth and detailed explanation right from setting up the system for software use as well as how to use it (data entry). Also instructional videos were sufficiently long to cover all the topics and practice them on real software. The additional SAP portal with quick help options and weekly live classes were definitely very supportive throughout the course. Great course for beginners like me especially when it is difficult to find SAP courses at reasonable prices. I would highly recommend this course because by learning through sapsharks organization I am not only learning through highly experienced and technically very knowedgleable instructor I am also getting 100% support in terms of supportive materials and weekly-classes which is getting me value of my money as well as a wonderful learning experience. This course is very comprehensive, easy to understand with step by step instructional videos of each FICO concept. More practically along with theoretical understanding of concepts, hands-on training with SAP software is great, which is helping learners to practice on jobs skills in real. The course is very explicit, clear and precise with additional excess of S/4Hana for no extra charge. I am learning fast and i hope to land a new job soon. Thumps up to the instructor and team.






Great and quick service. The person is talented and knows their subject to support us. Thank you

Devotha Radcliffe


I bought and attending different online training, but this one is the best. The instructor is engaging and using real examples. He knows about what he is talking. Each topic is explained very clear without using a long video.

I recommend this training for everyone interested in SAP, and it is suitable for both junior and seniors (end-users and consultants). And for those who are preparing for SAP Certifications. I bought three different classes after attending one class and being very satisfied.

This course is the best...short videos for each topic and explained very well.Weekly reminder about your status.

Keep doing great work !

Haroon J Malik


This was a very clear overview of SAP opportunities and how I can acquire the tools necessary to land a SAP job

highly recommended for anyone who was a work-life balance and get into SAP consulting

very concise and clear - straight to the point. Every minute of the seminar was worth it!


SAP creates a great Career Path for you- It is like getting an MBA

How much would you pay for an MBA?

If you were to get an MBA, you would probably cost around thirty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars.

So even if you had to spend a lot for this course, it would be super cheap compared to what you were doing for an MBA. And think of how much time we're wasting in getting an MBA.

We have to sacrifice so much family time. And then you're learning SAP and how much time in Just about two months compared to two years for an MBA. And how much debt do we get into when we're trying to get an MBA?

the Sapsharks full stack program is not for everyone and is not super cheap, but it is  amazing for the value it provides.

Cost With SAP
MBA Cost

             SAP Sharks Full Stack Certification Program

$398 ONLY!


"What if I am not a techie"?

You might think, OK, I don't have any technical skills, but don't worry, you don't have to have any technical skills and it's not that hard.

You just need some hard work. If you're ready for that, then you can do it.

It's like a smart excel with just a little bit of hard work, you'll be able to understand the concepts and specialize in SAP. You're not alone in this. This has worked for other

"Is the market good despite Covid"?

If you look at history, the market recovers after a crash.

The market has never really just died. After 2008, it has quadrupled all the projects that these companies have been putting on hold.

They're going to be implemented once the market recovers. So now's the time to get great skills so that you're ready when the opportunity comes. So you can either do this right, try to figure it out on your own or you can join the SAPSHARKS full Stacks certification program that gives you all these tools to become a successful consultant.

"How much do SAP consultants make"?

So the average salary is according to zip recruiter and salaries are between eighty to one hundred thousand dollars and then the hourly rates are much higher.

I would suggest that you try to understand the long term prospects of SAP and not just look at your starting pay.

"How long does I how long does it take to learn this"?

It takes around two to four months to finish, just as there are one hundred and sixty lessons in the full stack program. And average is about seven to 12 minutes. And then the SAP one on one course has around twenty lessons, which are less than ten minutes.

And the newest version of SAP is only included (for a limited time) will be sold separately in the future

"Do I get a certificate after finishing the course"?

Yes, you do get a certificate from SAPSHARKS and this should help you get a job. A certificate is not required, though. It's not a prerequisite. You can still get a job without a certificate. And there is also a certificate that SAP issued. So this certificate that we're issuing, it's from SAPSHARKS. There's also one from SAP that is separate. You need to take a separate exam for that and if you want to take that again, which is not required, we can help you in how to prepare for that.

"Can I work remotely?"

In Covid, most jobs are remote, but generally, you have to go to the client site and work from there. But I have seen situations where certain clients allow you to work remotely. And also, if you have a good relationship with your manager, your manager might allow you to work remotely as well. And because, say, consulting, you have to travel to the client's site Monday to Thursday. At times they're flexible. You can say, hey, this week I don't want to come in, I have something and they're flexible.

Depends on how your relationship is with your manager

"What software do I need for this?"

So you need SAP software, which is included as part of this full stack program. You don't have to get your own software. So everything that you're going to get in, this is the one fifty lessons of training, the config books

"How do I know if this is going to work for me?"

So I just think our Walmart, Apple, Google and all these big companies, they're going to be in business. If you think they're going to be in business, then they can't just magically get a new software.

They're going to continue using SAP for a really long time. These implementations take years and these companies are always purchasing new companies, selling certain companies. You know, there's SAP comes out with some new version. So there's always work there. And if these guys have worked, they're always going to require experts who specialize in SAP, which you could become by taking the full stack certification program.

"Why does it cost so much?

So, guys, I can tell you no one else can give you this much value for your success. Are you extremely happy with your current career? If you're extremely happy, then that's great. But if you're not and you want things to change, then you have to take certain steps for that.

And what if this investment could actually make all those things possible? You might be thinking say it sounds like it's complicated. I'm not a genius. I can't do this. But it's really not that hard. It's like a smart excel with some hard work. You can pick it up pretty quickly so you can either have a better career now or start giving excuses. All these excuses come to our mind. Maybe later on I can do this or so on.

Awesome bundle you  will get with the SAP Sharks
Full Stack Certification Program

  • SAP 101 Course
  • SAP FICO Essentials Course
  • SAP FICO Advanced Course
  • SAP S/4 HANA Course
  • ABAP debugging Course
  • SAP 2 months System Access
  • FICO Blueprint
  • FICO Sample Resumes
  • FICO Configuration document
  • FICO End User documents
  • SAP FICO certification
  • SAP interview platform
  • SAP Mentorship

($297 Value)

($1097 Value)

($997 Value)

($997 Value)

($199 Value)

($199 Value)

($99 Value)

($99 Value)

($99 Value)

($99 Value)

($99 Value)

($297 Value)

($297 Value)

Total Value: $4875

Get these all today for

$398 ONLY!

Bonuses available for limited time only


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