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Transaction CodeTransaction TextModuleSubmoduleTypeMenu PathProgram nameCheck for column DCheck for ModuleComments
/ASU/MAINTAINMaintain ASU XMLTransaction dataFI
/ASU/SHOW_NOTEShow SAP Note via Web-BrowserConfigFI-GL
/ASU/SSMASU Simple Schedule ManagerreportFI-AP
/ASU/STARTStart ASU ToolboxGeneralGeneral
/ASU/UPGRADEStart ASU Toolbox in Upgrade Mode
/BA1/F4_15_IR_REL01Customizing Release Procedure
/BA1/F4_ARC_SEL_DATEDate Values for Access to Archive
/BA1/F4_CSCEN_SHOWVersions of Combined Scenarios
/BA1/F4_FXV02Edit Exchange Rate Volatility
/BA1/F4_FXV03Display Exchange Rate Volatility
/BA1/F4_FX_02Edit Exchange Rates
/BA1/F4_FX_03Display Exchange Rates
/BA1/F4_FX_DISPLAYDisplay Extended Exchange Rates
/BA1/F4_IRS02Edit Interest Rate Spreads
/BA1/F4_IRS03Display Interest Rate Spreads
/BA1/F4_IRV02Edit Interest Rate Volatility
/BA1/F4_IRV03Display Interest Rate Volatility
/BA1/F4_IR_02Edit Reference Interest Rates
/BA1/F4_IR_03Display Reference Interest Rates
/BA1/F4_MD0001Market Data: Applications
/BA1/F4_MD0002Market Data: Field Groups
/BA1/F4_MD0003Market Data: Views
/BA1/F4_MD0004Market Data: Sections
/BA1/F4_MD0005Market Data: Screens
/BA1/F4_MD0006Market Data: Screen Sequences
/BA1/F4_MD0007Market Data: Events
/BA1/F4_MD0008Market Data: GUI Standard Functions
/BA1/F4_MD0009Market Data GUI Additional Functions
/BA1/F4_MD0011Market Data: Assign Screen->DB Field
/BA1/F4_MD0012Market Data: Field Modif. Criteria
/BA1/F4_MD0013Market Data: Product Categories
/BA1/F4_MD0015Market Data: Application Transaction
/BA1/F4_MD0016Market Data: Tables
/BA1/F4_MD0018Market Data: Activities
/BA1/F4_MD0019Market Data: Fld Modif. Per Activity
/BA1/F4_MD0023Data Sets
/BA1/F4_SEC02Edit Prices for Fin. Instruments
/BA1/F4_SEC03Display Prices for Fin. Instruments
/BA1/F4_SEV02Edit Volatilities
/BA1/F4_SEV03Display Volatilities
/BA1/F4_VOLA_TESTTest Volatility
/BA1/F4_YC_02Edit Yield Curves
/BA1/F4_YC_03Display Yield Curves
/BA1/F4_YC_SHOWDisplay Yld Curves and Spread Curves
/BCV/AUTH_CHECKPerform Authorization Check
/BCV/AUTH_HOLDERWhere-Used List of User Group in ACL
/BCV/CONS_CHECKPerform Consistency Check
/BCV/DEL_PERSDelete Personalization and User Data
/BCV/DEL_SSHOTDelete Snapshots
/BCV/GRPINGDefine Groupings for BCV Objects
/BCV/IMGBusiness Context Viewer Customizing
/BCV/MEANINGDefine Meanings
/BCV/MIGRATIONData migration from PCV to BCV
/BCV/QCACHEMaintain Query Cache
/BCV/QCACHE_DELETEDelete query cache
/BCV/QDISPATCHERMaintain Query Dispatcher Settings
/BCV/QSTATDisplay BCV Query Statistics
/BCV/QUERYDefine BCV Queries
/BCV/SINCDefine Search Connectors
/BCV/SSHOTSDefine Snapshot Parameter
/BCV/SSTATDisplay Search Connector Statistics
/BCV/TEST_SEARCHCONSearch Connector Test
/BCV/UDASHDefine Dashboards
/BCV/UGRPDefine Query View Hierarchies
/BCV/UPRINTDefine Printing Parameters
/BCV/UPRVWDefine Overviews
/BCV/UQVIEWDefine Query Views
/BDL/SDCCService Data Control Center
/BEV1/91000082Material Sorting 1
/BEV1/91000083Material Sorting 2
/BEV1/91000084Material Sorting 3
/BEV1/91000085Material Sorting 4
/BEV1/91000086Material Sorting 5
/BEV1/91000098Billing Types w/o Empties Update
/BEV1/91000099Valid Empties Fields
/BEV1/91000100Partner Role in Empties
/BEV1/91000101Empties Material Types
/BEV1/91000102Empties Item Categories
/BEV1/91000103Manage Empties Groups
/BEV1/91000104Empties Formulas
/BEV1/91000105Empties material
/BEV1/91000106Empties Update Sequence Number
/BEV1/91000162Billing Type for Message Type
/BEV1/91000218IMG Activity: /BEV1/TSSVARI
/BEV1/BO_MIGERP02Rebate check report
/BEV1/EM0Material Sorting Variant
/BEV1/EM1Form for Material Sorting Variant
/BEV1/EM2Maintenance of Print Indicator
/BEV1/EM3Maintenance Empties Material Types
/BEV1/EM4Maintenance of Empties Materials
/BEV1/EM5Empties: Assign Item Categories
/BEV1/EMAEmpties Balance
/BEV1/EMBArchive Monthly Empties Stock
/BEV1/EMCReload Monthly Empties Stock
/BEV1/EMDArchive Empties Update
/BEV1/EMEReload Empties Update
/BEV1/EMFDelete Reloaded Empties Records
/BEV1/EMNEmpties Update Number Assignment
/BEV1/EMSEmpties Evaluation
/BEV1/EM_MIGERP01Empties Migration
/BEV1/NEMB51Material Document List (w. Empties)
/BEV1/NE_LISTBALPOEmpties Balances in Purchasing
/BEV1/RP_MIGERP01Migration of Driver Master
/BEV1/RP_MIGERP02Migration of Loading Units
/BEV1/RP_MIGERP04Migration of Vehicle Master
/BEV1/RP_MIGERP05Convert Vehicle Key
/BEV1/RP_MIGERP06Convert Vehicle Type Key
/BEV1/RP_MIGERP07Migration of Tour Master
/BEV1/SR0Enter Sales Returns Analysis
/BEV1/SR1Display Sales Returns Analysis
/BEV1/SR2Sales Returns Orders List
/BEV1/TSMAPart Load Lift Orders
/BEV1/VDT685BAssi. of Shipment Message/Bill.Type
/BEV2/91000033Basic Settings for Excise Duty
/BEV2/91000034Maintain Tax Types
/BEV2/91000036Maintain Tax-Dep. Material Groups
/BEV2/91000037Maintain Tax-Indep. Material Groups
/BEV2/91000038Maintain Procurement Types f. Schema
/BEV2/91000039Maintain Procurement Types Schema
/BEV2/91000040Maintain Additional Issues
/BEV2/91000041Maintain Title Rows of Tax Warehouse
/BEV2/91000042Assign Storage Loc. to Tax Warehouse
/BEV2/91000043Maintain payroll units
/BEV2/91000044Define Tax Warehouse
/BEV2/91000045Define Actual Shrinkage
/BEV2/91000046Define Theoretical Shrinkage
/BEV2/91000047Maint. Warehse Shrink. Rate - St.Loc
/BEV2/91000048Maint. Warehse Shrink. Rate - St.Typ
/BEV2/91000049Storage Types for Shrinkage Rate
/BEV2/91000050Def. of Entries to Post Subsequently
/BEV2/91000051Mvt Cat for Mvt Type + Cost Center
/BEV2/91000052Special Partner Type per Cust. Group
/BEV2/91000053Mvmnt Category per Mvmnt Type
/BEV2/91000054Excise Duty Movement Categories
/BEV2/91000055Procurement Types per Block Schema
/BEV2/91000056Procurement Types Block Schema
/BEV2/91000057Maintain Print Format Items
/BEV2/91000058Excise Duty Print Formats
/BEV2/91000059Replace Stock Ledger Groups
/BEV2/91000060Properties of Stock Ledger Groups
/BEV2/91000061Define Stock Ledger Groups
/BEV2/91000062Obsolete: Do Not Use
/BEV2/91000063Excise Duty - Print Control
/BEV2/91000064Excise Duty - Text Modules
/BEV2/91000065Maintain tax rates
/BEV2/91000066Excise Duty - Program Control
/BEV2/91000067ED Form Substitution (SAP Script)
/BEV2/91000068ED Database Access Optimization
/BEV2/91000069Exise Duty Error Message
/BEV2/91000070Excise Duty Report Threshold
/BEV2/91000160Obsolete: Do Not Use
/BEV2/91000161Obsolete: Do Not Use
/BEV2/91000185ED Form Substitution (SmartForms)
/BEV2/91000195List Types for Archiving
/BEV2/91000196ED Archiving Parameter
/BEV2/91000198Define Special Partner Types
/BEV2/91000199Special Partner Types for GR
/BEV2/91000200Special Partner Types for Vendors
/BEV2/91000201Special Partner Types for Cust.Group
/BEV2/91000202EU: Affiliated Non-EU Countries
/BEV2/CS_EMCS_NOMaintain Number Range: /BEV2/EMCS
/BEV2/CS_REG_CON_CERCertificates for Temporary Consignee
/BEV2/EDIS Beverage: Excise Duty
/BEV2/ED00IS Beverage Area Menu ED
/BEV2/EDACYear-end closing
/BEV2/EDARCMDSAVEExcise Duty: Archive Documents
/BEV2/EDB1Production Shrinkage (Theoret.) List
/BEV2/EDB2Production Shrinkage (Actual) List
/BEV2/EDB3Filling Shrinkage (Theoretical) List
/BEV2/EDB4Filling Shrinkage (Actual) List
/BEV2/EDB5Retrograde Shrinkage List
/BEV2/EDB6Storage Location Shrinkage List
/BEV2/EDC1Tax Types Definition
/BEV2/EDC10ED Procurement Type Assignment
/BEV2/EDC2Tax Warehouse Definition
/BEV2/EDC3SAP Stor. Loc. for ED Tax Warehouse
/BEV2/EDC5ED Movement Categories per Tax Type
/BEV2/EDC6Assignment Mvmnt Types to Mvmnt Cat.
/BEV2/EDC7Properties of Stock Ledger Groups
/BEV2/EDC8Print Formats Stock Ledger
/BEV2/EDC9Movement Categories Maintenance
/BEV2/EDCAReturns: Order Reasons/Tax Deferral
/BEV2/EDCBCustomer Groups for Special Customer
/BEV2/EDCEDefinition of Movement Categories
/BEV2/EDCFExcise Duty Units of Measure
/BEV2/EDCGAssignment Cost Center for ED Type
/BEV2/EDCHExcise Duty Printer Control
/BEV2/EDCIExcise Duty Tax Rates
/BEV2/EDCJColumn Bookable upon Period-End Cls.
/BEV2/EDCKReturns: Tax Deducting Item Categor.
/BEV2/EDCLExcise Duty: Basic Settings
/BEV2/EDCMHeader Lines for Tax Warehouse
/BEV2/EDCNStorage Types for Stock Shrink. Rate
/BEV2/EDCOShrinkage Rate Rel. to Tax Warehouse
/BEV2/EDCPShrinkage Rate Rel. to Storage Loc.
/BEV2/EDCPROTOED: De-/activate Log
/BEV2/EDCQDefine Theoretical Shrinkage
/BEV2/EDCRDefine Actual Shrinkage
/BEV2/EDCSLXStock Ledger Add. Fields: Definition
/BEV2/EDCSLXCStock Ledger Add. Fields: Conditions
/BEV2/EDCVReplace ED Standard Programs
/BEV2/EDCWExcise Duty - Report Thresholds
/BEV2/EDCXExcise Duty - Error Texts
/BEV2/EDCYDefine Separator Sheet/Colle. Filing
/BEV2/EDD2Goods Recipient: General Tax Data
/BEV2/EDD3Ship-To-Party - EU Special Cases
/BEV2/EDDDDisregarded Rocuments (General)
/BEV2/EDDELMaintain Deleted Documents
/BEV2/EDDSStart Standard Document Selection
/BEV2/EDFCCollective Filing/Self-Assessment
/BEV2/EDFEMaintain Adjustment Documents
/BEV2/EDFFED: Additional Functions
/BEV2/EDFKSpirits Tax Filing
/BEV2/EDINInventory Note (General)
/BEV2/EDISInventory Settlement (General)
/BEV2/EDK1Vendors: General Tax Data
/BEV2/EDK2Vendors: EU Special Cases
/BEV2/EDL1List of Material Master Data
/BEV2/EDL2List of Tax Warehouse Master Data
/BEV2/EDM1ED Material Master (Client)
/BEV2/EDM2ED Material Master (Company Code)
/BEV2/EDM3Excise Duty Material Master (Plant)
/BEV2/EDMCPeriod Closing Month (Beer)
/BEV2/EDMK1Create Manual Document Adjustments
/BEV2/EDMK2Change Adjustment Document
/BEV2/EDMKEMaintain Manual Adjustment Documents
/BEV2/EDP0Check Master Data
/BEV2/EDP1Check Material Master Data
/BEV2/EDP2Check Tax Warehouse
/BEV2/EDP3Check Movement Types
/BEV2/EDP4Check Print Parameters
/BEV2/EDP5Check Movem.Cat./Stock Ledger Group
/BEV2/EDP6TestProgram Customers/Ship-ToParties
/BEV2/EDP7Test Program Creditors/Vendors
/BEV2/EDP8Consistency Check of LIS Structure
/BEV2/EDPPDefine Printing Format Items
/BEV2/EDRDMaintain Rejected Documents
/BEV2/EDSLExcise Duty Movement List
/BEV2/EDSLSDStock Ledger Entries f. SD Documents
/BEV2/EDT2Reset ED Document Transfer
/BEV2/EDT3Excise Duty - Document Evaluation
/BEV2/EDT4Reset Period
/BEV2/EDT5Reset Year-End Closing
/BEV2/EDT7ED: Choice for Document Selection
/BEV2/EDTPDisplay Excise Duty Periods
/BEV2/EDTPYDisplay ED Year-End Closings
/BEV2/EDTRTax Return (General)
/BEV2/EDWASet Work Area
/BEV2/ED_ARCDOC_REFRUpdate Index Table
/BEV2/ED_CHECK_TOOLComparison of Fixed Stocks
/BEV2/ED_CHGLOG_MATMaterial Master Change History
/BEV2/ED_DEL_FIXSTDelete Fixed Stocks
/BEV2/ED_INT_1ED Documents: Consistency Checks
/BEV2/ED_INT_2Check ED Document Rel. to MSEG ID
/BEV2/ED_INT_3ED:Check Stock Ledger Grp Head. Ent.
/BEV2/ED_INT_4Check MSEG ID Rel. to ED Document
/BEV2/ED_INT_S1ED Toolbox
/BEV2/ED_INT_S2Issue ED Internal Log
/BEV2/ED_INT_S3Express Message for R/3 User
/BEV2/ED_INT_S4Compress ED Statistics Data
/BEV2/ED_INT_S5ED: List Transaction Authorization
/BEV2/ED_INT_S6ED: List Tax Warehouse Authorization
/BEV2/ED_LDS_MNGLDS: Maint.Dialog AAD Manag. Tab.
/BEV2/ED_READ_ARCDOCRead Archived Documents
/BEV2/ED_WRITE_FIXSTUpdate Fixed Stocks
/BEV4/01000010IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLDFAUFTRV
/BEV4/77000017IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLDVKORGZ_V
/BEV4/77000018IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLDANFVKO_V
/BEV4/77000019IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLDAUSGABE_V
/BEV4/77000020IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLDPFAD_V
/BEV4/77000021IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLAF
/BEV4/77000022IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLPERIGRP
/BEV4/77000023IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLPERIRAS
/BEV4/77000024IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLPERIVIE
/BEV4/77000025IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLDPERIOD_V
/BEV4/77000026IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLDKART_V
/BEV4/77000027IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLDROLZU_V
/BEV4/77000028IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLDIFST_V
/BEV4/77000029IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLDANFBEL_V
/BEV4/77000030IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLDSTAT_V
/BEV4/77000031IMG Activity: /BEV4/PLCU
/BEV4/77000399General Customizing Pendulum List
/BEV4/77000400Settings PL Requirements
/BEV4/PLAADisplay Sales Request Data
/BEV4/PLACChange Sales Request Data
/BEV4/PLAECorrection of Incorrect Confirmation
/BEV4/PLAFAut. Filling of Update Determination
/BEV4/PLANNew Creation of Sales Request Data
/BEV4/PLCADisplay Customizing Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLCUPendulum List Customizing
/BEV4/PLEAReported Sales Import
/BEV4/PLERManual Entry Confirmation
/BEV4/PLFADisplay Update Determination
/BEV4/PLFCChange Update Determination
/BEV4/PLFNCreate Update Determination
/BEV4/PLGNReport Generation of Request
/BEV4/PLKADisplay Assignment Nos Customers
/BEV4/PLKCChange Assignment Nos Customers
/BEV4/PLKKSchedule Job Update
/BEV4/PLKNCreation of Assignment Nos Customers
/BEV4/PLPLArea Menu Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLPQSubsequent Output
/BEV4/PLPRCheck Outstanding Sales
/BEV4/PLRSCancel Confirmation Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLSFCreate Order for Confirmation
/BEV4/PLSSCancelation of a Request Run
/BEV4/PLSTCancelation Request Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLUADisplay Conversion Extern. Materials
/BEV4/PLUBSchedule Job: Import Master Data
/BEV4/PLUCChange Conversion External Materials
/BEV4/PLUDSchedule Job: Import Sales
/BEV4/PLUEImport Master Data Ext. Customers
/BEV4/PLUJSchedule Job to Generate Request
/BEV4/PLUKCorrection of Incorrectly Read Data
/BEV4/PLUNCreation for Conversion Ext. Matl.
