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What is SAP joint venture accounting(JVA)- SAPSHARKS

Understanding SAP JVAIn order to understand SAP joint venture accounting, we need to first understand the business process, the jva terms and the oil and gas process in general. Once

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GJ2B create a JV partner

Business partnerIn order to set up a joint operating agreement and a joint venture, we need to set up who is taking part in this venture. Any party with a working interest will need to be created as a

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GJCB Cutback processing-Sapsharks

Cutback is the step of calculating a partner's share. E.g. if the initial cost is a $100 charge and the partner's share is 40%, then cutback is the step that calculates that the partner's share is 40$.

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GJAA- Create a Joint Operating Agreement(JOA)-Sapsharks

A joint operating agreement represents the physical contract signed by all the partners. It defines the parties, working interest etc. We create a Joint operating agreement in SAP using the menu path below

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GJ4A open and close JV periods-Sapsharks

Just like how we have posting periods for FI, we also have posting periods for Joint Venture Accounting that control which periods you can post to. It is very important to know which postings create Billable

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