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Ace your FICO interview and get hired!

Getting interviewed can be a very nervous time!Your future depends on the next 30 minutes. How can you ensure that you give the right answers and get the job?In this post, I have given tips that have

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How to create an SAP resume that gets you hired

Create a unique SAP resume(CV)Does your SAP resume suck?Did you just search for a sample SAP resume and then copied it?I have seen 100's if not thousands of resumes and most of them suck. They are horrible!

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What is SAP? what does an ERP software do?

What is SAP and what is ERP SAP is the number one ERP software that most fortune 500 companies use to run their business.SAP keeps all its department's information

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How to be a great SAP consultant that everyone wants to hire

Are you a SAP consultant making top dollar? Or perhaps you are an end user in SAP that wants to switch to the IT side? This guide will list some of the key elements which have helped

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FICO configuration document

The step by step guide to configuring FICO. The only document you will need. Are you looking to configure SAP or just refreshing your memory on certain steps? This document will show you how

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What is S/4 HANA

OverviewIf you are in the SAP field and haven’t heard of S/4 HANA, then you must be living under a rock! Every conference you go to and everyone you talk to keeps

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VIM Open Text

What is VIM, vendor invoice management? Vendor invoice management or VIM as it is popularly known is an add on to SAP. VIM is a product of OpenText, and it is a highly popular module of SAP. What exactly

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What is a reconciliation account- Sapsharks

Reconciliation accountA reconciliation account is a G/L account that is linked to the subledger. Initially, when I was learning SAP, it took me a while to understand this concept of why there is a G/L

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Ob52 Open and close FI posting periods

Open and close posting periods Background- A financial document is posted to a period in SAP, e.g., if the date is 1/1/2018, the posting period is 1 if we are using a calendar dependent posting period

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FS10n – display G/L summary totals

FS10N display G/L totals This report is used to view the totals of a G/L account or a range of G/L accounts. The totals are shown by month to give you a great overview of how this account has changed over

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