/BEV4/PLUPLogs Sales Pendulum Lists
/BEV4/PLVFCreate Orders After Request Termintd
/BOBF/CONF_BO_CHECKCheck BOPF-Configuration of BOs
/BOBF/CONF_UIBOPF: Business Object Configuration
/BOBF/CONF_UI_RPTBOPF: Business Object Prototyping
/BOBF/CUST_UIBOPF Enhancement Workbench
/BOBF/TEST_UIBOPF: Test Business Object
/BOBF/TOOL_CC_LOGContract Compliance Check Log
/BOBF/TOOL_CC_SUMContract Compliance Check Summary
/CEERE/19000326IMG activity: /CEERE/MTPZDR
/CEERE/19000327IMG activity: /CEERE/MMAPL
/CEERE/19000328IMG activity: /CEERE/MKONSTC
/CEERE/19000329IMG activity: /CEERE/MRIZENI
/CEERE/19000330IMG activity: /CEERE/FU
/CEERE/19000331IMG activity: /CEERE/OKRESY
/CEERE/19000332IMG activity: /CEERE/MNUCOK
/CEERE/19000334IMG activity: /CEERE/KU
/CEERE/DANXMLxml output of property tax return
/CEERE/DNDPArea types (REM)
/CEERE/DNEM02Tax objects
/CEERE/DNLOADDownload of key lists from internet
/CEERE/DNUZYear closing
/CEERE/DNZUDPAssigning usage type/area type (REM)
/CEERE/FU_MREGWTax office: master data
/CEERE/IMGHSDisplay IMG structure
/CEERE/MFUKDTax office: master data
/CEERE/MFUKDCTax office: master data
/CEERE/MKUKSO: Aver.prices of agricultural land
/CEERE/MMAPLFXMapping property yax areas RE-FX
/CEERE/MMAPLTAreas for property tax
/CEERE/MNUCOKCompany code settings
/CEERE/MOBCOVYKMun.,cad.districts, distr.,mun.regul
/CEERE/RIZBUKCompany Codes to Dominant Co.Codes
/CEERE/SPROProperty tax: customizing
/CEERE/TBUKRSDominant Company Codes
/CRYSTAL/RPTADMINAdminister Crystal Report Content
/CUM/ANALYSISCU: Compare Plan vs. Actual Costs
/CUM/CM01CU: Create Construction Measure
/CUM/CM02Change Construction Measure
/CUM/CM03Display Construction Measure
/CUM/CM04CU: Delete Construction Measure
/CUM/CMNRNo. Range Maintnce: /CUM/CMNUM
/CUM/CU01NCreate Compatible Unit
/CUM/CU02NChange Compatible Unit
/CUM/CU03NDisplay Compatible Unit
/CUM/DESIGNCompatible Unit Design Builder
/CUM/DESIGN_CHANGEChange designs
/CUM/DESIGN_LISTDisplay designs
/CUM/DESNRNo. Range Maintnce: /CUM/DESNM
/CUM/GEN_CU_CLASSCU: Generate CU Class Structure
/CUM/SELECTIONDisplay Compatible Units
/CUM/SELECTION_1Change Compatible Units
/CWM/CHECK_TRANSITAnalysis of Stock in Transit
/CWM/IMGIMG Catch Weight Management
/CWM/MESSAGESCWM Message Attributes
/CWM/RHU_STOCK_DIFFCorrection of HU Stock Differences
/CWM/STOCKStock Overview
/CWM/STOCK_CHECKCheck Stock Variance
/CWM/TCWMActivate Catch Weight Management
/CWM/VALPROCDefault for Valuation Procedure
/DSD/01002309IMG Activity: /DSD/VC_CALTYP
/DSD/56000001IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_CON_RN
/DSD/91000222IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_DRVTXT
/DSD/91000223IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_TRADAT
/DSD/91000224IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_RAARTT
/DSD/91000225IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_RACKDRS
/DSD/91000226IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_RADISTYP
/DSD/91000227IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_RAPAYMNT
/DSD/91000228IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_RAPROFIL
/DSD/91000229IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_RAREASON
/DSD/91000230IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_RATIMTYP
/DSD/91000231IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_RAVISCOD
/DSD/91000232IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_RTATYP
/DSD/91000233IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_TBALCTRL
/DSD/91000234IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_CLEARSET
/DSD/91000235IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_CLUSTAT
/DSD/91000236IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_POSTSET
/DSD/91000237IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_TBSO
/DSD/91000238IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_TBSOASSM
/DSD/91000239IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_TBSOSLTY
/DSD/91000240IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_TCSTAMAP
/DSD/91000241IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_TCSTATYP
/DSD/91000242IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_TIDTAARE
/DSD/91000243IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_TSLTYASM
/DSD/91000244IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_TSLTYP
/DSD/91000249IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_TBALHD
/DSD/91000253IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_ACTIVETA
/DSD/91000255IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_SNUM_SLDID
/DSD/91000256IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_SNUM_FSR
/DSD/91000257IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_SNUM_SLDEL
/DSD/91000258IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_SNUM_SLCOC
/DSD/91000259IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_SNUM_SLINV
/DSD/DE_ENTRYTour Data Entry: Entry
/DSD/DE_FUPRECTour Data Entry Control
/DSD/DE_SLTour Data Entry: Selection
/DSD/DX_AUDITDisplay DEX data for audit purpose
/DSD/DX_CARCHIVEDEX - Archiving Control
/DSD/GS_DMI_CHK_PARCheck Customizing Parameters
/DSD/HH_CREDSend DSD-Specific Credit Data
/DSD/HH_CUSTSend DSD-Specific Customer Data
/DSD/HH_DRIVSend Driver Data
/DSD/HH_DRVTXTSend Driver Texts
/DSD/HH_MATSend DSD-Specific Material Data
/DSD/HH_PAYMMaintain Extended Terms of Payment
/DSD/HH_PRINT_BCPrint Bar Code
/DSD/HH_RA_DELERoute Settlement Deletion Program
/DSD/HH_TESTTest Route Accounting DB
/DSD/HH_VEHISend Vehicle Data
/DSD/ME_CLEANUPRemove Tour Data
/DSD/ME_CPTDSD Connector Cockpit
/DSD/PR_PRO_ARCHDeletion of Deal Conditions
/DSD/PR_PRO_CHChange Deal Conditions
/DSD/PR_PRO_CRCreate Deal Conditions
/DSD/PR_PRO_DPDisplay Deal Conditions
/DSD/PR_PRO_LISTDisplay List of Deal Conditions
/DSD/PR_PRO_RESULTDisplay List of Result in Orders
/DSD/RP_DYNDISPDynamic Transportation Planning
/DSD/RP_TOURMaintain Tours
/DSD/RP_VT11DSD Shipment List
/DSD/SL_AUTOFSR_EXCLControl Automatic Settlement
/DSD/SL_CLEARDSD Clearing: Without Dialog
/DSD/SL_CLEARDIALOGDSD Clearing: With Dialog
/DSD/SL_CLEAR_APPLOGDSD: Application Log for Clearing
/DSD/SL_COCKPITSettlement Cockpit
/DSD/SL_DIFIACInterim Accounts
/DSD/SL_FSRDSD Final Settlement Run
/DSD/SL_IACFINInterim Accounts, Final Difference
/DSD/SL_LIST_DOC_DIFDifferences in Settlement Document
/DSD/SL_MS_PRESALESCarry Out Presales Processing
/DSD/SL_MS_SETTLEPerform Final Settlement
/DSD/SL_PMGIACGeneral Accounts Driver, Customer
/DSD/SL_PMSIACSpecific Accounts Driver, Customer
/DSD/SL_RADBFill Route Accounting DB
/DSD/SL_SNUM_FSRMaintain Number Ranges FinalSett.Run
/DSD/SL_SNUM_SLCOCNumber Ranges COCI - Maintain Docs.
/DSD/SL_SNUM_SLDELMaintain DSD Del. Doc. Number Range
/DSD/SL_SNUM_SLDIDMaintain Number Range Settlem. Docs
/DSD/SL_SNUM_SLINVMaintain Number range Ext. Inv. No.
/DSD/SL_TGFINDDetermination Tolerance Groups
/DSD/SL_TGGRPTolerance Groups
/DSD/SL_TGSEARCHSerach Criteria Tolerance Groups
/DSD/SL_TGTYPTolerance Types
/DSD/ST_TOUROverview of DSD Tours
/DSD/SV_CHECK_CGCheck Counting Groups in material ma
/DSD/SV_LC_ADJUSTConfirm Load Adjustment
/DSD/SV_LC_COUNTConfirm Load
/DSD/SV_LC_DELETEDelete Loading Confirmation Data
/DSD/SV_LIST_SHIPList of Shipments
/DSD/SV_LIST_STOCKList of Stock on Truck
/DSD/SV_MAN_CORReprocess MM Record
/DSD/SV_MR_DELDelete Obsolete Movement Record Data
/DSD/SV_RL_RELEASERelease Final Unloading Document
/DSD/SV_STOCK_AD_CRCreate SV Material Movements
/DSD/SV_STOCK_AD_DPDisplay SV Material Movements
/DSD/TCBUSDSD Loc: Tax Condition Builder USA
/DSD/VC_B_ACCAccess Sequences (Visit List)
/DSD/VC_B_C01Create Message: Visit List
/DSD/VC_B_C02Change Message: Visit List
/DSD/VC_B_C03Display Message: Visit List
/DSD/VC_B_CATField Catalog (Visit List)
/DSD/VC_B_CT1Create Condition Tables
/DSD/VC_B_CT2VL Messages - Change ConTab
/DSD/VC_B_CT3VL Messages - Display ConTab
/DSD/VC_B_MAPAssignment of Message Schema
/DSD/VC_B_SCHMessage Schema (Visit List)
/DSD/VC_B_TYPMessage Types (Visit List)
/DSD/VC_GENGenerate Visit Lists
/DSD/VC_MESSAGESOutput Processing
/DSD/VC_RSNAST00Selection of Messages to Process
/DSD/VC_RSNAST0DGeneric output issue
/DSD/VC_RSNAST0FSelection of Incorrect Messages
/DSD/VC_SETTLEComparison: Deliveries - Visit Lists
/DSD/VC_TEXT_CONTROLText Control for DSD Visit Control
/DSD/VC_VLMaintain Visit List
/DSD/VC_VLC_ARCHVisit List Archiving Control
/DSD/VC_VLRANGEMaintain Number Ranges: SC Lists
/DSD/VC_VL_DELETEDelete Visit Lists
/DSD/VC_VL_VIEWDisplay Sales Call List
/DSD/VC_VPMaintain Visit Plans
/DSD/VC_VPRANGEMaintain Number Ranges: SC Schedules
/DSD/VC_VP_CREATECreate Sales Call Schedules
/DSD/VC_VP_VIEWDisplay Sales Call Schedules
/EACA/CHANGE_TEMPLATCharacteristics for GL - Templates
/EACA/GLCONTROLCharacteristics for GL - Templates
/EACA/GLPOST_ACCDATAPost G/L Acct Document to Data Basis
/EACA/GLPOST_ACCSYSTG/L Acct Doc. for Accounting System
/EACA/GLPOST_REFDOCEnter Sample Documents
/EACA/GLPST_REF_ACCSEnter Sample Documents
/EACA/GL_BREPGL Balance Reporting
/EACA/GL_DOCNRGL Document Number Maintenance
/EACA/GL_DOC_DISPLAYDocument Display
/EACA/GL_DOC_JOURNALDocument Journal
/EACA/GL_IMGIMG Display for General Ledger
/EACA/GL_MANPOS_VMSet Up General Ledger Acct Posting
/EACA/GL_MDGL Master Data: Maintenance
/EACA/GL_POST_ACTActivate G/L Account Posting
/EACA/GL_PRNTA_SHOWDisplay Source Document/Sample Docs
/EACA/GL_REFDOC_SHOWDisplay Sample Document
/EACA/GL_REVERSALReverse G/L Acct Posting/Source Doc.
/EACA/GL_REV_DOCReverse G/L Acct Posting/Acc. Doc.
/EACA/PMCFACTIVActivate Profitability Mgt View
/EACA/PMCFSTR_BTAPROConfigure BTA Profit from PM View
/EACA/PMCFSTR_CR_JRStruct. Config. of C&R Journal
/EACA/PMCFVARIPM: Variant Maintenance
/EACA/PM_CK_GRPSChar. and Key Figure Grp Maintenance
/EACA/PM_PPR_DISPLine Item List (Source Document)
/EACA/PM_PPR_LIManual Entry of Line Items
/EACA/PM_UR_ADMINExecute Assignment Changes (Realgmt)
/EACA/PM_UR_MAINTAINMaintain Assignment Changes
/EACC/50000020IMG Activity: /EACC/SIMG_INST_COMP
/EACC/ACSYST_COPYCopy Valuation Systems
/EACC/ACTIVATE_AEActivation of the Accounting Engine
/EACC/ARCHIVE_CONFIGDocument Archiving Maintenance
/EACC/ARCHIVE_RUNCarry Out Document Archiving
/EACC/CONFIGSJournal Configurations
/EACC/DMM_COPYTOOLCopying Map Objects
/EACC/DMM_OBJMAPBW Objects for Accounting Views
/EACC/DMM_OBJMAP_VBW Objects for Accounting Views
/EACC/DMONMonitor Flow Control
/EACC/DM_DEBUGActivate Breakpoints
/EACC/DOCJOURNALCONFConfiguration of the Doc. Journal
/EACC/DOC_REPORTDocument Display
/EACC/DR_CONFIGDerivation: Add Source Characterstcs
/EACC/DR_CUSTDerivation: Add Source Characterstcs
/EACC/FOBUE-Accounting Formula Editor
/EACC/JOURNALCONTENTAccounting Engine Journals Overview
/EACC/KF_CHAR_USAGEUse of Char/Key Fig for Data Basis
/EACC/READ_REGDisplay Characteristic Registration
/EACC/REGIST_01Char. and Key Figure Registration
/EACC/SHOW_PLIMAMost Recent Configuration PLIMA
/FSCAA/ADD_SHLPAdditional search helps
/FSCAA/VC_FIELDStructure Definition and Fld Mapping
/FSCAA/V_IF_2_CLASSRelation Interfaces and Classes
/FSIH/CNCLGive Notice on Expired Ins. Policies
/FSIH/DISBDisburse Insurance Premiums
/FSIH/REPLCompare Pymnt Plans for Ins. Policy
/GC1/INITGarbage Collector: Initial Screen
/GC1/LOGGarbage Collector: Activities/Logs
/GC1/OVERVIEWGC: Overview of Obj. Type Relats
/GC1/SCOPEOverview: Garbage Collector
/GC1/STARTGarbage Collector Run
/GRCPI/AC_EXPORTAC 4.0/5.3 data export
/GRCPI/GRIAOVERVIEWQulified ABAP Report Overview
/GRCPI/GRIARPTCHKReport Validation
/GRCPI/GRIARTABusiness Rule Exection
/GRCPI/GRIA_EAMEAM Launchpad Logon
/GRCPI/OVERVIEWQulified ABAP Report Overview
/IBS/RB_ACC_CREATIONRBD: Automatic Account Creation
/IBS/RB_ASSIGN_CALLRBD: Assign Administrator
/IBS/RB_ASSIGN_CORBD: Assign Administrator
/IBS/RB_DEVLRBD: Dev. List Value Adjustment
/IBS/RB_ECF_CLEARIRP: Deletion Report ECF Gate
/IBS/RB_ECF_FILLIRP: Filling Report ECF Gate
/IBS/RB_ECF_RECLASECF Balance Sheet Transfer
/IBS/RB_ECF_UNW_UMGLIRP: Unwinding Reclassification
/IBS/RB_EWB_UPDRBD: CML Pos. Monitoring: Update Run
/IBS/RB_GATE_CLEARDeletion Report for FVA Interface
/IBS/RB_HINTRBD: Pos. Monitoring: List of Notes
/IBS/RB_HINTMList of Notes for Multiple Sce Syst.
/IBS/RB_IAS_FILLIVA: Filling Report IAS Gate
/IBS/RB_IAS_FILL_MIGIVA: CSV Filling Report Ft. Analysis
/IBS/RB_IAS_POSTIVA: Posting Run - Future Analysis
/IBS/RB_IAS_POST_UNWIVA: Unwinding Posting Run Future
/IBS/RB_IAS_UPDEWB: Aktualisierung Zukunftsbetr.
/IBS/RB_IAS_UPD_INITIVA: Initial Run for Future Analysis
/IBS/RB_IAS_UPD_KTOIVA:Ind. Acc. Update Future Analysis
/IBS/RB_IAS_UPD_UNWIVA: Update Run Future Analysis
/IBS/RB_KTO_DISRBD Dialog: Display RBD Account
/IBS/RB_KTO_INSRBD Dialog: Create RBD Account
/IBS/RB_KTO_REACTRBD: Reactivate RBD Account
/IBS/RB_KTO_UPDRBD Dialog: Change RBD Account
/IBS/RB_MANCONECF: Manual Contract Management
/IBS/RB_MAN_PLAN_CHGRBD: Monitoring - Plnd Rec. Change
/IBS/RB_PEWB_RFRRBD:Clearing Actual Recs (Rev. FIVA)
/IBS/RB_PEWB_RFR_SUMRBD:Clearing Actual Recs (Rev. FIVA)
/IBS/RB_PEWB_RSTRBD: Gen. and Post Plnd Recds (FIVA)
/IBS/RB_PEWB_RSTMRBD:Create FIVA For Several Sce Sys.
/IBS/RB_PWV_KKFVA for Consumer Loans
/IBS/RB_PWV_UPDRND: FIVA with Risk Indicator
/IBS/RB_RBDGATE_FILLRBD: Fill RBD Gate with Test Data
/IBS/RB_RBDGATE_FILMRBD: Filling of the FVA Data Store
/IBS/RB_REALLOCECF: Contract Reallocation
/IBS/RB_RECLASBalance Sheet Transfer RBD
/IBS/RB_REFRBD: Drilldown Reporting with Ref.
/IBS/RB_REPORTINGRBD: Reporting Function
/IBS/RB_VS_SALDORBD: Ind. Document Table Source Sys.
/IBS/RB_WORKLISTRBD: Worklist - Processor
/IBS/RB_WORKLIST_SELRBD: Worklist - Processor
/IPRO/67000026IMG Activity: /IPRO/MGT_OVERLAY
/IPRO/67000049IMG Activity: /IPRO/LIST_ALL_VARS
/IPRO/ACTIVE_VARList Active Variables
/IPRO/CLASSIF_GENSet Up Classification System
/IPRO/CLAUSE_COUNT_LList Active Elements
/IPRO/DEF_DUET_MAPSet Default Mapping for Duet Attrib
/IPRO/DOCB_IMGShortcut for DocB IMG
/IPRO/DOCSEL_DIAGDocument Selection diagnostic
/IPRO/DOC_EXPIREChange Document Status
/IPRO/DUET_IMG_DIAGRun Duet Basic Diagnostic
/IPRO/IMGACTtransaction for IMG activities
/IPRO/IMG_CREATE_EMACreate email from log
/IPRO/IMG_DIAGGeneral IMG diagnostic report
/IPRO/IMG_DISPLAY_VADisplay variable structure
/IPRO/LIST_DOCSELListing document selections
/IPRO/LIST_ELMNTSList elements
/IPRO/LIST_STRUCTListing structure variables
/IPRO/LIST_TMPLList all affected system templates
/IPRO/LIST_VARList unstructured simple var
/IPRO/LIST_VARREFList variable-references
/IPRO/LIST_VARSList all variables
/IPRO/LIST_VAR_ELMList affected elements
/IPRO/MIGRATIONMigrate Document Builder Data
/IPRO/NUM_RANGENumber Range Maintenance for DocB
/IPRO/POP_VARPopulate Variables
/IPRO/READ_SRM_VARRead SRM Data and Create Variables
/IPRO/TMPL_ELMNTList system templates and elements
/IPRO/TMPL_LAUNCHERLaunch DocB for template operation
/IPRO/VARIABLE_CONFLList Conflicting Variables
/IPRO/XML_STR_GENGenerate Meta Data
/ISDFPS/11000003IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_FE01
/ISDFPS/11000004IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_FE03
/ISDFPS/11000005IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_FE04
/ISDFPS/11000006IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_FE05
/ISDFPS/11000007IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_FE06
/ISDFPS/11000008IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OR01
/ISDFPS/11000009IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OR02
/ISDFPS/11000010IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_ORSUP01
/ISDFPS/11000011IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_ORMNT01
/ISDFPS/11000012IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_CFDP01
/ISDFPS/11000013IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_FE02
/ISDFPS/11000014IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/MB_DELIV
/ISDFPS/11000020IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OPPE02
/ISDFPS/11000021IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OPPE03
/ISDFPS/11000022IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OPPE04
/ISDFPS/11000023IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OPPE05
/ISDFPS/11000024IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OPPE06
/ISDFPS/11000025IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OPPE11
/ISDFPS/11000026IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OPPE13
/ISDFPS/11000027IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OPPE14
/ISDFPS/11000028IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OPPE12
/ISDFPS/11000029IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OPPE15
/ISDFPS/11000031IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_OOVK
/ISDFPS/11000032IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_HR_OPPE12
/ISDFPS/11000033IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_T77OMTAB
/ISDFPS/11000034IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_V_DA04
/ISDFPS/11000040IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/V_FDPDA5
/ISDFPS/11000041IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/V_FDPDA6
/ISDFPS/11000042IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_FE07
/ISDFPS/11000051IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/CIL21SUB
/ISDFPS/11000052IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/CIL21SUP
/ISDFPS/11000055IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/V_SA04
/ISDFPS/11000056IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/V_CPRIO
/ISDFPS/11000061IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/V_PGRURG
/ISDFPS/11000062IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/V_PURG
/ISDFPS/11000063IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/V_PREQ
/ISDFPS/11000064IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/V_PRILOC
/ISDFPS/11000065IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/V_PURGSD
/ISDFPS/11000066IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/V_PURGPM
/ISDFPS/11000067IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/PRIO
/ISDFPS/89000007Maintain Distributed Sys. Landscape
/ISDFPS/99000002IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/ME_MM_REQ
/ISDFPS/ACCHIERCOPYCopy CO Standard Hierarchy
/ISDFPS/ACCHIERGENGenerate CO Standard Hierarchy
/ISDFPS/ACCHIERPREPPrepare CO Hierarchy in Operation
/ISDFPS/ACCHIERRESTReplace CO Standard Hierarchy
/ISDFPS/ACCMDGENGenerate CO Account Assignment Objs
/ISDFPS/ALE_CRE_CCMSGenerate CCMS Nodes for System
/ISDFPS/ALE_IN_PROCStart Inbound Processing
/ISDFPS/ALE_SYS_MAINMaintain DFPS System Landscape
/ISDFPS/BD11DFPS Request Material Master
/ISDFPS/BD87NDFPS ALE Status Monitor
/ISDFPS/BDXEDFPS Create Customizing Transport
/ISDFPS/BERID_GETSelects MRP Area for Stor. Loc.
/ISDFPS/C02WM1Maintain WM Addnl Attributes (Basis)
/ISDFPS/CALL_TRANSTransaction Call with Memory Export
/ISDFPS/CBSART_CSCust.: Assign Receiver PO Doc. Type
/ISDFPS/CFDP01Structures Workbench: Customizing
/ISDFPS/CFRGKZ_CSCust: Release ID f. Synchronization
/ISDFPS/CHANGE_PARTYOpen Docs for Supply Relationship
/ISDFPS/CHA_TBL_LOGActivate DFPS Table Logging
/ISDFPS/CIL21SUBHist. Insts: Customiz. Field Sel.
/ISDFPS/CIL21SUPHist. Inst. Locs: Cust. Field Sel.
/ISDFPS/CLMASCLCust.: Confign Cd Classes to Mod. ID
/ISDFPS/CLMCAPCustomizing: Controlled Usage Rate
/ISDFPS/CLMCUSCustomizing: Controlled Usage Rate
/ISDFPS/CLMEXSTACust.: Master Equipment Sts Objects
/ISDFPS/CLMFLAUFCustomizing: Flight Types
/ISDFPS/CLMFLSTACustomizing: Flight Status Objects
/ISDFPS/CLMIASTCustomizing: Order Type Tech. Status
/ISDFPS/CLMIMSTCust.: Notification Type Tech. Sts
/ISDFPS/CLMISECust.: Activate Intersession Events
/ISDFPS/CLMMDIDCustomizing: Model IDs (WS)
/ISDFPS/CLMSFCTCustomizing: Status Function
/ISDFPS/CLMSTADCust.: Technical Status Semantics
/ISDFPS/CLMSTBCust.: Status Board Transactions
/ISDFPS/CLMSTICCustomizing: User Status Icons
/ISDFPS/CLMUPRICustomizing: Usage Rate
/ISDFPS/CMP_AGR_TABSComparison of the AGR Tables
/ISDFPS/CPMGOS1Activate Gen. Obj. Srvc "Chg Auth."
/ISDFPS/CRELMaintain Relocations/Reloc. Steps
/ISDFPS/CREL01Maintain Relocation
/ISDFPS/CREL02Maintain Relocation Steps
/ISDFPS/CREL03Maintain Weight Groups
/ISDFPS/CREL04Maintain Relocation Types
/ISDFPS/CREL1Maintain Relocation
/ISDFPS/CREL2Maintain Relocation Steps
/ISDFPS/CRWBDReplication Workbench - Enhanced
/ISDFPS/CUA_SWITCHSwitches the CUA Connection
/ISDFPS/C_CIDNumber Range Mainten.: /ISDFPS/CM
/ISDFPS/C_CS_CMDCust:Cust: Cross-System Commands
/ISDFPS/C_CS_SYSCust.: Assign Log.Syst. to Plnt/SLoc
/ISDFPS/C_MM_CSCust.: Cross-System Basic Settings
/ISDFPS/DISP_EQU_SITDisplay Equipment Level
/ISDFPS/DISP_INITSUPDisplay Initial and Subs. Supply
/ISDFPS/DISP_MATSTATDisplay Initial Supply Status
/ISDFPS/DISP_MAT_SITDisplay Material Situation
/ISDFPS/DSP1NCG Planning Workbench
/ISDFPS/EPA_HUProcessing of HUs from EPA
/ISDFPS/EXT_BATCHESCreate External Batch Usage
/ISDFPS/EXT_BATCHES3Display External Batch Usage
/ISDFPS/FDP1Log. Operations Planning & Execution
/ISDFPS/FDP2Log. Operations Planning & Execution
/ISDFPS/FDP_STARTStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/FDP_SUPPLYExecute Initial Supply Run
/ISDFPS/FDP_VSTELCreate/Change Shipping Points
/ISDFPS/FE01Organizational Areas
/ISDFPS/FE02Structure Levels
/ISDFPS/FE03Structure Types
/ISDFPS/FE06Classification of Armed Forces
/ISDFPS/FE07Material Indicators
/ISDFPS/FORCE_CD_DISDisplay Change Documents
/ISDFPS/GEOLOC1Change Geolocation
/ISDFPS/GEOLOC2Display Geolocation
/ISDFPS/GNR_CHECKCheck Global Number Ranges
/ISDFPS/GNR_MAINTAINDefinition of Global Number Ranges
/ISDFPS/IE11List Display of Alt. Equip. History
/ISDFPS/IL07RMulti-Level Reference Location List
/ISDFPS/IL21Extended Equip. History (Hierarchy)
/ISDFPS/INFRAMAT_ALLOverview of Infrastructure Material
/ISDFPS/INFRAMAT_RETPost Infrastruc. Matl to Prior Per.
/ISDFPS/INFRA_COMPAuth/Actl Comp. Infra.Matl LocMgmtFE
/ISDFPS/INIT_SUPPLYTrigger Initial Supply Run
/ISDFPS/LA01Maintain WM Addnl Attributes Online
/ISDFPS/LA02Maintain WM Addnl Attributes in List
/ISDFPS/LA03Display WM Addnl Attributes in List
/ISDFPS/LMACC1Enter Aircraft Accident
/ISDFPS/LMCUS1Start Controlled Usage Rate
/ISDFPS/LMER01Add/Change Operational Role
/ISDFPS/LMER02Display Operational Role
/ISDFPS/LMFL01Create Flight
/ISDFPS/LMFL02Change Flight
/ISDFPS/LMFL03Display Flight
/ISDFPS/LMFLM1Change Mission
/ISDFPS/LMFLP1Flight Overview
/ISDFPS/LMIE01Create Equipment (Operation Equip.)
/ISDFPS/LMIE02Change Equipment (Operation Equip.)
/ISDFPS/LMIE03Display Equipment (Operation Equip.)
/ISDFPS/LMSI01Change or Add Site
/ISDFPS/LMSI02Display Site
/ISDFPS/LMSTB1Status Board (Change Mode)
/ISDFPS/LMSTB2Status Board (Display Mode)
/ISDFPS/LMTST1Overview of Technical Status
/ISDFPS/LN01Create Warehouse Structure
/ISDFPS/LN02Change Warehouse Structure
/ISDFPS/LN03Display Warehouse Structure
/ISDFPS/LN04Delete Warehouse Number
/ISDFPS/LPL1Material Categories Planning
/ISDFPS/LPL2Material Categories Planning
/ISDFPS/LSP1Logistical Mission Support
/ISDFPS/LSP2Logistical Mission Support
/ISDFPS/MATMAS_COPYCopy Material Master Data
/ISDFPS/MAT_ASSIGNMaterial Assignment
/ISDFPS/MAT_COMPAuth./Actl Comp. w. Matl Container
/ISDFPS/MB52Material Stock List for MPO/MC
/ISDFPS/MCHGMass Changes
/ISDFPS/MCHG_SUP_RELSupport Relationships Mass Change
/ISDFPS/ME_BSARTMaintenance View for BSART
/ISDFPS/ME_BWBMaintain View Cluster for BWB
/ISDFPS/ME_BWSMaintain View Cluster for BWS
/ISDFPS/ME_HR_TAHDMMaintain Preselection of HR Objects
/ISDFPS/ME_HR_TCTPMMaint. of Usage Types Rel. for MA
/ISDFPS/ME_IDOC00Maintenance: Program Object CP1
/ISDFPS/ME_IDOC01Generation of Initial IDocs
/ISDFPS/ME_IDOC02Generation of Deletion Record IDocs
/ISDFPS/ME_IDOC03Call BD21 for Delta Download
/ISDFPS/ME_IDOC04Generate Change Pointers (DB Log)
/ISDFPS/ME_REQMaintain View Cluster for REQ
/ISDFPS/MM_CS_EXLSTPurchase Requisition Exception List
/ISDFPS/MM_RL01Create Return Delivery PReqs
/ISDFPS/MM_TRANS_DELTransport in the Event of a Transfer
/ISDFPS/MPA1Process Provisions Packages
/ISDFPS/MPA2Display Material Packages
/ISDFPS/MPANRMaterial Package Number Range
/ISDFPS/MPOAuth. Materials and Material Pkgs
/ISDFPS/MPONRMaterial Planning Obj. Number Range
/ISDFPS/MPO_COMPAuthorized/Actual Comparison of MPO
/ISDFPS/MPO_MIGMigration Data for iPPE Workbench
/ISDFPS/MPO_PLANScheduled Material Planning Objects
/ISDFPS/MPO_SUBRemove Material Planning Objects
/ISDFPS/NR_CL_UNUSEDCreate New Fiscal Year for NR
/ISDFPS/NR_NEW_YEARCreate New Fiscal Year for NR
/ISDFPS/NR_SYS_CLEANClean Up GNR Data for System
/ISDFPS/OIUOMulti-Level R.P. List: Ref. Meas. Pt
/ISDFPS/OIX2Multi-Level R.P. List: Ref. Location
/ISDFPS/OIX8Multi-Level R.P. List: Class
/ISDFPS/OIX9Multi-Level R.P. List: Char.
/ISDFPS/OIXAMulti-Level R.P. List: Document
/ISDFPS/OM_REFStructure Evaluations
/ISDFPS/OPC_CFOp./Ex. Calendar - Force Provider
/ISDFPS/OPC_LRO/E Calendar - Cmd Responsibility
/ISDFPS/OR01Assgmt: Relationship - Basic Type
/ISDFPS/OR02Customizing Usage Types
/ISDFPS/ORMNT01Maintenance Relatshps: Damage Types
/ISDFPS/ORMNT_MMDOCSOpen MM Docs for Maint. Relationship
/ISDFPS/ORMNT_PMDOCSPM Documents for Maintenance Rel.
/ISDFPS/ORSUP01Supply Relatshps: Ext. Matl Groups
/ISDFPS/ORSUP_DOCSOpen Docs for Supply Relationship
/ISDFPS/OVXCAssignment of Shipping Pt to Plant
/ISDFPS/PERS1Personnel Categories Planning
/ISDFPS/PERS2Personnel Categories Planning
/ISDFPS/PLBALog Display f. Local User Administ.
/ISDFPS/PMCP1Forward Change Authorization
/ISDFPS/PMCP_OBJObjects with Change Auth. in System
/ISDFPS/PMDIS2Generic Maintenance Obj Distribution
/ISDFPS/PMDISRUN1Distribution Factory Monitor
/ISDFPS/PMRELOC1Technical Object Relocation Monitor
/ISDFPS/PMRELO_INTInt. Call: Forward Change Authoriz.
/ISDFPS/PMRUECK1Maintenance Data Redistribution
/ISDFPS/PORT_SWITCHSwitch Ports for ALE Partner Profile
/ISDFPS/POSGENPosition Generator: HCP
/ISDFPS/POS_GENHCP Position Generator
/ISDFPS/PRELOC1Relocation Planning
/ISDFPS/PRELOC2Relocation Planning
/ISDFPS/PRPLBBackground: Prioritized Matls Plng
/ISDFPS/PRPLDDialog: Prioritized Materials Plng
/ISDFPS/PRPLLDocument Processing Log
/ISDFPS/PUWNR_UChange Declaration Planning Scope
/ISDFPS/PUWNR_VDisplay Declaration Planning Scope
/ISDFPS/RELOC1Relocation Execution
/ISDFPS/RELOC2Relocation Execution
/ISDFPS/RFFMKBHACommitment Item: Expenditure View
/ISDFPS/RFFMKBHECommitment Item: Revenues View
/ISDFPS/RIC1Change Reportable Item Code
/ISDFPS/RIC2Display Reportable Item Code
/ISDFPS/SET_OFFLINESet System to Offline Mode
/ISDFPS/SET_ONLINESet System to Online Mode
/ISDFPS/SLG1Show Application Logs
/ISDFPS/SREL1Support Relationships
/ISDFPS/SREL2Support Relationships
/ISDFPS/STATE_CHECKCheck Organizational Structures
/ISDFPS/STOCK_RELOCPlan Relocation for Complete FE
/ISDFPS/STOCK_RETURNDisband Force Element in Operation
/ISDFPS/SWITCH_PP_OSwitch Mode of ALE-PV (Out)
/ISDFPS/SYSTEM_MONMonitor Partner System
/ISDFPS/SYSTEM_STATEDisplay Connection Status
/ISDFPS/SYSTEM_SYNCSynchronization with Partner System
/ISDFPS/T024D_UCreate/Change MRP Controller
/ISDFPS/T024D_VDisplay MRP Controller
/ISDFPS/T313Y_UILN for SSCC-Gen. at StorLoc Level
/ISDFPS/T313Y_VILN for SSCC-Gen. at StorLoc Level
/ISDFPS/T630L_UShpg Deadline - Chg. Ldng Time Info
/ISDFPS/T630L_VShpg Deadline - Disp. Ldng Time Info
/ISDFPS/T630R_UShpg Deadl- Chg. Pick/Pack Time Info
/ISDFPS/T630R_VShpg Deadl-Disp. Pick/Pack Time Info
/ISDFPS/TA_PSPMATExclusion Objs Auth./Actl Comparison
/ISDFPS/TOB1Assignment of Technical Objects
/ISDFPS/TOB2Assignment of Technical Objects
/ISDFPS/TOE1Organizational Structure and Tasks
/ISDFPS/TOE2Organizational Structure and Tasks
/ISDFPS/TOEACC1Accounting Organizational Basis
/ISDFPS/TOEACC2Accounting Organizational Basis
/ISDFPS/TOEFU1Command and Control Support
/ISDFPS/TOEFU2Command and Control Support
/ISDFPS/TOELOG1Logistics Organizational Basis
/ISDFPS/TOELOG2Logistics Organizational Basis
/ISDFPS/TOEM1Material Organizational Basis
/ISDFPS/TOEM2Material Organizational Basis
/ISDFPS/TOEP1Personnel Organizational Basis
/ISDFPS/TOEP2Personnel Organizational Basis
/ISDFPS/TORG1Task Organization
/ISDFPS/TORG2Task Organization
/ISDFPS/TVKOL_UPicking _ Change Stor.Loc. Determin.
/ISDFPS/TVKOL_VPicking - Display Stor.Loc.Determin.
/ISDFPS/TVLA_UChange Loading Points per Shpg Point
/ISDFPS/TVLA_VDisplay Loading Points per Shpg Pt
/ISDFPS/TVSTZ_LGORTUChange Shpg Pt Determination (SLoc)
/ISDFPS/TVSTZ_LGORTVDisp. Shpg Pt Determination (SLoc)
/ISDFPS/TVSTZ_UChange Shpg Pt Determination (Plant)
/ISDFPS/TVSTZ_VDisp. Shpg Pt Determination (Plant)
/ISDFPS/UPD_ORG_LEVBUpdate the Org. Level Fields
/ISDFPS/UPD_ORG_LEVSComparison of Organizational Levels
/ISDFPS/UPD_ORG_LEVTUpdate the Org. Level Fields
/ISDFPS/UPLN1Execute Material Plans
/ISDFPS/UPSALE Distribution Units - Enhanced
/ISDFPS/UPS01Create ALE Distr. Unit - Enhanced
/ISDFPS/UPS02Change ALE Distr. Unit - Enhanced
/ISDFPS/UPS03Display ALE Distr. Unit - Enhanced
/ISDFPS/UPS04Copy ALE Distr. Unit - Enhanced
/ISDFPS/UPS_FORCEStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/VLV1Deliveries for Relocation
/ISDFPS/VLV2Display Relocation Deliveries
/ISDFPS/VLVBEComplete Relocation Purch. Orders
/ISDFPS/VLVETCarry Out Own Transport
/ISDFPS/VLVLSMass Change of Log. Syst. in FEs
/ISDFPS/VPA_INTERNInternal Transaction for PPA
/ISDFPS/V_024_UCreate/Change Purchasing Group
/ISDFPS/V_024_VDisplay Purchasing Group
/ISDFPS/V_V2Rescheduling for Defense
/ISDFPS/WF_ACCStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/WF_CUSTWorkflow Tree Customizing
/ISDFPS/WF_EPAStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/WF_EXTStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/WF_EXUStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/WF_KSTStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/WF_MAPStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/WF_MATStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/WF_MATPLANStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/WF_MCStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/WF_PERStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/WF_PERPLANStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/WF_RH_TASKUsed for Customizing Tree
/ISDFPS/WF_RICStructures Workbench
/ISDFPS/WF_SE16Call SE 16 for Workflow
/ISIDEX/54000037IMG Activity: /ISIDEX/_00001
/ISIDEX/54000038IMG Activity: /ISIDEX/_00002
/ISIDEX/54000039IMG Activity: /ISIDEX/_00003
/ISIDEX/54000040IMG Activity: /ISIDEX/_00004
/ISIDEX/B001_U02_01Create IDEX EDM Factory Calendar
/ISIDEX/B001_U10_01IDEX DEREG Define Service Types
/ISIDEX/B001_U11_01IDEX DEREG Define Service Types
/ISIDEX/B001_U12_01IDEX DEREG Define Service Types
/ISIDEX/B001_U22_01IDEX CoS: Define Periods/Deadlines
/ISIDEX/B001_U24_01IDEX CoS: Define Periods/Deadlines
/ISIDEX/B001_U26_01IDEX CoS: Define Periods/Deadlines
/ISIDEX/B001_U32_01Maintain Main and Subtransactions
/ISIDEX/B001_U34_01Maintain Main and Subtransactions
/ISIDEX/B001_U36_01Maintain Main and Subtransactions
/ISIDEX/B002_U02_01IDEX EDM: Define Season Types
/ISIDEX/B002_U10_01IDEX DEREG Define Deregulation Swtch
/ISIDEX/B002_U11_01IDEX DEREG Define Deregulation Swtch
/ISIDEX/B002_U12_01IDEX DEREG Define Deregulation Swtch
/ISIDEX/B002_U24_01IDEX CoS: Define Checks
/ISIDEX/B002_U26_01IDEX CoS: Define Checks
/ISIDEX/B002_U32_01Account Determination ID f. Supplier
/ISIDEX/B002_U34_01Account Determination ID for Distr.
/ISIDEX/B002_U36_01Account Det. ID for Contract Account
/ISIDEX/B003_U02_01IDEX EDM: Define Season Groups
/ISIDEX/B003_U10_01IDEX DEREG Define Control Parameters
/ISIDEX/B003_U11_01IDEX DEREG Define Control Parameters
/ISIDEX/B003_U12_01IDEX DEREG Define Control Parameters
/ISIDEX/B003_U22_01IDEX CoS Exception Handling per View
/ISIDEX/B003_U24_01IDEX CoS: No. Range for Switch Doc.
/ISIDEX/B003_U26_01IDEX CoS Exception Handling per View
/ISIDEX/B003_U32_01Account Assgt for Main Transaction
/ISIDEX/B003_U34_01Account Assgt for Main Transaction
/ISIDEX/B003_U36_01Account Assgt for Main Transaction
/ISIDEX/B004_U02_01IDEX EDM: Define Day Types
/ISIDEX/B004_U10_01IDEX DEREG Verify WF Customizing
/ISIDEX/B004_U11_01IDEX DEREG Verify WF Customizing
/ISIDEX/B004_U12_01IDEX DEREG Verify WF Customizing
/ISIDEX/B004_U22_01IDEX CoS: No. Range for Switch Doc.
/ISIDEX/B004_U24_01IDEX CoS: Act. Event Cat. Coupling
/ISIDEX/B004_U26_01IDEX CoS: No. Range for Switch Doc.
/ISIDEX/B004_U32_01Account Assignment for Transaction
/ISIDEX/B004_U34_01Account Assignment for Transaction
/ISIDEX/B004_U36_01Account Assignment for Transaction
/ISIDEX/B005_U02_01IDEX EDM: Define Day Groups
/ISIDEX/B005_U22_01IDEX CoS: Act. Event Cat. Coupling
/ISIDEX/B005_U24_01IDEX CoS: Define Type of SPA
/ISIDEX/B005_U26_01IDEX CoS: Act. Event Cat. Coupling
/ISIDEX/B005_U32_01Define Payment Frequency
/ISIDEX/B005_U34_01Specs f. Posting Aggr. Inc. Bills
/ISIDEX/B005_U36_01Specs f. Posting Aggr. Inc. Bills
/ISIDEX/B006_U02_01IDEX EDM: Define Time-of-Use Types
/ISIDEX/B006_U10_01IDEX DEREG Define Supply Scenarios
/ISIDEX/B006_U11_01IDEX DEREG Define Supply Scenarios
/ISIDEX/B006_U12_01IDEX DEREG Define Supply Scenarios
/ISIDEX/B006_U22_01IDEX CoS: Define Type of SPA
/ISIDEX/B006_U24_01IDEX CoS Exception Handling per View
/ISIDEX/B006_U26_01IDEX CoS: Define Type of SPA
/ISIDEX/B006_U32_01Define Payment Classes
/ISIDEX/B006_U34_01Data Exchange Process
/ISIDEX/B006_U36_01Define Payment Frequency
/ISIDEX/B007_U02_01IDEX EDM: Define Time-of-Use Group
/ISIDEX/B007_U10_01IDEX DEREG Setup MD Templates
/ISIDEX/B007_U11_01IDEX DEREG Setup MD Templates
/ISIDEX/B007_U12_01IDEX DEREG Setup MD Templates
/ISIDEX/B007_U22_01IDEX CoS: Define Data Exhange Proc.
/ISIDEX/B007_U24_01IDEX CoS: Define Data Exhange Proc.
/ISIDEX/B007_U26_01IDEX CoS: Define Data Exhange Proc.
/ISIDEX/B007_U32_01Define Data Exchange Processes
/ISIDEX/B007_U34_01Maintain Service Provider Agreements
/ISIDEX/B007_U36_01Define Payment Classes
/ISIDEX/B008_U02_01Define IDEX EDM Profile Roles
/ISIDEX/B008_U22_01IDEX CoS: Maintain Switch Views
/ISIDEX/B008_U24_01IDEX CoS: Maintain Switch Views
/ISIDEX/B008_U26_01IDEX CoS: Maintain Switch Views
/ISIDEX/B008_U32_01Service Provider Agreement Types
/ISIDEX/B008_U34_01Bill Check (Part 1)
/ISIDEX/B008_U36_01Data Exchange Process
/ISIDEX/B009_U22_01IDEX CoS: Define Front Office Proc.
/ISIDEX/B009_U24_01IDEX CoS: Define Front Office Proc.
/ISIDEX/B009_U26_01IDEX CoS: Define Front Office Proc.
/ISIDEX/B009_U32_01Define Reason Codes
/ISIDEX/B009_U34_01Basic Settings for Bill Check
/ISIDEX/B009_U36_01Maintain Service Provider Agreements
/ISIDEX/B010_U22_01IDEX CoS: Assign CIC Profiles
/ISIDEX/B010_U24_01IDEX CoS: Assign CIC Profiles
/ISIDEX/B010_U26_01IDEX CoS: Assign CIC Profiles
/ISIDEX/B010_U32_01Parameters for Distr. Aggr. Payments
/ISIDEX/B010_U34_01Check Parameters for Bill Check
/ISIDEX/B010_U36_01Define Process Control (Part 1)
/ISIDEX/B011_U22_01IDEX CoS: Maintain Action Box
/ISIDEX/B011_U24_01IDEX CoS: Maintain Action Box
/ISIDEX/B011_U26_01IDEX CoS: Maintain Action Box
/ISIDEX/B011_U32_01Algorithms for Interpr. of PAN Items
/ISIDEX/B011_U34_01ID of Bill/PAN Parts
/ISIDEX/B011_U36_01Maintain Permitted Bill/PAN Lines
/ISIDEX/B012_U22_01IDEX CoS: Asssign Action Box Config.
/ISIDEX/B012_U24_01IDEX CoS: Asssign Action Box Config.
/ISIDEX/B012_U26_01IDEX CoS: Asssign Action Box Config.
/ISIDEX/B012_U32_01Define Process Control (Part 1)
/ISIDEX/B012_U34_01Define Payment Medium Format
/ISIDEX/B012_U36_01Check Parameters for Bill Check
/ISIDEX/B013_U22_01IDEX CoS: Switch Doc. Entry Dialog
/ISIDEX/B013_U24_01IDEX CoS: Switch Doc. Entry Dialog
/ISIDEX/B013_U26_01IDEX CoS: Switch Doc. Entry Dialog
/ISIDEX/B013_U32_01Basic Settings for Bill/PAN Proc.
/ISIDEX/B013_U34_01Note to Payee Type for Pymt Medium
/ISIDEX/B013_U36_01ID of Bill/PAN Parts
/ISIDEX/B014_U22_01IDEX CoS: Required Field Definition
/ISIDEX/B014_U24_01IDEX CoS: Required Field Definition
/ISIDEX/B014_U26_01IDEX CoS: Required Field Definition
/ISIDEX/B014_U34_01Define Payment Method
/ISIDEX/B014_U36_01Define Payment Medium Format
/ISIDEX/B015_U22_01IDEX CoS: PoD Identification
/ISIDEX/B015_U24_01IDEX CoS: PoD Identification
/ISIDEX/B015_U26_01IDEX CoS: Min. Duration of Contract
/ISIDEX/B015_U32_01ID of Bill/PAN Parts
/ISIDEX/B015_U34_01Specs for Responsible Company Code
/ISIDEX/B015_U36_01Note to Payee Type for Pymt Medium
/ISIDEX/B016_U24_01IDEX CoS: Min. Duration of Contract
/ISIDEX/B016_U26_01IDEX CoS: PoD Identification
/ISIDEX/B016_U32_01Account Balance Transactions AG27
/ISIDEX/B016_U34_01Define Form for Payment Advice Note
/ISIDEX/B016_U36_01Define Payment Method
/ISIDEX/B017_U32_01Specs for Reset Clearing AG27
/ISIDEX/B017_U34_01Process Control (Part 2)
/ISIDEX/B017_U36_01Specs for Responsible Company Code
/ISIDEX/B018_U32_01Specs for Clearing Item AG27
/ISIDEX/B018_U36_01Define Form for Payment Advice Note
/ISIDEX/B019_U32_01Alloc. Function Modules for Dunning
/ISIDEX/B019_U34_01Define Reason Codes
/ISIDEX/B019_U36_01Parameters for Distr. Aggr. Payments
/ISIDEX/B020_U32_01Def. CA Items for Communication
/ISIDEX/B020_U34_01Complaint Notification Form
/ISIDEX/B020_U36_01Algorithms for Interpr. of PAN Items
/ISIDEX/B021_U32_01Process Variants for Identifying PoD
/ISIDEX/B021_U34_01Define Reversal Reasons
/ISIDEX/B021_U36_01Def. of Account Balance Transactions
/ISIDEX/B022_U32_01Use of Process Var. to Identify PoD
/ISIDEX/B022_U34_01Allocate Register Type
/ISIDEX/B022_U36_01Specifications for Reset Clearing
/ISIDEX/B023_U34_01Allocate Units of Measurement
/ISIDEX/B023_U36_01Specifications for Clearing Item
/ISIDEX/B024_U34_01Process Variants for Identifying PoD
/ISIDEX/B024_U36_01Define Complaint Modules
/ISIDEX/B025_U34_01Use of Process Var. to Identify PoD
/ISIDEX/B025_U36_01Definition of Reason Codes
/ISIDEX/B026_U34_01User-Defined Meter Reading Type
/ISIDEX/B026_U36_01Define Complaint Notification
/ISIDEX/B027_U36_01Define Reversal Reasons
/ISIDEX/B028_U36_01CA Item for Communication
/ISIDEX/B029_U36_01Process Variants for Identifying PoD
/ISIDEX/B030_U36_01Use of Process Var. to Identify PoD
/IWBEP/92000012IMG Activity
/IWBEP/92000018IMG Activity
/IWBEP/ANA_SRV_GENAnalytics Service Generator
/IWBEP/BATCH_CONFIGBatch Parallelization
/IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUPCleanup of Model Cache
/IWBEP/CLEANUP_JOBSManage Cleanup Jobs
/IWBEP/CONFIG_CHECKCheck Configuration of BEP
/IWBEP/CONF_SERVICEConfiguration for IWBEP services
/IWBEP/CRE_DEF_JOBSCreate Default SAP GW Cleanup Jobs
/IWBEP/ERROR_LOG_E2ESAP GW Backend Error Log - E2E
/IWBEP/IMPORT_MODELService Description File Importer
/IWBEP/NOTIF_MONITORSAP GW Backend Notification Monitor
/IWBEP/OCI_SRV_GENOData Srvc.(SAPGW)Generator for OSCI
/IWBEP/REG_MODELMaintain Model
/IWBEP/REG_SERVICEMaintain Service
/IWBEP/REG_VOCANMaintain Vocabulary Annotations
/IWBEP/RFC_BOP_DELOData Channel : Delete RFC BOP
/IWBEP/RFC_BOP_GENOData Channel : Generate RFC BOP
/IWBEP/SBSAP Gateway Service Builder
/IWBEP/SBSSAP Gateway Service Builder Setup
/IWBEP/UM_NR_INTMGW Number Range Interval
/IWBEP/UR_CLEANUPUser Request Clean Up
/IWBEP/V4_REGISTERSAP Gateway Service Registration
/IWBEP/VIEW_LOGSAP Gateway Log Viewer
/IWBEP/WS_BOP_DELOData Channel : Delete WS BOP
/IWBEP/WS_BOP_GENOData Channel : Generate WS BOP
/IWFND/APPS_LOGSAP Gateway Application Log Viewer
/IWFND/BULK_USER_MAPTransaction to Perform Bulk User Map
/IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUPCleanup of Model Cache
/IWFND/CLEANUPExecute Cleanup
/IWFND/CLEANUP_JOBSManage cleanup jobs
/IWFND/CRE_DEF_JOBSCreate Default Cleanup Jobs
/IWFND/ERROR_LOG_E2ESAP Gateway Error Log - E2E
/IWFND/EXPLORERService Explorer
/IWFND/INIT_CCMSInitialize SAP Gateway CCMS Context
/IWFND/IWF_ACTIVATEActivate / Deactivate SAP Gateway
/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICEActivate and Maintain Services
/IWFND/MED_ACTIVATEActivate/Deactivate Metadata Cache
/IWFND/MED_SA_ACTIVActivate system alias based caching
/IWFND/MOC_PARALLELParallelize Multi-Origin Composition
/IWFND/NOTIF_CLEANUPCleanup Notifications
/IWFND/NOTIF_MONITORNotification Monitor
/IWFND/SOFTSTATEEnable or Disable Soft State
/IWFND/STATSSAP Gateway Statistics
/IWFND/V4_PUBLISHSAP Gateway Service Publication
/IWFND/VIEW_LOGSAP Gateway Application Log Viewer
/IWFND/VIRUS_SCANConfiguration of SAP GW Virus Scan
/IWFND/WF_WEBGUIWebGUI For Executing Workflow Item
/IWFND/WSS_SETUPConfigure WS Message-Based
/IWWRK/WF_FILTERHandle Activation of WF item filter
/IXOS/DCRSA_PRFCServer Group (pRFC) Configuration
/IXOS/DC_A_CMU_ACUAdjusting customizing
/IXOS/DC_A_CMU_ADAAdjust datatypes for admi.. settings
/IXOS/DC_A_CMU_CGAInitial creation of $GARMISCH
/IXOS/DC_A_CMU_DGRDeleting generated reports
/IXOS/DC_A_CMU_RVRestoring variants for selection scr
/IXOS/DC_A_CMU_SVSaving variants for selection screen
/IXOS/DC_A_COLD_ADMAdministration of COLD statistic
/IXOS/DC_A_COLD_MDRMaintenance of duplicate COLD record
/IXOS/DC_A_ECR_ERTExporting record types to an ECR con
/IXOS/DC_A_RS_RSTRendition Server Test Connection
/IXOS/DC_A_TM_ADMAdministration of protocol entries
/IXOS/DC_A_TM_MDRMaintenance of deleted records
/IXOS/DC_A_TM_MLTMaintenance of lock table
/IXOS/DC_A_UA_CUGCopy the admin. settings user group
/IXOS/DC_A_UA_CUVCopy the user settings from version
/IXOS/DC_A_UA_DUGDeleting user groups and user config
/IXOS/DC_RCall DocuLink (only retrieval)
/IXOS/DC_TRA_ECRMaintain ECR server and mapping
/IXOS/DC_VCNTHLCall maintenance for hyperlinks
/IXOS/DC_XCall DocuLink (without doc creation)
/IXOS/FM_ECRPDMS Forms Management
/IXOS/LICENCEOpenText license measurement cockpit
/IXOS/PLM_DLDesktopLink for PLM
/IXOS/RM_CUSTCustomizing for BI & DL in SAP RM
/IXOS/RSRendition Server Customizing
/J7L/LDELean Data Entry As Transaction
/KJRTAX01/ATMIGALVDDisplay Trans. Data - Delete (JP)
/KJRTAX01/ATMIGDELDelete Asset Transaction Data (JP)
/KJRTAX01/ATMIGINSInsert Asset Transaction Data (JP)
/KJRTAX01/MIG_PRDCDMigration of Add. Dep. Code (JP)
/KJRTAX01/PDELDelete Data Migr. from Last Yr (JP)
/KJRTAX01/PINSData Migration - Last Year (JP)
/KJRTAX01/PUPLOADUpl. Migrat.- Data from LY XML (JP)
/KJRTAX01/RINSMigrate RAJPVERM to Result Tab. (JP)
/KYK/ME53NDisplay Purchase Requisition
/KYK/MIGO_GIPost Goods Issue
/KYK/MIGO_GR_OTHERGoods Receipt Other
/KYK/MIGO_MB01Post Goods Receipt - Purchase Order
/KYK/MIGO_MB03Display Material Document
/KYK/MIGO_MB11Post Goods Movement
/KYK/MIGO_MB1AGoods Issue Order
/KYK/MIGO_MB31Post Goods Receipt for Prod Order
/KYK/MIGO_MBRLPost Return Delivery for Material Do
/KYK/MIGO_MBSTCancel Material Document
/KYK/T_CANCEL_GICancel Goods Issue
/KYK/T_COMPL_CMRCreate Credit Memo Request
/KYK/T_COMPL_DMRCreate Debit Memo Request
/KYK/T_COMPL_ICCreate Invoice Correction
/KYK/T_COMPL_RECreate Returns
/KYK/T_ME81N_01Analysis of Order Values
/KYK/T_OKKSSet Controlling Area
/LIME/42000001Determine Node Width
/LIME/86000063Process Type
/LIME/86000064Maintain Index Tables
/LIME/86000066Grouping Parameter
/LIME/86000067Types for Quantity Calculation
/LIME/86000068Supply categories
/LIME/86000069Virtual Stock Indicator
/LIME/86000070Special Stock
/LIME/86000071Reason for movement
/LIME/86000083Negative stock qty
/LIME/86000084Control Dispatcher
/LIME/86000088BAdI Builder /LIME/CUST
/LIME/86000097Filter Determination for Dispatcher
/LIME/86000098Locations Business Key
/LIME/86000099Loc.-Index Tables Generation
/LIME/86000100Generate Index Tables Code
/LIME/86000101HU Business Key
/LIME/86000102HU Index Tables Generation
/LIME/86000103Stocks Business Key
/LIME/86000104Stocks Index Tables Generation
/LIME/86000105Set Filter Values BAdI Dispatcher
/LIME/86000106Document Number
/LIME/86000107Determine Stock Type R/3
/LIME/86000108Settings Movement Type
/LIME/86000109Determine Movement Type for R/3
/LIME/86000110Determine Special Stock Indicator
/LIME/GEN_CODEGeneration of LIME Source Code
/LIME/SNUM_DIEXInternal LIME Number Range
/LIME/SNUM_EXDOExternal LIME Number Range
/LSIERP/MATURITYTCode for Maturity Payments Report
/LSIERP/PROCEEDSProcess Payment Items
/NFM/ANARMRate Analysis, MM
/NFM/ANARSRate Analysis, SD
/NFM/BSLMExchange Key, Vendor
/NFM/BSLSExchange Key, Customer
/NFM/CONVMCurrency Conversion for Rates, MM
/NFM/CONVSCurrency Conversion for Rates, SD
/NFM/COVM1Maintain Coverage, MM
/NFM/COVM3Display Coverage, MM
/NFM/COVS1Maintain Coverage, SD
/NFM/COVS3Display Coverage, SD
/NFM/C_BASICBasic Settings for NF Metals
/NFM/C_BOESLMaintain Exchange Keys
/NFM/C_COAssign CtrlArea/Origin to NF Keys
/NFM/C_COVHMNumber range maintenance: /NFM/COVHM
/NFM/C_COVHSNumber range maintenance: /NFM/COVHS
/NFM/C_KBB_MMMaint. Mvt Types in Matl Provision
/NFM/C_KBB_SDMaint. Mvt Types in Matl Provision
/NFM/C_NESMaintain NF Keys w. Base Quantities
/NFM/C_NES_EKODifferent NF Key, Purch. Org. Level
/NFM/C_NES_VKODifferent NF Key, Sales Org. Level
/NFM/C_NFMMaintain Rate Determination Modules
/NFM/C_NFRMaintain Rate Determination Routines
/NFM/C_NFS_MMMaint.Rate Determination Keys for MM
/NFM/C_NFS_SDMaint.Rate Determination Keys for SD
/NFM/C_NKTYP_MMCond. Type - Cond. Cat/NF Key, MM
/NFM/C_NKTYP_SDCond. Type - Cond. Cat/NF Key, SD
/NFM/C_NORG_MMNumber Range Maintenance: Purchasing
/NFM/C_NORG_SDMaintain Number Range in SD
/NFM/C_PROHMNumber range maintenance: /NFM/PROHM
/NFM/C_PROHSNumber range maintenance: /NFM/PROHS
/NFM/C_RATEREFNF Rate Reference PurchOrg --> SOrg
/NFM/DEFDSDifferent Rate Determination, SD
/NFM/DEHM1Maintain Default Value Header, MM
/NFM/DEHM3Display Default Value Header, MM
/NFM/DEHS1Maintain Default Value Header, SD
/NFM/DEHS3Display Default Value Header, SD
/NFM/DEPM1Maintain Default Value Item, MM
/NFM/DEPM3Display Default Value Item, MM
/NFM/DEPS1Maintain Default Value Item, SD
/NFM/DEPS3Display Default Value Item, SD
/NFM/DNEBM1Maintain default base key
/NFM/DNEBM3Display default base key
/NFM/DNEBS1Maintain default base key
/NFM/DNEBS3Display default base key
/NFM/GRAFMNF Rates Graphic, MM
/NFM/GRAFSNF Rates Graphic, SD
/NFM/MMNF Metals - Purchasing Menu
/NFM/MM_IM_PROVMOVNF Provision Posting on GR
/NFM/NEBM1Materials: Maintain Base Key, MM
/NFM/NEBM3Materials: Display Base Key, MM
/NFM/NEBS1Materials: Maintain Base Key, SD
/NFM/NEBS3Materials: Display Base Key, SD
/NFM/POSLMList NF Data from Purchasing Docs
/NFM/POSLSList NF Data from Sales Documents
/NFM/PROM1Create Provision Master, MM
/NFM/PROM2Change Provision Master, MM
/NFM/PROM3Display Provision Master, MM
/NFM/PROM4Reprocess Provision Posting, MM
/NFM/PROS1Create Provision Master, SD
/NFM/PROS2Change Provision Master, SD
/NFM/PROS3Display Provision Master, SD
/NFM/PROS4Reprocess Provision Booking, SD
/NFM/RAPM1Maintain Rates for Provision, MM
/NFM/RAPM3Display Rates for Provision, MM
/NFM/RAPS1Maintain Rates for Provision, SD
/NFM/RAPS3Display Rates for Provision, SD
/NFM/RATM1Maintain Rates, MM
/NFM/RATM3Display Rates, MM
/NFM/RATS1Maintain Rates, SD
/NFM/RATS3Display Rates, SD
/NFM/SDNF Metals - Purchasing Menu
/NFM/VGWM1Maintain Charge Weights for Vendor
/NFM/VGWM3Display Charge Weights for Vendor
/NFM/VGWS1Maintain Charge Weights for Customer
/NFM/VGWS3Display Charge Weights for Customer
/OLC/REBUILD_COSTSRebuild PM/CS order operation costs
/OSP/SLDSLD for Duet
/OSP/TR_RP_ERROR_LOGError Log for administrator
/OSP/TR_TP_REPORTList of Reports Scheduled for TP
/OTEB/SWF_MAINTBODYMaintenance of email body text
/OTX/LICENSEOpenText License Cockpit
/PLMB/DISP_PARAMDisplay all nav settings parameter
/PLMB/VWR_VINSTCustomizing for viewer installation
/PLMU/FRW_CHECK_CUSTCustomizing Check
/QBSOL/CUST_VEND_INTQLS Int. Config. for Customer/Vendor
/QBSOL/ENH_ADJUSTAdjust QBS Enhancements
/QBSOL/EXT_STMT_CFGConfigure External DN Statement
/QBSOL/INT_ACTIVATEQuorum Integration Point Activation
/QBSOL/INT_DYNMIntegration Dynamic Function Calls
/QBSOL/QLS_APP_LOGQLS Integration Application Log
/QBSOL/QLS_CC_INTConfig Trans for CC Int to QLS
/QBSOL/QLS_JV_INTConfig Trans for JV Int to QLS
/QBSOL/QLS_PMT_CConfig Trans for QLS PMT Integration
/QBSOL/QLS_SEND_0107QLS Update: WBS Element
/QBSOL/QLS_SY_INTConfig Trans for QLS Int System
/QBSOL/QLS_UPDATEQLS Update Transaction
/QBSOL/QPI_QUEUEQuorum Product Integration: Queue
/QBSOL/QTOOL_CLIENTQuorum Version Snapshot
/QBSOL/SAP_MSG_SYNCQuorum SAP Message Sync
/QBSOL/UDEF_FILTERUser Defined Integration Filtering
/QBSOL/UDEF_MAPPINGUser Defined Integration Mappings
/QTYW/API_RDWDefine UoM for °API and rel. density
/QTYW/ASSIGNGASAssign gas component tech. keys
/QTYW/ASTM_TAB_1Maintain ASTM Table 1 conv. factors
/QTYW/BCSETTESTQW: Run the implementation test
/QTYW/CALC_BCGNatural gas property conversion
/QTYW/CALC_BCPCalculator of BCP
/QTYW/COCKPITPetroleum Measurement Cockpit
/QTYW/COCKPIT_GASGas Measurement Cockpit
/QTYW/COMP_CHEMDefine component empirical formula
/QTYW/DIMAssign DIMID for mass and weight
/QTYW/DIM_LNGAssign DIMID for LNG volumes
/QTYW/GASCONSTANTSDefine basic gas constants
/QTYW/ISO13443Maintain ISO 13443 conv.factors
/QTYW/ISO6578_ORTHOMaintain molar volumes for LNG
/QTYW/LPG_CONMaintain LPG constants - dens. calc.
/QTYW/MQCIMaintain MQCI settings
/QTYW/MQCI_GASMaintain MQCI settings - nat. gas
/QTYW/PARAMETERSMaintain (M)QCI parameters
/QTYW/PPP_DATAMaintain physical property data
/QTYW/PPP_SUMMATIONDefine prop. data summation factor
/QTYW/RANGESRanges for reading group parameters
/QTYW/READINGGROUPMaintain MQCI Reading group settings
/QTYW/REP_FUNCMaintain function repository
/QTYW/SAP_ASTMMaintain SAP - ASTM UoM Mapping
/QTYW/SORTAssign DIMID for mass and weight
/QTYW/SORTCOMPAssign DIMID for mass and weight
/QTYW/TESTQW: Run the implementation test
/QTYW/TOLERANCEMaintain tolerance group settings
/QTYW/UOMGRMaintain UoM group data
/QTYW/UOM_GDefine Combustion Dimensions
/QTYW/UOM_ROUNDDefine UoM rounding
/QTYW/VCONVDOCMaintain SAP QCI conv. grp. doc.
/QTYW/VCPTSWITCHHide selectec Cockpit functions
/QTYW/VC_K_FACTORMaintain LNG k factors
/QTYW/VDIN51757YDefine DIN 51757 Y method constants
/QTYW/V_UOMCHECKDisplay UoM Compliance Check Data
/QTYW/V_UOMREFDisplay UoM Reference Data
/QTYW/Z_AIRDefine dry air compression factors
/SAPAPO/FCSTOUTLOutlier Correction Settings
/SAPBOQ/AC0XComposite of Service Master Records
/SAPBOQ/MESSAGESpecify system messages
/SAPBOQ/SESService entry sheet Transaction
/SAPBOQ/SES1Create Service Entry Sheet
/SAPBOQ/SES2Change Service Entry Sheet
/SAPBOQ/SES3Display Service Entry Sheet
/SAPBOQ/SES_NRNumber Assignment for Document
/SAPBOQ/SISub Item Enable Transaction
/SAPCEM/12000437IMG Activity: /SAPCEM/VARPI
/SAPCEM/12000439IMG Activity: /SAPCEM/WF_EQUI
/SAPCEM/BDNUMNumber Range Maintenance: /SAPCEM/BD
/SAPCEM/BD_CHNGRequirements Overview: Change
/SAPCEM/BD_SHOWRequirements Overview: Display
/SAPCEM/BEDARF01Create Requisition Note
/SAPCEM/BEDARF02Change Requisition Note
/SAPCEM/BEDARF03Display Requisition Note
/SAPCEM/BESTAUFLocation Setup from J_3GTBEST
/SAPCEM/CITransfer of Catalog Data
/SAPCEM/EINSATUsage Statement
/SAPCEM/ELEntry List for Settlement Calendar
/SAPCEM/IND_CAP_CRECreate Individual Capacities
/SAPCEM/INVENTUR01Enter Stock in Inventory
/SAPCEM/INVENTUR02Change Stock in Inventory
/SAPCEM/INVENTUR03Display Stock in Inventory
/SAPCEM/INV_ABGLEICHInventory: Compare Differences
/SAPCEM/INV_AIBInventory: Stock in Inventory
/SAPCEM/INV_AUSBUMInventory: Reset Multipart Equi.
/SAPCEM/INV_BESTInventory: Stock List
/SAPCEM/INV_CHECKInventory: Check
/SAPCEM/INV_DIFFLISTInventory: List of Differences
/SAPCEM/INV_MENGEInventory: Quantity Determination
/SAPCEM/INV_OHNEEQUIInventory: Items W/O Equi. Master
/SAPCEM/INV_RUECKInventory: Reset Gen. Stock Diff.
/SAPCEM/LAYDEBDebtor ETM Master Data
/SAPCEM/MCI_TCOTotal Equipment Costs
/SAPCEM/MCK0Plant Maintenance Information System
/SAPCEM/MCT_1ETM Settlement
/SAPCEM/MCT_2Construction Site Stock Values
/SAPCEM/MLDisplay Material Assignment
/SAPCEM/MZ01Create Material Assignment
/SAPCEM/MZ02Change Material Assignment
/SAPCEM/MZ03Display Material Assignment
/SAPCEM/MZ04Delete Material Assignment
/SAPCEM/PI_CSSPrice Information for Constr. Site
/SAPCEM/PRIEPrice Information for Equipment
/SAPCEM/PRIRPrice Info. for Recipient/Equipment
/SAPCEM/PT01ETM Planning Board - Change Mode
/SAPCEM/PT02ETM Planning Board - Display Mode
/SAPCEM/SARA_BOMArchiving: PBE Document
/SAPCEM/SARA_CATArchiving: PBE Document
/SAPCEM/SARA_CONDArchiving: Condition Records
/SAPCEM/SARA_INSArchiving: Insurance Data
/SAPCEM/SARA_PBArchiving: PBE Document
/SAPCEM/SARA_REQArchiving: Requisition Note
/SAPCEM/SARA_SHIPDOCArchiving: Shipping Document
/SAPCEM/SCSCatalog Structure Display
/SAPCEM/SDLList of Shipping Documents
/SAPCEM/SD_PROTLog for ETM SD Settlement
/SAPCEM/SD_PROT1Log for ETM SD Settlement
/SAPCEM/SHOW_BOMBOM Display in Control
/SAPCEM/VKVEConditions: Procedure for A V
/SAPCEM/VS_CREATECreate Shipping Documents - Require.
/SAPCND/43000002Set Up Usage
/SAPCND/43000003Set Up Application
/SAPCND/43000004Set Up Task
/SAPCND/43000005Set Up Condition Maintenance Context
/SAPCND/68000405Condition Types
/SAPCND/68000406R/3 Compatability
/SAPCND/68000633Access Seq.
/SAPCND/68000635Impl. for /SAPCND/MNT_CHECK
/SAPCND/68000636Condition Tables
/SAPCND/68000637Field Catalog
/SAPCND/68000688IMG Activity: /SAPCND/V_GROUP
/SAPCND/68000747Assign Group to Context
/SAPCND/68000927Det. Procedure
/SAPCND/83000118Assign Group to Context
/SAPCND/ARC1Archiving of Condition Records
/SAPCND/ARC2Deletion of Archived Cond. Records
/SAPCND/ARC3Displaying of Archived Cond. Records
/SAPCND/ARCCControl for Archiving
/SAPCND/CTCTMaintain Condition Tables
/SAPCND/CTFCMaintain Field Catalog
/SAPCND/CT_ACC_SEQMaintenance of Access Sequences
/SAPCND/CT_CNTXT_GRAssignment Maint. Groups to Contexts
/SAPCND/CT_COND_TYPEMaintain Condition Types
/SAPCND/CT_DET_PROCDetermination procedure maintenance
/SAPCND/CT_GCM_GRPAssign Maintenance Groups to GCM
/SAPCND/DD_CUSConfigure Information Determination
/SAPCND/DD_MNTMaintain Information
/SAPCND/GCMCondition Maintenance
/SAPCND/MASS_GENMass Generation
/SAPCND/UEASSUserexits: Assignments
/SAPCND/UELIBUserexits: Library
/SAPCND/UERNGUserexits: Ranges
/SAPCND/UE_DEVDevelopment of Cond. Tech. Userexits
/SAPDII/T_CAPPIDMaintain Application Id
/SAPDII/T_CAPPROPMaintain Application Property
/SAPDII/T_CAPPSETMaintain Application Set
/SAPDII/T_CCOMPIDMaintain component Id
/SAPDII/T_CCOMPSETMaintain component Id
/SAPDII/T_CDOCPROFMaintain Document Profile
/SAPDII/T_CDOCPROTMaintain Document Type Texts
/SAPDII/T_CDWBACMAp Frontend actions Backend action
/SAPDII/T_CDWBACTFront End Text Maintenence
/SAPDII/T_CDWB_ACCActions Changing Vehicle
/SAPDII/T_CDWB_ACMMaintain Dealer Action Master
/SAPDII/T_CDWB_DSTText of Dealer Status
/SAPDII/T_CEXINTIDValue Table for Ext Interface ID
/SAPDII/T_CEXTINTExternal Interface
/SAPDII/T_CIMGMANTImage Maintenence
/SAPDII/T_CPRSYSMPartner to System Mapping
/SAPDII/T_CSYSRFCMLogical sys to RFC Dest Mapping
/SAPDII/T_CUSPRMAPUser To Partner Mapping
/SAPDII/T_CWTYSTATMap Frontend toBackend Status
/SAPDMC/LSMWLSM Workbench: Initial Screen
/SAPHT/DRMAGRRECONAgreement Reconciliation
/SAPHT/DRMAGRWLDRM Agreement Negotiation Worklist
/SAPHT/DRMCDMSDescrepancy of Ship and Debit Claims
/SAPHT/DRMCNWLShip-and-Debit Contract Worklist
/SAPHT/DRMCONTSTATSend Contract status
/SAPHT/DRMDR00DRM Main Screen - DR Side
/SAPHT/DRMDRSLBUSMETDR Side Sell In Business Metrics
/SAPHT/DRMDS_SLINDRM Drop Ship Matching of sellins
/SAPHT/DRMEXPXMNXmns received and not received
/SAPHT/DRMIADRInvalid Ship and Debit Agreements
/SAPHT/DRMIMRCNDRM Inventory Mgmt Reconciliation
/SAPHT/DRMIRMSInventory Reconciliation
/SAPHT/DRMIUDRWeb User Management for Distributor
/SAPHT/DRMIUMSWeb User Management for Manufacturer
/SAPHT/DRMIVDRTransfer of DRM Inventory Data
/SAPHT/DRMIVMSInventory Report at MS Side
/SAPHT/DRMLMDRManual Lot Maintenance
/SAPHT/DRMLMMSManual Lot Maintenance
/SAPHT/DRMMS00DRM Main Screen - MS Side
/SAPHT/DRMPCDRPrice Protection Correction Report
/SAPHT/DRMPCMSPrice Protection Correction Report
/SAPHT/DRMPEMSPartner Validation Report
/SAPHT/DRMPPDRDRM Price Protection
/SAPHT/DRMPPDR_CDRM Price Protection : Create
/SAPHT/DRMPPDR_DDRM Price Protection : Display
/SAPHT/DRMPPDR_PDRM Price Protection: Change/Process
/SAPHT/DRMPPMSDRM Price Protection
/SAPHT/DRMPPMS_CDRM Price Protection : Create
/SAPHT/DRMPPMS_DDRM Price Protection : Display
/SAPHT/DRMPPMS_PDRM Price Protection: Change/Process
/SAPHT/DRMPRFDEF_DDRM Tracking Partner Profile - MS
/SAPHT/DRMPRFDEF_MDRM Tracking Partner Profile - MS
/SAPHT/DRMPRFRLDefine Inbound and stg validns - DR
/SAPHT/DRMPRRULDRM Tracking Partner Profile - MS
/SAPHT/DRMR3DRDRM R/3 Transactions
/SAPHT/DRMR3MSDRM R/3 Transactions
/SAPHT/DRMRL11Condition create
/SAPHT/DRMRL12change condition
/SAPHT/DRMRL13Display Condition
/SAPHT/DRMRLASAccess sequences: Cross-selling
/SAPHT/DRMRLC1Create Condition Table (DRM Rule)
/SAPHT/DRMRLC2Change Condition Table (DRM Rule)
/SAPHT/DRMRLC3Display Condition Table (DRM Rule)
/SAPHT/DRMRLH1CRDRM: Complex Rule definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH1CSRDRM: Complex Schema Relation
/SAPHT/DRMRLH1SCDRM: Schema definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH1SCRDRM: Simple Complex Relation
/SAPHT/DRMRLH1SRDRM: Simple Rule definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH2CRDRM: Complex Rule definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH2CSRDRM: Complex Schema Relation
/SAPHT/DRMRLH2SCDRM: Schema definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH2SCRDRM: Simple Complex Relation
/SAPHT/DRMRLH2SRDRM: Simple Rule definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH3CRDRM: Complex Rule definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH3CSRDRM: Complex Schema Relation
/SAPHT/DRMRLH3SCDRM: Schema definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH3SCRDRM: Simple Complex Relation
/SAPHT/DRMRLH3SRDRM: Simple Rule definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH4CRDRM: Complex Rule definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH4CSRDRM: Complex Schema Relation
/SAPHT/DRMRLH4SCDRM: Schema definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH4SCRDRM: Simple Complex Relation
/SAPHT/DRMRLH4SRDRM: Simple Rule definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH5ADRM: Assign Rule to Partner Profile
/SAPHT/DRMRLH5BDRM: Assign Rule to Partner Profile
/SAPHT/DRMRLH5CRDRM: Complex Rule definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH5CSRDRM: Complex Schema Relation
/SAPHT/DRMRLH5SCDRM: Schema definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH5SCRDRM: Simple Complex Relation
/SAPHT/DRMRLH5SRDRM: Simple Rule definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH6ADRM: Assign Rule to Partner Profile
/SAPHT/DRMRLH6CRDRM: Complex Rule definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH6CSRDRM: Complex Schema Relation
/SAPHT/DRMRLH6SCDRM: Schema definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLH6SCRDRM: Simple Complex Relation
/SAPHT/DRMRLH6SRDRM: Simple Rule definition
/SAPHT/DRMRLPRConditions: Procedure for W H1
/SAPHT/DRMRUH111Condition create
/SAPHT/DRMRUH112change condition
/SAPHT/DRMRUH113Display Condition
/SAPHT/DRMRUH1ASAccess sequences: DRM Sample Rules
/SAPHT/DRMRUH1C1Create Condition Table (DRM Rule)
/SAPHT/DRMRUH1C2Change Condition Table (DRM Rule)
/SAPHT/DRMRUH1C3Display Condition Table (DRM Rule)
/SAPHT/DRMRUH1PRConditions: Procedure for W H1
/SAPHT/DRMRUH311Condition create
/SAPHT/DRMRUH312change condition
/SAPHT/DRMRUH313Display Condition
/SAPHT/DRMRUH3ASAccess sequences: DRM PP Rules
/SAPHT/DRMRUH3C1Create Condition Table (DRM Rule)
/SAPHT/DRMRUH3C2Change Condition Table (DRM Rule)
/SAPHT/DRMRUH3C3Display Condition Table (DRM Rule)
/SAPHT/DRMRUH3PRConditions: Procedure for W H3
/SAPHT/DRMRUH411Condition create
/SAPHT/DRMRUH412change condition
/SAPHT/DRMRUH413Display Condition
/SAPHT/DRMRUH4ASAccess sequences: DRM PP Rules
/SAPHT/DRMRUH4C1Create Condition Table (DRM Rule)
/SAPHT/DRMRUH4C2Change Condition Table (DRM Rule)
/SAPHT/DRMRUH4C3Display Condition Table (DRM Rule)
/SAPHT/DRMRUH4PRConditions: Procedure for W H3
/SAPHT/DRMSLSROUTDRM Sales Report - 867 Outbound
/SAPHT/DRMTXRPTTransmission Report
/SAPHT/DRMXMRPTTransmission Report
/SAPHT/DRM_C01Define new transaction codes
/SAPHT/DRM_C02Map Sls Doc. & Item Ctgry to Tran Cd
/SAPHT/DRM_C03Define DRM Relevant condition types
/SAPHT/DRM_C04Define Sales Document types
/SAPHT/DRM_C05Define Billing Document types
/SAPHT/DRM_C06Define Reroute condition
/SAPHT/DRM_C07Define Validation Rules
/SAPHT/DRM_C08Asgn Validations to Validation rules
/SAPHT/DRM_C09Asgn validation rule to tran. codes
/SAPHT/DRM_C10Convert Ext.l To Int. Partner Number
/SAPHT/DRM_C11Assign Customer/Vendor To Sales Org.
/SAPHT/DRM_C12Map Pur Doc. & Item Ctgry to Tran Cd
/SAPHT/DRM_C13Map Gds Mvmt to DRM Tran for Assemb.
/SAPHT/DRM_C14Define Purch. Document Type
/SAPHT/DRM_C15Define DRM Relevant condition types
/SAPHT/DRM_C16Define Drop Ship settings
/SAPHT/DRM_C17Define fields assoc. with error code
/SAPHT/DRM_C18Maintain WEB Personalization info
/SAPHT/DRM_C19Define DRM Relevant condition types
/SAPHT/DRM_C20Define Dropship relevancy for Orders
/SAPHT/DRM_C21Define individual validations
/SAPHT/DRM_C22Assign Validations to Manf/ Dist.
/SAPHT/DRM_C23Define Ship and Debit Rejection Rsn
/SAPHT/DRM_C24Assign DRM rej reason to R/3 Rej rsn
/SAPHT/DRM_C25Define Validation Rules(Distributor)
/SAPHT/DRM_C26Assign Validations to Rules
/SAPHT/DRM_C27Assign Validations to Rules
/SAPHT/DRM_C28Prepare agreement Negotiation
/SAPHT/DRM_C29Assign Agreement Status
/SAPHT/DRM_C30Assign logical system for Agreement
/SAPHT/DRM_C31Map canc. trans. to DRM transaction
/SAPHT/DRM_C33Define Reroute condition
/SAPHT/DRM_C41Define transaction codes
/SAPHT/DRM_C42Map canc. trans. to DRM transaction
/SAPHT/DRM_C43Map Sls Doc. & Item Ctgry to Tran Cd
/SAPHT/DRM_C44DRM global settings (MS/DR ind.)
/SAPHT/DRM_C45DRM end customer type
/SAPHT/DRM_C46Reference Customer for EC Aliasining
/SAPHT/DRM_C47Validation Class : Basic Definition
/SAPHT/DRM_C48Validation: Assign Validation Types
/SAPHT/DRM_C49Assign DRM text id
/SAPHT/DRM_C52Cond. Type for Cond.Rec. creation
/SAPHT/DRM_CUSTDRM View Maintenance
/SAPHT/DRM_PRFDRM Tracking Partner Profile
/SAPHT/DRM_PRFCPDRM Tracking Partner PRofile
/SAPHT/DRM_PRFDDRM Tracking Partner Profile - DR
/SAPHT/DRM_PRFMDRM Tracking Partner Profile - MS
/SAPHT/DRM_TRKPTNRDefine Tracking Partner
/SAPHT/MESCL30Batch Characteristic Search
/SAPHT/MESZMLGBatch Genealogy
/SAPHT/MESZPRMFormula parameter dynamic generation
/SAPHT/SPCZQ02QM: SPC Review Control Chart.
/SAPHT/SW_TVAKZContract availability customizing
/SAPMP/97000078IMG Activity: /SAPMP/LESHPLBA3
/SAPMP/97000079IMG Activity: /SAPMP/LESHPLBA4
/SAPMP/BN2MMaintain N:M Batch Assignments
/SAPMP/CHARACTAssignment of MillCa Characteristics
/SAPMP/COCATransfer MillCa Chars. in Logon
/SAPMP/CUST_LGPRRental Fees as a Percentage
/SAPMP/LEIHGReturnable Packaging Settlement
/SAPMP/LE_LBA_LISTSelection and Display: DTUC Worklist
/SAPMP/MIGCMigration Cable -> DIMP: Status
/SAPMP/MIGPVMig. Cable -> DIMP: Prod. Version
/SAPMP/OATRKZ_PLA_OCWork Center for Order Combination
/SAPMP/OTATRKZ_OB_OCOriginal Batches for Add. Orders
/SAPMP/PP_COHVMass Processing of Production Order
/SAPMP/PP_FHM_WCLink from PRT to Work Center
/SAPMP/RTSQMTMaintenance of Reel Type Sequence
/SAPMP/SEROUSend Routing
/SAPMP/STOCKBatch-Based Packaging Overview
/SAPMP/TOOL_POOL_CHKComparison PRT Pool<->Assigned WkCtr
/SAPMP/VERPARTWeight Allowances for Packing Type
/SAPMP/VERSARTWeight Allowances for Lagging Type
/SAPMP/WEHBPO History with Characteristics
/SAPMP/WEHFGR History of Production Order
/SAPNEA/01001951IMG Activity: /SAPNEA/SUBCON_002
/SAPNEA/FORMSWSwitch Between PDF and SAPScript
/SAPNEA/JSCR04Price List of Chargeable Components
/SAPNEA/JSCR05List of Components at Subcontractor
/SAPNEA/JSCR06In-Out History List
/SAPNEA/JSCR11Create Chargeable Invoice
/SAPNEA/JSCR12Percentage-Based Offsetting
/SAPNEA/JSCR16Output for delivery vendor
/SAPNEA/JSCR19Consumption-Based Offsetting
/SAPNEA/JSCR2Subcontractor List
/SAPNEA/JSCR21Start/Stop Charging for Components
/SAPNEA/JSCR22Changing component history
/SAPNEA/JSCR23SCC - Change Component Price
/SAPNEA/JSCR24SC: Change Valuation Class
/SAPNEA/JSCR3Notification of Payment Terms
/SAPNEA/JSCR30Create Invoices Shrinkage in Phy Inv
/SAPNEA/J_SC00Area menu for Subcontracting Managem
/SAPNEA/J_SC_OMESCJActivate SCC at Client Level
/SAPNEA/MR3_SODTDiscount rate maintenance
/SAPNEA/MRCHEnter Deductible Payables
/SAPNEA/ROWAdata migration /sapnea/rowa -> rowa
/SAPPCE/0VJVAPROFJVA master data profile
/SAPPCE/12001093DP Chains: Change Chain Types
/SAPPCE/12001094Down Payment Chain Number Ranges
/SAPPCE/12001095DP Chains: Change Retention Amounts
/SAPPCE/12001096DP Chains: Change Verifications
/SAPPCE/12001097DP Chains: Change Assmnt/Addtl Costs
/SAPPCE/12001098DP Chains: Change Contractual Penlty
/SAPPCE/12001099DP Chain: Special G/L Transactions
/SAPPCE/12001101IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/PNVNUM
/SAPPCE/12001104IMG Activity: xxx
/SAPPCE/12001108IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/TPNV08
/SAPPCE/12001109IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/V_TPNV03
/SAPPCE/12001112IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/PNV_V_T100C
/SAPPCE/12001113DP Chains: BAdI Implementations
/SAPPCE/12001114DP Chains: BAdI Implementations II
/SAPPCE/12001115DP Chains: Change Payment Block
/SAPPCE/12001116IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/TPNV04
/SAPPCE/12001118IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/V_TPNV03
/SAPPCE/12001120IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/TPNV06
/SAPPCE/12001121IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/BADI_PNV02
/SAPPCE/12001152IMG activity: /SAPPCE/ORG_01
/SAPPCE/12001162IMG activity: /SAPPCE/ORG_02
/SAPPCE/24000002IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/V_TPNV11
/SAPPCE/24000003IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/V_TPNV13
/SAPPCE/24000004IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/PNVPSP
/SAPPCE/24000005IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/BADI_PNV01
/SAPPCE/24000006IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/TPNV08
/SAPPCE/24000008IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/BADI_PNV03
/SAPPCE/24000010IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/TPNV15
/SAPPCE/24000011IMG Activity: /SAPPCE/DPC_BADI3
/SAPPCE/DPCD01Debit-Side Down Payment Chains
/SAPPCE/DPCK01Credit-Side Down Payment Chains
/SAPPCE/DPCNKRNumber Range Maintenance: /SAPPCE/DP
/SAPPCE/DPC_CANC_INVCancel DPC-Relevant Billing Document
/SAPPCE/DPC_LIST_CCredit-Side Down Payment Chains-List
/SAPPCE/DPC_LIST_DDebit-Side Down Payment Chains-List
/SAPPCE/DPC_REL_INVRelease of Billing Documents to DPC
/SAPPCE/DPC_TAXTax Comparison Report
/SAPPCE/DPC_TAX01_CCred. DP Chains - Tax Rate Change
/SAPPCE/DPC_TAX01_DDeb. DP Chains - Tax Rate Change
/SAPPCE/DPC_TAX02_CCred. DP Chains - Delete Payt Block
/SAPPCE/DPC_TAX02_DDeb. DP Chains - Delete Payt Block
/SAPPCE/JVA_ECP_ACTEquity Change Management (Actual)
/SAPPCE/JVA_ECP_PLNEquity Change Management (Planned)
/SAPPCE/JVA_PARTEdit Joint Venture Partners
/SAPPCE/JVA_VENCHChange Joint Venture
/SAPPCE/JVA_VENCRCreate Joint Venture
/SAPPCE/JVA_VENDISDisplay Joint Venture
/SAPPCE/KWF1_COMPAREDP Chain Tax Comparison Program
/SAPPCE/KWF1_POSTDP Chain Transfer of Deferred Tax
/SAPPCE/KWF1_REPORTDP Chain Analysis of Deferred Tax
/SAPPCE/OICDebit-Side Open Items
/SAPPCE/OIGLG/L Account Open Items
/SAPPCE/OIVCredit-Side Open Posts
/SAPPCE/ORG01Create Enterprise Structure
/SAPPCE/ORG02Change Enterprise Structure
/SAPPCE/ORG03Display Enterprise Structure
/SAPPCE/ORGCKCheck Enterprise Structure
/SAPPCE/PNV01Create Construction Progress Report
/SAPPCE/PNV03Display Construction Progress Report
/SAPPCE/PNV04Display construction progress report
/SAPPCE/PNV05Create and Change CPR
/SAPPCE/PNV07Create and Change Remaining Plan
/SAPPCE/PNV08Create and Change CPR via Org. Unit
/SAPPCE/PNV09Display CPR via Organizational Unit
/SAPPCE/PNV11Remaining Plan via Org. Unit
/SAPPCE/PVNNUMNumber Range Maintenance: /SAPPCE/PN
/SAPPO/26000047BAdI Additive Authorization
/SAPPO/26000050Software Components
/SAPPO/26000051Software Components:Attribute Assgmt
/SAPPO/26000058Define Worklists
/SAPPO/72000176Tab Pages in Order Area
/SAPPO/72000177Business Processes
/SAPPO/72000178Assignment of Business Processes
/SAPPO/72000179Business Processes: Priorities
/SAPPO/72000180Dialog: Authorization Change
/SAPPO/72000181Assign Worklist to Processes
/SAPPO/72000182Root Organizational Unit
/SAPPO/72000183Object Types
/SAPPO/72000184Object Type Attributes
/SAPPO/72000185Processing Methods
/SAPPO/72000186Function Assignment
/SAPPO/72000187Tab Page: Object Area
/SAPPO/72000188Filter Attributes
/SAPPO/72000189Permit Object Types
/SAPPO/72000190Server Groups
/SAPPO/72000244Redirection to Software Components
/SAPPO/72000315Retry Groups
/SAPPO/ARCHIVING_HDSResidence Time for PPO Orders
/SAPPO/ARCH_JOBSMaintain Job Distribution
/SAPPO/CLOSE_ORDERSComplete Postprocessing Orders
/SAPPO/DELETE_ORDERSDelete Postprocessing Orders
/SAPPO/DISCARDDiscard Postprocessing Orders
/SAPPO/LOGSYSLogical Systems
/SAPPO/LOGSYS_ASAssign RFC Destination
/SAPPO/NF_ORDER_EDDisplay/Change a PPO Order
/SAPPO/PPO2Edit Postprocessing Order
/SAPPO/PPO3Display Postprocessing Order
/SAPPO/RESI_TIMEResidence Time for PPO Orders
/SAPPO/RESUBMITRetry Postprocessing Orders
/SAPPO/SYS_VAL_DISPDisplay System Settings
/SAPPO/USER_REMOTECross-System User(s)
/SAPPO/WL_CHANGEChange Worklist Assignment
/SAPPO/WL_DISPLAYDisplay Worklist Assignment
/SAPPO/WL_NOTIFYSend Worklist Information
/SAPSLL/98000023IMG Activity
/SAPSLL/ALRGDA_DSPR3Display Pref. Agreement Determin.
/SAPSLL/BANK_DIST_R3Transfer Bank Master to GTS
/SAPSLL/BANMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer - Customers
/SAPSLL/BL_DOC_RS_R3GTS: LCE: Blocked SD Documents
/SAPSLL/BL_DOC_SD_R3GTS: LCE: Blocked SD Documents
/SAPSLL/BWHIDP_R3Initial Transfer of Duty-Paid Stock
/SAPSLL/CREMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer - Vendors
/SAPSLL/DEBMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer - Customers
/SAPSLL/DS_D_MM0A_R3GTS: Transfer MM Purch. Ord. to GTS
/SAPSLL/DS_D_MM0C_R3GTS: Initial Transfer of GR to GTS
/SAPSLL/DS_D_SD0A_R3GTS: Transfer SD Orders to GTS
/SAPSLL/DS_D_SD0B_R3GTS: Transfer SD Deliveries to GTS
/SAPSLL/DS_D_SD0C_R3GTS: Transfer SD Billing Docs to GTS
/SAPSLL/DS_I_MM0A_R3GTS: Purchase Order Object Index
/SAPSLL/DS_I_RORG_R3GTS: Reorganize Object Index
/SAPSLL/DS_I_SD0A_R3GTS: Order Object Index
/SAPSLL/DS_I_SD0B_R3GTS: Delivery Object Index
/SAPSLL/DS_I_SD0C_R3GTS: Billing Docmt Object Index
/SAPSLL/DS_P_MM0A_R3GTS: Follow-On Funct.: MM Purch.Ord.
/SAPSLL/DS_P_SD0A_R3GTS: Follow-On Function: SD Order
/SAPSLL/DS_P_SD0B_R3GTS: Follow-On Funct.: SD Outb.Del.
/SAPSLL/KMATBOM_DIR3Transfer of Configurable Materials
/SAPSLL/KMATWLR3_03GTS: Display and Transfer KMAT WList
/SAPSLL/MATMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer of Materials
/SAPSLL/MENU_CUS_R3GTS: Menu: Basis Customizing
/SAPSLL/MENU_LEGALR3GTS: Global Trade Services Area Menu
/SAPSLL/PERTMVAR_R3GTS: Period. Transfer: Variant
/SAPSLL/PRCMAT_DIRR3Initial Transfer: Material Price
/SAPSLL/PRECIP_R3Initial Transfer of Prod. Attributes
/SAPSLL/PREF_AGR_R3Replicate Pref. Agreement Determin.
/SAPSLL/PRPARC_DIRR3Initial Transfer: Vendor Material
/SAPSLL/PRPARV_DIRR3Initial Transfer: Vendor Material
/SAPSLL/PSD_INIT_R3Perform Init. Transf. of Procmt Ind.
/SAPSLL/RES_INV_R3GTS: Create Restitution Invoice
/SAPSLL/SAKE_DLV_MONInbound Deliveries in Storage
/SAPSLL/SAKE_LOG_DISDisplay Error Logs
/SAPSLL/SAKE_MTH_R3Choose Method for Storage
/SAPSLL/SAKE_XMON_R3Manually Process Temporary Storage
/SAPSLL/SD0C_RIMAR3GTS: Transfer Bill. Docs to Risk Mgt
/SAPSLL/SWN_RTR_R3GTS: Retransfer Commodity Code
/SAPSLL/T000_R3GTS: Assign Logical System
/SAPSLL/T000_SPIAssign Logical System
/SAPSLL/TBDLS_R3GTS: Define Logical System
/SAPSLL/TBDLS_SPIDefine logical system
/SAPSLL/TECOR3Assignment of Custms ID to Plnt/SLoc
/SAPSLL/TIVDR3GTS: Ctrl f. Vend.-Based VD Worklist
/SAPSLL/TLER3GTS: Call Global Trade Services
/SAPSLL/TLER3BGTS: Call GTS: Document Types
/SAPSLL/TLER3_B_R3GTS: Control: Call GTS
/SAPSLL/TLSDSTSLL: Assgmt Server Legal Services
/SAPSMOSS/IQS1Create notification
/SAPSMOSS/IQS2Change notification
/SAPSMOSS/IQS3Display Notification
/SAPSMOSS/M00SAP Notifications
/SAPSMOSS/M01SAP Notifications
/SAPSMOSS/M02SAP Notifications
/SAPSMOSS/O01SAP add-on system installation
/SAPSMOSS/O02SAP add-on system release
/SAPSMOSS/O03SAP database system
/SAPSMOSS/O04Frontend for SAP operating system
/SAPSMOSS/O05SAP installation
/SAPSMOSS/O06SAP operating system
/SAPSMOSS/O07SAP release
/SAPSMOSS/O08SAP system type
/SAPSMOSS/O09SAP system type
/SAPSMOSS/QM10Change list of R/3 notificatiions
/SAPSMOSS/QM11Display list of R/3 notifications
/SAPSMOSS/QM12Change list of tasks
/SAPSMOSS/QM13Display list of tasks
/SAPSMOSS/QM19List of R/3 notifications, multilvl
/SAPSMOSS/QM50Time line display:R/3 notifications
/SAPSMOSS/U01Updating R/3 notifications
/SAPSMOSS/U02Update job planning
/SAPSMOSS/U03Update job overview
/SAPTRX/68000157IMG activity
/SAPTRX/68000158IMG activity
/SAPTRX/68000159IMG activity
/SAPTRX/68000160IMG activity
/SAPTRX/68000161IMG activity
/SAPTRX/68000162IMG activity
/SAPTRX/68000163IMG activity
/SAPTRX/ASAPLOGAppl. system log for event handling
/SAPTRX/ASC0AODefine App. Object and Event Types
/SAPTRX/ASC0APDefine application parameters
/SAPTRX/ASC0SCUAssign Scenario to Users
/SAPTRX/ASC0SD1Define Solution / Scenario
/SAPTRX/ASC0SD2Define Solution / Scenario
/SAPTRX/ASC0TCDefine EM Relevance Conditions
/SAPTRX/ASC0TEDefine EM extraction
/SAPTRX/ASC0TFDefine EM Interface Functions
/SAPTRX/ASC0TODefine Business Process Types
/SAPTRX/ASC0TSDefine Event Managers (Engines)
/SAPTRX/ASEHVIEWEH list of shipments
/SAPTRX/DISP_LINKShow the link to SAP System
/SAPTRX/TRACKING_MONDisplay Event Handler Status (old)
/SAPTRX/TSC0GBPTGlobal Business Process Types Def.
/SAPTRX/TSC0SCRAssign Scenarios to roles
/SAPTRX/TSC0SCUAssign Scenario to Users
/SAPTRX/TSC0SODefine Solution / Scenario
/SAPTRX/TSC0SO1Define Solution / Scenario
/SAPTRX/TSC0SO2Define Solution / Scenario
/SCMB/DF_CHAINDefinition of Maximum Chains in Flow
/SCMB/DF_CUSTDocument Admin. in Flow (Custom.)
/SDF/ADShow Alert Detail List
/SDF/CD_CCACustom Code Analysis
/SDF/E2E_TRACESAPGUI based E2E trace
/SDF/EXTRACTOR_GENExtractor Generation
/SDF/MONSchedule Monitoring Set
/SDF/ORADLDService Download Cockpit
/SDF/SCMONABAP Call Monitor: Administration
/SDF/SCMONDABAP Call Monitor: Data Browser
/SDF/SCMONLABAP Call Monitor: Log Browser
/SDF/SMSnapshot Monitor
/SDF/SMONSnapshot Monitor
/SDF/SQLDisplay SQL Monitor Data
/SDF/ST03DISPDisplay ST03 dataseries
/SDF/TRCHECKCheck Transport Requests
/SDF/ZQLMDDisplay SQL Monitor Data
/SPE/ASN01ASN cancelling in returns process
/SPE/ASN02Compensating transaction for ASN cn.
/SPE/CDMONTransportation Cross-Docking Monitor
/SPE/COPY_CHARCopy fixed characteristics to logon
/SPE/CRM_QUOTReport for monitoring quotations
/SPE/CVAL01Define Validation Routines
/SPE/DELTA01Delta Report : Start dialog program
/SPE/EGRPlanlieferungen anlegen
/SPE/MQWL_APPLQueue Editing: System Settings
/SPE/MQWL_CUSQueue Editing: Customizing
/SPE/MQWL_SYSQueue Editing: System Settings
/SPE/OL19Generate Distr. Model ERP => EWM
/SPE/REDIRID redirecting dialog
/SPE/REGISTER_NAVIRegister Navigation from Queue
/SPE/RETINSPNONumber range maintenance: /SPE/RETIN
/SPE/RETINSP_DISPLAYDisplay Inspection Outcomes
/SPE/VL10CUCCreate Profile - Delivery
/SRMERP/44000475IMG Activity
/SRMERP/BRFP_DSS_SCDetermine SC Document Subset
/SRMERP/BRFP_DS_APPRDetermine Approver for Decision Set
/SRMERP/BRFP_DS_SCDetermine SC Decision Set
/SRMERP/BRFP_FOOTYFollow-On Object Type
/SRMERP/BRFP_FOO_TYPFollow on Object Type Determination
/SRMERP/BRFP_MATGRPDetermine Material Group
/SRMERP/BRFP_MOV_TYPBRF rule for movement type for res
/SRMERP/BRFP_PROC_LGet Process Level Configuration
/SRMERP/BRFP_PROC_SProcess Schema Determination
/SRMERP/BRFP_PURGRPDetermine Purchasing Group
/SRMERP/SC_ARCHIVINGMark shopping carts for archiving
/SRMERP/SNUMDefine Number Ranges for SC
/SRMERP/WF_GENDefine Task as General Task
/SSF/ABAnalysis browser & Download
/SSF/PBProject browser & test environment
/UI2/CACHERegister service for UI2 cache use
/UI2/CACHE_DELDelete cache entries
/UI2/CHIPChip Registration
/UI2/CUSTCustomizing of UI Technologies
/UI2/FEEDBACK_SETUPUI2 Setup User Feedback Service
/UI2/FLCFiori Launchpad Checks
/UI2/FLIAFiori Launchpad Intent Analyis
/UI2/FLPSAP Fiori Launchpad
/UI2/FLPD_CONFFiori Lpd. Designer (cross-client)
/UI2/FLPD_CUSTFiori Lpd. Designer (client-spec.)
/UI2/FLP_CONTCHECKFiori Launchpad - Content Checks
/UI2/FLP_INTENTCHECKFiori Launchpad - Intent Checks
/UI2/GW_ACTIVATEGateway - Activation
/UI2/GW_APPS_LOGGateway - Application Log
/UI2/GW_ERR_LOGGateway - Error Log
/UI2/GW_MAINT_SRVGateway - Service Maintenance
/UI2/GW_SYS_ALIASGateway - Manage SAP System Alias
/UI2/INVAL_CACHESGlobal Invalidation of UI2 chaches
/UI2/NAVRegister navigation objects
/UI2/NAVPROVDefine navigation provider
/UI2/NWBC_CFG_CUSTNWBC Configuration (Customer)
/UI2/NWBC_CFG_P_CUSTNWBC Config: Define Parameter (Cust)
/UI2/NWBC_CFG_P_SAPNWBC Config: Define Parameter (SAP)
/UI2/NWBC_CFG_SAPNWBC Configuration (SAP)
/UI2/PERS_DELCleanup Personalisatation Service
/UI2/POWLRegister POWL for OData consumption
/UI2/SEMOBJDefine Semantic Object - Customer
/UI2/SEMOBJ_SAPDefine Semantic Object - SAP
/UIF/CLEAN_LREPCleans the layered repository
/VIRSA/ALERTGENActivity Monitoring
/VIRSA/FFARCHIVELog Data Auto Archive
/VIRSA/FFCHNGLOGSConfiguration Change Log
/VIRSA/MICCONFIGVirsa MIC User mapping Configuration
/VIRSA/VFATSuperuser Privilege Management
/VIRSA/VRMTRole Expert
/VIRSA/ZRTCNFGRisk Terminator Configuration
/VIRSA/ZRTRGLOGRisk Terminator Role Generation Log
/VIRSA/ZVFAT_U02FirefightId Log summary
/VIRSA/ZVFAT_U03Reason/Activity report
/VIRSA/ZVFAT_U04FirefightId Transaction Usage
/VIRSA/ZVFAT_U05Invalid Firefighter Ids/Owners/Cntrl
/VIRSA/ZVFAT_U06SOD Conflicts in Firefighter
/VIRSA/ZVFAT_U07Data Migration from Master to Text
/VIRSA/ZVFAT_V01Log Report
/VIRSA/ZVFAT_V02Log Report
/VIRSA/ZVFAT_V04List of Idle Firefighter ID sessions
/VIRSA/ZVRATSAP Compliance Calibrator
/VIRSA/ZVRATBAK1Update data for Mgmt Graphical View
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_C01Security & Controls Policies
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_COVNConversion of CC tables, Old to New
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_D01Download Spool Requests by Job Name
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_L01Conversion Utility for CC Text Table
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_L02Conversion Utility for Long Texts
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_M01Upload/Download CC tables
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_M02Where Used list of Mit. Control Id/M
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_M03Analyze disabled SOD TCode & Object
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_M04Optimizer for SOD Data Table
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_M05Where Used list of Control Id/Monit
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_MG1Management Cockpit
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_P01Display changes to Profiles
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_R01Count authorizations in roles
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_RB2Rule Architect
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_RB3Rule Architect Conversion
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S01Monitor Conflicts & Critical Trans.
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S021Monitor Conflicts & Critical Trans.
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S03Download Objects for Tcodes
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S04SOD Conflicts for TCodes and Objects
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S06SOD Rule Validation Tool
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S07Non Reference Report
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S08User Access Report
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S09Comparing diffrent SOD Matrices
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S10Tcodes by Roles/Profiles, never exec
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S11Authorization object by Roles/Profs
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S12Transactions executed by Users
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S13Comparing Critical Tcode Matrices
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S14Comparing SOD Authorization Matrices
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S15Compare Sod Tcode & Authorization
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S16Comp.Calibrator Data Maintenance
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_U01Count authorizations for Users
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_U02Analysis of called trans in Cus.code
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_U03Management Report
/VIRSA/ZVRAT_U05Expired and Expiring Roles for Users
/VIRSA/ZVRMT_U01Check Role Status
/VIRSA/ZVRMT_U02Check Tcodes in Menu & Authorization
/VIRSA/ZVRMT_U04List roles assigned to a user
/VIRSA/ZVRMT_U05Where used list for roles
/VIRSA/ZVRMT_U06List roles and transactions
/VIRSA/ZVRMT_U07Create/Modify Derived Roles
/VIRSA/ZVRMT_U08Analysis of Owners Roles and Users
/VSO/91000206IMG Activity: /VSO/P_V_PRTYP
/VSO/91000207IMG Activity: /VSO/P_V_F_PRTYP
/VSO/91000208IMG Activity: /VSO/M_ACT_STAT
/VSO/91000209IMG Activity: /VSO/M_PLT_TP
/VSO/91000210IMG Activity: /VSO/R_V_TVTK
/VSO/91000211IMG Activity: /VSO/M_PROFIL
/VSO/91000212IMG Activity: /VSO/M_PALVCL
/VSO/91000213IMG Activity: /VSO/M_PKG
/VSO/91000214IMG Activity: /VSO/M_PACKTYP
/VSO/91000215IMG Activity: /VSO/M_PKG_PKTYP
/VSO/91000216IMG Activity: /VSO/M_PKGPAL
/VSO/91000219IMG Activity: /VSO/B_SUBVCL_FT
/VSO/91000245IMG Activity: /VSO/M_VSO_SETUP
/VSO/91000246IMG Activity: /VSO/R_DPOINT
/VSO/91000247IMG Activity: /VSO/P_V_HU_CRT
/VSO/91000248IMG Activity: /VSO/M_PROF_W_S
/VSO/91000250IMG Activity: /VSO/M_BAY_CAT
/VSO/M_REORGReorganize VehicleSpaceOptimization
/VSO/M_STACKMaintain Overstackability
/VSO/M_VHMPGRMaintain Pack.Mtls.Prop.for Pack.Grp
/VSO/M_VHMVCLAssign Allowed Pack.Mtls to Vehicle
/VSO/P_PICKPicking According to VSO
/WINSHTLQ/ADMPANELWinshuttle Control Administration
/WINSHTLQ/QREPRC01To clear WFM buffer
0Dialog Box for Customizing
00_PTSPPS_INCLUPDActivate Functionality
100Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order
184Delivery item category determination
0817_CHGChange Object
0817_CUSTSAP ArchiveLink: Bar Code Entry
0817_DISDisplay Object
0817_INSCreate Object
0CJBQ1Customizing Billing Plan Ps
0DIS01Distribution profile
0FIEHGF001_01Define Handling Methods
0FIEHGF002_01Retrieval of Object Data
0FILACustomizing LAE Initial Screen
0FILA000RReasons for Changes
0FILA000R_1Define Reasons for Change
0FILA001CE_1Change Processes Rest. NEWL
0FILA001CE_2Define Adjustment Processes
0FILA001CE_3Change Processes Rest. UPGR
0FILA001CE_4Change Processes Rest. ROLL
0FILA001CE_5Change Process Rest. BLEX
0FILA001CE_6Change Process Rest. CONT
0FILA001CE_7Change Processes Rest. RNEW
0FILA001_2Define Adjustment Processes
0FILA003CF_1Assign Pmnt Schedule to $CASHPREV
0FILA003MV_1Value Determ. Using Value Determin.
0FILA003M_1Value IDs for Later Use
0FILA003_1Value Determ. Using Formula Interp.
0FILA003_10Value Determ. Using Value Determin.
0FILA003_11Determine Accrual Postings Balance
0FILA003_13Value Determination Using Transfer
0FILA003_14Net Book Value at Retirement
0FILA003_15Overview of Defined Value IDs
0FILA003_16Value Determ. Using Value Determin.
0FILA003_2Value Determ. by Assign.Constants
0FILA003_3Value Determination By Value Support
0FILA003_4Value Determ. Using Value Determin.
0FILA003_5Value Determ. Using Value Determin.
0FILA003_6Value Determ. Using Value Determin.
0FILA003_7Value ID of Inbound Predecessor
0FILA003_8Value Determination Using Method
0FILA003_9Value Determination By Derivation
0FILA004_1Assignment of Trans. to Trans. Types
0FILA005_1Assign Structure for Acct Assignmt
0FILA006_1Assign Company Code/Grouping Key
0FILA007CF_1Definition of Payment Schedules
0FILA007C_1Add Value ID to Basis Payment Sched.
0FILA007VC_1Value Determination by Calculation
0FILA007_1Value Transfer from Condition Types
0FILA008G_1Definition of CoCd Grouping Key
0FILA008_1Assign Company Code/Grouping Key
0FILA00970Specifications - Post Retirement
0FILA009F_1Dates for Postings
0FILA009F_2Data for Payment Schedule Definition
0FILA009V_1Value Transfer from Contract Item
0FILA009V_2Value Transfer from Material Master
0FILA009V_3Value Transfer from Classification
0FILA009V_4Value Transfer from Customer Master
0FILA009V_6Value Transfer from LAE_CRM_CLASS
0FILA009_1Data for Pmnt Schedule Def. frm IDs
0FILA009_10Fill Basis Struct. for Fin.Class.
0FILA009_11Fill Basis Struct. for Validations
0FILA009_12Fill Bas.Struct.for Deriv. UseflLife
0FILA009_13Specifications- Post Acquisition
0FILA009_15Specifications for Posting APC Adj.
0FILA009_16General Info for Asset Transactions
0FILA009_17Specifications- Set Deprec. Terms
0FILA009_19Fill IDAT Structure for Control
0FILA009_2Fill Basis Struct. for Substitution
0FILA009_20Fill IDAT Structure for Control
0FILA009_21Change Specifications- Deprec. Terms
0FILA009_22Fill Structure for Changing Asset
0FILA009_23Fill Structure Using Value IDs
0FILA009_24Fill Structure Using Value IDs
0FILA009_3Fill Basis Struct. for Derivation
0FILA009_4Fill Structure for Creating Asset
0FILA009_5Specifications- Set Deprec. Terms
0FILA009_6Specifications- Post Acquisition
0FILA009_7Specifications- Post Retirement
0FILA009_8Assign Structure for Acct Assignmt
0FILA009_9Fill Basis Struct. for Valid.Determ.
0FILA011_1Option IDs
0FILA110_1Value Determ. Check Sequences/Steps
0FILA110_2Validation Check Sequences/Steps
0FILA110_3Classification Check Sequences/Steps
0FILAACCRULE_1Acct Principles for Classif. in CRM
0FILAALOG_01Process list
0FILACHECK_01Process list
0FILACHECK_02List of Subprocesses
0FILACHECK_03Where-Used List for Methods
0FILACHECK_04Value IDs Customizing
0FILACHECK_05Method Customizing
0FILACOMPSETLAE: Specify Application Component
0FILACREATE_01Generate Table Entries
0FILAFA001_1Assignment of Trans. to Trans. Types
0FILAFA002_1Assignment Acct Princ. to Dep. Area
0FILAFA003_1Upgrade Specifications
0FILAHELP_01Control List of FILAE-MSGNOs Used
0FILAHELP_02Where-Used List Error Numbers in LAE
0FILAHELP_03Where-Used List Error Nos. in FIAA
0FILAHELP_04List of Parameter Transactions
0FILAIMGCustomizing LAE Initial Screen
0FILAIMG_ADJJump to IMG for Customer Customizing
0FILAIMG_CLASSJump to IMG for Financing Classif.
0FILAIMG_CUSTJump to IMG for Customer Customizing
0FILAIMG_SYSTJump to IMG for System Customizing
0FILAIRCM_1Assign Company Code/Grouping Key
0FILALAYOUTTabstrip Explorer/Adjustments
0FILALAYOUTADMNTabstrip Explorer/Adjustments
0FILALC001_1Definition Financing Classif.Group
0FILALC002TO_1Upgrade Specifications
0FILALC002_2Definition of Financing Classes
0FILALC003_1Assign Structure for Classification
0FILALDB000_01Struct. of Selection Cond.-Component
0FILALDB000_02Assign Val.IDs to Fields of Log. DB
0FILALDB000_03Struct. of Selection Conditions-Hdr
0FILALDB001_01Specify Determination of Data Basis
0FILALDB001_02Specify Determination of Data Basis
0FILANDURDETDetermine Asset Useful Life
0FILASTRUC_ACCDETLeasing: Acct Determ. for Accrual
0FILASTRUC_ACINFStruc. Enhancement for Substitution
0FILASTRUC_DATESParam. Classification Financing
0FILASTRUC_DEPPARMDetermine Asset Normal Useful Life
0FILASTRUC_LCS_PARAMParam. Classification Financing
0FILASTRUC_LDB_ITEMSStruc. Adjustment Flds of Log. DB
0FILASTRUC_LVS_PARAMValidation Parameter
0FILASTRUC_NDURDETDetermine Asset Normal Useful Life
0FILASTRUC_POINFStruc. Enhancement for Substitution
0FILASTRUC_VALSUPStruc. Enhancement for Substitution
0FILASTRUC_VSRDETStruc. Adj. Valid./Subs. Determ.
0FILASUBST1Financing Classification
0FILASUBST3Rules for Value Determ. via Subst.
0FILAVAL1Validation Processing Steps
0FILAVSRDEFDerivation of Check Sequences
0FILAVSRDEF_CLASDerivation of Check Sequences
0FILAVSRDEF_VALIDerivation of Check Sequences
0FILAVSRDEF_VALUDerivation of Check Sequences
0FILA_CALL_FMCustomizing LAE Initial Screen
0FILA_EXPL_001Hierarchy Steps of Leasing Explorer
0FIOTP001_1Acct Determ. Document Grouping
0FIOTP003_1Posting Control for One-Off Postings
0FIOTPKOFIDEFMaintain Account Determination
0FPM001Define Standard Texts for Carry/Fwd
0FPM002Import Logo for Reporting
0K01List of Costing Variants
0KE0EC-PCA: Transfer prog. for act. data
0KE1EC-PCA: Delete Transaction Data
0KE2EC-PCA: Del. Profit Ctr Master Data
0KE3EC-PCA:Delete Transaction Data(Bkgd)
0KE4EC-PCA: Update settings
0KE5EC-PCA: Controlling Area Settings
0KE5_WIZARDActivate Profit Center Accounting
0KE6EC-PCA: Average Balance Ledger
0KE7EC-PCA: Maintain Time-Based Fields
0KE8EC-PCA:Maintain Summarization Fields
0KEAEC-PCA: Maintain report tree
0KEBEC-PCA: Generate reports
0KEHEC-PCA: Report List
0KEJAccount Determination PC Allocation
0KEKEC-PCA: Account Determination
0KELEC-PCA: Substitutions
0KEMEC-PCA: Maintain substitutions
0KEMD_46C_UPGRADEEC-PCA: Upgrade PrCtr MstData <= 46B
0KENSpecial handling, PrCtr goods mvmt
0KEOActivities in Profit Center Accountg
0KEPEC-PCA:Transport Environ/Master Data
0KEQEC-PCA: Transport Master Data
0KEREC-PCA: Transport Planning
0KESEC-PCA: Transport Actual Settings
0KETEC-PCA: Transport Information System
0KEUEC-PCA: Transport Cycles
0KEWEC-PCA: Conv. RW reports 2.x -> 3.0
0KEXEC-PCA: Conv. totals recs 2.x ->3.0
0KEX1Easy Execution Services
0KEX2Customizing Execution Profile
0KEX3Customizing Execution Profile
0KEX4Detail Control Execution Services
0KEX_ROLEWorkflow: Role Customizing
0KEX_TASKWorkflow: Task Customizing
0KEYEC-PCA: Conv.act.line items 2.x->3.0
0KEZEC-PCA:Conv.plan line items 2.x->3.0
0KM1CO Variant Maintenance: Cost Centers
0KMVList Variants, CCA/ABC Master Data
0KW1CO Area Settings, Business Processes
0KW2Change Business Process Attributes
0KW3CO Variant Maintenance: CO-OM-ABC
0KW7Master Data Report: Cost Objects
0KW9Import Business Process Reports
0KWDDelete Business Processes
0KWLCO-OM-ABC: Change Process Category
0KWMActivity Based Costing: Customizing
0KWNDisplay Process Category Customizing
0KWOMaintain Search Help for Bus. Proc.
0KWPDisplay Search Help for Bus. Proc.
0KWTCO-OM-ABC: Transport Customizing
0MECSettings for B2B Sched. Agreements
0PEG01General Settings
0PEG02Allowed Movement Types
0PM3Define Career Groups and Texts
0PMDIKEYDistribution Keys
0REPStart of program, etc. from IMG
0SHPCustomizing for delivery types
0TBLP01Customizing - TBLP
0VI1Maintain selection variants calc.
0VI2Maintain selection variants settl.
0VI3Selec.var. coll. run shipment costs
0VI4Selec.var. coll. run shipment costs
0VLKCustomizing for delivery types
0VLKAIPCustomizing: Del. Type Determin. AIP
0VLPCustomizing/deliv.item categories
0VLPAIPCustomizing: Del.Itm.Cat.Determ. AIP
0VRFDefinition of Route Determination
0VSDStat. Groups: Trans. Service Agent
0VSEUnits of measmnt. for Transp. stat.
0VSFStatistics Update: Shipment
0VSHCustomizing Global Shipping Param.
0VSTStatistics Groups: Shipment Types
0VSUAssign Statistics Group/Shipmnt Type
0VT0Maintain Selection Variants
0VT1Maintain PersInChargOfShip SelectVar
0VT2Maintain Tranport.Process. SelectVar
0VT3Maintain Selection Var. Registration
0VT4Maintain Selection Variant Registr.
0VT5Maintain utilization select.variants
0VT6Maintain free capacity sel. variants
0VT7Maintain Selection Variant F4 Help
0VT9Maintain Selection Variant F4 Help
0VTACustomizing Shipping Types
0VTBCustomizing Modes of Transport
0VTCRoute definition
0VTCFPSet Freight Planning for Fwdg Agents
0VTCRDefine routes
0VTDDef. of Transp. Connection Point
0VTEMultiple Maintenance Route Stages
0VTGCumulation of Materials in TPS
0VTGCCumulation of Matl (Freight Plng)
0VTHInsert Material Cumulation to TPS
0VTICopy Material Cumulation to TPS
0VTKCustomizing Transport Types
0VTKTAssign deadlines to shipment types
0VTLActivity Profiles for Shipment Types
0VTPTr.Planning Pos.ext. Planning System
0VTRRoute limits ext. Transport. Planng
0VTRCRoute Limitation f. Freight Planning
0VTSCopy TPS Route Restrictions
0VTTCreate TPS Route Restrictions
0VTWSpecial Processing Indicator
0VU0Tracking Operations and Events
0VU1Tracking: Partner code types
0VU2Tracking: Tracking ID code types
0VU3Tracking: Location code types
0VU4Tracking: Route type code types
0VVTSet Up Express Delivery Company
0VVT_TVSHPActivate Exp. Dlv. Company Globally
0VVT_VC_VXSIQXSI: External Qualifier
0VVT_V_VLBLTDService Agnt as Express Dlv. Company
0VVT_V_VXSIExpress Dlv. Company's Master Data
0VVT_V_VXSI1Tracking Status Details
0VVT_V_VXSI2Express Dlv. Company - Routing Info
0VVT_V_VXSIFNExp. Dlv. Cmpany - Function Modules
0VVT_V_VXSIQExpress Delivery Company Qualifier
0VVT_V_VXSIRExpress Dlv. Company-Service Codes
0VVT_V_VXSITExpress Dlv. Company's Master Data
0VVUPacking Table
0VVWItem Category Usage
0VX0Maintain Selection Variants - Japan
0VX1Maintain Selection Variants MITI
0VX2Selection variants - Customs decl JP
0VX3Selection variants - Customs decl JP
1KE0EC-PCA: Transfer prog. for plan data
1KE1EC-PCA: Analyze Settings
1KE3EC-PCA: Rebuild matchcodes
1KE4EC-PCA: Customizing monitor
1KE4NProfit Center Where-Used List
1KE4NSWhere-Used List Administration
1KE6EC-PCA: Maintain Matchcode
1KE8Post FI data
1KE9Post Data SD -> EC-PCA
1KEAPost Selected Data CO -> EC-PCA
1KECPost MM data to EC-PCA
1KEDTransfer Statistical Key Figures
1KEEEC-PCA: Plan Statistical Key Figures
1KEFEC-PCA: Parameter acutal postings
1KEGCallup view maintenance with COArea
1KEHEC-PCA: Transfer Material Stocks
1KEIEC-PCA: Transfer Assets
1KEJEC-PCA: Transfer Work in Process
1KEKEC-PCA:Transfer Payables/Receivables
1KELEC-PCA: Create Document
2KE0PrCtr: Field usage assessment
2KE1PrCtr: Data control assessment
2KE2PrCtr: Field group definition
2KE3PrCtr: Field group texts
2KE4PrCtr: Field usage distribution
2KE5PrCtr: Data control distribution
2KE6PrCtr: Field usage assessment
2KE7PrCtr: Data control assessment
2KE8PrCtr: Field group definition
2KE9PrCtr: Field group texts
2KEAPrCtr: Field usage distribution
2KEBPrCtr: Data control distribution
2KEEProfit Center: Totals Records
2KELEC-PCA: Display Profit Center Doc.
2KEMEC-PCA: Account Valuation Variances
2KESProfit center: Balance carr'd forw.
2KETEC-PCA: Allow Balance Carryforward
2KEUCopy Cost Center Hierarchy
2KEVCopy cost centers
3KE1EC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
3KE1NEC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
3KE2EC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
3KE2NEC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
3KE3EC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment
3KE3NEC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment
3KE4EC-PCA: Delete Actual Assessment
3KE4NEC-PCA: Delete Actual Assessment
3KE5EC-PCA: Execute Actual Assessment
3KE6EC-PCA: Actual Assessment Overview
3KE7EC-PCA: Create Plan Assessment
3KE7NEC-PCA: Create Plan Assessment
3KE8EC-PCA: Change Plan Assessment
3KE8NEC-PCA: Change Plan Assessment
3KE9EC-PCA: Display Plan Assessment
3KE9NEC-PCA: Display Plan Assessment
3KEAEC-PCA: Delete Plan Assessment
3KEANEC-PCA: Delete Plan Assessment
3KEBEC-PCA: Execute Plan Assessment
3KECEC-PCA: Plan Assessment Overview
3KEGEC-PCA: Transfer Stat. Key Figures
3KEHEC-PCA:Addit. Bal. Sheet/P+L Accts
3KEIDerive Default Profit Center
3KEJActivate representative materials
3KEKChoose representative materials
3KELAcct determination for prod.variance
3KOVCycle Overview
4KE1EC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
4KE1NEC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
4KE2EC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
4KE2NEC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
4KE3EC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution
4KE3NEC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution
4KE4EC-PCA: Delete Actual Distribution
4KE4NEC-PCA: Delete Actual Distribution
4KE5EC-PCA: Execute Actual Distribution
4KE6EC-PCA: Actual Distribution Overview
4KE7EC-PCA: Create Plan Distribution
4KE7NEC-PCA: Create Plan Distribution
4KE8EC-PCA: Change Plan Distribution
4KE8NEC-PCA: Change Plan Distribution
4KE9EC-PCA: Display Plan Distribution
4KE9NEC-PCA: Display Plan Distribution
4KEAEC-PCA: Delete Plan Distribution
4KEANEC-PCA: Delete Plan Distribution
4KEBEC-PCA: Execute Plan Distribution
4KECEC-PCA: Plan Distribution Overview
4KEDEC-PCA: Supplement Allocation Cycles
5NZINumber range maintenance: RP_IRCERT
5NZLLeave View Transaction
5NZTNew Zealand Terminations
6KEAProfit Center: Display Changes
7KE1Change Plan Costs/Revenues
7KE2Display Plan Costs/Revenues
7KE3Change Plan Inventories
7KE4Display Plan Inventories
7KE5Change Plan Statisitcal Key Figures
7KE6Display Plan Statisitcal Key Figures
7KEACreate Planning Layout for Costs/Rev
7KEBChange Planning Layout for Costs/Rev
7KECDisplay Planning Layout for Cost/Rev
7KEFCreate Planning Layout for Inventory
7KEGChange Planning Layout for Inventory
7KEHDisplay Planning Lyt for Inventory
7KEITransport Planning Layouts
7KEJImport Planning Layouts
7KEKCreate Stat. KF Planning Layout
7KELChange Stat. KF Planning Layout
7KEMDisplay Stat. KF Planning Layout
7KEOCorrection of Plan Bals with PCA
7KEPSet Planner Profile
7KEQEC-PCA: Reorganize Long Texts
7KERCall Up Planning with Initial Screen
7KESEC-PCA: Carry Forward Plan Balance
7KETExecute Formula Planning
7KEVCopy data to plan
7KEXFlexible Excel Upload
7KEYLog: Flexible Excel Upload
7KEZPlanning:Maintain Variable Attribute
8AS5PCA: Balance Carryforw.Field Transf.
8KALControlling Areas: ALE for PCA
8KE1PCA: Rollup: Create Field Assignment
8KE2PCA: Rollup: Change Field Assignment
8KE3PCA: Rollup: Display Field Assignmnt
8KE4PCA: Rollup Substitution
8KE5PCA: Rollup Substitution
8KE6PCA: Delete Rollup Field Assignment
8KEACreate Cond. Table (Price/Prof. Ctr)
8KEBChange Cond. Table (Price/Prof. Ctr)
8KECDisplay Cond.Table (Price/Prof. Ctr)
8KEDAccess: Pflegen (Profit Center)
8KEECondition:Sheet for Transfer Pricing
8KEFMaintain Condition Types
8KEGCreate Condition List
8KEG_02Change Pricing Report
8KEG_03Display Pricing Report
8KEG_16Execute Pricing Report
8KEHCondition Exclusion:Sheet Assgt TP
8KEIMaintain Exclusion Group (TP)
8KEJMaintain CElem for Excl. Grou (TP)
8KEKMaintain Transfer Price Variants
8KELTrans.Pr.:Allowed Flds for Cond.Tab.
8KEMCurrency and Valuation Profiles
8KENAcct Det. for Charg. Off Val. Diff.
8KEOAssign Representative Material
8KEPActivate Cur.+Val. Profile in COArea
8KEP_WIZARDActivate Transfer Pricing
8KEQAssign Cur. + Val. Profile to COArea
8KERDerive Partner Profit Center: Sales
8KESDerive Partner Profit Center: Purch.
8KETDerive Costing Key
8KET1Maintain Stock Change Accounts
8KET2Maintain Stock Change Accounts
8KET3Define Costing Key
8KET4Opening Balance for PCA Costing
8KET5Valuation for Calculation Base
8KET6Enter Accts for Quantity Based Plang
8KET7Set up Profit Planning
8KEUDeactivate C&V Profile in CO Area
8KEVCO-PA Pricing
8KEXConversion of condition vals for TP
8KEYCompany Code Field Transfer Rule
8KEZEC-PCA Transfer Pricing
9KE0Create Profit Center Document
9KE1Change Cost/Revenue Balances
9KE2Display Cost/Revenue Balances
9KE3Change Balance Sheet Accnt Balances
9KE4Display Balance Sheet Accnt Balances
9KE5Change Statistical Key Fig. Balances
9KE6Display Statist. Key Figure Balances
9KE7Change Actual Document
9KE8Display Actual Document
9KE9Display Profit Center Document
9KEACreate Layout for Cost/Revenue Bals
9KEBChange Layout for Cost/Revenue Bals
9KECDisplay Layout for Cost/Revenue Bals
9KEDEC-PCA: Reverse Local Actual Doc.
9KEFCreate Layout for Stock Balances
9KEGChange Layout for Stock Balances
9KEHDisplay Layout for Stock Balances
9KEITransport Layout
9KEJImport Layout
9KEKCreate Layout for Entering ActStatKF
9KELChange Layout for Entering ActStatKF
9KEMDisplay Layout for Entering AcStatKF
9KENCreate Layout for Doc. with Stat. KF
9KEOChange Layout for Doc. with Stat. KF
9KEPDisplay Layout for Doc. with Stat.KF
9KEQReorg. of Actual EC-PCA Long Texts
9KERReverse Local Actual Documents
9KESCreate Layout for Actual Doc. Entry
9KETChange Layout for Actual Doc. Entry
9KEUDisplay Layout for Actual Doc. Entry
9KEXFlexible Actual Excel Upload
9KEYLog for Flexible Actual Excel Upload
AACCOBJDisplay Active Acct Assgnmt Elements
AARCArchiving Asset Accounting
AARTReading of Archive Data
AATENV1Create Data Collection
AATENV2Create Test Cases
AATENV3Execute Test Cases
AAVNRecalculate base insurable value
AB01Create asset transactions
AB01LCreate asset transactions
AB02Change asset document
AB03Display Asset Document
AB08Reverse Line Items
ABAAUnplanned depreciation
ABAALUnplanned depreciation
ABADAsset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
ABAD0Derivation: Initial Screen
ABAD_OLDAsset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
ABAKLLast Retirement on Group Asset
ABAKNLast Retirement on Group Asset
ABAOAsset Sale Without Customer
ABAOLAsset Sale Without Customer
ABAONAsset Sale Without Customer
ABAPDOCUDisplay ABAP Documentation
ABAPHELPSearch ABAP Documentation
ABAP_DOCU_SHOWCall ABAP Keyword Documentation
ABAP_TRACEABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
ABAVAsset Retirement by Scrapping
ABAVLAsset Retirement by Scrapping
ABAVNAsset Retirement by Scrapping
ABAWBalance sheet revaluation
ABAWNNew value method
ABB1Correction of Asset Accounts
ABCOAdjustment Posting to Areas
ABCOLAdjustment Posting to Areas
ABDBG_TRACEDebugger Trace
ABF1Post Document
ABF1LPost Document in Ledger Group
ABGFCredit Memo in Year after Invoice
ABGFLCredit Memo in Year after Invoice
ABGLEnter Credit Memo in Year of Invoice
ABGLLEnter Credit Memo in Year of Invoice
ABIFInvestment support
ABIFLInvestment Support
ABMAManual depreciation
ABMALManual Depreciation
ABMRManual transfer of reserves
ABMRLManual transfer of reserves
ABMWReverse asset trans. using doc. no.
ABNCEnter post-capitalization
ABNESubsequent Revenue
ABNELSubsequent Revenue
ABNKSubsequent Costs
ABNKLSubsequent Costs
ABNVNumber range maint: FIAA-BELNR
ABSE61SE61 for ABAP, ABEN and DYNP Objects
ABSOMiscellaneous Transactions
ABSOLMiscellaneous Transactions
ABSO_OLDMiscellaneous Transactions
ABSTReconciliation Analysis FI-AA
ABST2Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA
ABSTLReconciliation Analysis FI-AA
ABT1Intercompany Asset Transfer
ABT1NIntercompany Asset Transfer
ABUBTransfer between areas
ABUBNTransfer between areas
ABUMTransfer From
ABUMLTransfer within Company Code
ABUMNTransfer within Company Code
ABUZSMMaintain Line Item Schema
ABZEAcquisition from in-house production
ABZELAcquisition from In-House Production
ABZKAcquisition from purchase w. vendor
ABZOAsset acquis. autom. offset. posting
ABZOLAcquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry
ABZONAcquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry
ABZPAcquistion from affiliated company
ABZPLAcquistion from Affiliated Company
ABZSEnter write-up
ABZVAsset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acct
AC00Service Master
AC01Service Master
AC02Service Master
AC03Service Master
AC04Service Master
AC05List Processing: Service Master
AC06List Display: Service Master
AC08Send service
AC10Class Hierarchy with Services
ACACACTCalculate and Post Accruals
ACACADACE Account Assignment
ACACADCONT01Accrl Acct Detmn: Mntn Entry Area 01
ACACADCONT02Acct Determntn: Mntn Entries Area 02
ACACADMETA01Acct Determntn: Define Rule Area 01
ACACADMETA02Acct Determntn: Define Rule Area 02
ACACADMETASGLAct Dtmn: Define Simple Set of Rules
ACACAD_MAINAcct Determination: Maintain Entries
ACACAD_METAAccount Determination: Rule Definitn
ACACARCHPREPPreparation of the Archiving Run
ACACCARRYFORWARDBalance Carryforward
ACACDATADELDeletion of Data in the Accrl Engine
ACACDATATRANSExample: Data Transfer to ACE
ACACDSITEMSReporting Accrual Objects ACAC
ACACDSPARAMSReporting ACE Object Parameter ACAC
ACACFIRECONAccrual Engine / FI Reconciliation
ACACFISCYEAROpen/Lock Fiscal Years in ACE
ACACIMGAccrual Accounting IMG
ACACPPLOGDisplay Periodic Posting Runs
ACACPSITEMSDisplay Totals Values in ACAC
ACACREVERSReversal of Periodic Accrual Runs
ACACTRANSFERTransferral of ACE Docs to Accnting
ACACTRANSFERCUSTSettings for data collection
ACACTREE01Create Accrual Objects
ACACTREE02Edit Accrual Objects
ACAC_NUMOBJNumber Range Maintenance: ACAC_OBJ
ACB1Compact Account Balance Display
ACBDDisplay Shared Buffer: ATP Check
ACC01Account Maintenance FI-AA
ACCESS_SEQ_CRM_FGAccess Sequences for Free Goods
ACCESS_SEQ_CRM_PDAccess Sequences for Product Determ.
ACCMAPConvert Depreciation Areas
ACCRPersonal Menu Volker Hofmann
ACCR01Create Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR02Change Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR03Display Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR04Execute Accruals/Deferrals
ACCR05Display Accruals/Deferrals Log
ACCR06Delete Accruals/Deferrals Log
ACCR07Reverse Accruals/Deferrals
ACCT_DETERReport for Account Determination
ACC_CHECKAccessibility Checktool CRM PC UI
ACC_CUST_CALLCall Customizing Transaction
ACC_ECS_ACP04_CONFMinimum Amount for ECS Items
ACC_ECS_AGINGAging List for ECS Items
ACC_ECS_ARC_CUSTCustomizing Object GLE_ECS
ACC_ECS_BALANCINGDifferences btw ECS and GL Balances
ACC_ECS_DCT_CONFDefine First-Level Checks
ACC_ECS_DIR_INPUT_PPDocument Posting as Parallel Job
ACC_ECS_IF_CONFECS: Define Parameters
ACC_ECS_LISTList of ECS Items (All Criteria)
ACC_ECS_LOG_DISPLAYDisplay ECS Application Logs
ACC_ECS_MAINTAINEdit Error Correction Items
ACC_ECS_MASS_REVERSEMass Reversal of Documents
ACC_ECS_RECONCReconcilation Report
ACC_ECS_RUNADMECS Run Administration
ACC_ECS_SNUM_RUNIDECS Number Range Maintenance Run ID
ACC_ECS_STAFFCorrections/Deletions by User
ACC_ECS_STATISTICStatistics for ECS Items
ACC_ECS_TRENDTrend for Past 6 Months
ACC_PERIODOpen and Close Periods
ACC_SYSTEM_SELECTIONAccounting Selections
ACC_SYSTEM_SETSet Accounting System
ACEACMAccrual Methods
ACEADETAccrual Engine: Acct Determination
ACEADETCUSTAccrual Engine: Acct Determination
ACEADETCUST_DAccrual Engine: Acct Determn Display
ACEADETCUST_DISPAccrual Engine: Acct Determn Display
ACEADET_DAccrual Engine: Change Acct Detrmntn
ACEADET_DISPAccrual Engine: Change Acct Detrmntn
ACEARCHPREPPreparation of the Archiving Run
ACECAccrual Engine - IMG
ACECOMPComponents Setup
ACEDATADELDeletion of Data in the Accrl Engine
ACENAVIGATOR02Change ACE Navigator
ACENAVIGATOR03ACE Navigator Change Mode
ACEPPAccrual Engine - Periodic Postings
ACEPSPosting Schema for Accruals
ACEPSADACE Account Assignment
ACEPSADCONT01Acct Determntn: Maintn Entry Step 01
ACEPSADCONT02Acct Determntn: Maintn Entry Step 02
ACEPSADFILA1ACE Acct Determination: FILA Area 1
ACEPSADFILA1CUSTACE Acct Determination: FILA Area 1
ACEPSADFILA2ACE Acct Determination: FILA Area 2
ACEPSADFILA2CUSTACE Acct Determination: FILA Area 2
ACEPSADMETA01Acct Determntn: Define Rule Step 01
ACEPSADMETA02Acct Determntn: Define Rule Step 02
ACEPSADMETASGLAcct Detrmn: Define Single-Step Rule
ACEPSAD_MAINAcct Determination: Maintain Entries
ACEPSAD_METAAcct Determination: Define Rules
ACEPS_AWREFNumber Range Maintenance: ACE
ACEPS_RUNIDNumber Range Maint: ACE Posting Run
ACEPS_RUNID_TSTNumber Range: Test Posting Run ACE
ACEPS_TRANSTransfer ACE Documents to Accounting
ACEREVReverse Postings
ACE_CHECKOFFExtended Data Checks off
ACE_CHECKONExtended Data Check on
ACE_COMP_SETSet the Component in Accrual Engine
ACLADefine Archiving Classes
ACNRNo. Range Maintenance: Ext. Service
ACO1Activities for Authorization Check
ACO2Authorization Check Object Types
ACO3Allowed Activities per Object Type
ACO4Change Documents for ACO Objects
ACOMPXPDProgress Tracking Evaluations
ACO_PROXYSAP ACO Proxy generation
ACPTOOLfor admin cock pit sanity check tool
ACSETMaint.Acct Types for Acct Asgmt Obj.
ACTEXP_APPRApprove Working Times and Trips
ACTEXP_APPR_LITEApprove Working Times and Trips
AD08Enter G/L Account Posting
AD0MNew A&D functionality
AD1TClear down payment requests
AD20Search help maintenance (for IMG)
AD21Matchcode maintenance (for IMG)
AD31Plan data handling
AD32Costs-to-complete evaluation
AD3PPlan data handling profile
AD3VVersion type and text maintenance
AD43Assessment Preprocessor with rollup
AD4PCustomize assessment: stat.key figs.
ADAAActivity Allocation Conversion
ADA_COCKPIT_LVCliveCache im DBA Cockpit
ADA_COCKPIT_VOLliveCache Volumes in DBA Cockpit
ADBOS01SD-SRV Reporting: Quantity Flow
ADBOS02SD-SRV Reporting: BOS w. Hierarchy
ADBOS03SD-SRV Reporting: BOS w/o Hierarchy
ADBTORF: Stock Calculation (Batch)
ADCO99Closure of SM Orders
ADCPL1Maintain CMC FFFC Parameters
ADCPL10Display CMC UserStatus Setup
ADCPL2Display CMC FFFC Parameters
ADCPL3Maintain CMC Settings
ADCPL4Display CMC Settings
ADCPL5Maintain Inventory Group Customizing
ADCPL6Display Inventory Group Customizing
ADCPL7Maintain CMC Profile
ADCPL8Display CMC Profile
ADCPL9Maintain CMC User Status Setup
ADEXOrder-material transfer posting
ADFSHM01Flight Scheduling: Aircraft Types
ADFSHM010Flight Scheduling: Flight Status
ADFSHM011Flight Scheduling: Flight Route
ADFSHM012Flight Scheduling: Terminals
ADFSHM013Flight Scheduling: Maintain profiles
ADFSHM014Maintain fields fields for profile
ADFSHM02Flight Scheduling: Aircraft Category
ADFSHM03Flight Scheduling: Airline Code
ADFSHM04Flight Scheduling: Airport Master
ADFSHM05Flight Scheduling: Bays
ADFSHM06Flight Scheduling: Flight Category
ADFSHM07Flight Scheduling: Mode of Operation
ADFSHM08Flight Scheduling: Flight Type
ADFSHM09Flight Scheduling: Flight Sectors
ADFSH_CUSTFlight scheduling view maintenance
ADIPSPEC 2000: Initial Provisioning
ADJNRNumber range maintenance: ADJNR
ADPMPSPM/PS Integration
ADPMPS2PM/PS Integration
ADPRCPCopy Partner Profiles for SPEC 2000
ADPTComponent Maintenance Cockpit
ADREORF: Results Report
ADRFORF: Stock Calculation
ADS2KARCHSPEC2000 IP Data Archiving
ADS2KIPUPL_CUSTSPEC2000 IP Upload: Gen. Customizing
ADS2KIP_PROFUser Profile
ADS2KSTATUpdate IP status after creating mast
ADS2KUPLSPEC2000 Initial Provisioning Upload
ADS2KUPL1Resume Upload
ADSPCIPSPEC 2000: File Upload To ERP
ADTBOS01Maintenance: SD-SRV Valid Reports
AD_SPC_MOICustomizing: Model ID Codes
AD_SPC_S1SCustomizing: Doc. Type f. Stock Inq.
AEANTrigger Group Message Determination
AEUBLimit transaction types
AFABPost depreciation
AFABNPost Depreciation
AFAFAssets with errors
AFAMAView Maint. for Deprec. Key Method
AFAMDView Maint. Declining-Bal. Method
AFAMHMaintain Maximum Amount Method
AFAMPView Maint. Period Control Method
AFAMRView Maintenance Base Method
AFAMSView Maint. Multi-Level Method
AFAMSKMethod: Levels in Calendar Years
AFAM_093BView Default Values for Valuation
AFAM_093CCompany Code Default Values
AFARRecalculate Depreciation
AFBNInclude New Depreciation Area
AFBPCreate depreciation posting log
AFO_AP_LOAN_MMIGFO Integration: Loans - Migration
AFO_AP_LOAN_MUPDFO Integration: Loans - Mass Proc.
AFO_AP_POS1_MMIGFO Int.: Class SA - Migration
AFO_AP_POS1_MUPDFO Int.:Class SA - Mass Proc.
AFO_AP_POS2_MMIGFO Int.: Class FA - Migration
AFO_AP_POS2_MUPDFO Int.:Class FA - Mass Proc.
AFO_AP_TRTM_MUPDFO Integ.: Open TRTM - Mass Process.
AFO_CFUPDATEUpdate Cash Flow Management
AFO_FOI_DER_DERIVAFO Integ.: Derivation - Derivatives
AFO_FOI_DER_FAZFO Int.: Derivation from Facilities
AFO_FOI_DER_FXFO Integration: Derivation - Forex
AFO_FOI_DER_LOANFO Integration: Derivation - Loans
AFO_FOI_DER_MONEYFO Integ.: Derivation - Money Market
AFO_FOI_DER_POS1FO Int.: Deriv. - Class Pos. in SA
AFO_FOI_DER_POS2FO Int.: Deriv. - Class Pos. in FA
AFO_FOI_FIELD_EXPTFO Integ.: Exceptions for Character.
AFO_FOI_PDFO Integration - Log Display
AFO_FOI_PPFO Integration: Postprocessing
AFO_FOI_RULE_DERIVADerivatives: Maintain Rule Entries
AFO_FOI_RULE_FAZFacility: Maintain Rule Entries
AFO_FOI_RULE_FXForex: Maintain Rule Entries
AFO_FOI_RULE_LOANLoans: Maintian Rule Entries
AFO_FOI_RULE_MONEYMoney Market: Maintain Rule Entries
AFO_FOI_RULE_POS1Class Pos. in SA: Define Rule Values
AFO_FOI_RULE_POS2Class Pos. in FA: Define Rule Values
AFO_PA_LOAN_MUPDFOI PA Part for Loan - Mass Process.
AFO_PA_TRTM_MUPDEdit Fin. Object for Fin. Trans.
AFO_UPDSAVE_DELDelete Admin. Data for Night Run
AFO_UPDSAVE_SHOWDisplay Admin. Data for Night Run
AFO_WORK_SHOWDisplay Worklist for Fin. Object
AFO_WP_CONVConversion of Financial Objects
AFWACreate Maintain Analysis Structures
AFWBMEdit Master Data for Benchmark
AFWBMPHAssign Benchmark to PH Nodes
AFWFLAFWCH: Filter Maintenance
AFWFLTAFWCH: Filter Maintenance
AFWKF_MDMaster Data Reporting for RDB
AFWKF_OVKeyfigure overview
AFWKF_OV_PAKeyfigure overview - Portf. Analyzer
AFWKF_OV_RAKeyfigure overview - Risk Analyzer
AFWKF_PAKey Figures and Eval. Procedures
AFWKF_RAKey Figures and Eval. Procedures
AFWO1Single Records Procedure: Monitoring
AFWO2Final Results Procedure: Monitoring
AFWOBMFinal Results Procedure: Monitoring
AFWPHPortfolio Hierarchies
AFWPHDPortfolio Hierarchies (Display)
AFWSMaintain Segment Level Characterist.
AFW_ACT1Anal. Struct.: Activ.Sample Settings
AFW_ACT2Anal. Struct: Activate Customizing
AFW_BP1BP Conversion: Field Catalog Entries
AFW_BP2BP Conversion: Portfolio Hierarchies
AFW_BP3BP Conversion: Character.Hierarchies
AFW_BP4BP Conversion:: Encode PH Value
AFW_BP5BP Conv. with Ident.Numbers: BPMIG=3
AFW_BP6Set Status to "Completed"
AFX_ACT_SNUMNumber Range Maint.: AFX_ACT Object
AFX_CUST_CHECKCheck: Archiving Customizing
AFX_CUST_DEPLDistribute Global Ctrl Customizing
AFX_GLOBAL_CTRLControl Archiving: Check Table
AFX_GLOBAL_CUSTArchiving Control: Settings
AFX_GLOBAL_PBPArchiving Ctrl: Package Form. Procs
AFX_MONITORArchiving Monitor
AIABAuC Assignment of Dist. Rule
AIAOC AM Maint. list vers. gen. line itm
AIAZDisplay Dist. Rule Allocation